• Development strategy of clean coal technology in China

    LIU Li-lin(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    Classification of clean coal technology(CCT) and current major problems in its development in China were analyzed.The evidence show that technology demonstration and macro-control should be strengthened.Comprehensively analyze the CCT industry,find that elaborating the standards,incentives,assessments,development and promotion system relevant to clean coal industry could maintain its healthy development.A series of necessary methods were provided from the technical and managerial perspectives.Introduce the development of energy contract management in foreign countries and the suitable operation modes for China.In foreign trade policy,in response to international carbon emission reduction,propose specific measures which cope with global warming by technology transfering system led by China,rather than blindly join the international carbon trading rules.Finally,sum up the CCT development strategy from the aspects of technology promoting,emission control and planning approval.

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  • Experimental research on improvement of coal flotation collectors

    JI Deng-gao,CAI Yang-hui,PENG Su-qin,WU Yue(College of Mining Technology,Taiyuan University of Technology,Taiyuan 030024,China)

    Large consumption,poor selectivity and failing to disperse are presently the main disadvantages of slime flotation collector.In order to resolve these problems,taking kerosene as raw material,a variety of chemical products and surfactant were used to prepare compound collectors.Conduct optimization experiments and flotation rate test experiments of kerosene and compound collector.The results of optimization experiments show that while the consumption of kerosene is 900 g/t and Octanol-2 is 450 g/t,the effect of kerosene flotation is best.While the consumption of Fy-4 compound collector is 500 g/t and Octanol-2 is 450 g/t,the effect of Fy-4 compound collector flotation is best,clean coal ash is 9.96 percent,clean coal recovery is 88.72 percent,and combustible recovery is 94.82 percent.Keeping ash nearly unchanged,the consumption of Fy-4 compound collector is 44.44 percent lower than kerosene,clean coal recovery and combustible recovery are increased by 0.06 percent and 0.16 percent respectively.Flotation speed tests prove that Fy-4 compound collector not only save the consumption of reagent,but also improves the activity of reagent,so to enhance the coal floating speed.At last,the impact on Fy-4 compound collector flotation of NaCl inorganic electrolyte was studied.While the NaCl concentration is 0.05 mol/L,Zeta potential of coal slime is much closer to zero point,relative contact angle of coal slime is reduced,coal flotation effect is improved.

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  • Research on flotation test of ash oxidized coal

    CHEN Qiang(Beijing Huayu Engineering Co.,Ltd.,China Coal Technology and Engineering Group Corp.Pingdingshan 467002,China)

    Ash oxidized coal has some disadvantages such as high content of fine fraction and ash,and it's also difficult to separate.In order to resolve these problems,investigate the influence of flotation machine and columned pneumatic flotation machine on its flotation effect,also research the reducing action of fatty alcohol(ethanol and butanol) on ash oxidized coal.Flotation machine tests show that disposed by accelerator,coal sample flotation effect has been pronouncedly improved.Compared with blank test,combustible recovery has improved by 12.99 percent,clean coal ash has reduced by 16.63 percent while disposed by butanol.That means butanol has stronger reducing action than ethanol.Combustible recovery reduced added value ranges from 1.30 percent to 11.43 percent,while ash reduced value ranges from 0.21 percent to 1.46 percent.Columned pneumatic flotation machine tests show that butanol has better flotation effect than ethanol.While the pressure of circulating pump is 0.16 MPa,the flotation effect gets best.Combustible recovery is 38.55 percent,clean coal ash is 19.49 percent.Keeping flotation reagents unchanged,compared with flotation machine test,combustible recovery of columned pneumatic flotation machine has increased by 6.26 percent,clean coal ash has decreased by 3.32 percent.So fatty altohol helps to improve flotation effect,and effect of columned pneumatic flotation machine is better than that of flotation machine.

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  • Application of modular structure design in Yangguang coal preparation plant NO.2

    WANG Zhi-hui1,YANG Jian-xun2,WANG Ju-long2,LI Guo-ping1,WANG Rui-peng1(1.Shanxi Yangguang Coking(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Hejin 043300,China; 2.Schenck Process(Tianjin) Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd.,Tianjin 300385,China)

