• Application of dry-wet coal preparation technology in Ulanmulun coal preparation plant

    DENG Wei;CHN Energy Shengdong Coal Preparation Center;

    Under the background that the coal quality of mine raw coal is deteriorating year by year and the market′s requirements for coal quality indicators are increasing day by day, the washing and dressing center analyzes the coal quality characteristics of Ulanmulun mine and the status quo of wet coal preparation technology, and adopts relaxation sieve to remove powder and lump coal TDS. The intelligent dry separation and separation process solves the problem that the dense medium cyclone separation process of lump coal shallow groove + fine coal two products has poor adaptability to coal quality, the yield of fine coal slime is roughly the same as coal slime processing equipment, and the cost of washing and separation cannot be effectively treated and higher issues. Practice has shown that the dry-wet combined coal preparation process can effectively reduce the influence of fine-grained primary slime on the system in the treatment of low-rank coal that is easy to slime, and can reduce the cost of washing and processing while ensuring the sorting effect of lump coal.

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  • Applicability analysis of commercial coal injection performance in Shendong mining area

    DU Hongmei;Testing Company,Guoneng Shendong Coal Group;

    The dual-carbon strategy drives steam coal enterprises to actively explore the transformation and development of coal utilization. Blast furnace injection is a potential and effective way to utilize Shendong commercial coal. Eight commercial coal samples produced in Shendong mining area were taken, the coal samples were systematically tested and analyzed according to the basic properties, explosivity, powder properties and reactivity indexes required for blast furnace injection, and the applicability of commercial coal in Shendong mining area in the direction of blast furnace injection was obtained. The results show that Shendong commercial clean coal has the characteristics of low ash, low sulfur, medium-high volatile matter and high calorific value. The blast furnace injection coal No. PC-MHVYM-A1-S1 belongs to high-quality commercial coal and good injection coal raw material. The fluidity and jet flow index are good, but the explosion is strong, which hinders the use of Shendong commercial coal in the direction of blast furnace injection. The next step is to actively promote industrial application research and provide technical support for low-carbon use of steam coal.

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  • Optimization of coal preparation process in coal preparation plant

    LI Feng;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    In recent years, driven by the rapid economic and social development, the demand for social coal has increased significantly. At the same time, the awareness of ecological and environmental protection continues to increase, and begin to put forward higher requirements for the coal market. In this context, the competitive pressure of coal preparation plants increases. In order to seek long-term development, it is necessary to optimize and upgrade the coal preparation process in time to ensure that good ecological and economic benefits are obtained, so as to achieve sustainable development. Therefore, the coal preparation process of coal preparation plant is studied, and its optimization measures are analyzed and discussed.

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  • Ultrahigh pressure filtration of slime water in Shendong mining area

    LIU Guojie;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    The dehydration slime products usually have high water content and are difficult to sell due to the high content of fine particles in coal slime water. Industrial filtration experiments with ultrahigh pressure filter were studied for slime water with high fine particle content from the thickener underflow in Shigetai, Buertai, Wulanmulun, and Daliuta coal preparation plants in Shendong mining area. The filtration effect of ultrahigh pressure filter was compared with the effect of conventional plate and frame filter. The results show that the slime moisture content values for the four coal preparation plants are 3.30, 6.05, 7.95 and 6.69 percentage points lower than that of the plate and frame filter after dewatering by ultrahigh pressure filter, respectively, and the calorific values of slime products are 569、1 306、1 411 and 1 470 kJ/kg higher than that of the plate and frame filter. The moisture content in the slime products is obviously reduced with the ultrahigh pressure filter. The slime products can be evenly mixed with the final product coal for sale after broken, thus improving the economic benefits.

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  • Analysis of roadway excavation technology under the condition of thin bedrock in coal mine

    LIU Ruxia;Planning and Development Department,Guoneng Shendong Coal Group Co.,Ltd.;School of Mining,Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology;

    With the deep mining of the 52 and 22 coal seams in Daliuta coal mine, the roof bedrock is often thinned in the process of developing and preparing the roadway, resulting in difficulties in support, large water pouring, poor roadway formation and other problems, which seriously affect the driving safety and driving efficiency. How to choose a better driving process to achieve efficient and safe driving is one of the technical problems that mining scholars need to solve at this stage. Taking the roadway driving of haulage and return air measures in 22316 working face of Daliuta coal mine as an example, the change and optimization of support, circulation and personnel organization under the condition of thin bedrock were introduced in detail, which provided reference for the safe and efficient production of other roadways under the same conditions.

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  • Effect of pH of pulp on flotation separation of microgroup of coal and rock

    MA Yang;MA Xiao;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    Two kinds of flotation separation samples of inertinite and vitrinite were obtained by flotation treatment of coal and rock raw materials. Hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide were used to adjust the pH of sample pulp. The recovery rate, stability, Zeta potential change and aluminum ion concentration change of flotation separation samples at different pulp pH were tested. The results show that when pH=5, the highest flotation recovery rates of vitrinite and inertinite are 91.3% and 45.9%, respectively, and both show the best stability at pH=5. The flotation separation effect of vitrinite is obviously higher than that of inertinite. The Zeta potential of vitrinite is also higher than that of inertinite, indicating that proper adjustment of pulp pH will affect the dispersion or aggregation state of particulate matter in liquid, and change the stability and settlement of the whole pulp system. Weak base or weak acid environment can ensure higher concentration of aluminum ions in microgroup and obtain better flotation separation effect of microgroup.

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  • Analysis and optimization of fine coal system in Buertai coal preparation plant

    NIU Chao;ZHAO Le;Buertai Coal Preparation Plant,CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    In view of the problems existing in the fine coal system of Buertai coal preparation plant, it is proposed to carry out the pre-separation powder removal, slime water process transformation and plate and frame filter press update of the fine coal system. Through a series of optimization and transformation, the slime content of the fine coal system is reduced by 1.6 %, and the variety of coal is expected to increase by 1.5 million t/a. It lays a foundation for the optimization of coal slime flotation feed properties and coarse coal slime separation projects, ensures the stability, homogenization and high quality of coal product quality, and improves the economic benefits of enterprises.

