• Coal Preparation Technology oh Coal Industry in New Century

    LIU Feng(Tangshan Branch of China Coal Research Institute, Tangshan 063012, China)

    The development direction and major domain of coal preparation science and technology in early of new century were put forward based on the present situation and existing difficult point problem in coal preparation industry in this paper. Development target of coal preparation science and technology in 2005 and 2010 is also discussed.

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  • A Technological Transformation Study on Process System in coal Preparation plant of Jining Coal Mine No.2

    WANG Dao-guo,LI De-jin(Jining Coal Mine No 2 Coal Preparation Plant,Jining 272072, China)

    The existing technical problems and technological transformation scheme in Jining Coal Mine No.2 coal preparation plant are introduced. The process system should be provided with an overall point of view and considered to suit to the changeable market demand.

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  • Changing Feed Coal Particle size and Increasing Economic Benefit

    ZHU Jian-xin,SUN Jian-zhong,WANG Jun(Fangezhuang Coal Mining Branch Co., Kailuan Group. Tangshang 063109, China)

    A technological transformation planning is put forward that is changing the feed coal particle size in preparation process based on the present existing technical problem in original production process. It was put into effect and the operation result was shown that it can be satisfied the preparation coal process demand. After that, the enterprise economic benefit was increased.

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  • With Regards to Set Up the CWS Quality Inspection and Evaluation Stand ard System in China

    FU Cong, LI Ying-hua(Nation Coal Quality Supervision Inspection Center, Beijing 100013)

    The status of coal water slurry quality inspection and evaluation is analyzed. The necessity of to set up the CWS quality inspection and evaluation standards system is discussed. Also, the basic route and necessary research project for to set up this system are put forward.

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  • Application of Dual-Purpose Burner for Coal Water Slurry and Heavy Oil

    ZHANG Yan-qiang,JIANG De-hua(Maoming Thermal Power Plant, Maoming, Maoming 525011, China)

    The actual operation situation and existing problems of dual-purpose burner for coal water slurry and heavy oil are discussed. A few of improved measures are put forward that can be used as a reference for the design coal water slurry burner and using the coal water slurry in heavy oil fired boiler.

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  • Effect of pH Value on the Static Stability of Coal Water Slurry

    ZHU Zong-jun 1,DENG Cheng-gang 1,LI Fang-zhu 1,ZHANG Xiao-mei 2(1 Synthetic Materials Co., Huainan Mining Group, Huainan 232046, China; 2 Chemical Engineering Department, Huainan Industry College, Huainan 232001, China)

    Effect of pH value on the static stability of coal water slurry at the same conditions such as coal quality, coal size distribution, CWS concentration and additive is introduced. The static stability of CWS can be improved when increasing the pH value in system at a suitable condition. The experiment results are same when the CWS preparation by using clean coal of Huainan Wangfenggang coal preparation plant, Dongpang coal and Xinglongzhuang coal. The probable cause of the pH value effect on the static stability of CWS at these condition is also discussed.

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  • To Develop CWS Industrial based on New Train of Thought

    ZHOU Qiao-guang(China Coal Import and Export Group Co. Beijing 100011, China)

    The development prospect of CWS as a substitute oil fuel is summarized from development history, market prospect, present production situation, competition stage and development train of thought. The route of decreasing unit power consumption linking with practice experience is discussed.

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  • Study on the Influence Factors of Briquette Capturing Sulfur

    ZHOU Jing,WU Li-jun,CHAI Yi-yan,CHEN Lun-jian,YU Zun-hong(Institute of Clean Coal Technology, East China University of Science and Technology,Shanghai 200237, China)

    The effect of desulfurizer variety and particle size, Ca/S ratio, combustion temperature, binder, raw coal particle size, additives on the briquettes capturing sulfur ability are studied through orthogonal experimental method. It was found that the Ca/S ratio and desulfurizer variety are the most important factors to briquettes capturing sulfur efficiency. The capturing sulfur efficiency of Ca(OH) 2 is highest than the others among the CaO, CaCO 3 and Ca(OH) 2. Higher capturing sulfur efficiency can be gained if higher Ca/S ratio and fine particle size desulfurizer are used. Optimum capturing sulfur temperature is 800~1000 ℃ for calcium based desulfurizer. The capturing sulfur efficiency is different when raw coal particle size is different. MS binder is suitable for capturing sulfur briquette.