    The analysis of raw coal characteristics in Yangguang coal preparation plant(CPP) indicates that coal types of this plant are quite complicated and variable,and the content of primary slime varys greatly.In order to solve the following problems existed in coal preparation plant No.1,such as more needed equipments,poor slurry treatment ability,high concentration of circulating water,increasing medium consumption and the like,analyze the advantages of structural and modular CPP for plant NO.2.Through comparison and analysis in the following five aspects,equipment selection,slurry systemic selection,overall recovery of products,automation control level and economic benefits,the results shows that,in plant NO.2,the equipment selection in the main building has realized the centralization,large-scale,single set and system simplification,and the operation cost has sharply reduced.Moreover,the range of equipment selection has expanded,which decrease the load of coal slurry system and guarantee production more stable and reliable.It basically realizes pure reject discharge,and dramatically increased ash content of filter press tailings and the product recovery.It also significantly improves automation control level of CPP.Power consumption and heavy medium consumption have been reduced by 0.9 kWh/t and 1 kg/t respectively, that means that have saved electric charge 1.08 million yuan and total cost 1.2 million yuan per year.Finally,put forward corresponding measures for operation problems in Yangguang coal preparation plant NO.2,such as great amounts of clean coal missing in middlings and rejects,unstable clean coal ash and so on.

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  • Research on slack coal gangue disposal system equilibrium and ways of reducing medium consumption in Anjialing coal preparation plant

    WANG Zheng-shu(China Coal Pingshuo Coal Co.,Ltd.,Shuozhou 036006,China)

    Introduce technological process and design features of slack coal gangue disposal system in Anjialing coal preparation plant.In order to resolve the following problems,unstability,high medium consumption,low handling capacity,wide range of mixing material volume and density in mixing bucket,large bypass flow,unconstant liquid level of magnetic separator,transform the coal preparation plant from six aspects which are reforming fine coal sieve bend and NO.4,NO.5 system,as well as feedstock distributing box of magnetic separator,enhancing water eliminating system,replacing sieve plate of sieve bend and plate-and-frame filter press.At last,analyze the transformation effects.The results show that,the medium consumption is reduced from 2.5 kg/t to 1.2 kg/t,water consumption is from 0.12 m3/t to 0.08 m3/t,calorific capacity reaches up to 21.77 MJ/kg,the price of per ton of coal increases by 200 yuan.The system could work continuously and middlings quality is stable.The coal preparation plant saves clean water 208 thousand cubic meter and magnetic iron powder 6760 tons every year,that means,saves 4.394 million yuan which originally should be paid for magnetic iron powder.The transform is quit different from the common design,and provides a basis for manufacturing and technical management as well as coal preparation plant design.

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  • Research on ways of reducing medium consumption in Buliangou coal preparation plant

    TAO Dong(Buliangou Coal Preparation Plant,Inner Mongolia Mengtai Bulianggou Coal Industry Co.,Ltd.,Erdos 010300,China)

    Based on technological process of Buliangou coal preparation plant,analyze the causes of unstable medium consumption.The medium contents in tailing and products have been reduced by several ways,which are strengthening medium quality management,changing medium addition methods,adjusting declination,shortening distance between drum and cell body,lifting clean coal baffles of magnetic separator,controlling bypass flow,adding pressure pump,cleaning and maintaining fixed screen,adjusting screen aperture and the like.All those measures effectively prevent crushed coal below 3 mm into dence medium system,lighten the workload,and stabilize the suspension and medium bucket level.From November,2010 to April,2011,the medium consumption have been reduced from 1.26 kg/t to 0.18 kg/t,in other words,which has been reduced by 85.71 percent.The medium consumption in April 2011 is below the minimum raw coal consumption at home,the saving cost of medium consumption is up to 0.606 million yuan.

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  • Application of FJC20-4A jet flotation machine in Wangfenggang coal preparation plant

    GAO Hong(Wangfenggang Coal Preparation Plant,Huainan Mining Industry(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Huainan 232046,China)

    Analysis of size composition of slime and small-scale flotation tests indicate that raw coal is difficult to prepare,while slime is extremely difficult to separate.KHD flotation machine has some disadvantages,its operational process is complex,lacks micro bubble precipitation,consumes large amounts of flotation agents.Analyze working principle and major characteristics of FJC20-4A jet flotation machine.Compare the application effects of those two types of flotation machines.The results show that,compared with KHD,the clean coal recovery,tailings ash,combustible recovery,flotation perfect index and quantity index of FJC20-4A are increased respectively by 22.04 percent,43.83 percent,26.51 percent,23.07 percent,18.08 percent.Flotation extration rate has increased by around 63.64 percent and flotation agent has reduced by 0.03 kg/t.At last,the economic benefits indicates that,thanks to FJC20-4A jet flotation machine,the process becomes more flexible,lightens labour intensity and task difficulty,improves the utilization ratio of flotation agent,the actual economic benefits has increased by 72.1996 million yuan every year.

