• Experimental study of new style KJ complex reagent

    KONG Xiao-hong,KANG Wen-ze(Institute of Science and Technology of Heilongjiang,Resource and Environment department,Harbin 150027,China)

    The coal sample from Taoshan was the main object in this study. The flotation effect contrast tests of three kinds of complex reagents i.e. OP,synthesis ester and KJ were conducted. The KJ complex reagent was ascertained as the optimal reagent. Comparing with conventional reagents the KJ complex reagent increased the clean coal yield by 10.06%,the flotation perfect index by 5.14% and the speed of the flotation under the same agent consumption.

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  • Study on the transport of mercury during coal preparation

    FENG Li-pin,LU Mai-xi,LIU Hong-ying,JIA Jin-wei,SU Li(School of chemical and environmental engineering,China University of Mining &Technology(Beijing),Beijin 100083,China)

    Based on the different coal preparation process—size classified separation and the whole size separation,we measure the mercury content in the different coal preparation products of the three coal preparation plants and study on the transport of mercury during coal preparation. The results suggested that the mercury content is removed in clean coal in varying degrees(from 23% to 76%)and concentrated rather than reduced in middling coal,gangue,slime. The maximal enrichment ratio appears in the gangue. Through reducing the size of the washing coal,the removal rate of mercury can be increased in clean coal and at the mean time the enrichment ratio is also increased in middling coal.

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  • The practice of three product heavy medium cyclone separating smokeless small coal

    LIU Jian-xin,BU Zhan-wen,LI Xin-ru,JI tao(Jiaozuo coal industry group Zhao Gu(Xinxiang)energy Co.,Ltd,Huixian 473000,China)

    Introduced the pressure three product heavy medium cyclone application and the production practice in the Macun mining plant,Jiaozuo mining area,the process capacity of this equipment is big,adapts the Jiaozuo mining area anthracite separation density high characteristic,still has obtained the good single plane separation effect under the bigger raw ash undulation and entering pressure lower than fixed pressure situation.

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  • Research of improving high sulfur washed refuse and tailing comprehensive utilization process

    HUANG Yang-quan, HE Qing-song(1.Chongqing Vocational Insitute of Engineering,Chongqing 400037,China; 2. Chongqing Nantong mining Co.,Ltd,Nantong coal preparation plant,Chongqing 400800,China)

    From existence main question of using the traditional three products heavy-medium cyclone to wash coal and process high sulfur washed refuse,proposed the big cone angle heavy-medium cyclone process changing into using the second heavy-medium cyclone to dispose middle and refuse. increases coal returns-ratio,reduces high sulfur washed refuse capacity,reduces high sulfur washed refuse process and operation cost,enhances the enterprise economic efficiency.

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  • Study the effect of mineral matter on Shenfu coal rapid liqufaction

    SHENG Qing-tao,LING Kai-cheng,SHEN Jun,WANG Jian-ping(Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology,Taiyuan University of Technology,Taiyuan 030024,China)

    The effect of mineral matters on the process of shenfu coal rapid liquefaction was studied by using resonance agitation reactor. The mineral matters of coal were removed by acid washing,the removing rate was 84.83%.The reaction process of quickly liquefying of the dimineralized coal was studied at 490℃. The results showed that,the coal conversion and benzene soluble yield decline obviously. The mineral matter of coal affects shenfu coal quick liquefaction,especially for the initial high stage. And dimineralization results in weakening of the mineral matters autocatalysis effect.

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  • Influence of preparation methods on the catalysts properties

    MIAO Peng,XU Zhen-gang,WANG Nai-ji(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute, Beijing 100013,China)

    Different kinds of Co/Al2O3 catalysts which include different Co contents were prepared via impregnation and the slow or rapid drying method. The results indicated the catalysts prepared by different drying methods have different characteristic.

