• Coal blending experiment based on linear programming

    SUN Jingdan;DU Xinwei;LI Zhe;College of Mines Engineering,Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology;

    Conduct float-and-sink analysis on three types of coal selected from Jixi. The results shows that,the coking coal is difficult separation coal,the 1 /3 coking coal is medium optional coal,the rich coal is extremely difficult separation coal when the ash-feature is 11percent. Based on indicators of each coal samples after washing,the quality requirement of coking coal and indicators of three kinds of coal as constraints,the cost coal as the objective function,obtain a linear programming model and the best ratio is 18 percent coking coal,32percent of the 1 /3 coking coal,50 percent of rich coal. Conduct float-and-sink analysis and the quality analysis after washed with mixed coals above. The results show that,the blending coal is medium optional coal when the ash-feature is 11 percent,and coal washability is significantly improved. Between the actual value and the theoretical value of each coal index after washing,there are no significant difference,while the indicators of refined coal are in line with coal quality requirements of coking coal. Therefore,the use of linear programming for washing mixed coal is feasible,and has a certain significance for coking coal preparation plant.

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  • Application of small taper angle hydraulic cyclone in coal slime pre-concentration discarding tailings

    REN Ruichen;ZHANG Qianwei;BAI Yang;ZHANG Xiaosong;SONG Dawen;Mineral Processing and Utilization Design Institute,Liaoning Technical University;

    The slime properties of Linjiang coal preparation plant show that,large fine size fraction and high-ash mineral in flotation system are mine obstacle for high-ash slime flotation. Research the pre-concentration discarding tailings feasibility of small taper angle hydraulic cyclone in coal slime pretreatment process in theoretical calculation and experimental practice. Theoretical results show that,when the mass fraction of feed coal is 15 percent,the pressure is 0. 25 MPa,the 150 mm small taper angle hydraulic cyclone can achieve the removal of-0. 038 mm high-ash slime. Before flotation,removing high-ash non-coal minerals using small taper angle hydraulic cyclone,the ash content of flotation coal slime can be reduced obviously when the coal slime is separated by 150 mm,75 mm,50 mm small taper angle hydraulic cyclone,whose underflow is in series. Through the separation of 150 mm small taper angle hydraulic cyclone,the underflow enter into the flotation system,comparing with the raw coal slime direct flotation,the fine coal slime production,combustible recovery and flotation perfect index respectively increase by 6. 03 percent,7. 28 percent and 9. 99 percent. So the application of 150mm small taper angle hydraulic cyclone in coal preparation plant is feasible.

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  • Application of new two-stage separating cyclone for coarse slime in Shuguang coal preparation plant

    WANG Jin;Shuguang Mining Group Co. ,Ltd.;

    Analyse the coarse coal slime natures in Shuguang coal preparation plant through screening test and float-and-sink analysis.The results show that coarse grained content in feed coal is high and the yield of + 0. 250 mm size fraction reach up to 52. 25 percent.These coarse slime should be disposed with appropriate separation equipment. Requirement of concentrate ash is below11. 0 percent,coarse coal slime is medium washability. To improve the accuracy of dense medium cyclone and reduce medium consumption,build a system for coarse coal separation alone taking new two-stage separating cyclone with muti-products as core device. Build the formation of coarse coal slime separation system,the preliminary desliming,coarse coal slime separation and conventional medium alone,flotation of corresponding technological process,perfect the sorting process,which perfect the separating technology. After modification,the raw coal treatment capacity increase from 235 t / h to 285 t / h,so the total treatment capacity each year increase from 1. 2 × 106tons to 1. 5 × 106tons.The medium consumption decrease from 2. 4 kg / t to 2. 0 kg / t. The plant saves medium cost 7. 5 × 105yuan,energy cost 11. 25 × 105yuan,increase clean coal sales volume 1. 14 × 108yuan per year. After transformation,the technological process becomes more perfect and flexible,the product quality steadily improve,the medium consumption decrease.