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  • Reform of slime water treatment system in Chengjiao coal preparation plant

    HE Mao-lin(Chengjiao Coal Preparation Plant,Yongcheng Coal Electric Co.,Ltd.,Yongcheng 476600,China)

    There are some striking shortcomings in slime water treatment system in Chengjiao coal preparation plant,which are as followed.Tailings ash from lump coal magnetic separation machine is lower,low-ash slime in filter pressing system not only is higher,also lose seriously,clean coal is the same.The supplied material into gathering pond is complex.Introduce the reform methods from four aspects.Optimize tailings disposal which is operated by inclined lifting wheel magnetic separation machine,better quality of feedstock,improve efficiency of flotation machine and recover low-ash slime in gathering pond.At last,analyze the reform effect.The results show that the reform has lightened slime water treatment,pronouncedly improved clean coal recovery and recirculating water quality,decreased medium content in slime,guaranteed closed water circuit.The good reform effect means high-quality products.The coal preparation plant creates 15.30 million yuan every year.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 501K]

  • Application of coal swelling technology and its influencing factors

    LI Sha-sha1,HOU Li-hong1,LIU Hui-qing2,SHEN Jun1,LING Kai-cheng1(1.College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Taiyuan University of Technology,Taiyuan 030024,China; 2.Shanxi Radio and TV University,Taiyuan 030027,China)

    Based on the mechanism of coal swelling and its kinetics,the influence of properties of solvents,coal rank,oxidation,temperature,pretreatment,time of swelling,moisture and size of coal fines on coal swelling were reviewed in the paper.The results show that,electron donating number(EDN),alkalinity,types of dissolvant have different effects on coal swelling.Coal rank has pronounced influence on coal swelling.With the increasing of carbon number,the coal is apt to swell.However,when the carbon mass fraction is over 85 percent,the swelling ratio decreases sharply.Oxidized coal tends to swell.Small size,high temperature and pretreatment is favorable for swelling.Removing mineral also slightly improves swelling ratio.At last,the application of coal swelling technology in studying coal molecular structure,pyrolysis and coal liquefaction were emphasized.

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  • Research on lignite drying and upgrading technology and its binderless briquetting

    YU Jiang-long1,2,Arash Tahmasebi1,2,LI Xian-chun1,2,HAN Yan-na1,YIN Feng-kui1(1.Key Laboratory of Advanced Coal and Coking Technology,School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,University of Science and Technology Liaoning,Anshan 114051,China; 2.Thermal Energy Research Centre,Shenyang Aerospace University,Shenyang 110136,China)

    Introduce three existence types of water in lignite,which are surface moisture,inherent moisture and crystal moisture,the first is readily removed.Describe lignite drying and upgrading technologies and their development status at home and abroad.Among them,technologies applied to high moisture lignite and other relevant upgrading technologies are emphasized.The striking facts about superheated steam fluidized bed lignite drying technology(WTA) are higher efficient,lower energy consumption and great security,especially unit energy consumption.The briquetting technology used to prepare lignite binderless brequetting and the production's moisture resistance property are analyzed.The experimental results show that briquette sample has high quality,water absorption rate has been sharply reduced,pyrolysis and combustion activity also have been reduced in some extent.At last,analyze lignite binderless briquetting mechanism,which mainly contains pitch hypothesis,humic acids hypothesis,capillary pores hypothesis,colloid hypothesis and molecule adhesion hypothesis.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 165K]

  • Research on drying of Indonesia's high moisture lignite

    YU Xue-hai1,LIAO Hai-yan1,ZHAN Zhong-fu2,ZHAO Xu2(1.ShenHua GuoHua(Beijing) Electric Power Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100025,China; 2.Tianhua Research Institute of Chemical Machinery and Automation,Lanzhou 730060,China)

    Steam tube rotary drying technology is applied to research the static and dynamic drying characteristics of Indonesia's high moisture lignite.The characteristic test of drying rate show that,keeping lignite size and quantity unchanged,the higher the temperature of dry steam,the faster the evaporation rate as well as the lignite drying rate.Keeping quantity constant,the smaller the size,the shorter the drying time and the greater the drying rate.Keeping size constant,the smaller the quantity,the shorter the drying time and the greater the drying rate.The inflection point of drying rate curves occurres when the coal moisture is higher than that of air-dried moisture,which means deceleration phase begins.Analysis of size distribution and thermal stability shows that,the lignite drying process would produce coal fines,which increased by 14.87 percent after drying.Before drying,the TS6 is 10.3 percent,which increased to 19.2 percent after drying.The thermal stability of lignite before and after drying treatment is poor,however,it tends to be more stable after drying.Reaction start temperature(RI) and burn-out index(Cb) have merely reduced respectively by 7 ℃和0.1112.That means,the lignite,no matter drying or not,readily ignite and burn out.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 568K]

