• Coal chemical industry and geological storage of carbon dioxide in China

    ZENG Rongshu;SHI Xiaoshan;XIAO Jianxin;TIAN Xingyou;Institute of Geology and Geophysics,Chinese Academy of Sciences( IGGCAS);University of Chinese Academy of Sciences;College of Energy,China University of Geoscience( Beijing);

    Deep geological storage of CO2 can provide an essential solution to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from the continuous use of fossil fuels. However,the cost and energy consumption of CO2 capture is high at present. About 60% of carbon capture and storage( CCS)cost is for the carbon capture which causes a bottleneck in advancement of CCS in China. High levels of CO2 from coal chemical plants provides sufficient CO2 for full-chain CCS implementation. The total amount of high concentration CO2 that will be emitted( or is being emitted) by the coal chemical factories approved by the National Development and Reform Commission is up to hundred million tones per year.If all projects could store CO2 underground,it would be of great significance for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Basins located in North China are characterized by several sets of reservoir-caprock strata which is suitable for CO2 storage. Some oil fields are potentially suitable for CO2 enhanced oil recovery( EOR). The short distance between the high concentration CO2 sources and potential storage sites reduce transportation cost and operational. So high purity sources coupled with EOR or aquifer storage offer China the opportunity to accomplish beneficial CCUS globally.

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  • Clean coal technology and CO_2 geological storage

    LIU Yinghong;MA Li;New Energy Research Center,CNOOC Research Institute;

    To improve the utilization rate of coal and speed up clean,efficiency and low carbonization of coal industry,provide that the traditional coal conversion technologies should be replaced by efficient and clean technologies. Investigate the clean coal technologies and CO2 geological storage technologies,especially the technologies of CO2 storage in saline formation. The way stores large quantities of CO2 safely and stably. The method also solves the problems of CO2 emissions due to Chinas energy structure.

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  • CO_2 capture technologies and application

    BU Xuepeng;Shenhua Science and Technology Research Institute Co. ,Ltd.;

    The CO2 capture technologies and application are briefly analyzed based on literatures. CO2 capture technology is one of the key technologies in CCS( carbon capture and storage). For different CO2 sources,there are numerous development technologies at home and abroad. Many kinds of CO2 capture technologies have been commercialized now. At present,MEA is the main method used for post-combustion flue gas CO2 capture. For pre-combustion CO2 capture,which is used in IGCC plant,part of CO convert to CO2 and H2by shifting reaction first,then CO2 is captured by mature technologies such as Selexol( NHD) etc. Based on pilot experiment,commercial demonstration is demanded for Oxy-fuel technique. Rectisol is the mature technique used for large-scale CTL and CTC CO2 capture,and the CO2 content will be more than 98% if CO2 column was used in the process. For natural gas CO2 capture,MDEA is often adopted. There are also other CO2 capture technologies such as cryogenic,PSA,membrane etc. Chemical looping combustion and other CO2 capture technologies are still in the research and development phase.

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  • Low-carbon pattern of municipal waste resourceful treatment

    LIU Jianwen;YANG Ying;FU Panchao;WANG Huiming;CHEN Nan;College of Architecture and Urban Planning,Hunan University of Technology;Lanyu Energy Environmental Protection Co. ,Ltd.;

    Municipal waste resourceful treatment is the core of low-carbon eco-city construction. Through feasibility analysis of the circular economy pattern about the collaborative integration of energy-resources-environment,propose the collaborative integration of energy resources and environmental model concept of circular economy to construct low-carbon municipal facilities of urban reactors,purification,consumptive system integration. Focus on the collaborative of organic waste anaerobic and digestive system integration,the co-processing of layer-suspension of composite burning coal boiler,the collaborative of cement kiln and wastes recycling,and other key low-carbon technologies. These techniques using the concept of coordination-integration technology,recycled the waste resource harmlessly.The project with low cost,energy saving environmental protection characteristics,had broad application prospects. These technologies will promote China's low-carbon eco-city construction and sustainable development.

