• Collector preparation with waste cooking oil

    LI Qiong;YE Guichuan;ZHU Ming;WANG Gaofeng;ZHANG Ruijie;LIU Kaipeng;FU Xiaoheng;School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing);

    Conduct sieve analysis and flotability experiment to investigate the experimental slime properties. The results show that,the slime is easy to degrade and difficult to wash. Large fine slime lead to high ash of clean coal. Prepare the collector with waste cooking oil and analyse its mechanism of action,conduct laboratory slime flotation test. The results show that,when the ash of clean coal is basically the same,the collecting effects of biodiesel is inferior to diesel and kerosene. When the blending ratio of diesel to biodiesel and kerosene to biodiesel is 1 ∶ 9,the flotation effects is the best. Thanks to the compound oil,the clean coal yield increase by 10. 52 percent and 9. 06 percent,the flotation perfection increase by 5. 32 percent and 4. 33 percent. The results of GC-MS show that,the collector contains vinyl,carbonyl and long-chain alkane which has strong hydrophobicity. The adsorption mechanism of biodiesel and nonpolar hydrocarbon oil is co-adsorption and adsorption promoting. The combination improves the flotability of slime and dispersion of agent in slurry,increases the contact probability of agent and coal particle surface, decreases the agent consumption.

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  • Experimental study on high-gradient magnetic separation and flotation for coal desulfurization and desliming

    MA Xianjun;ZHU Shenhong;WANG Qingfeng;WANG Yunyan;School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering,Qingdao Technological University;

    The analysis of coal sample properties show that,the iron sulfide is the main component. So it is difficult to achieve ideal removal effects just depending on physical removal methods. Investigate the influence of magnetic medium,magnetic flux density and pulse on the effects of magnetic separation through coal fines high-gradient magnetic separation experiments. The results show that,taking the fine network without copper bush as assembled magnetic medium,when the magnetic flux density is 1. 295 T,pulse is 25 times per minute,the desulfurization effects is the best. Under this condition,the sulfur content,clean coal yield,desulfurization rate,desliming rate,desulfurization rate of pyrite is 1. 59 percent,85. 44 percent,31. 87 percent,38. 17 percent,45. 02 percent respectively. Determine the best high-gradient magnetic separation condition through orthogonal test. When the coal fines size is 0. 075 mm, the magnetic flux density is 1. 295 T,the pulse is 25 times per minute,obtain clean coal with 1. 35 percent sulfur content,10. 37 percent ash content. At last,conduct the secondary flotation experiment,get the best flotation condition. When the dosage of lime,collector and frother is 500 g/t,1360 g/t,90 g/t,obtain clean coal with 1. 28 percent sulfur content,8. 14 percent ash content and 76. 29 yield,and desulfurization rate,desliming rate,desulfurization rate of pyrite is 57. 73 percent,58. 52 percent and 84. 56 percent. The research show that,the high-gradient magnetic separation and flotation can decrease effectively sulfur and ash content in coal.

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  • Transformation of raw coal pneumatic cleaning system

    SU Ding;Guizhou Energy Co. ,Ltd.,Xuzhou Coal Mining Group;

    The analysis of raw coal pneumatic cleaning system of Huaxia company show that,the handing capacity and effects of pneumatic concentrator is poor and large quantity of gangue mix with lump coal. Introduce the structure and working principle of FGX-6 pneumatic concentrator,find that its main influencing factors are free moisture,size,washability,gangue content and working conditions. Based on the raw coal properties,space and layout of company,determine the reformation measures. Add the secondary screening process in the primary screening workshop,the aperture size is 13 mm. Install two conveyor belts which make products conveying more flexible. Enlarge the aperture size of the primary sieve from 100 mm to 150 mm. Thoroughly clean the blockage in vent lines,sieve aperture and surface of pneumatic concentrator. Adjust the working parameters of pneumatic cleaning system according to the raw coal size. After transformation,the pneumatic cleaning system works well,the calorific value of products and raw coal sales prices increase,the gangue in lump coal decrease.