  • Occurrence features of deep coal seam and characteristics of coal petrography in Jiaozuo mining area

    YAN Chun-zhong1,ZHANG Wen-zhong2,GUO Shuang-qing1,SU Xian-bo3(1.No.3 Team,Coal Geological Bureau of Henan Province,Xinxiang 453003,China; 2.China United Coalbed Methane(CBM) Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100011,China; 3.School of Energy Science and Engineering,Henan Polytechnic University,Jiaozuo 454000,China)

    Analysis of structure features and coal seams distribution in Jiaozuo mining area indicates that the mining area is typical North China carboniferous-permian coal-bearing strata.The fault develops well and is mainly the normal fault whose direction is ne-trnding,nearly ew-trending and nw-trending.Anaysis of geological features and occurrence features of target coal seam show that the structure of Shanxi Formation Ⅱ1 coal seam is simple,this coal seam is thick and distributes stably.From top to down are Quaternary system,Tertiary system,upper permian higher Shihezi Formation,lower permian lower Shihezi Formation,Shanxi Formation and upper carboniferous series Taiyuan Formation.At last,analyze characteristics of coal petrography.The results show that Shanxi Formation Ⅱ1 coal is high metamorphic grade anthracite.From the macroscopic aspects,it appears in gray black,like metal luster,semi-bright,which shows that most are durain,then clarain.This low density coal also has brown fringe,when is touched,it is prone to get hands dirty.Fracture of lump coal is jaggy,while the coal core appears in massive,powdery and granular,whose particles size ranges from 0.1 centimeter to 1.0 centimeter.

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  • Research on briquette oxygenated and continuous moving-bed gasification

    ZHAN Jun-huai1,CUI Guo-xing2,LIU De-he1,SU Zhi-zhong2(1.Sanming Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.,Sanming 365001,China; 2.College of Chemical and Biological Engineering,Sanming University,Sanming 365004,China)

    Fujian anthracite and binder are mixed to prepare briquette.Taking oxygenated air as gasification agent,carry out industrialize briquette continuous gasification experiments in moving-bed oxygenated gasifier,whose diameter are three meters.The results show that this continuous gasification could guarantee the safety and stability of system,the properties of semi-watergas could meet the demand of synthetic ammonia and methanol production.That means the new gasification technology can replace moving-bed gasification.The gasification exergy efficiency is 67.2 percent.The results show that the gasification effect is better,also has wide application and dissemination prospect.However,the needed gas is low,while CO2 content is high.Those problems can be resolved by adding additive to mixture,which would raise melting and gasification temperature of coal ash,or taking high activity Jincheng anthracite to prepare briquette.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 191K]

  • Determination method of oxygen in low rank coal and its influence on coal direct liquefaction

    CHEN Yong-jian,LI Wei,WANG Jian-ping,SHEN Jun,LING Kai-cheng(College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Taiyuan University of Technology,Taiyuan 030024,China)

    Oxygen content is more than any other elements in coal,whose content and existing forms have a great effect on the characteristics of coal,especially on that of low rank coal.The oxygen in low rank coal is mainly represented by phenolic hydroxy1 and ether bond,also carbony1,carboxy1,furan and the like.Sum up and compare two kinds of determination methods of oxygen functional groups.The results show that physical determination method is convenient and efficient,however,its practical applicability is poor,for X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy(XPS)and infrared radiation(IR) fail to distinguish some peaks.The operation of chemical determination method is complex and time-consuming along with inaccurate results.Analyze the influence of those oxygen functional groups on coal direct liquefaction.It's found that phenolic hydroxy1 interferes the liquefaction for its cross-linking reaction,liquefying ability of high ether is much more active,liquefying mechanism of carboxy1 is complicated.The study of oxygen functional groups helps to improve coal liquefaction level,also enriches coal science and technology theory.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 207K]

  • Separation methods of quinoline insolubles in coal tar

    ZENG Dan-lin,HU Ding-qiang,MA Ya-li,HU Yi,SHU Da-fan,YAN Tie-jun WANG Guang-hui (College of Chemical Engineering and Technology,Hubei Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion and New Carbon Material, Wuhan University of Science and Technology,Wuhan 430081,China)

    In order to improve coal tar quality,analyze the properties of quinoline insolubles(QI) in coal tar and its damage.Based on separation mechanism,a series of separation methods are respectively introduced.The mechanism of free setting method is not complex,as well as its operation,however,its separation efficiency is lower.Contrary to thermal dissolution separation method,but it's difficult to extend for some reason.High temperature centrifugal separation method not only greatly improves the removal rate of QI,also has excellent application prospect.Although solvent extraction can remove majority of QI,but it consumes large amounts of solvent.Through practical experience,it has been known that optimizing coal blending quality,transforming technique during coking process could remove QI to a large extent.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 173K]