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  • CO_2 capture and purification in coal-fired power plant

    MA Yufeng;HAO Jie;WAN Zhipeng;ZHANG Cuihong;Shenli Power Plant,SINOPEC;

    CO2,known as a greenhouse gas,is recycled to improve the production of crude oil through collection and oil-driving technologies. Shengli Oilfield adopts MEA chemical adsorption process to capture and purify CO2. To develop low permeability reservoir,conduct CO2 flooding experiment. First,build capture and purification devices which capture and purify the CO2 from the large-scale coal-fired power plant. Analyze the matched CO2 conveying techniques. The actual operation experiment guides the subsequent object design.

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  • Restrictive factors and development suggestions of coalbed methane extraction and utilization

    WU Lixin;ZHAO Luzheng;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,Coal Science and Technology Research Institute Co. ,Ltd.;State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Clean Utilization ( China Coal Research Institute);National Energy Technology and Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control( China Coal Research Institute);

    Coalbed methane extraction and utilization is the activity tightly around coal production. The coal industry provides half of the total output of surface coalbed methane. According to the development goal proposed by the Twelfth Five-year Plan,it's difficult for surface coalbed methane extraction to achieve the target while the underground coalbed methane extraction may realize the goal,but its utilization efficiency is low. Analyze the restrictive factors involving complicated geological conditions,mining rights dispute,poor economic benefits,lack of standards and so on. Provide a series of suggestions such as coordinating the relationship among the interests of all parties,increasing subsidies,accelerating the development of standards and increasing the investment in science and technology and the like.

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  • Application of entropy coefficient grey correlation analysis in coal sample recognition

    WANG Jiangrong;LUO Ziqin;WEN Hui;ZHAO Zhenxue;Department of Technology Information Processing and Control Engineering,Lanzhou Petrochemical College of Vocational Technology;Department of Petrochemical Engineering,Lanzhou Petrochemical College of Vocational Technology;

    The common coal identification methods,which are influenced greatly by human factors,require high level sample data. While the accuracy is poor. Provided a grey correlation analysis method based on the information entropy. Combining the entropy theory and gray relational analysis,established the entropy coefficient grey correlation analysis of coal type identification model which applies to anthracite,bituminous coal and lignite. The accuracy of the model was tested by antidromic method. Taking the modeling coal sample and coal sample under test as research objects,compared the accuracy of entropy coefficient grey correlation degree analysis method and fuzzy identification method. The first analysis method has a high recognition efficiency to the two kinds of coal samples,both the efficiency are 100%. While the efficiency of the second method is 83. 33% and 75. 00%,the total accuracy rate is 81. 25%. The generalization and reliability of the entropy coefficient grey correlation analysis method is high.

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  • Preliminary design of large-scale origin antiresonant vibrating screen

    MA Chao;SHAO Shuai;WU Tengjian;WANG Shan;ZHAOXIANG Zhenxiong;DANG Mengfei;WANG Xinwen;School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology( Beijing);

    The lateral wall of traditional large vibrating sieve box was easy to broke,the part of the vibration mass was high and vibration isolation effect was poor. To resolve the above problems,adopted the anti-resonance theory to design vibrating screen. The model of antiresonant vibrating screen was built,the motion equation of antiresonant vibrating screen was achieved. Worked out the amplitude of the steady-state response and the next screen box when it was plastid. Drawed a amplitude-frequency characteristic curve of the double mass system,and calculated out the excitation frequency of antiresonant vibrating screen when it was working. Achieved anti-resonance vibrating screen 3D model through Solidworks software,and complete preliminary design of the antiresonant vibrating screen. The results show that,the bevel on which the position of exciter can be adjusted allows the exciting force line go through the mass centroid. The design ensures the normal operation of the screen box. The spring seats which consist of cylindrical coil springs connect upper mass,lower mass and the ground,ensure the elasticity coefficient required by the system. The amplitude of the upper and lower mass can be monitored and controlled through proportion integration differentiation technology. The amplitude of origin antiresonant vibrating screen can be stabilized by changing the excitation frequency.