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  • Modes of occurrence of mercury in low rank high-sulfur and low-sulfur coals and their effects on the removal in float and sink test

    SHI Yawen;ZHOU Lingmei;WU Zhengpeng;Daliuta Coal Preparation Plant,CHN Energy Shengdong Coal Preparation Center;School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing;

    Coal combustion is one of the main emission sources of atmospheric mercury pollution. As a front-end treatment process for coal utilization, coal washing can also remove some harmful elements while removing coal gangue. However, there are few studies on the removal of heavy metal elements in the coal washing process. Inner Mongolia high-sulfur coal and low-sulfur coal samples were selected for float and sink tests. The modes of occurrence of mercury in coal and the removal during float and sink test were studied by methods including mercury detector, sequential chemical extraction procedure, X-ray diffraction(XRD), X-ray fluorescence analysis(XRF), scanning electron microscopy and so on. The results show that by sequential chemical extraction procedure, it can be seen that mercury in high-sulfur coal mainly existed in disulfide bound state and organic bound state. In addition to these two forms in low-sulfur coal, there is very little mercury in the form of aluminosilicate. Mercury in both high-sulfur coal and low-sulfur coal show an affinity for inorganic sulfur and tends to enrich and migrate to the denser part. Therefore, most of the mercury in coal can be removed while deashing coal by float and sink test. For large particle size high-sulfur coal with high inorganic sulfur content, sulfur removal can also be achieved at the same time, but small particle size coal is not easy to remove sulfur elements by float and sink test.

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  • Technical transformation of cost reduction and benefit increase in Ulanmulun coal preparation plant

    WANG Jiali;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    In view of the problems of large slime content and high production cost in Ulanmulun coal preparation plant at present, combined with the on-site coal quality, product structure requirements and production status, the existing production process was technically reformed by adopting the pulverizing technology and lump coal intelligent dry separation technology, and the production process before and after the transformation was comprehensively evaluated from the perspective of technical indicators and economic indicators. The results show that the reformed process can reduce production cost, improve product recovery, reduce slime and reduce labor intensity of production management, achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase, and has good social and economic benefits.

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  • Export strategy of special coal production based on benefit priority

    WANG Zhenlong;ZHOU Ruitong;CHN Energy Shengdong Coal Preparation Center;CHN Energy Shendong Distribution Center;

    In order to realize equitable distribution of special coal plan of each Shendong coal preparation plant, a scientific and reasonable production and transportation organization mode with optimal benefits was formulated. According to the coal quality characteristics and special coal index requirements of each coal source point, combined with different production processes, operation management, cost control, product flow direction and raw coal mining conditions of each coal preparation plant, the difference of mine cost, washing cost, transportation cost, arrival price, etc, was analyzed to rank the source points of special coal, optimize the resources of special coal, establish the export echelon of special coal production and fast switching response mechanism, and realize the production organization and export mode of special coal with the lowest cost, the optimal output configuration, and the maximum benefit under the condition of meeting the demand for special coal. Shendong Coal Group′s special coal output has increased year by year, achieving a 10 million ton growth. The proportion of special coal in commercial coal output has increased from 21% to the highest 30%. From 2019 to 2021, the special coal output has exceeded 40 million tons for three consecutive years.

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  • Optimization of product structure in Shigetai coal preparation plant

    XUE Linwei;GAO Xiaoxi;DOU Hongqing;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    In order to increase economic benefits and enrich product categories, the characteristics of intermediate products according to the system production were analyzed in Shigetai coal preparation plant. In comparison with various indicators of various types of coal, the plant has carried out optimization and transformation of block clean coal products to reduce moisture and increase output, successfully developed and produced Shenyou 2 type of coal, which is sold as chemical raw material coal, broadened the market for various types of coal, and increased the profit of the coal preparation plant.

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  • Difficulties and countermeasures of circulating water pipe control in coal preparation plant

    ZHANG Lei;SHI Yawen;KANG Xuegang;CHN Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    The quality of circulating water in the coal preparation plant has an important impact on the unloading effect of the desliming and disintermediating magnetic separator, the quality of the medium agent deployment, the operation of various water seal pumps, the filtering and extrusion effect of the plate and frame filter, etc. In order to ensure the normal production of the coal preparation plant, the difficulties of circulating water quality control were analyzed from the technical and management levels. The results show that from the technical level, the insufficient settling area of fine slime, the insufficient processing capacity of fine slime equipment, and the insufficient mixing of reagents and slime water are the reasons for the long-term deterioration of the circulating water quality in the coal preparation plant. The deficiencies in equipment management, reagent preparation and addition, education and training at the management level lead to the intermittent deterioration of the circulating water quality. By using the prevention and response measures of "one pipe, two mining, three measuring, four doing, five adjusting, six watching, and seven protecting", the reasons for the change of circulating water quality can be clarified, and targeted measures can be taken to avoid or eliminate the deterioration and blackening of circulating water quality in the coal preparation plant, so as to ensure the primary closed circuit circulation of washing water.

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  • Electrode materials prepared from commercial coal in Shendong mining area

    ZHANG Shaoning;ZHOU Ruitong;Coal Quality Technology Department,Shendong Coal Distribution Center;

    In order to expand the marketable direction of commercial coal in Shendong mining area and study the feasibility of using it as electrode material, five representative commercial coal samples such as Ulan Mulun block clean coal were selected for activation treatment, and finally assembled into symmetrical supercapacitors. Through the structural characterization and other analysis and electrochemical performance test of the prepared supercapacitor, it is found that the commercial coal in Shendong mining area can be used as the raw material for making electrode materials, and the supercapacitor made has significant advantages such as high capacitance, low impedance, specific capacitance, and good capacity retention.