  • Kinetics of desulphurization and hydrodenitrification reaction of coal direct liquefaction low temperature separator oil

    LI Wei-lin,ZHU Xiao-su,LI Pei-lin,WANG Yong,LI Jun-fang (Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    To further study the structures and characteristics of sulfide and nitride in coal direct liquefaction oil(CDLO),advanced analytical method widely used in petroleum field,GC-PFPD and GC-NCD,are used to study the CDLO.Detailed composition of sulfide and nitrogen compounds are reconignized.The results show that there is large amounts of aromatic hydrocarbon in coal direct liquefaction oil.Sulfide is found to exist mainly as benzothiophene and dibenzothiophene,while nitride exists mainly as five-membered ring compounds.Autoclave hydrogenation experiments,taking catalyst additive amount and temperature as variable,was carried out.Kinetics of hydrodesulfurization(HDS) and hydrodenitrification(HDN) were discussed.Through calculation,first order reaction kinetic model of coal liquefaction oil hydrodesulfurization reaction was built.Compare the sulphur content measured by experiments with that calculated by model,the relative error is just 7.8 percent.First order reaction kinetic model of coal liquefaction oil hydrodenitrification reaction,occurs in oscillatory autoclave,was also tested,the relative error is as small as 0.97 percent.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 391K]

  • Influence of pressure on coal gasification

    YANG Hong-shen1,GU Xiao-hu2(1.Xuchang Shoushan Coking Co.,Ltd.,China Pingmei Shenma Group,Xuchang 461700,China; 2.Research Institute of Energy and Chemical Industry,China Pingmei Shenma Group,Pingdingshan 467000,China)

    Analyzed the influence of pressure,the key factor,on coal gasification in order to increase the reaction efficiency.Mainly studied the effects of pressure on coal pyrolysis,burning velocity of coke and coke gasification.The results show that yield of volatile matter and tar both decrease,as opposite to gas,whose yield increases while increasing pressure.That can be explained that tar starts secondary reaction.As pressure increasing,coke expand apparently and its specific surface area decrease.When the pressure is too high,degree of expansion decrease slowly and tend to form high porosity and thin wall thickness coal char particles.That increasing oxygen partial pressure could accelerate burning velocity and form more fine coal particles.Gasification rate increases with the increase of partical pressure of gasification agent.The deposition rate of H2O is lower than the reduction rate of CO2,whereas generated gas could further pervent the gasification reaction.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 169K]

  • Study on complex reaction between tannin extracts model compound and tetravalent vanadium and pentavalent vanadium

    CAI Xiao-dong1,LING Kai-cheng1,GAO Zhu-qing1,2,ZHANG Zhi-feng1,ZHANG Wei-shuai1,FENG Wei1(1.College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Taiyuan University of Technology,Taiyuan 030024,China; 2.College of Chemical and Biological Engineering,Taiyuan University of Science and Technology,Taiyuan 030024,China)

    In order to explore the complex reaction between different valence states of vanadium ion and tannin molecules in tannin extract desulfurization process,choosing four kinds of typical tannin extracts model compounds as reactants,which are pyrocatechol,pyrogollol,gallic acid and tannin,determine the absorbance of complex reaction between above four compounds and tetravalent vanadium V(Ⅳ) and pentavalent vanadium V(Ⅴ) respectively in alkaline buffer solution with equal mole ratio method.Investigate the differences between those two vanadium ion.The results show that the complex ability of V(Ⅴ) is stronger than that of V(Ⅳ).Complex reaction not only exists between vanadium ion and its adjacent oxhydryl in single molecular,but also between vanadium ion and two oxhydryls in two ligands.Other perssads on benzene ring have certain effect on complex reaction.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 453K]

  • Status and development of pressurized gasification technology of dry coal fines

    ZHANG La,MI Jin-ying(Jinzhong Vocational and Technology College,Jinzhong 030600,China)

    The entrained flow gasification which adopts dry feeding system is one of the most advanced technology.Compared with coal water slurry gasification,find that it has some pronounced advantages,such as better coal adaptability,lower raw material consumption,high carbon conversion and cold gas efficiency,all help to strengthen its competitiveness.In order to further research and widely popularize this technology,illustrate the dry coal fines gasifier,flow conveying process,synthetic gas purification system as well as its corollary equipments.Provide relevent solutions to the problems existed in gasifier.Summarize the development of large-scale coal fines gasification technology at home and abroad.Emphasize the technical ways by which to resolve problems existed in gasification process.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 174K]