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  • Pipeline transportation experiments of Shenfu coal water mixture

    ZHANG Shengju;DUAN Qingbing;HE Guofeng;LIU Yewei;SUN Haiyong;Energy Conservation and Engineering Technology Research Institute,China Coal Research Institute;National CWM Engineering and Technology Center;State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Clean Utilization ( China Coal Research Institute);National Energy Technology and Equipment of Coal Utilization and Emission Control ( China Coal Research Institute);

    To obtain the optimum Shenfu coal water mixture( CWM) pipeline transportation parameters,the CWM rheology test was conducted to determine its critical shear rate. Through the relationship between the shear rate and shear stress of Shenfu CWM determined its rheology model,fitted the mathematical equation which was suitable for Shenfu CWM. Under different pipe diameters and CWM concentration,investigated the influence of CWM average rate on pipeline pressure loss,obtained the optimum CWM pipeline transportation parameters. The results show that the critical shear rate of CWM is 40. 74 s-1,the fitting rheological equation follows the bingham plastic model.The pipeline is more suitable for low concentration and low viscosity CWM. Keep the average flow velocity of CWM unchanging,the smaller the pipe diameter,the bigger the pipeline pressure loss. When the pipe diameter ranges from 200 mm to 300 mm,the pipeline pressure loss meets the demands of industrial application.

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  • Vitoria lignite drying and gasification technologies

    XU Chunxia;WANG Peng;DONG Weiguo;YANG Zongren;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,Coal Science and Technology Research Institute Co. ,Ltd.;State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Clean Utilization ( China Coal Research Institute);Beijing Key Laboratory of Coal Based Carbon Materials;

    To utilize lignite clean and effectively,introduced advanced drying and gasification technologies of lignite at home and abroad based on the analysis of Vitoria lignite characteristics. Evaporation drying and non-evaporating dehydration technology were the main lignite drying technologies. The technological processes and current states of pulverizer drying technology,lignite ball drying technology,rotary steam tube drying technology and dehydration process with mechanical thermal extrusion were analyzed. The first and third technology were more mature,which were widely used in the industry. The integrated lignite drying and gasification process and the pressurized fluidized bed gasification process were discussed. For the integrated process,it was utilized in coal chemical industry by setting the operation condition in oxygen enriched or pure oxygen and inputting vapour.

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  • Research status and development trend of modified lignin additives for coal water mixture

    ZENG Mei;DAI Aijun;ZHAO Meng;DU Yanxue;GE Qiming;Xi'an Origin Chemical Technologies Co. ,Ltd.;Northwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry;

    To improve the stability and dispersion of lignin additive,the separation,purification,distribution and chemical modification methods were used to modify lignin. Discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the methods,mainly analyzed four chemical modification methods which were oxidation,sulfonation,condensation,graft copolymerization. Finally,the trends of development of lignin modified coal water mixture additives were prospected. The results show that separation-purification technology,compound technology which have no effects on the surface adsorption of coal,can not change the structure and surface properties of lignin. The above two methods also lack market competitiveness because of high cost. The chemical modification method by introducing favorable functional groups or removing unfavorable functional groups in the lignin molecules,changes the molecular structure,improves disperstiveness,and modified product prepares coal water mixture with excellent performance. The reaction characteristics of lignin should be adjusted based on the coal properties.A series of additives can be compounded by controlling the reaction process. So the usable range of lignin can be expanded.

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  • Influence of coal blending on plastometer indices

    SHENG Dong;Qingdao Liquefied Natural Gas Limited Liability Company,SINOPEC;

    To improve coke quality and decrease manufacturing cost,the gas coal,fat coal and Dongfeng coal were adopted to coke individually,which are frequent in the north of Shaanxi Province. The coke quality were analysed. Based on the results,these three kinds of coals were coked in different proportions. Determined the optimum coal blending scheme by analyzing the coke quality. The results show that,the coke quality is poor while only adopts gas coal. But the blending of gas coal increases gas production rate and coke shrinking rate. The fat coal is superior,while coking alone,the porosity of coke is high. Dongfeng coal can't coke alone,while its addition improves coke intensity and decreases superior coal consumption. When the mass ratio of gas coal,fat coal and Dongfeng coal is 1∶ 6∶ 3,the coke quality is the best,the pore is smaller. The coke shows silver,there is no cavernous body. The maximum thickness of plastic layer is 20. 4 mm,the final shrinkage degree is 7. 2 mm.