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  • Analysis of anti-freezing vehicle in Shendong mining area under extreme weather

    ZHANG Tao;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    Shendong mining area is an important backbone coal mining area of CHN Energy. It is a key coal source unit in the group′s integrated operation, and shoulders the sacred mission of coal supply guarantee. The reasons for the occurrence of freezing vehicles was analysed based on the adverse factors of anti-freezing vehicles in Shendong mining area under extreme weather, and specific countermeasures were put forward.

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  • Optimization of production efficiency of powder coal system in Shendong coal preparation plant

    ZHANG Xiaojun;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    Shendong coal preparation plants are all steam coal preparation plants, which adopt graded washing method, and the fine coal system is relatively independent. In view of the problems such as inadequate supervision and blind washing of the production efficiency of the fine coal system, the optimization system of the production efficiency of the fine coal system was established by sorting out the current situation of the fine coal system in each coal preparation plant, analyzing the feasibility of optimization, taking measures such as economic benefit calculation, new monitoring means, implementation of the control and transformation of the washing amount, and optimization of assessment methods, which can realize the adjustment of the washing amount based on benefit priority. The supervision of the washing center on the production efficiency of the fine coal system has been strengthened, the management efficiency has been improved, the production cost has been reduced.

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  • Optimization and transformation of flotation system in Buertai coal preparation plant

    ZHAO Le;NIU Chao;Buertai Coal Preparation Plant,CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    In view of the problems existing in the slime flotation system of Buertai coal preparation plant in terms of feed mass concentration, clean coal yield, reagent consumption and defoaming, the flotation system process, dosing system, flotation column defoaming device and other optimization and transformation practices were adopted. After the completion of the transformation, the consumption of collectors in the flotation system of Buertai coal preparation plant is reduced by 0.10 kg/t, the consumption of foaming agents is reduced by 0.37 kg/t( all in dry slime), and the yield of clean coal is increased by 4.2%. Buertai coal preparation plant coal slime flotation system can be normalized operation, to ensure that Shendong coal slime flotation of ultra-fine coal water slurry products successfully applied.

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  • Cause analysis and solution of the falilt of the yin-yang screw compressor

    BAI Xiaoping;YANG Hongmei;Yujialiang Coal Preparation Plant,CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    By elaborating the working principle, structural composition and analysis of the functions of important components of the yin-yang screw compressor in detail, the operator can quickly master the working principle, structure, functions and correlations of various components of the yin-yang screw compressor. The early signs and the best solutions of various difficult faults of the yin-yang screw compressor were discussed, so that the operators can quickly determine the causes of the faults and remove the faults, ensure safe production and improve production efficiency. It provides a reference for further research and solution of various faults of yin-yang screw compressors.

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  • Application of PLC control system in coal preparation plant

    GAO Li;Shendong Education Training Center;

    The wide application of PLC control system in Yujialiang coal preparation plant is the core of automatic control in the coal preparation plant. Based on the application of PLC control system in yujialiang coal preparation plant, the PLC control system was further optimized through optimization and innovation of PLC control system, fault determination and treatment of PLC in operation, precautions in practical application, continuous upgrading and innovation of control system and combination(four new) with intelligence. The production of Yujialiang coal preparation plant is more stable, safe and efficient.

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  • Application of wireless state monitoring system in Shigetai coal preparation plant

    LEI Huilong;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    Shigetai coal preparation plant uses wireless status monitoring system to monitor the vibration and temperature of mechanical equipment online. The composition, principle and parameters of the wireless status monitoring system was studied, the causes of the common failures of the wireless status monitoring system was analyzed and solutions were proposed.The wireless status monitoring system operates normally and the monitoring data is accurated and completed.

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  • Research and application on energy saving and consumption reduction of compressed air system based on pressurized filter

    LI Guofeng;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    The pressurized filter is the core dewatering equipment for slime water treatment in the coal preparation plant, and is one of the main energy consuming equipment in the coal preparation plant. The compressed air system, as the power source for the operation of the pressurized filter, consumes about 15%-22% of the total power consumption of the coal preparation plant. The washing center focuses on three aspects: improving the efficiency of the air compressor, improving the compressed air utilization efficiency of the pressurized filter, and recovering the waste heat of the air compressor. The power consumption per ton of coal in the air compression system of the pressurized filter is reduced from 17.3 kWh in 2020 to 13.8 kWh in 2021. 2 738.7 standard coal can be saved every year after the implementation of the waste heat transformation project, contributing to the realization of green and low-carbon transformation of the coal preparation plant, carbon peak in 2030 and carbon neutralization in 2060.

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  • Technological transformation of shallow trough separator

    LI Peiqi;BAI Long;CHEN Linfei;FU Qiang;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    In order to solve the problems of low separation accuracy of shallow trough separator and medium coal in gangue product belt, the original upflow distribution hopper was changed to an integral distribution box and a full opening bottom plate, which solved the problem of disordered upflow in the shallow trough separator box and affected the separation accuracy. The upflow distribution box was divided into several chambers to avoid the problem of uneven upflow from the head to the tail of the shallow trough separator. By connecting the horizontal flow and the upward flow in series, the problem that the original upward flow funnel and the bottom plate were blocked by the fine particles entering the mixing system was effectively solved. By adding upflow and flow distributor in the arc section of the shallow trough separator, the problem of medium coal in the gangue product belt of the existing shallow trough separator is solved. After transformation, the sorting accuracy of the new shallow trough separator has been effectively improved, and the problem of the waste product belt medium coal of the old shallow trough separator has been solved.