  • Research on correlation of ash content of anthracite and gross calorific value

    XU Hui-jun,WU Wei,SONG Bang-zhong(Guizhou Agency of Quality Supervision and Inspection of Coal Product,Liupanshui 553001,China)

    Combustion performance of coal is closely relevant to its components.Ash analysis is an important part of coal proximate analysis.In order to get calorific value of Guizhou anthracite with less time and consuming,taking 400 groups coal quality data gathered over years as samples,get the regression equation between ash content and calorific value.The correlation test indicates that the correlation coefficient R is 0.999,which is greater than critical value.That means the inner relation is quite remarkable.The error confidence interval has been calculated which is plus or minus 0.16 according to error detecting.In order to further test and verify the accuracy,coal samples from 12 main mining area in Guizhou Province are used to compare the measured value with calculated value.The results show that the maximum error is 0.18,the minimum error is-0.01,far less than the reproducibility critical error stipulated in GB/T 213—2008 determination methods of coal calorific value.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 241K]

  • Experimental study on cold-condition flow field in double cones fine coal combustion chamber

    WANG Yong-ying,ZHOU Jian-ming,YANG Jin-fang(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    Based on the testing principle of five-hole spherical probe,measure the cold-condition flow field in double cones fine coal combustion chamber.The results show that flow field in combustion chamber rotates clockwise and distributes symmetrically.The flow field of front cone involves three regions,marginal zone,central zone and zone between the two,and there is recirculation zone in front cone.The total velocity increases gradually with the narrowing of the outlet cone radius.The effect of the flow field distribution on combustion chamber performance of the combustor was also analyzed.The flow field of front cone is conducive to fireing fine coal,and that of behind cone controls the distribution of mixed flow in the furnace,which not only guarantee the effective range,also prevent the flow impinging combustion chamber wall.All those help to prevent fine coal coking.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 681K]

  • Influence of supply air rate on performance of gas burner and NO_x emission

    ZHOU Xiao-bo,JIANG Jie,ZHANG Hao,ZHANG Chuan-mei(School of Energy and Power Engineering,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,Shanghai 200093,China)

    The combustion performance of gas burner suitable for 40 t/h boiler were studied by three-dimensional numerical simulation software——Fluent.First,draw three-dimensional maps of the gas burner and furnace with the software of Pro/E,then with which to model in Gambit,set boundary parameters and initial conditions in Fluent,iteratively calculate three-dimensional simulation results.Research the overall performance of burner,involving burner and distribution maps of methane,air,pressure and temperature in internal furnace.Emphasize the influence of air supply on distribution maps.The results show that the appropriate supply air rate is one of the most important factors which maintain smooth combustion,also related to NOx emission.The numerical simulation results provides important basis for burner optimization.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 879K]

  • Effect of combustible gas in flue gas from utility boiler on power supply coal consumption

    WANG Shi-chang(School of Energy Power and Mechanical Engineering,North China Electric Power University,Beijing 102206,China)

    A variety of combustible gas in flue gas is simplified as CO and calculation of heat loss of combustible gas in utility boiler(q3) and the increasing of power supply coal consumption(Δb) had been made for 100~1000 MW pulverized coal boilers(PCB) and 50~300 MW circulating fluidized bed boilers(CFBB).The results show that when CO concentration ranges from 50 mg/m3 to 400 mg/m3,q3 increase from 0.01 percent to 0.18 percent,which approve maximum value while burning brown coal.Δb for PCB and CFBB increase from 0.03 g/kWh to 0.65 g/kWh.Compared with PCB,Δb and q3 of CFBB fluctuate narrowly by increasing Vdaf.Basically,q3 and Δb improve linearly with the increase of CO concentration in flue gas.The results also show that q3 and Δb reduce with the increase of steam pressure of PCB and CFBB.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1129K]

  • Effect of coking process on coke reactivity and post-reaction strength

    ZHAO Qi(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    Study the effect of heating rate,final temperature of coke cake,banking time of coke oven,bulk density and fineness of coal as fired on coke reactivity(CRI) and post-reaction strength(CSR) through 40 kg sample coke oven test.The results show that in order to get lower CRI and higher CSR,the final temperature of coke cake should be controlled between 1000 ℃ and 1050 ℃.Banking time of coke oven should be controlled within 3 hours.The thermal properties of coke can be pronouncedly refined by improving coal as fired buck density and heating rate,especially that of first stage of coal pyrolysis.When fineness of coal as fired is around 90 percent,it is found to get the best CRI and CSR.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 342K]