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  • Technical transformation of Shanjiaoshu coal preparation plant

    YANG Changhua;Shanjiaoshu Coal Preparation Plant,Guizhou Panjiang Refined Coal Co. ,Ltd.;

    There were lots of problems in original washing process of Shanjiaoshu coal preparation plant,such as unstable feed coal quality,large slime content and medium consumption. To resolve these problems,install feed coal desliming system and coarse slime recovery system based on the original process. After transformation,the washing process combines feed coal predesliming,three-product dense-medium cyclone,teetered bed separator( TBS) and flotation. The production becomes more flexible,the products can meet the need of the market. Th production capacity increases from 2. 6 Mt/a to 3. 0 Mt/a,the growing rate is 18. 7 percent. The desliming efficiency increase to over 75 percent,the separation efficiency of TBS is 69. 82 percent,the ecart probable moyen E p is 0. 12,the medium consumption,decreasing by 50 percent,range from 2. 2 kg/t to 2. 8 kg/t. The plant saves medium and production cost 7500 tons,5. 5 × 106yuan per year. The combination of feed coal desliming sieve and TBS eliminates the effects of feed coal quality change on commercial coal quality.

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  • Slime water treatment system transformation of Tangjiahe coal preparation plant

    WANG Gang;Tangjiahe Coal Preparation Plant,Sichuan Guangwang Energy Development (Group) Co. ,Ltd.;

    Analyse the process of slime water treatment system of Tangjiahe coal preparation plant,then conduct the slime water sampling experiment. The results show that,the ash of slime water in middlings and gangue phase is higher than that in primary slime phase. If concentrated directly by thickener,it causes clean coal loss and decreases the ash of tailings. There are lots of suspension flowing into middlings and gangue phase,-0. 3 mm size fraction in suspension can't be separated effectively. The ash of flotation tailings is higher than that of slime treated by pressure filter. The overflow of cyclone thickener and untreated backwater of high-frequency screen lead to low ash of tailings. Increase the ash of tailings,clean coal yield and flotation slime content by diverting the flow and backwater into flotation system,increasing the area of tunnel which links the first chamber and the second chamber of flotation machine. After transformation,when the ash of clean coal basically keep stable,the ash of tailings increase by 7. 28 percent,the sales revenue of clean coal increase by 5. 5598 × 106yuan per year.

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  • Reduction of clean coal mixed in gangue

    WANG Min;XU Wenbo;JIN Jiyuan;Coal Preparation Plant of Jining NO. 3 Coal Mine,Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. ,Ltd.;

    At present,about 60 percent of feed coal are separated by jigging in China. The influencing factors of the jigging are feed coal properties,characteristics of jig air valve including jig frequency,inlet and exhaust period, discharging condition of gangue and middlings stage,backwater condition,air and water pressure,personal factor. The factors restrict mutually,so it's difficult to guarantee clean coal quality and separation efficiency. Taking Bardac jig in the coal preparation plant of Jining NO. 3 coal mine for example,optimize the ratio of air volume and water volume,transform the sieve plate of jig. The transformation stabilizes the jig bed and ash of clean coal,decreases the clean coal content mixed in gangue from 6 percent to 5 percent,increases the recovery of clean coal,brings considerable economic benefits.

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  • Research progress of briquette binder

    ZHANG Yun;FU Dongsheng;ZHENG Huaan;YANG Yang;WANG Wenjing;Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Technology Institute Co. ,Ltd.;

    According to the bonding mechanism and chemical properties of binder,introduce two classification methods of briquette binder and the research situation of some major binders. Investigate the research and application status of organic,inorganic,compound briquette binder. The caking property and water resistance of organic briquette binder is great,while its poor thermal stability and high price restrict its development and application. The raw material sources of inorganic briquette binder are wide,it takes a big part of chemical fertilizer industry and civilian briquette production due to low price,good thermal intensity and sulfur capture characteristics. The briquette bonded by inorganic binder has remarkable thermal stability,but its poor combustibility limits the calorific value. The compound briquette binder,which combines the advantages of organic and inorganic binder,can make full use of its multiple effects and prepare high-quality briquette with great mechanical strength and thermal stability.