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  • Optimization and transformation of domestic pressurized filter in coal slurry treatment

    LYU Shuai;WU Wei;Yujialiang Coal Preparation Plant,CHN Energy Shengdong Coal Preparation Center;

    Coal slime is an indispensable part of the production system of the coal preparation plant, and the pressurized filter has been used for dewatering of fine coal slime. In order to improve the quality and efficiency of fine coal slime and solve many technical and management problems existing in the production process of domestic pressurized filter, it is a top priority for Yujialiang coal preparation plant. In terms of maintenance, lubrication, hydraulic drive and production discharge of the production pressure filter, through five small innovations, the original equipment spare parts and production operation mode are transformed, which not only has strong reliability, but also saves maintenance time and labor, improves the equipment startup rate and reduces the failure rate.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1727K]
  • Application and research of SGB scraper in coal preparation plant

    MA Jinli;CHN Energy Shengdong Coal Preparation Center;

    Combined with the application status of scraper conveyor in coal preparation plant, the faults and causes are classified and analyzed, and the sensor and video detection devices of scraper conveyor were optimized respectively. In addition, the slide way, unloading mode and head wheel mechanism of the scraper conveyor have been upgraded to improve the real-time performance of fault detection of the scraper conveyor, and at the same time, the fault rate of the scraper conveyor has been fundamentally reduced, effectively ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the scraper conveyor.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1310K]
  • Optimization of belt conveyor sweeper in coal preparation plant

    PANG Jianjun;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    After the belt conveyor is unloaded in the head chute, the materials bonded on the working face of the conveyor belt are called return belt. The amount of return belt is affected by the moisture content, viscosity and particle size of the materials. The return belt is an important factor affecting the clean production and safe operation of the belt conveyor. According to the use and cleaning conditions of various primary and secondary cleaners of belt conveyors in coal to oil preparation plant in recent ten years, the advantages and disadvantages of several different types of cleaners were sorted out, and an optimization scheme was proposed to reduce the amount of material carried by the on-site conveyor belt on the return trip. After the implementation of relevant measures, the operating conditions of belt conveyors are more obvious.

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  • Development and design of the principle of the tester

    WANG Lihong;HAN Zibin;CHN Energy Shengdong Coal Preparation Center;

    With the rapid development of modern power electronic technology and micro-electronic technology, the high-voltage and high-power frequency conversion speed regulating device is becoming more and more mature, as well as the improvement of people′s consciousness of energy saving and consumption reduction, the coal preparation enterprises rely more and more on the large-scale rotating equipment in the production process, so the requirement of equipment integrity rate, running time and maintenance quality is more and more stringent. As an important part of the high-voltage inverter, the power unit has the characteristics of high current and high voltage, which leads to its high failure rate, we made this set of test equipment. This set of testing device can ensure the quality of maintenance, improve the reliability and safety of maintenance, save the time of maintenance and improve the work efficiency by testing the single circuit board and single power unit.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1572K]
  • Application of domestic PLC industrial control system in coal preparation plant

    WANG Ruibin;ZHAO Yang;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;Xi′an Shangu Power Co., Ltd.;

    In response to the call for equipment localization in industrial and mining enterprises, in the face of more and more threats against industrial control systems, the attention of countries all over the world on the safety of industrial control systems has been raised to a new height. Countries around the world and all walks of life have conducted in-depth discussions on policies and regulations, industrial standards, solutions, etc, The information security of industrial control system has become a research focus of research institutions in the field of industry and information security. Based on the status quo that AB Logix5000 series PLC is the core of the industrial control system in the coal to oil preparation plant, through the transformation of the domestic PLC core system, the whole system′s domestic industrial control system can be replaced, and the safety protection can be carried out at the same time of the calculation, so that the calculation results are consistent with the expectation, and the whole calculation process can be controlled and measured without interference. Provide support strategy management and other functions to provide the TSB with an operating environment; Realize the security capability of active immune defense; It provides password calculation, identity authentication and other functions, and supports the national SM2/3/4 algorithm. At the same time, the integration of domestic PLC and Kuanghong system is more smooth, laying a foundation for the next application of Kuanghong system.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1388K]
  • Setting and application of process protection in coal preparation plant

    XING Huan;ZHAO Yang;LIU Qinju;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;Xi′an Shangu Power Co.,Ltd.;Shendong Technology Research Institute,Shendong Coal Group;

    In order to meet the coal consumption requirements of different customers, all kinds of process parameters need to be adjusted in real time. There are often system failures or product quality standards due to the deviation of process parameters from the set value. Therefore, process protection needs to be set in the corresponding links to detect and adjust process parameters. Through analysing setting and application of some process protection such as separation system, medium system and slime water system in coal preparation plant, the factors that should be considered in the setting and application of process protection were obtained. When setting process protection, the location of protection setting and the reliability of detection and action should be considered, and the protection device should be selected taking into account the actual environment on site. When dealing with process protection actions, each influencing factor should be analysed, and process parameters should be adjusted. When setting process protection, the linkage of various types of protection and the action relationship between each protection should be also considered. At the same time, it should be connected with the construction of intelligent coal preparation plant, and the relevance and intelligence of various parameter adjustment should be fully considered.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1393K]
  • Research on equipment monitoring system of coal preparation plant

    ZHOU Zenghong;GAO Dongxia;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    At present, most of the coal preparation plants in China have achieved industrial automation control, and there is still much room for progress in both automatic production and automatic control. In order to better promote the sustainable development of China′s coal industry and comprehensively improve the production efficiency of coal enterprises, the supervision and control of the production process of coal preparation equipment must be strengthed. The monitoring system is a key step to realize coal automation. It can better control the coal preparation process and timely find the problems existing in the equipment, so as to formulate targeted maintenance plans and ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the coal preparation plant. The system mainly relies on the internet of things environment. By installing various sensor equipment in the coal preparation plant equipment, the system collects the signal of equipment operation status, and analyzes the collected signal in time domain and amplitude. At the same time, combined with the information recorded by RFID, the monitoring system comprehensively analyzes and diagnoses the operation status of other relevant equipment on site, and carries out reasonable matching management for equipment and components. The design and improvement of the monitoring system can monitor the operation status of the equipment in the coal preparation plant in real time, which is more convenient to control and supervise the entire production process.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1405K]
  • Modification of manual sorting of waste in Shigetai coal preparation plant

