Clean Coal Technology

2022, v.28;No.142(06) 127-134

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Technical and economic evaluation of low carbon development path of typical coal chemical projects

KE Yan;TAO Yi;YI Xuerui;BU Xuepeng;WANG Qiang;Guoneng Economic and Technological Research Institute Co.,Ltd.;


The Double Carbon goal is China′s solemn commitment to the world. Coal chemical industry belongs to the high carbon emissionclass industry. It is urgent to explore the low-carbon development path. Based on the carbon trading price of 100 yuan/ton and the outsourcing proportion of carbon trading of 5%, 20% and 50% as three scenarios, this paper analyzed the technical economy of low-carbon paths such as energy conservation and emission reduction, green hydrogen substitution, green electricity substitution, low-carbon raw materials, product scheme optimization and end use of carbon dioxide, respectively. The analysis shows that the cost change per unit product of green electricity plus electric drive scheme is small, which is a more economical and reasonable low-carbon scheme. At present, it is recommended to give priority to the green power on drive scheme. The second is the energy conservation and emission reduction scheme, which should be optimized in the early stage of the project. Product scheme optimization is also an effective way to reduce emission and increase efficiency. It is suggested to develop oxygenated compounds and other products suitable for coal chemical process, but the cost needs to be further reduced through technological innovation. Due to the high price of green electricity and poor economy, the green hydrogen scheme can be firstly used as the pilot of reserve technology. The raw material low-carbon scheme depends on the reliability of natural gas supply and national policies. At present, the economy of carbon dioxide end-use is poor. It is suggested to further demonstrate the utilization paths such as CCUS to improve the overall economic benefits.

Key Words: coal chemical industry;energy conservation and emissions reduction;green hydrogen substitution;green electricity substitution;low carbonization of raw materials;economic valuation




Authors: KE Yan;TAO Yi;YI Xuerui;BU Xuepeng;WANG Qiang;Guoneng Economic and Technological Research Institute Co.,Ltd.;

DOI: 10.13226/j.issn.1006-6772.21122703


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