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  • Feasibility of high-volatile non-caking coal as pulverized coal injection

    WANG Jian;FAN Fusuo;CAI Liebang;Zhuzhou Clean Coal Company,Shaannxi Coal Selling and Transportation ( Group) Co. ,Ltd.;

    The problems with Zhuzhou Clean Coal Company were that,the coking coal was shortage and the variety of products were monotonic. Based on the properties of raw coal,transformed the coal separation process. Investigated the feasibility of high-volatile non-caking coal as pulverized coal injection. The yield and ash of primary slime was low,so the separation process without desliming was suitable. The raw coal was easy to separate,the accumulated ash of-1. 80 g /cm3 floats is 4. 00%,so the middlings was imported into clean coal transportation system. Transformed the process by importing the water from gangue into radiant thickener,adding water injection pipelines and nozzles to clean coal sieve,importing the filtrate from clean coal pressure filter to flotation system,determining the dosage of compound agents,adding polyaluminum chloride automatically before filtering tailings,installing one set of automatic dosing system. The medium consumption,moisture and ash decreased by 0. 2 kg /t,0. 70% and 0. 32%. The clean coal yield increasesd by 3. 50%,the moisture of tailings decreased by 9. 70%,the profits of company rose by RMB 5 × 106 to 107.

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  • Influence of raw coal properties on jig working parameters

    CHEN Jianping;WANG Min;MA Tiantian;GE Haibo;ZHANG Weijun;XU Wenbo;Jining No.3 Coal Preparation Plant,Yankuang Group Co. ,Ltd.;

    The problems with the jigging process were that,the raw coal can't be separated effectively,separation precision and recovery efficiency decreased markedly,the quality of clean coal was unstable and its yield was low. Conducted screen analysis and small size slurry float-and-sink analysis. The results show that,the primary slime content is 7. 30%,the middlings content is 20. 17%,so the raw coal is difficult to separate.Analyze the influence of raw coal size,moisture,gangue content,emissions of elevator on jig working parameters. When the lump coal is less,the separation capacity of jig should be reduced to a minimum,meanwhile,reduce the air volume and emissions,increase the frequency. When the lump coal is large,the water content,horizontal kinematic velocity of bed and middlings discharging should be increased,the air volume should be decreased. When the moisture of raw coal is high,the feeding coal should be increased by 8% to 15%. If the gangue content increased,lowering the height of first-stage bed and increasing the screening efficiency of first-stage lighten the handing capacity of middlings treating process. If the lump coal in bucket type elevator were large,the thickness of second-stage bed should be increased,the discharging and air emission of second-stage should be decreased. If there were larger gangue in bucket type elevator,the feeding coal and the second-stage height of the second-stage should be decreased,gangue discharging and air volume should be increased.

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  • Steam coal utilization and carbon capture and storage in China

    TAI Shikang;ZHU Shuquan;LI Yuqi;College of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology ( Beijing);

    To improve the utilization of steam coal,analyze the coal properties of different types and the main coal-producing areas. Provide the carbon capture and storage( CCS) strategy to reduce the increasingly CO2 emissions caused by coal combustion. Introduce some CCS projects in China. The ash of weakly caking coal is the lowest with 13. 10%,the calorific value is the highest with 29. 59 MJ /kg. The ash and sulfur of meager coal is the highest,while its moisture and volatile is lower. The lignite,with the lowest moisture,calorific value and highest moisture and volatile,is mainly used to generate power,then gasification and synthesis. The steam coal is mainly used to generate power,then boiler combustion. The long flame coal provides energy for power plant,locomotive and furnace. Non-caking coal and weakly caking coal generate power and provide fuel for civil use. The CCS is an important method to reduce the CO2 emissions and mitigate the greenhouse effect.