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  • Design and application of special structure XJM-S type flotation machine

    ZHANG Peng;Tangshan Branch,Tiandi Science & Technology Co. ,Ltd.;

    The increasing native fine coal in coal preparation plant led to high ash content,low recovery. On the basis of XJM-S type flotation machine structure,the coal preparation plant develope a new XJM-S( 3 + 2) type flotation machine which has a mine box and is stair-steeping. Describe its structural characteristics and working principle. Taking Qianjiaying coal preparation plant as example,compare the industrial application of 602 /3 and 602 /2 XJM-S( 3 + 2) type flotation machine,which respectively adopt rougher-cleaner process and primary flotation. The results show that,with similar ash of feed coal,the ash of clean coal and combustible of 602 /3 is 11. 19 percent and67. 47 percent,while that of 602 /2 is 12. 65 percent and 76. 86 percent. The comprehensive ash of clean coal is 12. 35 percent. The first process can resolve the existing problems of coal preparation plant. XJM-S( 3 + 2) type flotation machine can realize primary flotation and secondary flotation.

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  • Influencing factors of bituminous coal caking index

    LIU Min;LIU Zhipeng;Dawukou Coal Preparation Plant,Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group;

    Caking index represent the caking properties of bituminous coal,which influence the coking properties. Analyse the influence of different operating parameters and methods on caking index in the process of coal sample preparation,test and preservation. The results show that,when drying coal sample at 40 ℃ using common drying oven,the coal sample should be in air drying state. The mass fraction of0. 1 mm to 0. 2 mm size fraction should reach 20 percent to 35 percent. In the process of detection,the coal sample should be in good condition,and adopt qualified crucible which should be placed in the heating area of muffle. The storage time in sealed bottle are seven days at most. The influencing factors affect greatly the high metamorphic coal and has no significant effect on low metamorphic coal.

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  • Selection of air compressorn of Guobei coal preparation plant

    YUE Yunhai;No. 2 Coal Preparation Engineering Division,Beijing Huayu Engineeing Co. ,Ltd.;

    Introduce the working principle,merit and demerit,application scope of centrifugal,screw air compressor which are commonly used in coal preparation plant. Taking the air compressor of Guobei coal preparation plant as example,based on the air volume and pressure required of 10 units 120 m2pressure filter at the main plant,layout different engine volume and types of air compressor equipment selection scheme,compare required numbers,equipment acquisition cost,power consumption,maintenance costs of the air compressor for each scheme. Adopt four 360 m3/ min centrifugal compressors for its low investment,power consumption,maintenance cost.

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  • Influence of screen surface movement on screening efficiency

    WANG Xinwen;MA Chao;LIU Chun;SHEN Zefang;School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing);

    Through mechanical analysis of vibrating screen model,achieve the motion equation of vibrating screen. The results show that the motion trail of vibrating sieve surface near the centroid is circulars. Both ends are elliptical motions,and farther away from the centroid,the greater of the difference between the long axis and the short axis is. However,the points of linear vibrating sieves surface are linear vibrating. After studying the effects of screening of circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating sieve surface movement forms,find that most of circular vibrating screen use"positive eight character"exciter arrangement,and then increase the comparison frequency between particles and sieve,it is conducive to improving the screening rates and the full use of the screen surface. The vibrating parameters of different points of circular vibrating screen surface are different and they are suitable for coarse particles screening and raw coal screening. The direction of vibration and the amplitude of different points of linear vibrating screen are the same,so when the materials pass through the screen surface,they will be stratified,and then move along the screen surface regularly. Materials cant be broken up easily,increase the contact time between the screen surface and the bottom layer materials,and so it is conducive for the bottom layer materials to passing through the sieve. Linear vibrating screen is suitable for fine particles screening,dense medium draining,desliming and dehydration.

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  • Analysis and evaluation of coal properties of No. 9 coal seam in North East exploration area

    REN Zhiling;ZHANG Guojun;No.113 Team,Coal Mine Exploration of Guizhou Province;Guiyang Office,China Great Wall Asset Management Corporation;

    Longtan formation is the main coal seam in North East exploration area,No. 9 coal seam locate in the middle of Longtan formation,its structure is simple,and contains about zero to three dirt bands,zero to one dirt band is in the majority. The lithology is carbon mudstone or mudstone. In general,the coal seam is stable,with obvious varied thickness in some areas. Analyse the physical characteristics and coal lithotypes. The granular powder is the main component,followed by bulk. The coal seam has metallic luster,the strip is the main structure. The macrolithotype of coal is clarain,the microlithotype of coal is vitrinertite. The proximate analysis and elemental analysis of No. 9 coal seam show that,the raw coal is low-ash,ultralow volatile and chlorine,medium to high fixed carbon,medium to high sulfur,low phosphorus and fluorine. The tare dispersion elements cant reach the lowest industrial grade,so the coal seam is unprofitable. The characteristics of raw coal show that,the No. 9 coal seam is No. 3 anthracite,high calorific value,medium slag bonding,extremely grinding. The washability is medium to ultradifficult. Based on the properties of each coal seam,it can be used in the field of power generation,building,heat supplement.