    ZENG Hongjiu;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    In order to improve the quality of washed raw coal and reduce the impact of bulk gangue on the main washing system, it is necessary to pick gangue from raw coal. At present, picking gangue from raw coal is done manually, which has prominent problems such as high labor cost, poor working environment, heavy occupational hazards, high safety risks, high labor intensity and low picking efficiency. Therefore, combining the intelligent technology and the actual situation of hand-picking gangue from coal preparation plants. It is of great significance to replace hand-picked gangue with intelligent sorting. It is in good Shigetai coal preparation plant in practice that coal with coal diameter of 300 mm, frequency of 5 s/piece and weight of 30 kg is good through field statistics and numerical simulation based on 4.6% of coal with coal above 200 mm. According to the features of hand sorting belt, such as uniform material layout, large particle size and regular shape, and taking full account of the compact space arrangement of on-site equipment, a feasible scheme is proposed to replace manual sorting of gangue by using the intelligent gangue dumping technology, which combines image recognition and a sorting robot set up in the middle of the hand sorting belt, so as to realize intelligent sorting of gangue in the hand sorting belt and further promote the high-quality development of the coal washing and sorting industry.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1463K]
  • Design and application of intelligent dosing in coal preparation plant

    DOU Hongqing;GAO Xiaoxi;ZHANG Xinming;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    The intelligent dosing of slime water is an important sub project in the intelligent construction of coal preparation plant. The addition of chemicals directly affects the quality of circulating water, production efficiency and the quality of cleaned coal products. In order to solve the problem of lag and non quantification in the dosing system, a metering device was added to the process pipeline of the concentration tank to quantitatively analyze the important process parameters of the concentration tank, such as feed, overflow, underflow, etc., a dosing control model was established, and the ratio concentration and dosage of flocculant and coagulant were adjusted intelligently. A static mixer was installed after the reagent adding point to fully mix the reagent with the slime water. The thickness of the clarified water layer and the underflow concentration were monitored by the sewage cleaner as feedback to adjust the dosing. The original dosing system was upgraded, the intelligent dry powder adding device was added, the dry powder agent was automatically grabbed and unpacked to add agent, so as to finally realize the intelligent dosing of the concentration tank and the purpose of unattended fixed area.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1388K]
  • Construction scheme of intelligent value chain system

    DU Bin;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center Plant;

    National energy group wisdom value chain system construction in foundation system for traction, aims to coal market demand, dispatching, washing, mining value chain links such as optimum combination into a whole, break through barriers to information, to customize accurate supply and customized precision generate two-way anchor as the direction, to maximize the overall value and link value or optimization for the purpose, build a data-driven digital intelligent value chain system, improve resource matching and utilization, and realize the organic unity of market(customer) demand, enterprise collaboration, and resource endowment. In the overall value chain systematization, automatic decomposition of market demand, intelligent optimization, standing in the perspective of energy supply, to achieve the best match of all resources, the formation of customized precision supply plan. According to the optimal matching results, the customized precision generation is realized in the aspects of resource mining, washing and transportation. In terms of market feedback, it forms opinions on product quality improvement, further optimizes all links of the value chain, promotes continuous self-optimization and self-promotion of the value chain, and maximizes the economic benefits of the group company.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1277K]
  • Intelligent operation and maintenance and health management of analysis in coal preparation plant

    GAO Pan;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    There are many types of coal preparation equipment in the coal preparation plant, and the daily operation and maintenance workload is heavy. In particular, the operation and maintenance mode mainly based on human experience has many problems, such as personnel problems with different experience and skills, poor subjective initiative, and insufficient experience analysis basis, and problems such as the inability to obtain real-time equipment operation status data and the lack of equipment fault early warning and prediction need to be solved urgently. In view of the above problems, supported by information technology, internet technology, equipment fault diagnosis theory and technology, the coal preparation plant was carried out the application of machine equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. After the implementation and application of the system, it has realized the transformation from manual data acquisition to automatic system acquisition and the transformation from experience analysis to big data analysis in operation. However, with the demand for the operation and maintenance of industrial equipment and the development of technology, the establishment of an intelligent operation and maintenance and health management system for production equipment in the coal preparation plant can not only passively avoid the occurrence of equipment accidents, but also actively promote the substantial upgrading of equipment operation and maintenance level and production management mode, reduce the number of shutdown inspections and large-scale maintenance of equipment, improve the availability of equipment as much as possible, and give full play to the benefits of equipment.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1657K]
  • Research and application of intelligent decision system in coal preparation plant

    HE Hongwei;WANG Anjia;DOU Hongqing;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    By sorting out the operation points that require manual intervention in the field operation and technical management of coal preparation, a global real-time perception system was established. Based on the cloud network base of the group and the company, the fault diagnosis of the equipment, production system and operation and maintenance of the coal preparation plant was studied, and the production organization of the intelligent control production line with no intervention and different intermediate product combinations under various production modes was deduced to form the whole process digitalization.The visual intelligent control and the production organization intelligent decision-making system to maximize the economic benefits realize the connection of the whole production data flow, the dynamic collaboration of the whole business flow, and the safe, stable and efficient operation of the coal preparation plant.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1884K]
  • Application of gangue picking robot in Daliuta coal preparation plant

    LU Ruihuai;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    In order to reduce the content of gangue in raw coal, improve the yield of commercial coal and reduce the working intensity of workers, a set of intelligent robot for picking gangue was added to raw coal preparation plant. The application effect was evaluated according to the accuracy of coal and gangue identification and the rate of gangue grasping and picking up. The recognition accuracy of coal and gangue is 95.23% and 95.78%, respectively. 50-400 mm large gangue can be grasped. The average processing speed of single manipulator is 3.2 s/cycle, and the maximum grasping mass is 30 kg. When there are more than 6 gangue in the same horizontal line above the conveyor belt, the ability of the manipulator is not enough, there is the phenomenon of missed detection, the average pick-up rate is 56.68%. This set of equipment can solve the problems of low efficiency and poor sorting precision of refuse-picking operators. It can increase the number of mechanical arms, control multiple mechanical arms and increase the number of standby mechanical arms, the image recognition system of intelligent robot is integrated into other functions such as intelligent recognition, analysis, learning, algorithm, harmful substance monitoring, high temperature monitoring, alarm and so on.To further optimize and perfect robot, it can be popularized and applied in various industries.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1400K]
  • Application of informatization in safety management of coal preparation plant