  • Complete briquette coking in normal coke oven

    ZHANG Yu-jun,WAN Li-ping,BI Yan-ke,LI Hui,GUI Peng(School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing),Beijing 100083,China)

    The advantages of briquette coking technology are analyzed after making a brief introduction about its development at home and abroad,such as sharply improving types of coking coal,some of them were not suitable for coking previously,shortening coking time,decreasing moisture of coking coal and coke powder yield.However,there are also some shortcomings,such as lower production capacity,poor coal adaptability,serious environmental polution and unstable product quality.In order to resolve those problems,research complete briquette coking in normal coke oven as well as its technical process.Emphasize its economic benefits and feasibility.The results show that this coking technology could improve proportion of non-caking coal,which is attributed to high quality coke and lower coking cost.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 191K]

  • Comprehensive utilization of fly ash

    GENG Peng-fei,GAO Shuai,CHU Feng-ge(School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing),Beijing 100083,China)

    Burning pulverized coal under high temperature will get pulverized fuel ash,which is a mixture and is similar to cinerite.Generalized pulverized fuel ash contains fly ash and slag.In China the pulverized coal ash emissions reached up to 0.125 billion tons in 1995,approximately 0.15 billion tons in 2000,0.375 billion tons in 2009.How to use this secondary energy source which is accumulated year in and year out,save more floor space,reduce environmental pollution,create higher added value profit,on which has been gradually placed a high value.Introduce the physical and chemical properties of pulverized coal ash and its comprehensive utilization in construction,building materials industry,agriculture,chemical industry.Analyze the development tendency of pulverized fuel ash,emphasize that refined and high benefit utilization technology is needed.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 157K]

  • Study on sewage treatment adopting A~2/O biochemical treatment process

    WANG Hong-gang1,WANG Yong2(1.Tangshan City Environmental Monitoring Center Station,Tangshan 063000,China; 2.Tangshan City Environmental Protection Bureau,Tangshan 063000,China)

    With the changing of production process in cow farm,the sewage treatment station has been overburdened due to large amounts of sewage.In order to meet the Standard A of "Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant"(GB 18918—2002),reform current sewage treatment system.The sewage contains high-concentration CODCr and the biodegradability is strong.Adopting expanded granular sludge bed(EGSB) reactor and typical A2/O biochemical treatment process supplemented by ozone deep oxidation,the sewage could be treated to meet the Standard A.The irrigation conditions of farmland surrounding this cow farm is poor,that means the treated water could be used to irrigate farmland.The new production process creates a favorable development environment and greatly promotes the development of enterprise.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 405K]

  • Comprehensive utilization of medium-low grade bauxite in Guizhou Province

    XIONG Yu-qiang,ZHANG Jie(School of Mining,Guizhou Provincial Key Laboratory of Multipurpose Utilization of Non-ferrous Minerals Resources,Guizhou University,Guiyang 550003,China)

    Summarize the whole distribution of bauxite in China.Emphasize the characteristics of chemical and mineral compositions,X-Ray diffraction(XRD) analysis results of medium-low grade bauxite in Guizhou Province.Introduce its application in alumina,fireproof materials,chemical products producing and the like.The results show that Guizhou Province is abundant in bauxite,which belongs to high aluminum and high silicon type and the ratio of aluminum and silicon is much lower.Due to lower grade,the majority of bauxite are used to produce alumina with combined method,while a small number of bauxite are consumed with Bayer process.In addition to alumina, the medium-low bauxite gradually apply to fireproof material,ceramics and polymer,which help to realize its comprehensive utilization.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 310K]

  • Methods of improving TBS concentrate grade

    PENG Yang,FANG Yi-en(Zhongxin Coal Preparation Plant,Xinkuang Inner Mongolia Energy Co.,Ltd.,Erdos 016217,China)

    Analysis of size composition of TBS concentration show,high-ash slime is the radical cause which influences the ash concentrate.Exploring reform of every links in coarse slime treatment chain was made,involving recoil water adjustment,changing underflow diameter of classification cyclone,choosing different types of screen aperture and the like.After the reform,high-ash is reduced,TBS concentrate grade clean coal recovery are improved,TBS concentrate are all mixed into clean coal production.All those contribute to the plant's economic benefit.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 271K]

  • Application of geophysical technique in prediction of carbonate rock reservoir in Lower Congo Basin

    FAN Hong-yao,ZHANG Jin-miao,ZHANG Yi-ming(China National Offshore Oil Corporation Research Institute,Beijing 100027,China)