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  • Working curve establishment and application of vitrinite reflectance determined by microphotometer

    CHEN Hongbo;BAI Xiangfei;ZHANG Yuhong;WANG Yue;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute;State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Clean Utilization( China Coal Research Institute);National Energy Technology and Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control( China Coal Research Institute);

    In order to optimize coal blending process and improve test precision of vitrinite reflectance,taking MSP UV-VI2000 photometer as research object,introduced its working principle,process. Obtained the general formal and special formula of vitrinite reflectance. The comparison of the two formulas show that,the special formula needs to correct equipment and the process is complicated. The special formula has an universally applicable characteristic. The experimental procedure includes measuring,drawing curve,calculating reflectance and drawing histogram. Based on the formula,analyze the maximum measurement range and resolving power of photometer. Compare two working curves which have different slope. Provide principles with which should be complied when measuring the reflectance with photometer.

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  • Controlling factors of activated coke preparation

    SHI Zhijun;GU Jie;XIE Wei;XIONG Yinwu;MA Hongyue;Inner Mongolia Taixi Coal Group Co. ,Ltd. ,Xingtai Coal Chemical Limited Liability Company;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute;CSE Technology ( Beijing) Co. ,Ltd.;

    To improve the properties of activated coke and perfect its treatment on air and water pollution,analyzed the influence of raw coal,binder on activated coke properties and provided the selection principle of the two. Based on the analysis of production process,found that the porosity of activated coke could be improved by coal blending. Investigated the effects of briquetting,drying,activation,carbonization including heating rate,final temperature,feeding amount on activated coke and how to control the technical parameters.Discuss the furnace pressure and temperature range of Slep furnace. With the aggravation of competition,the research about activated coke should be strengthened and its application fields also should be broadened.

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  • Status of separation technologies for coal-based methanol to propylene

    WANG Lin;YONG Xiaojing;ZHANG Kun;WANG Feng;LUO Chuntao;Coal Chemical Company,Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group;

    To improve the domestic research level of MTP technology and propylene,the products distribution characteristics of typical MTO( Methane to Olefins) technology,naphtha cracking technology,MTP( Methane to Propylene) technology were analyzed. Using MTP technology,the main product is propylene,while mathane and N2,O2,NOxis less. C4 and C5 +is more,so the separation is easy. Introduce the products separation process of MTP. Investigate the application of MTP,developed by Lurgi,in Shenhua Ningxie Coal Industry Group and Datang Duolun Coal Chemical Industry Company. There are lots of problems with the separation system. The materials which need to be recycled are large,the separation process is long and consumes lots of energy. The MTP technology should be transformed based on its products distribution characteristics and MTO technology,naphtha cracking technology.

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  • Speciation and control technologies of sodium in high-sodium coal

    YANG Ming;CHEN Minghua;GU Hongwei;ZHU Chuan;ZHANG Jing;Shenhua Trading Group Co. ,Ltd.;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute;State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Clean Utilization ( China Coal Research Institute);

    To reduce the influence of high-sodium coal combustion and gasification on power plant boiler and pressurized CFB. Based on the speciation sodium in coal,introduced the main research methods including sequential chemical extraction technology,component separation and low temperature ashing. To reduce the impact of sodium,transformed the design temperature of boiler,so most of sodium compounds can stay in ash. Separated the raw steam coal. Before processing,replaced the sodium in coal with special agents. Added special agents which can react with sodium. Provided suggestions for Xinjiang high-sodium coal utilization.

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  • Gasification process and equipment selection for 0.4 billion cubic meters per year coal gasification project

    LIU Yaoming;QIN Jiangyan;CAO Wenjin;WANG Tao;HCIG&Tongtai Investment Co. ,Ltd.;Hebei Construction Investment Group Co. ,Ltd.;Supervision Station of Construction Project Quality,Hebei Construction Investment of Coal Industy;Inner Mongolia Energy Co.,Ltd,China Electric Construction and Investment;

    The coal for 0. 4 billion cubic meters per year coal gasification project was produced in Fangziliang and Dalailiang underground mine field. Analyzed the coal properties. To choose the appropriate process and equipment,analyzed the characteristics of moving-bed gasification,fluidized-bed gasification and entrained flow gasification. Discussed the typical boilers and their commercial operation. The results show that,the pressurized moving-bed loose coal gasifier is completely fit to the coal of Fangziliang underground mine field. By the coal blending policy in Inner Mongolia,the fine coal in raw material must be used. So adopt the moving bed gasification and entrained flow gasification.