    NAN Chaoyun;LI Jinsan;CHN Energy Shengdong Coal Preparation Center;

    In order to solve the problem of low efficiency in the implementation of safety management in the coal preparation plant, information technology was used to monitor and analyze the safety status of the coal preparation plant, relying on the evaluation system and expert analysis system, to provide timely, accurate and intelligent analysis data and management means for managers in all links of the safety management system of the coal preparation plant, and to formulate targeted development paths and related strategies to improve the safety management level of the coal preparation plant.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1356K]
  • Application of on-line coal quality inspection equipment in intelligent construction of coal preparation plant

    SHANG Ming;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    Online coal quality testing data plays a necessary role in coal preparation plant. Rational allocation of online coal quality testing equipment for different links has become the primary premise for intelligent coal preparation plant to build control logic and improve control accuracy. According to the needs of intelligent sorting and precision coal mixing project, and combined with the characteristics of different coal quality detection equipment, the dual γ ray ash meter, passive ash meter, laser coal quality analyzer, X-ray ash meter and neutron activation coal quality analyzer were analyzed in Shendong coal preparation center. In order to improve the construction quality of intelligent coal preparation plant, the application plan of double γ-ray ash separator and the application plan of passive ash separator and laser coal quality analyzer were proposed.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1351K]
  • Research and application of intelligent monitoring of coal train condition

    TIAN Baoxiong;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    The regional distribution of China′s coal resources is extremely unbalanced, with more in the north and less in the south, more in the west and less in the east. As a result, the coal consumption land in the south and east of China is far away from the coal production land in the north and west. Improving the coal transportation efficiency is of great significance to the development of coal enterprises. At this stage, China′s domestic coal transportation is mainly railway transportation. The overload and partial load of coal trains seriously restricts the efficiency of railway transportation. The overload and partial load is easy to lead to railway transportation accidents and reduce the efficiency of railway transportation. One of the main reasons for the overload and partial load of coal trains is that at this stage, the empty vehicle condition of coal trains cannot be monitored in real time and the vehicle condition of coal trains can not be understood in a timely and comprehensive manner. In order to ensure the driving safety of coal trains and improve the integrated operation efficiency of coal, the existing empty train condition monitoring of coal trains was studied. Through the systematic analysis of coal train condition monitoring, the hardware configuration, technology development, software design and intelligent monitoring of coal train condition monitoring was studied, and radio frequency identification technology, video analysis technology and PLC technology for systematic design and practice were introduced. It realizes the intelligent monitoring of the empty condition of coal trains, reduces the overload and eccentric load of coal trains, and effectively improves the efficiency of coal transportation.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1458K]
  • Research and application of video analysis technology to identify unsafe behavior of coal preparation plant personnel

    WANG Anjia;CHEN Shitao;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    With the deepening of enterprise digital transformation, video analysis technology has been applied in more fields, and a large number of cameras installed are not only used as monitoring, but also can use pixel segmentation, machine learning and other technologies to achieve feature recognition function. Coal preparation plant in mining enterprises in the dangerous operation points, complex operating environment, personnel safety risk control is difficult, intelligent safety management as a key topic in intelligent construction. It is necessary to establish a set of systematic intelligent identification system based on the human core, according to the working environment, work content and the identification standard of personnel′s unsafe behavior in coal preparation plant, and can automatically determine the level of unsafe behavior according to the identification results, and generate data analysis report. to realize the closed-loop management of unsafe behavior of personnel in coal preparation plant.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1506K]
  • Intelligent lighting and personnel positioning system based on LORA and bluetooth

    WU Yan;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    In order to improve the intelligent level of intelligent lighting in the coal washing plant, improve the monitoring and monitoring of lamps, and strengthen the safety management of operators in the coal washing plant, this set of system combining intelligent lighting and personnel positioning is designed. The system uses advanced LORA wireless communication technology for wireless network coverage and transmission, and uses power consumption Bluetooth 2.4G positioning technology to locate personnel. Lamps are both lighting equipment and positioning base stations. The system can perform various remote operations on, off, dimming, time control management, etc. for intelligent lamps. It can monitor the voltage, current, power and fault alarm of lamps; It can count the lighting duration and energy consumption of lamps. The system has the functions of personnel real-time location information query, historical walking track query, electronic fence, SOS alarm, attendance, etc. At the same time, combined with the personnel positioning card carried by the personnel, the system can realize the function of "people coming light on, people going light off". The system improves the intelligent level of the coal washing plant and plays a role in energy conservation and emission reduction, which is in line with the current trend of "carbon neutralization".