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  • Study on the preparation of advanced activated carbon from DaTong ultra-low-ash coal

    ZHAO Ai-hua1, YANG Qiao-wen2(1.Coal Chemistry Co., Ltd.,Zhongrun,Tangshan 063611,China; 2.China University of Mining and Technology.,Beijing 100083,China)

    Preparation methods of activated carbon from DaTong ultra-low-ash coal are brief introduced firstly,then the advantages of the preparation in the presence of additive were presented and those influential factors on the manufacture of activated carbon from DaTong coal were investigated as impregnating methods,impregnating amount,activation time,water-steam flow rate etc,at last the conclusion and prospect are also given. The results show when the additive and acid-washing are performed,the advanced activated carbons were received,the activation time is only 1.5~2.0h,burn-off is about 45%,the iodine value is above 1150mg.g-1 and ash content is under 2%.

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  • Analysis of effects of coal structure on direct liquefaction reactivity

    LI Gang,LING Kai-cheng(College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Taiyuan University of Technology,Taiyuan 030024,China)

    Effects of composition and structure of coal and pretreatment before liquefaction on direct liquefaction reactivity are systematically analyzed,which include coal rank,maceral group,all types of mineral matters and their acidwashing deprivation,moisture and drying,porosity,physical structure and pre-swelling,H/C atomic ratio,etc. It is pointed out that under different process conditions their effects on direct liquefaction are different.

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  • Experimental study of the effect of impinging stream imply on the flame noise

    DAI Song-tao1, YAN Shi-sen2, LIANG Qin-feng2, ZHOU Zhi-jie2(1.Jiangsu Sopo Chemical Share-holding Co. Ltd,Zhenjiang 212006,China; 2. Coal Gasification Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education,East China University of Science and Technology,Shanghai 200237,China)

    Study on the noise of jet flame and the noise of impinging flame,and contrast the different noise. In order to find the effect which impinging stream imply on the flame stability,the noise signals are analyzed in frequency spectrum by Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm method(FFT). Results show that jet flame noise,and the combust noise play great role in the flame noise. The main frequency of impinging flame noise is about 420Hz. The impinging flame noise include combust noise,jet noise and impinging combust noise. The frequency spectrum diagrams of impinging noise show that impinging stream enhance the gasification and combustion. That is profit to the flame stability,and has been significant meaning on the stability running of gasifier.

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  • Separation and purification of naphthalene from coal-tar oil

    FENG Ze-min1, SHI Hui-wen1, LIU Tao1, TANG Xiao-chun1, LIANG Run-xia2(1.The school of chemistry in Lanzhou University,Lanzhou 730000,China; 2.The School of Resource and Environment Engineering Dept. in Lanzhou University,Lanzhou 730000,China)

    The method of separation and purification of naphthalene from coal-tar oil is described in this paper. There were lower concentrations of naphthalene in the coal-tar oil. Firstly,naphthalene was extracted from coal-tar oil with ethanol. The extract was distilled under vacuum,and the liquid-solid mixture of cut fraction was filtered. The solid compound namely,raw naphthalene was obtained. Distillation with water was investigated in purification of raw naphthalene. The purity of product was 99.28% analyzed by gas chromatography,and the recovery was above 93%. Compared to replicate crystallization and rectification,distillation with water was validated to be an effective method for purification of naphthalene.

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  • The air type circulation reactor applies in the coal direct liquefication research commentary

    LIU Min,SHI Shi-dong,LI Ke-jian,HU Fa-ting(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,100013 Beijing,China)

    Summarized the current circulation reactor research results and the actual production application example in the domestic and foreign,summarized each main parameter measuring technique and the parameter mutual function relations in the circulation reactor,had provided the basis of the circulation reactor movement stability and the elasticity,and had carried on the forecast in the coal direct liquefication domain application circulation reactor.