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  • Modification of three-product cyclone of Tangjiahe coal preparation plant

    GU Qingfeng;Tangshan Branch,Tiandi Science & Technology Co. ,Ltd.;

    There were some problems with three-product cyclone of Tangjiahe coal preparation plant,such as low processing capacity,large clean coal mixing with middlings. To resolve these problems,analyse the float-and-sink characteristics of feed coal,structural and technological parameters of cyclone. Based on the analysis and calculation results,make adjustments to the portion of 3NWX850 /600 three-product dense-medium cyclone,which works in primary cleaning stage. After transformation,the above problems are resolved,and the economic benefits of coal preparation plant increase.

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  • Transformation of medium dosing system of Baode coal preparation plant

    JIANG Hanyuan;SONG Wanjun;ZHOU Ruitong;ZHANG Ning;SUN Changsong;Washing Center of Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Co. ,Ltd.;

    There were lots of problems in Baode coal preparation plant,such as long cycle of medium dosing period,insensitive and poor medium dosing effect. To resolve these problems,the Baode coal preparation plant design a new medium dosing process,provide detailed implement scheme based on the process system,equipment layout,spatial structure of North District. The transformation increase the concentration of dense-medium,medium dosing efficiency and sensitivity. The medium consumption decrease from 0. 62 kg / t to 0. 21 kg / t,lowering 66. 13 percent. Meanwhile,for five tons medium,the dosing period reduce from 1. 57 hours to 8 minutes,dropping 91. 51cpercent.The reduction of medium consumption lighten the intensity of labor and increase the production efficiency. The plant increase the benefits by 4. 5952 × 106yuan per year.

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  • Development of direct coal liquefaction technologies in China

    LI Kejian;WU Xiuzhang;SHU Geping;China Shenhua Coal to Liquids and Chemical Co. ,Ltd.;

    Since the first demonstration plant of direct coal liquefaction in the world,Shenhua demonstration plant of one million of products,was successfully trial operated at the end of 2008,the plant has gone through improvement stages to the normal production status. From 2011to 2013,the plant operated well and obtained better economic benefits. The successful design,construction and operation of the demonstration plant has shown that China has taken the worldwide lead in the field of direct coal liquefaction. The operating experience of Shenhua Group show that,engineering integration,products chain extension,residue utilization,environmental protection technologies development,direct and indirect coal liquefaction technologies integration,basic study of direct coal liquefaction are the development direction.

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  • Briquetting technology of fine coke from circulating fluidized bed with solid heat carrier

    FU Dongsheng;ZHENG Huaan;YANG Yang;ZHANG Yun;WANG Wenjing;Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Technology Institute Co. ,Ltd.;

    To direct use fine coke in the process of fine coal pyrolysis with solid heat carrier and reduce pollution,introduce the SCC-2compound binder which is made from several polymer compounds,research the briquetting technologies and physical and chemical properties of formed coke. The results show that,when the-3 mm particles in fine coke is over 80 percent,the mass fraction of SCC-2 compound binder is 30 percent,the mass of binder account for 15% to 20% of the amount of fine coke,the briquetting effect is the best. Due to the SCC-2 type binder,the ash,fixed carbon,calorific value of formed coke increase,the performances of the dried formed coke,the compression strength,dropping strength,compressive strength after immersion of dried formed coke is 580 N per one,83 percent,220 N per one. Its heat stability and water resistance is excellent,its chemical reactivity increase with the rise of temperature,when the temperature is1000 ℃,the reduction rate can reach 90 percent. The formed coke also can partly replace carbon block,so the new type binder has broad application prospects.