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1367K]
  • Application of intelligent separation system of coal and gangue in Daliuta coal preparation plant

    YAN Jianhua;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    The annual production capacity of Daliuta coal preparation plant is 34 Mt/a, and the separation of waste rock is mainly done by manual work. Single manual separation operation seriously affects the efficiency and quality of coal preparation. The intelligent transformation of picking gangue was carried out to achieve high-precision identification and intelligent separation of gangue based on the difference of physical characteristics of coal and gangue. The results show that the intelligent separation system can realize the automatic identification and tracking sorting of gangue, and it is of great practical significance for the construction of intelligent coal preparation plant to completely replace the manual sorting of gangue.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1420K]
  • Application of intelligent sorting system in Shendong coal preparation plant

    ZHANG Xinming;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    There are eleven coal preparation plants in CHN Energy Shendong coal preparation center. The main technology of each coal preparation plant is shallow trough heavy medium water washing process. Based on the above-mentioned problems, the intelligent scheme of dense medium separation system was put forward by analyzing the present situation of dense medium separation system, and the intelligent adding medium and intelligent separation link to realize the unmanned adding medium and making medium was remaked, the sorting density was automatically given and adjusted. The field test and application results show that the system not only realizes the intelligent control of the core production, but also provides the technical support for the coal preparation plant.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1821K]
  • Application of four-legged bionic inspection robot in Shangwan coal preparation plant

    ZHAO Xinglei;ZHANG Xinyuan;Shangwan Coal Preparation Plant,CHN Energy Shengdong Coal Preparation Center;

    In order to solve the problem of relying on manual inspection and inspection of the core equipment of the production system, during the intelligent construction of Shangwan coal preparation plant, a four-legged bionic inspection robot with the functions of autonomous walking, autonomous positioning, autonomous navigation and fault diagnosis has been developed.Based on the detailed research on the path planning, gait generation and gait conversion of the robot in the multi-level inspection scene, the robot has the ability of precise positioning and stable walking in the complex and unstructured environment of coal preparation plant, the real-time monitoring of harmful gas, temperature and humidity in coal preparation plant was realized by carrying various sensors. The practical application results show that the robot can replace manual patrol tasks, and has the functions of environment detection, state judgment, exception analysis and equipment failure early warning.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1398K]
  • Energy-saving optimization and transformation practice of coal system 2-2 in Bulianta coal washing plant

    BAI Liugui;Bulianta Coal Preparation Plant,CHN Energy Shengdong Coal Preparation Center;

    In order to improve the sorting efficiency of coal washing and separation system 2-2 in Bulianta coal washing plant, improve the quality of washing products, and reduce energy consumption per ton of coal, technical routes such as reasonable optimization of 2-2 coal system fine coal equipment, transformation of block gangue screen feeding chute, and implementation of system short process energy-saving transformation were proposed. After the implementation of the technical scheme, the energy saving optimization of the washing system in large-scale steam coal preparation plant has been realized, and better economic benefits have been created.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1414K]
  • Measures for energy conservation and consumption reduction in Buertai coal preparation plant

    CHEN Jianpeng;NIU Chao;WANG Xuequan;Buertai Coal Preparation Plant, CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    As the main force for the outward transportation of commercial coal in Shendong preparation center and the stabilizer for improving quality and efficiency, Buertai coal preparation plant has become a key factor for the management improvement of the coal preparation plant due to the complex coal preparation process, large number of equipment sets, poor stability of raw coal quality, and the frequent changes in the production organization and coal sources of the four regional mines. In recent years, under the guidance of the highland of value creation, Bultai coal preparation plant has increased the publicity of energy conservation and consumption reduction, improved the energy conservation awareness of all staff, and established a comprehensive and systematic energy conservation and consumption reduction management system. Through the optimization of production organization, the optimization of equipment startup and shutdown procedures, the matching and improvement of system and coal quantity, the innovation and transformation of separation process and equipment, and the application of new technology and new equipment, power consumption has been effectively controlled, The power consumption index also reached the best level in history.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1327K]
  • Research on security intelligent system of coal preparation center

    FU Qiang;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    Due to the constraints of production, process, management mode and other factors of the coal preparation plant, there is no intelligent standard of fixed mode and model. In order to achieve the expected effect of the intelligent construction of coal preparation safety, avoid resource waste, and effectively solve the limitations of fragmented, one-sided and single project construction of safety and intelligence, the preparation center, on the basis of clarifying the idea of intelligent construction of safety management, has adopted the combination of standardized management system of safety production in the coal preparation plant, and has focused on the analysis of safety management standardization and production standardization, especially on people, machinery, environment. Although four aspects were considered, security and intelligence were studied and built. The multi-dimensional and multi-level exploration of the establishment project of this system can more effectively realize the integration of intelligent security resources, and continuously improve the ability of automatic risk identification, operation correction, risk pre-control, etc. in the coal preparation industry.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1422K]
  • Problems countermeasures of equipment management of coal preparation plant

    JIAO Zhao;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    The coal preparation plant is very important to the sustainable development of enterprises, and the coal preparation plant equipment, as the basis to ensure its normal operation, is directly related to the quality of various work, the management of coal preparation plant should be strengthened during the use of equipment. However, during the actual management of the equipment, there are still many problems in the management, which will affect the use of the equipment and the efficiency of the coal preparation plant. Therefore, in the coal preparation work should be clear about the status of equipment, understand the problems in management, and adopt effective measures to solve. And mainly from the coal preparation plant equipment management work importance, the problems in equipment management, equipment management problems from the three aspects of countermeasures to carry out analysis and research, the effective plan to improve the working efficiency and prolong the service life of the equipment in the coal preparation plant is considered, and the overall management level of the equipment in the coal preparation plant is promoted.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1280K]
  • Study on energy-saving and noise-reducing methods in coal preparation plant

    LI Hongming;LI Feng;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    In the process of coal washing and processing, due to the collision and friction between materials, high-speed operation of equipment and other reasons, the noise components are complex and superimposed on each other, especially in the screening, crushing, transportation and other links, the noise is often more than 90 dB, causing great occupational health hazards to operators. In order to reduce the noise of coal preparation plant, the generation and transmission mechanism of equipment noise in coal preparation plant was studied in detail. According to the engineering experience and the research status of noise control at home and abroad, the excellent achievements of noise control in the fields of aerospace and deep earth and deep sea were referred. On the basis of traditional methods such as installing protective cover, setting up coal platform, changing the structure shape of chute and using noise reduction rubber strips. Focus on crusher, screen machine, plate scraping machine, tape machine, chute and other equipment and workshop walls, further use particle damping technology, flexible metamaterials, air spring and permanent magnet motor and other new materials, new technology, from the source to reduce the amount of noise generation, the coal preparation plant workshop noise from the original 90 dB reduced to 85 dB below. It is beneficial to reduce the incidence of noise-related diseases and ensure the physical and mental health of workers.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1622K]
  • Optimization of material inventory management in the cluster of coal preparation plants of 100 million tons