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  • Influencing factors of pneumatic conveying efficiency of coal powder tank car

    ZHANG Xin;LIU Zhenyu;LI Xiaojiong;LI Ting;Energy Conservation and Engineering Technology Research Institute,China Coal Research Institute;State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Clean Utilization ( China Coal Research Institute);National Energy Technology and Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control ( China Coal Research Institute);

    To minimize the conveying time from coal powder tanker to tower,calculated the resistance during conveying. Analyzed the influencing factors of unloading speed of coal powder tank car. The results show that,the pressure loss of conveying pipe consists of two-phase flow friction pressure loss,coal powder gravity pressure loss and accelerated dynamic pressure loss. When the height of silo increases from23 m to 28 m,the conveying time of 20 tons coal powder delays from 50 min to 58. 5 min,by 17%. Keep the conveying time unchanging,the inner diameter of pipe should increase from 100 mm to 106 mm which is different from the actual situation. The possible reasons are resistance of pipe or high moisture of coal powder. To guarantee the better conveying effects,the clean,dry and compressed air in boiler room or plant should be used as powder conveying gas.

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  • Combustion and gasification characteristics of anthracite coal water mixture

    YAN Shujuan;Energy Conservation and Engineering Technology Research Institute,Coal Science and Technology Research Institute Co. ,Ltd.;National CWM Engineering and Technology Center;State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Clean Utilization( China Coal Research Institute);National Energy Technology and Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control ( China Coal Research Institute);

    To inprove the mass concentration of coal water mitture( CWM),a type of anthracite was selected as raw material to investigate its slurryability. Traditional and classified grinding CWM preparation processes were used in the tests. The results show that,the concentration of CWM reaches to 67. 3% when the anthracite particle size distribution is optimized by classified grinding process. Investigate the combustion characteristics of the CWM samples prepared by traditional and classified grinding processes. It is found that the ignition point and burnout temperature reduce in some extent and the burnout index increase. The combustion improver makes this characteristics more obvious. This is because classified grinding process increases the small size coal particles which has better reactivity. Meanwhile,the effects of catalyst content on gasification reactivity are investigated. The results prove that,the catalyst improves the gasification reactivity. The optimum added content of catalyst is 0. 2% for the samples.

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  • Utilization status of lignite and pyrolysis products

    LIU Jun;ZOU Tao;CHU Mo;CHANG Zhibing;LIN Yian;Northwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry;School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology ( Beijing);

    In order to improve the utilization rate of lignite,the lignite reserves and distribution status was introduced. The utilization ways of lignite,including associated resources utilization,lignite direct combustion,dehydration and briquetting,gasification,liquefaction,pyrolysis and coal water mixture preparation were introduced. Then the using direction of gas,liquid and solid productions of lignite pyrolysis were further investigated. The authors put forward some new utilization methods of lignitic semi-coke,including gasifying the semi-coke by the dry gasification and preparing coal water mixture( CWM) with semi-coke and pyrolytic waste water. The CWM was gasified to produce syngas by the wet gasification. Then the syngas was used to prepare methane with methanation catalysts,or compound petrol and diesel by Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

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  • Development plan of coalbed methane in Yangquan mining area

    ZHU Yingzhan;Coalbed Methane Development and Utilization Branch,Yangquan Coal Industry( Group) Co. ,Ltd.;

    Yangquan mining area,which is rich in coalbed methane,belongs to Qinshui coal field of Shanxi. The coalbed methane in this area is easy to extract. It has been considered as the key coalbed methane development and utilization breakthrough district. In order to develop and utilize the coalbed methane resource of Yangquan mining area rapidly,orderly,healthily,it is necessary to make plan. From the aspects of coalbed methane development,necessity of development,basic conditions advantages,discuss the goal and thought of coalbed industry development. Yangquan Coal Industry( Group) plans to make its coalbed methane industry at the leading level in Shanxi Province,even through the whole of China. The rate of multipurpose utilization of coalbed methane underground extraction achieves 98. 5%,the rate of multipurpose utilization of coalbed methane achieves 80. 2%.