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  • Influence of pore size distribution of lignite activated coke on COD adsorption and decolorization capacity

    MIAO Whenhua;ZHANG Xuhui;JIANG Junqing;WU Peng;LIN Hong;ZHANG Peilin;SHI Changjiang;Beijing Guodian Futong Science and Technology Development Co. ,Ltd.;

    To determine the influence of the pore size distribution of lignite activated coke on COD adsorption and color removal properties,analyse the pore size of six kind of American homemade lignite activated coke by Contador pore size analyzer. Determine the effective aperture of activated coke for coal chemical industry wastewater treatment. Compare the pore size distribution of activated coke with the activated coke properties. The results show that,the discoloration ability of activated coke is closely related to the pore volume of the coke. To get high discoloration ability,the pore volume of activated coke should reach 1 cm3/ g or more. The mainly adsorption COD effective aperture of active coke ranges from 0 nm to 5 nm. The activated coke,whose pore size is between 10 nm and 20 nm,has the best discoloration ability.The effect of the activated coke,whose pore size ranges from 5 nm to 10 nm,is irregular. The activated coke,whose pore size is above 20nm,has little effect on the COD adsorption capacity,and only work on the discoloration.

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  • Precision of NEDOL method for coal-derived relative molecular weight calculation

    WU Yan;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute;National Energy Technology & Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control;State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources;

    Analyse the calculation of narrow boiling range fractions of coal-derived oil. Compared with the results of freezing point depress method,investigate the precision for calculating the molecular weights of coal tar and coal tar hydrogenation products by NEDOL method.The results show that,with NEDOL method,the average relative error for coal tar A and B is-6. 60 percent and-11. 75 percent.Through calculating thirty-one samples,find that there is a notable difference between calculation and measure results. So the NEDOL method is not suitable for the calculation of relative molecular weight of narrow boiling range fractions of coal-derived oil. For coal tar hydrogenation product C,the average relative error is-3. 44 percent. For coal tar hydrogenation product D,the average relative error is-5.86 percent. Through calculating forty-one samples,find that NEDOL method can be used to calculate molecular weights of coal tar hydrogenation product narrow boiling range fractions.

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  • Characterization methods of gasification ash mineralogy

    DENG Yunpeng;LIU Mingyue;YUAN Xiaohua;LIU Shuqin;School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing);

    Coal gasification plays an irreplaceable role in promoting the sustainable development of coal chemical industry. The characteristics of ash have become the key factor to reflect the status and influence of the stable operation of coal gasification process. Introduce the current development and working principle of traditional characterization analysis of the composition,structure and morphology in gasification ash. Investigate the application of some new technologies,such as HTXRD,which can directly achieve the diffraction pattern of minerals at different temperature. Mssbauer spectroscopy can determine the iron materials in coal and ash through the qualitative and quantitative analysis,it also can test Fe2 +/ Fe3 +,crystal structure parameters,solid solution types and content. Microanalysis can test the micro-constitution of minerals using SEM and X-ray. The choice of analysis technologies should depend on the composition features of ash.

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  • Optimization of coal gasification process based on response surface method

    YANG Yang;GUO Yunfei;DENG Ji;DAN Xiaodong;LI Linfeng;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Southwest Petroleum University;College of Resources and Environment,Southwest Petroleum University;

    Based on the response surface method( RSM),optimize the coal gasification considering the interaction between the factors of process. Establish Shell coal gasifier model with Aspen Plus. Using Box-Behnken design for coal gasification simulation and establish RSM model with the test data. Based on the performance of interaction of technological parameters,optimize the process. The results show that the interaction of oxygen-coal ratio and the steam-coal ratio and interaction of oxygen-coal ratio and presssue are more influential than the interaction of steam-coal ratio and pressure. Oxygen-coal ratio affect the interaction more than other factors. Considering the multi-objective optimization plan with verification,When the oxygen-coal ratio is 0. 784 kg / kg,the team-coal ratio is 0. 0786 kg / kg,the perssure is 2. 76 MPa,the performance is the best. The calculation of effective components of gas,cold gas efficiency,gas yield is 97. 75percent,84. 25 percent and 1. 92 m3/ kg. The test results is 98. 04 percent,85. 20 percent,1. 93 m3/ kg respectively. The difference between calculation results and experimental results is small,so the optimization is reasonable.

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  • Simulation and performance comparison of two kinds of coal gasification process in coal based ploy-generation

    LIU Chuanliang;ZHU Zhijie;FAN Xuefei;CHEN Hongxi;WEI Qi;Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute;

    Taking Aspen Plus as simulation tool,build coal gasification model with Gibbs minimum free energy equilibrium method. Simulate the Texaco process and Shell process,the former is presented by coal water mixture entrained-flow bed,the latter is presented by fine coal entrained-flow bed. Analyse the synthesis gas composition,calorific value,cold gas efficiency,oxygen consumption rate,coal consumption rate and other performances. Investigate the influence of coal water mixture concentration,ratio of oxygen to coal,coal types on gasification performance. The results show that,within the slurryability of coal,the increase of coal water mixture concentration is beneficial for the improvement of effective gas content in synthesis gas and cold gas efficiency. On premise of high carbon conversion rate,the reduction of ratio of oxygen to coal can improve the gasification efficiency. The coal with high volatile and low ash is beneficial for gasification.Comparing with the coal water mixture gasification,the pulverized coal gasification has more advantages,such as lower oxygen and coal consumption rate.