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  • Process control technology of ultra-clean micronized coal water slurry preparation based on PXI bus

    LIU Zhao-yan1, WEI Li2(1.Institute of Automatization and Autocontrol,Hebei Polytechnic University,Tangshan 063009, China; 2.Tangshan Key Laboratory of Mechantronics,Tangshan College,Tangshan 063000, China)

    In order to guarantee the advantage of ultrasonic treatment on ultra-clean micronized coal water slurry preparation,autocontrol technology of ultra-clean micronized coal water slurry preparation process has been researched. A autocontrol system which based on PXI bus structure has been developed. The software of the system adopt virtual instrument. The technics parameters are optimized by auto-training. Ultrasonic treatment process of ultra-clean micronized coal water slurry preparation has been autocontroled according to the optimized parameters. The data of coal water slurry preparation has been managed and shared by the system.

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  • The influence of typical alkali and alkaline metals to different ranks coke dissolution reactivity

    WANG Xiao-lei,GUO Zhi,QU Si-jian,ZHANG Yang,SHANG Tie-cheng,WANG Li-bin(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    It is indicated that the influence of typical alkali and alkaline metals to the reactivity of coke from low rank coal is lower than it from middle rank coal. The catalysis sequence of coke dissolution reactivity is K、Na、Ca、Mg,and along with the increasing of quantities of typical alkali and alkaline metals,the catalysis increased. Along with the increasing of temperature,reaction time and quantities of typical alkali and alkaline metals,the coke translation rate increased.

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  • Study on control technology of NO_x emission for coal-fired boiler

    DONG Kun1, HUANG Qi-long2(1.North China Electric Power University,Beijing Guohua Electric Power Technology Research Center Ltd.,Yanjiao 065201,China; 2. Beijing Guohua Electric Power Technology Research Center Ltd.,Yanjiao 065201,China)

    This paper analyzed the mechanism and regularity of NOx formation in large-scale boiler of coal-fired power plant,expounded the technical features of low NOx combustion and emission,summerized the methods to control NOx emission in the process of coal combustion.

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  • Study on standard anthracite of ISO 15585

    CHEN Peng1, 2, JIAO Bao-zhong2(1.China Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Corporation, Shenhua Group,Beijing 100011,China;2.Rujigou Coal Mine, Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group,Pingluo 753404,China)

    The process and significance of the upgrading from National standard GB 5447 to International standard ISO 15585 relating to standard anthracite used for caking index determination were recommended. The selected principles and the key characteristics of standard anthracite used for caking index determination were studied. The quality test and transfer methods of the determination value of caking index for standard anthracite were discussed. We also recommend the promotion and application of caking index method and standard anthracite used for caking index determination in foreign countries.

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  • Coking coal desulfurization process of pyrolysis reduce sulfur content in coke

    ZHU Yin-hui1, ZHANG Xian-lin1, LI Wen-hong1, BIAN Xi-mian2(1.Hebei College Of Industry And Technology,Shijiazhuang 050091,China; 2.HeBei Province Institution of Supervision And Inspection Product Quality,Shijiazhuang 050051,China)

    By simulating industrial coking process,in view of a high-sulfur coal inspected the different types of gas flow and heating rate,coke oven gas to return to the process of coking coke in the sulfur content of change. The results showed that all-coking process of H2,CH4 and N2 gas can inhibit thermal gasification of solid sulfur return coke,the coke H2 achieve desulfurization of the largest,followed by CH4 and N2; increased gas flow,reducing the heating rate is Sulfur helps make the shift to gas,solid coke so that the distribution of sulfur in lower sulfur content in the solid coke changes also show that better results H2,3.0,1.5℃/min heating rate will enable the two of sulfur content of coke decreased 0.36 percent and 0.39 percent to 0.46 percent to 0.56 percent.

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  • Mechanism study on salt slurry coal-burning additive

    BAI Yun-qi,ZHOU Guo-jiang(Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology,Haerbin 150027,China)

    Salt slurry is the waste material of commercial runs,which contains alkali metal and alkali soil metal,after adding a lot of other metal ions as coal-burning additives. Based on the study of coal combustion,the main reason of low calorific efficiency was analyzed. Experiment and theoretical value cerified that the additive can lower ignition temperature,hasten the coal combustion and calorific efficiency. The reaction mechanism of the additive of the coal combustion was put forward.