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  • Option and Installation of Refractory material for CFB boiler

    WANG Bing-dong,WANG Cai-zhong,HOU Xiang-jun(Thermal Power Plant, Yongcheng Coal and Power Group Co., Yongcheng 476600, China)

    The damage cause of refractory in CFB boiler is analyzed. For increasing the economic benefit and long live safe operation of CFB boiler, refractory should be selected and installed at scientific and rational condition depend upon its different properties and use field.

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  • Experiment Study on Coal Self-Desulfurization Efficiency in CFB Chamber

    WANG Zhi-wei(Institute of Thermal Engineering, Nation Power Co., Xian 710032, China)

    The experiment study and analysis of coal self-desulfurization property by using 5 kind coals in 1 MWth CFB chamber are conducted. Experiment result is shown that, the coal self-desulfurization efficiency decreased along with the temperature increasing. Coal self-desulfurization efficiency possess bigger different when using different coals. It has a bigger influence on the evaluation of limestone desulfurization efficiency.

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  • Application of Alkalinity Industrial Waste in Flue Gas Desulfurization

    LIU Yong-xin,FAN Li-hua(Department of Chemical Engineering, Hebei Institute of Technology, Tangshan 063009, China)

    This paper reviewed some kind of new desulfurization methods of industrial waste. These methods can reduce SO2 emission into environment and to solve the difficult of treating waste. Using waste material to treat other waste material can be accomplished and flue gas desulfurization operational cost can also be reduced.

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  • Study and Preparation of New Type and Long Life Hot Gas Desulfurizer

    YING You-ju,PENG Wan-wang,BU Xue-peng,JI Xu-guo(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry, CCRI . Beijing 100013, China)

    The recently research result of new type an long life hot gas desulfurizer is introduced that is one of the “Nine Five" Science and Technology Project-“Key Technology of IGCC - Hot Gas Desulfurizer Manufacture and Desulfurization Regeneration Process Research and Development" special subject. G-201 and G-202 desulfurizer are prepared from a large scheme design and tests. The 1500 hr real hat gas desulfurization long life examinatorial test of G-201 desulfurization had been completed at PDU. The efflorescence and sintering of desulfurizer had not been found through checking after examinatorial test. The physical strength is also to keep original. Sulfur capacity can also keep at 21% through real measurement.

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  • The Research Advance of Preparation Process and Surface Property of Coal Based Activated Carbon

    REN Nan,XIA Jian-chao,DONG An-gang,TANG Yi(Department of Chemical, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China)

    Coal is an important raw materials for activated carbon preparation. The effects of different activation condition and composition of raw materials on the pore structure and surface properties of activated carbon were summarized. Prospects of the research and development direction and application field are also discussed.

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  • Application of Activated Sludge Process at Phenol Water Treatment Station in Yanzhou Coal Mine Distract Coking Plant

    XU Han-bing,MU Zeng-yue(Coking Plant, Yanzhou Coal Distract, Zoucheng, Zoucheng 273500, China)

    Some of the technical problems of phenol water treatment in coking plant by using the activated sludge process are discussed. These technical problems are including culture, domestication, operation process index of activated sludge; a few of process point control in management; often happened technical problems and countermeasures in operation.

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  • Resource, Property and Quality Management of Export Coal in Shanxi Province

    MA Guo-xiang,ZHANG Ai-ying(Qinhuangdao Branch Co., Shanxi Coal Import and Export Co., Qinhuangdao 066000, China)

    The coal resource and properties for export in Shanxi province are analyzed. How to improving the export coal quality and scientific management method for guarantee export coal quality and technical measure are discussed.

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  • Strengthen Production Operation at Economic Condition and Increasing Enterprise Economic Benefit

    WANG Jian 1,GAO Han-jie 1, YANG Guo-dong 2(1 Jinyang Coal Preparation Plant, Taiyuan 030024, China; 2 Environment Protection Department, Shanxi University, Taiyuan 030006, China)

    A new pattern of enterprise production organization is put forward through study on the production organization original pattern in Jinyang coal preparation plant. The operational cost of equipment and energy consumption of enterprise can be decreased by using this new pattern. At the same time, the production efficiency and economic benefit of enterprise can also be increased.

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  • The Application of PSFL Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher in Coal Water Slurry Production

    CHEN Shu-lou, JIANG Zong-li(Zibo Dali Mining Machinery Co. Ltd., Zibo 255300, China)

    The property and feature of PSFL series vertical shaft impact crusher and application in coal water slurry production are introduced in this paper.

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