    Hydrocarbon resources are abundant in Lower Congo Basin.But the distribution of carbonate rock reservoir is quite complex,which varies greatly in vertical and horizontal.The difficulty arises in reservoir prediction and hydrocarbon detection.First,the prediction technique of favorable facies is provided by combining waveform analysis technique and frequency division technique.Based on this,the direct and indirect physical property prediction technique is formed by combining the poststack phase control inversion technique,prestack inversion technique,seismic multi-attribute analysis technique and frequency division physical property prediction technique.At last,the hydrocarbon detection technique is provided by combining lame elastic parameter technique and absorption coefficient analysis technique.A series of techniques are formed which seem to fit the bill.The favorable carbonate distribution is predicted on the basis of these techniques.These kinds of research techniques,methods and thinking would provide certain reference for reservoir prediction in this area or other similar areas.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 669K]

  • Application of S7-300PLC in slime drying control system

    YANG Cui-ling,WANG Wei-min,ZHANG Hai-sheng(Tangshan Tianhe Technology Development Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063020,China)

    Based on the configuration requirements of slime drying control system,introduce the composition of software and hardware of automatic control system.In order to meet the technological requirements,PLC is applied to slime drying control system,which improves the automaticity and stability of whole system.Emphasize the design of control system which is programmed with SIEMENS programming software——STEP7.At last,introduce several ways to resolve problems arised during development process.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 250K]

  • Application of new mineral water-ethyleneglycol fire-resistant hydraulic fluid in coal mine

    YU Guang,HOU Jian-tao(Mine Oil Research Institute,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    Introduce the excellent viscosity index(VI) and lubricity of one kind of new mineral water-ethyleneglycol fire-resistant hydraulic fluid.Its main performance indexs are the same as those of No.46 hydraulic oil,and are fully comparable with foreign similar products.Analyze the application of this hydraulic fluid in roof bolter in the pit.The detection datas show that the equipment has been running smoothly,meanwhile,no leakage,corrosion and blockage conditions.These evidence indicates that this hydraulic fluid meets the requirements of roof bolter and would replace No.46 hydraulic oil.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 186K]

  • Application of ZZ-89 ash monitor in Majiliang coal preparation plant

    LI Jian-ye1,LI Jian-ping2,WANG Min3(1.Datong Zhongmei Export Coal Base Construction Co.,Ltd.,Datong 037007,China; 2.Beijing Chenan Measurement and Control Technology Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100085,China; 3.Jining No.3 Coal Preparation Plant,Yanzhou Coal Mining Co.,Ltd.,Jining 272069,China)

    There are some defects in traditional ignition test such as long test time,much more hysteretic,which lead to faulty production.In order to resolve those problems,online ash monitor is introduced as well as its working principle.The practical application of this kind of ash monitor in Majiliang coal preparation plant shows that it could reflect dynamically and automatically the ash.Its operator interfaces is simple and readily operation,the detection results are accurate,which is benefit for coal quality control.The analysis indicates that daily maintenance management determines the working conditions of monitor.The accuracy can be guaranteed by verifying belts parameters at regular intervals,monitoring and adjusting regularly electric potential of voltage stabilizer observation points,dedusting C type frame and power supply box,observing regularly datas and the like.The application of online ash monitor stabilizes the coal quality,improves merchantable coal's comprehensive recovery,enhances competitiveness of commercial coal.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 163K]

  • Common issues and reason analysis of coal mine road engineering

    JIA Rui-chun(Beijing Huayu Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Sinocoal International Engineering Design and Research Institute,Beijing 100120,China)

    Road engineering is the most important component of coal mine enterprises construction.Its quality directly represents the enterprise's image.In some particular enterprises,the roads are hollow,full of cracks,frost boiling and poor drainage.All these phenomenons are relatively common,which lead to a dirty,chaotic and bad image.To improve the image,common problems must be completely eradicated.There are varying causes of common problems,the one-size-fits-all method is not applicable.Study the common diseases of coal mine road engineering,analyze the road design and construction.At last,find some unreasonable issues,this provide a reference for further design and construction.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 161K]

  • Design of coal preparation process of Tongliao coal preparation plant

    ZHOU Zhi-jian(Design Project Center,Tangshan Branch of Tiandi Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063012,China)

    Three-product dence-medium cyclone was used to simplify coal preparation process by analyzing original design of Inner Mongolia Tongliao coal preparation plant.The actual production show that,after reformation,with lower investment cost,the effect of preparation is better and the process has strong adaptability to raw coal.The design of coal preparation not only should consider coal properties,also should tolerate wide range of raw coal properties,especially raw coal from other coal mines.The design also should combine plant types,equipments characteristics,investment cost and the like.

    2012 02 v.18;No.78 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 172K]
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