    LI Xinmei;Material Supply Center,CHN Energy Shendong Coal Group;

    Taking the material inventory of Shendong coal preparation center as the research object, the existing problems of inventory management was analyzed, and the improvement plan of inventory management was designed. The inventory of spare parts was classified and counted according to the corresponding equipment type and 3 a consumption. On the same type of spare parts of different manufacturers in different periods of the same manufacturer were carried out universality analysis, the required quantity of relevant spare parts were compared and calculated, and ensure the safety stock reserve while reducing the redundant stock was ensured. Based on the inventory consumption records, criticality and regular changes of the washing center in the past three years, a three-level inventory management model with central warehouse, regional warehouse and independent warehouse as the core was established to make the spare parts inventory structure more healthy and reasonable. The cluster management mode of coal preparation plants of 100 million tons provides a new idea for the inventory management of the coal industry, improves the production efficiency, and lays the foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1499K]
  • Governance of coal dust in Yujialiang coal preparation plant

    LI Xuanhua;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    In order to solve the problem of coal dust control in the coal preparation plant, Yujialiang coal preparation plant has studied various technologies to prevent and control coal dust, strengthened coal dust control management, combined with the construction of intelligent coal preparation plant, aimed at comprehensive control of coal dust, carried out application research on key technologies of wet dust removal system, used new equipment high-pressure atomization spray system, and new process belt conveyor unpowered airflow dust removal method to effectively prevent and control coal dust generated by belt conveyor. The on-site dust reduction effect is good, and the coal dust concentration meets the national standards, so as to improve the on-site operation environment and eliminate the occurrence of occupational diseases.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1391K]
  • Thinking and exploration of equipment management mode in coal preparation plant

    LIU Hanqiang;CHN Energy Shengdong Coal Preparation Center;

    The equipment maintenance and management of coal preparation plant is a very important basic work. Only scientific and reasonable maintenance and management of all kinds of equipment can ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment and improve the production level of coal preparation plant. However, the construction and optimization of equipment management mode in coal preparation plant directly affects the overall effect of equipment management. Based on this, the significance of the construction of equipment management mode in coal preparation plant was analyzed, and the measures for the construction of management mode was pat forward, aiming at providing assistance for enhancing the effect of equipment management in coal preparation plant.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1278K]
  • Construction and management of the dispatching room team in Bulianta coal preparation plant

    LIU Hui;GAO Jian;Bulianta Coal Preparation Plant,CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    The team is the most basic production organization of the enterprise, but also the end-result and the implementer of all the work in the enterprise. Building and managing a good team, giving full play to the subjective initiative of each member of the team, improving the comprehensive quality of the staff in the team, can greatly promote the development of enterprises. With the deepening of intelligent coal preparation plant construction in Bulianta coal preparation plant, the original management mode cannot match with the actual situation. Combined with the actual situation of the dispatching room, a team-building management system was established through studying with brother units, learning from the dispatching room management of advanced team building management experience and methods. It can further improve the management level of the dispatching room of Bulianta coal preparation plant, cultivate a high-quality, professional staff, and enhance cohesion, execution and fighting force, promote safe production, achieve cost reduction and efficiency, lay a foundation for building a lean coal preparation plant.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1275K]
  • Management application of video surveillance in the security environment of coal enterprises

    LIU Zhongliang;Bulianta Coal Preparation Plant,CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    Safety production is vital for the coal enterprises, the problems of coal enterprises was discussed, such as employees safety awareness weak, safety measures unperfect, insufficient supervision and other problems. It is pointed out that coal enterprise safety production should walk the intelligent development road. It is pointed out the application of video surveillance on the safety production, security control during epidemic period, high-risk operations, safety early warning and so on. Intelligence is the inevitable trend of high quality development for coal.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1277K]
  • Discussion on process performance test and key points of operation of magnetic separator for coal

    SU Jian;CHN Energy Shengdong Coal Preparation Center;

    Magnetic separator for coal has the advantages of simple structure, high sorting accuracy, high recovery rate and small maintenance in the heavy medium coal preparation industry has been widely promoted and applied. The factors affecting the process performance of magnetic separator for coal were analyzed from the feeding property and equipment parameters, and the process performance of magnetic separator was evaluated by combining the sampling, testing and testing of the operation effect, and some suggestions were put forward to ensure the operation effect.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1287K]
  • Application of risk pre-control management in Jinjie coal preparation plant

    SUN Yadong;HE Hongwei;AI Hee-sok;CHN Energy Shendong Coal Preparation Center;

    With the continuous development of the coal market, the coal industry keeps pace with the times, and production safety is particularly important. Coal enterprises are carrying out safety management in many ways to reduce the safety problems in the production process. The study aims at how to avoid unknown safety risks in coal preparation plant, to prevent and control them in advance by risk source assessment, to minimize the risk, and to reach the acceptable range of enterprises and employees.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1283K]
  • Treatment scheme of coal refuse discharge field fire area in Baode coal preparation plant

    WU Kui;CHN Energy Shengdong Coal Preparation Center;

    In order to solve various environmental problems caused by spontaneous combustion of gangue piles in coal preparation plants of Baode coal preparation plant, the idea of drilling and grouting at the top of slope was proposed. The treatment method is to drill holes and grouting in the treatment area, to reinforce the loose coal gangue accumulation area of the slope with cement-fly ash composite grout, to form a gravity-like retaining wall structure, and to put out the fire by grouting in the hidden fire area, after reinforcement, overburden soil was carried out on the regional slope. The goal of treatment is to completely extinguish the ignition point in the waste dump and eliminate the threat to the local ecological environment.

    2023 S1 v.29 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1391K]
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