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  • Contamination and control of heavy metals in farmland around coal mining area in Northern Shaanxi

    ZHU Yugao;Yan'an Vocational and Technical College;

    To investigate the pollution of heavy metals on farmland around mining area during coal mining,sampled the heavy metals from surrounding soil and corn seedling in Shenmu Daliuta coal mine. Determined the heavy metals content of 35 typical sampling point and blank group. The results show that,the average content of Cu,Zn,Pb,Cr,Cd,Hg,As and others heavy metals are higher than those in the blank group,the content of Zn,Cu,Pb,Cr,Hg and others heavy metals in soil have positive correlation with those in the corn seedling. That means the soil around the mining area has been contaminated and the heavy metals in soil have a direct impact on the heavy metals absorption of corn seedling. Provide matched soil remediation measures.

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  • Transformation of smoke prevention and dust control car matching tamping coke oven

    KOU Wei;Lijiahao Coal Mine,Shenhua Baotou Mining Co. ,Ltd.;

    Coke oven is the main equipment in coking process,its also the biggest pollution source in coking plant. The smoke prevention and dust control car was used to treat the flue dust generated in coal charging. While the treatment effects were not good. A dust collecting cover was adopted to enhance the dust removal effects. Installed two groups baffle plates which were vertical and the distance was 500 mm.Two groups of spiral sprinkles were fitted on the bottom of baffle plates separately. The baffle plates were washed by spiral sprinkler whose rotation direction was opposite. The smoke and dust was reduced significantly and the emission was far below the national standards.

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  • Economics and environmental protection of clean coal technology based on WTW vehicle fuel

    LI Jun;LI Jian;LI Peng;ZHANG Wenxiu;WANG Liang;School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology ( Beijing);

    Using GREET model,the life cycles of synthetic oil from indirect and direct coal liquefaction,synthetic natural gas and IGCC based on the WTW theory( from Well to Wheel) were calculated. The energy consumption and CO2 emission at all stages of the four kinds of fuel in the WTW were analyzed. The results show that,the total energy consumption from high to low is synthetic natural gas,indirect coal liquefaction synthetic oil,direct coal liquefaction synthetic oil,IGCC. The energy consumption of the first three is about two times of conventional diesel or gasoline,the total energy consumption of IGCC is about three-fifths of the traditional gasoline. The CO2 emission amount decrease gradually from indirect coal liquefaction synthetic oil,synthetic natural gas,direct coal liquefaction synthetic oil to IGCC.The emission amount of the first three,which have a certain market competitiveness,is 1. 6 to 3. 1 times of diesel or gasoline. The CO2 emissions of IGCC,which costs more than conventional one,is about seven-tenths of the CO2 emissions from traditional gasoline.

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  • Determination of SO_2 emissions from coal combustion by flue gas analysis method

    ZHANG Ningning;SHAO Xun;LUO Yunfei;JIANG Ying;China Coal Research Institute;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,Coal Science and Technology Research Institute Co. ,Ltd.;State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Clean Utilization ( China Coal Research Institute);

    To control the SO2 emissions content from coal combustion effectively,it was necessary to investigate the testing methods at different temperatures. Introduced intermittent and continuous flue gas analysis methods. Through analyzing the accuracy and reproducibility of flue gas analysis method,the feasibility was discussed. Meanwhile the advantages and disadvantages of the method was analyzed. The accuracy and reproducibility of flue gas analysis method is uptight,while it could reflect the real SO2 emissions timely. So after improving the testing equipment,its necessary to further study the flue gas analysis method.

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