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  • Transformation of methanol synthesis from coke oven gas

    NING Limin;YUAN Shoujing;Tangshan Zhongrun Coal Chemical Co. ,Ltd.;

    There were lots of problems in 2 × 105t / a methanol production device in Tangshan Zhongrun Coal Chemical Co.,Ltd.,such as lower coke oven gas flow,higher synthetic tower load and lower CO conversion rate. Based on the systematic analysis of process,conduct the transformation. Cool the gas with a cross-tube gas cooler first to increase the gas content,then compress the gas. Increase the gas. After transformation,the coke oven gas capacity increase from 1. 4229 × 106m3/ d to 1. 5223 × 106m3/ d. The methanol yield increase by50. 33 t / d. The added synthesis reactor is connected in parallel with the old one. The CO and CO2content in synthetic gas reduce from5. 20 percent and 3. 79 percent to 0. 78 percent and 0. 85 percent. The average conversion rate of CO increase from 40 percent to 78 percent. The average yield of methanol increase by 29 tons per day.

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  • Preparation of activated carbon for deep purification of drinking water by Datong coals

    NIU Hanbin;WANG Zhenjun;SUN Zhongchao;Datong Electric Locomotive Co. ,Ltd.,China ,CNR Co. ,Ltd.;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute;National Energy Technology & Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control;State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources;Beijing Key Laboratory of Coal Based Carbon Materials;

    Prepare the excellent activated carbon for deep purification of drinking water through adding additive to two kinds of representative Datong coals using briquetting method. Investigate the influence of activation time on product strength,loading density,iodine and methylene blue adsorption. The results show that,the minimum strength of activated carbon products is 95. 2 percent and 95. 6 percent,the minimum loading density is 490 g / L and 498 g / L,both of the maximum methylene blue adsorption is 240 mg / g,and iodine adsorption is more than 1100 mg / g. So the performance of the product is better than that of the common activated carbon. The comparison of pore structure of the two kinds of products show that,the activated carbon preparing from No. 2 raw coal has flourishing pore structure,its specific surface area and pore volume is greater than that of the product making from No. 1 raw coal by 74 m2/ g and 0. 03 mL / g. So No. 2 raw coal is the beat choice for preparing activated carbon for deep purification of drinking water.

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  • Desulfurization of high-sulfur coal through pyrolysis

    WANG Zhizheng;WANG Libin;PEI Xianfeng;WANG Yan;BAI Xiaoyan;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute;State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources;National Energy Technology & Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control;

    Analyze the purpose of study of desulfurization of high-sulfur coal through pyrolysis,summarize the occurrence regularity of sulfurs in coal. The pyrolytic desulfurization technology is basically twofold in nature in accordance with the desulfurization way during pyrolysis. In the research of desulfurization in different atmosphere during pyrolysis,analyze the desulfurization effect in inert atmosphere,oxidizing atmosphere,and reducing atmosphere. The results show that the desulfurization work best in reducing atmosphere,H2S is the main form of sulfur in gas. However,hydrogen can not fully contact with sulfur in the coke during pyrolysis for coking coal,desulfurization is affected,so it can not be scaled up to industrial levels. In the research of desulfurization with additives during pyrolysis,analyze the desulfurization effect which pyrolyze with organic additives and inorganic additives. The results show that some additives work,and there is little research in desulfurization mechanism. Put forward some promising research directions of desulfurization technologies through pyrolysis.

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  • Cold experimental study of gas-solid separation of coal gas reburn low NO_x burner

    CHEN Yongquan;ZHANG Zhongxiao;BI Degui;LOU Tong;TENG Ye;School of Environment and Architecture,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology;

    Analyse the gas-solid separation efficiency and its influencing factors of coal gas in the technology of partially gasified coal gas reburn to reduce NO x. Build a gas-solid separation cold test rig of coal gas,which matches with a 130 tons cold hearth,exam the impact of separator wind and carrier gas flow rate on gas-solid separation effect of material in the separation device. The results show that,when the intake flow rate of the bottom inlet v1is 10 m / s,and the flow velocity of the top inlet v2is 5 m / s,the separation efficiency of semi-coke is the highest,and the separation efficiency of volatile also achieves greater value,the volatile can be well separated from semi-coke.