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  • Studies on process conditions of lignite biodegradation by phanerochaete chrysosporium

    LI Jun-wang,ZHANG Ming-xu,YE Jin-long(School of Material Science and Engineering,Anhui University of Science & Technology,Huainan 232001,China)

    The bioconversion of Yi-Ma lignite was studied by Phanerochaete chrysosporium. The lignite degradation rate is influenced by the size of coal,the quantity of bacterium,the concentration of coal slurry and the time of degradation. The results of experiments indicate that the factors are A,B,C,D in proper order according to affecting degree of seriousness.That is the size of coal> the quantity of bacterium>the concentration of coal slurry>the time of degradation. In the selected experiment conditions,the optimum level of every factor is:the size of coal ﹣0.2mm; the quantity of bacterium 10mL; the concentration of coal slurry 0.9g/50mL; the time of degradation 12d.The optimum technological parameter combination is A1B2C2D3.

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  • System design for optimization of steam coal blending based on combined application of Matlab/VB

    DONG Ping1, LI Ming-ju1, WANG Peng1, GUO Dian-lin2(1.College of Resource&Environment Engineering,Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology,Harbin 150027,China; 2.College of Electrical&Information Engineering,Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology,Harbin 150027,China)

    The article describes how to combine the programming tools of Matlab and VB to develop software for the optimization model of steam coal blending. It introduces a method of data exchange between Matlab and VB using ActiveX principle. The main interface of the software system is compiled in terms of VB and Matlab genetic algorithm toolbox is made use of finishing the design for optimization model of steam coal blending so as to realize calling Matlab in VB. Through the union of their advantage,the design efficiency is greatly improved.

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  • coking technology and pollutant discharge reduction

    ZHANG Jian-ping (Shanxi Provincial Chemical Design Institute,Taiyuan 030024,china)

    Heat-recovery coking technology,by adopting micro-negative pressure coking and heat-recovery process,prevents and reduces the discharge of the pollutants during the production process. This coking technology is already taking a lead in China for the energy saving and green house gas discharge reduction.

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  • Isolation and culture conditions optimizing of a strain of methanotrophic bacterium from coal soil

    ZHOU Sheng-fang,TAO Xiu-xiang,ZHU Hong-wei,HOU Tong,XU Ning(School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,China University of Mining & Technology,Xuzhou 221008,China)

    A strain of aerobic methane-oxidizing bacteria was isolated from JiaHe coal(Xuzhou),and was designated as Strain ZMH. After 10 days incubation of ZMH,CH4 concentration decreased from 35.94% to 10.00%,and the utilization rate of CH4 reached 64.18%. The results indicated that this isolate could not only utilize methane as carbon sources,but also utilized other growth substrates such as glucose,sucrose and maltose. Nitrogen sources were tested,demonstrating that ZMH could use NO-3-N、NH+4-N and yeast extract paste,it could also use nitrogen in the air. The optimal pH for growth was 5.5~9.0,with the fastest growth occurring at pH 6.5. Growth occurred at temperatures between 30 and 34℃.

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  • Vegetation restoration incoal waste piles effect on heavy metal in soil

    LI Xiang-dong1,2 FENG Qi-yan1,2 QIN Sheng1,3, TIAN Li-ya1,3(1.Jiangsu key laboratory of resources and environmental information engineering Xuzhou 221008,China;2.School of Environmental Science and Spatial Informatics,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou 221008,China; 3.YanMining Group Company,Zoucheng 273513,China)

    The paper discussed the condition of heavy metal in soil of Xinglongzhuang coal waste pile which vegetation restoration 20 years. The results showed that the contents of Zn,Cu,Hg,Pb,Cr and As in topsoil were lower than in the coal mining waste. The contents of Zn,Hg and As in local soil exceeded soil quality standard which maybe cause some plants death.

    2008 04 No.56 [PaperDigest][OnlineView][Download 192K]
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