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  • Precipitated rule of gas from direct liquefaction residue pyrolysis

    CHANG Song;CHU Mo;CAO Wenhan;WANG Bo;China University of Mining and Technology ( Beijing) ,School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering;

    To achieve clean and effective use of direct liquefaction residue,conduct the pyrolysis experiment on fixed-bed tubular furnace. Investigate gas yield,precipitation rate and the change rule with temperature. The results show that,when the temperature is below400 ℃,the average yield of gas is 0. 2393 L / g,the total gas yield are 143. 6 L. The precipitation rate shows a " two section" peculiarity,there are two extreme value at the temperature range of 500 ℃ to 550 ℃ and 700 ℃ to 750 ℃,which is 1. 86 L / min and 1. 89 L / min respectively. When the temperature is below 450 ℃,the H2in gas is little,while its average content reach up to 65 percent between 450 ℃and 900 ℃. The extreme value is 66. 4 percent at 500 ℃ and the maximum value is 70. 2 percent at 800 ℃. Its precipitation rate is similar to the average yield of gas. The maximum value of CH4appears at 600 ℃,which is 23. 8 percent,and the maximum value of C m H n appears at 600 ℃,which is 7. 7 percent. There is a little CO under 750 ℃,the maximum value of CO appears at 900 ℃,which is 9. 0 percent.There is a little CO2in the gas,there are two extreme value at 500 ℃ and 800 ℃,which is 1. 15 percent and 1. 24 percent respectively.

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  • Influence of pyrolysis temperature on volatile phenolic compounds in low rank coal pyrolysis water

    BAI Xiaoyan;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute;State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources;National Energy Technology & Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control;

    Low rank coal have a large proportion in China,and volatile matter of low rank coal is high,so pyrolysis is suitable for low rank coal. Choose five typical low rank coals,and conduct pyrolysis experiments with 1 kg extra-heated fixed bed pyrolysis equipment. Measure the volatile hydroxybenzene of pyrolysis water. The results show that,when the temperature increase from 550 ℃ to 750 ℃,for different coal the volatile Phenolic compounds in pyrolysis water is about 1 × 103mg / L to 9 × 103mg / L,and the total amount are about 1. 0 × 103mg to2. 0 × 103mg. There is not obvious correlation between oxygen content( O daf) and volatile hydroxybenzene total amount of per unit dry ash-free basis coal. The concentration and total amount of volatile hydroxybenzene in water increase with the rise of pyrolysis temperature.

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  • Improvement methods of BTX yield during coal pyrolysis

    CHEN Jingsheng;ZHENG Huaan;MA Xiaoxun;ZHANG Shengjun;LI Xueqiang;MIAO Qing;Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Technology Institute Co. ,Ltd. ,State Energy Key Laboratory of Clear Coal Grading Conversion;School of Chemical Engineering,Northwest University;

    The technology of coal pyrolysis and conversion of high value-added aromatic chemicals is one of the important ways of coal efficient and clean utilization. To obtain high yield aromatic compounds and tar from coal pyrolysis process with high yield,analyse the influencing factors including pyrolysis atmosphere,catalyst,solvent pretreatment technology as well as reactor type on pyrolysis product distribution. The results show that,the development of pyrolysis technology and catalyst help to improve the BTX yield,meanwhile some secondary causes also should be payed attention.

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  • Research progress of polyurethane for coal mining bore hole sealing engineering

    LI Guofa;ZHENG Huaan;FU Dongsheng;LEI Rui;SUN Xinxin;YUAN Cong;JIANG Lifeng;State Energy Key Laboratory of Clean Coal Grading Conversion,Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Technology Institute Co. ,Ltd.;

    Introduce the preparation method and sealing mechanisms of polyurethane. Review the research progress in modification of polyurethane sealing materials on mechanical properties( strength and adhesive properties),flame-resisting properties and electrostatic dissipation properties. Put forward the developments trend of polyurethane sealing material in coal mine. Lower maximum reaction temperature,environmental protection,safety,high efficiency and low cost.

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  • Development patterns and technology requirements of clean coal utilization

    CHEN Guifeng;LUO Teng;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute;National Energy Technology & Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control;State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources;

    The utilization pattern of coal in China is still relatively extensive,the industry scale of clean coal utilization is small,the space layout is unreasonable,and the induced efficiency and environmental problems are obvious,so there is urgent need for transformation and upgrading. Put forward the development pattern of converting from coal production to clean energy production for future coal production and utilization mode,namely the coal production by large base. The coal can be converted into oil,gas,power,chemicals and other clean fuels and raw materials on site. Analyse the basic conditions and technology requirements supporting the future clean coal utilization mode. It has important reference value for realizing clean and efficient utilization of coal and promoting Coal industry transformation and upgrading.

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  • Research status and prospect of mercury removal technology from flue gas in China

    SHI Yawei;BAI Zhonghua;JIANG Junqing;ZHANG Xiangzhou;YANG Wenhui;ZHAO Yubing;MU Jingjing;Beijing Guodian Futong Science And Technology Development Co. ,Ltd.;State Grid Electric Power Research Institute;Energy Management and Environmental Protection Company of NARI Group Corporation;S.Y. Technology Engineering & Construction Co. ,Ltd.;Qinghai Electric Power Design Institute;

    Chinas energy structure is dominated by coal. The massive coal combustion generate lots of flue gas pollution. The SO2and NO x from burning coal arouse extensive attention,now trace elements( Hg,As,Se,Pb and Cd,etc.) especially mercury also attract attention.Based on the policies and mercury removal technologies,compare the mercury control technologies which are extensively researched,prospect the development of these technologies.

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  • Introduction and innovation of forced-oil-cold-electricmagnet

    FANG Haibin;China National Coal Industry Qinhuangdao IMP. &EXP. Co. ,Ltd.;

    Based on the structure and features of forced-oil-cold-electricmagnet,research the innovation of similar products in China,especially the integrated design and heat-dissipating methods. Automatic circulation heat-dissipating technology is the key technology. According to the technology,create the product with own intellectual property right. The temperature rise of new type product is below 40 ℃,the magnetic thermal index are 2500 GS,which is far more than the national standards. The practice shows that,for coal dock,the forced-oil-cold-electricmagnet whose magnetic thermal index are above 2000 GS,hanging height are over 800 mm can meet the demands.

    2014 02 v.20;No.90 [PaperDigest][OnlineView][Download 393K]

  • CDM of Bio-CWM technology and evaluation of carbon emission reduction

    LIU Jianwen;YUAN Ruijia;CHEN Nan;College of Architecture & Urban and Rural Planning,Hunan University of Technology;College of Finance and Economics,Hunan University of Technology;Zhuzhou Lanyu Heat Energy Science and Technology Development Co. ,Ltd.;

    As a key development area of CDM mechanism project,the Bio-CWM can utilize the biomass organism,save energy and improve energy efficiency. To promote ecological and low-carbon construction for enterprises and industrial park,improve the low-carbon development of cities. Evaluate and analyse the carbon emission reduction effects of integrated system of Bio-CWM preparation and combustion. The results show that,the integrated system of biomass coal-water slurry pulping and burning can significantly reduce carbon emission,its especially suitable for large and medium-sized chemical,food processing,medicine and other enterprises and industrial parks which need co-treatment with high concentration organic waste water and solid waste. However,when using the integrated system,attention should be paid to distribution and utilization of coal resources in China,give full consideration to the conditions and environment of coal transportation,choose a reasonable and economical system integration technology and mode of operration of project.

    2014 02 v.20;No.90 [PaperDigest][OnlineView][Download 1319K]

  • Application of coal water mixture in the process of garbage cineration in incinerator

    WANG Xinjian;Luoyang Mining Machinery Engineering Design Institute Co. ,Ltd.;

    To stabilize the combustion of coal water mixture in garbage incinerator and improve combustion efficiency,adopt appropriate slurry transportation and atomizing unit to transform the garbage incinerator of Nanhai Environmental Protection Power Plant. Replace the oil with coal water slurry which support the combustion of garbage. Arrange respectively two sets of CWM burners at the furnace and the secondary combustion chamber of the original garbage incinerator. Through rational design and operation procedure,make the coal water mixture content match the pressure of compressed air,this method can stabilize the combustion and atomization of coal water mixture in incinerator,meanwhile the heat of waste gas can be used to generate power.

    2014 02 v.20;No.90 [PaperDigest][OnlineView][Download 700K]