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  • Influence of lignite physical and chemical structure on moisture re-absorption

    JING Xiaoxia;YANG Yunlong;LI Zhiqiang;LIU Xiao;CHANG Liping;BAO Weiren;State Key Laboratory of Coal Science and Technology Co-founded by Shanxi Province and the Ministry of Science and Technology,Taiyuan University of Technology;Department of Applied Chemistry,Yuncheng University;

    Introduce the existing forms of moisture in lignite and its conversion in heating process. Analyse the physical and chemical structure changes of lignite during different upgrading drying processes. Investigate the influence of lignite structure on its moisture removal and re-absorption. The results show that,abundant pore structure and hydrophilic oxygen-containing functional groups on lignite surface lead to high moisture in lignite. During upgrading drying process,pore structure collapse and cross-linking reaction play an important part in restraining moisture reabsorption. The number of functional oxygen-containing groups on lignite surface and their formation and decomposition directly influence the moisture and oxygen holding capacity of lignite. Their decomposition can enhance the hydrophobicity and weaken spontaneous combustion. The key to lignite upgrading is the efficient removal of moisture and restraining of dehydrated lignite oxidation and moisture re-absorption. To better restrain moisture re-absorption,it can improve upgrading condition,adjust pore-size distribution,surface area as well as forms and amounts of oxygen-containing functional groups based on the moisture existing forms and its removing performance.

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  • Sulfur migration law during coking process

    QI Wei;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute;State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources(China Coal Research Institute);

    Taking Fengfeng low-sulfur fat coal in North China and medium-sulfur coking coal in Shanxi Province as experimental coal samples,simulate the coking test with 1 kg pyrolysis experimental apparatus. Determine the forms and mass of sulfur in coke,coal tar and coal gas,investigate the sulfur migration law during coking process. The results show that,there is little difference between the volatile matter and sulfur migration law of the experimental coal samples. During the coking process,the original sulphate sulfur in coal don't change and other forms of sulfur transfer into new sulphate sulfur through complicated pyrolysis combination reaction. Pyritic sulfur,steato-sulfur,thioether and mercaptan transfer into coal gas in the form of H 2 S,the transfer efficiency is usually less than 50 percent. The more pyritic sulfur in coal sample,the higher H 2 S transfer efficiency. The thiophene sulfur don't decompose during coking.

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  • Influence of magmatic rock intrusion on coal quality

    ZHOU Lili;Shandong Provincial Research Institute of Coal Geology Planning and Exploration;

    Carboniferous Permian coal in Shandong Province is one of the typical areas which are seriously affected by magmatic rock intrusion. Through collecting the G mine actual production and exploration data,investigate the degree of coal metamorphism of magmatic rock intrusion area. The results show that,influenced by magmatic rock intrusion and hydrotherm,each coal seam superimposes the contact metamorphism on the basis of plutonic metamorphism. The coal rank of each seam all rise to a certain extent. Low rank coal can become medium-high rank coal, such as gas-fat coal,fat coal,coking coal,lean coal,meager coal and anthracite,even natural coke with pore and crystal structure which is hard,brittle,lustreless or pale. Due to the magmatic rock intrusion,the physical,chemical and process properties of coal have changed in different degrees. Most of Shanxi Formation is low-sulfur coal, Taiyuan Formation is high-sulfur coal,both are high calorific value coal and have better caking property. The natural coke is ultra-low sulfur coal,which is medium-high calorific value and don't have caking property. Sum up the degree of coal metamorphism of magmatic rock intrusion area and the analysis provides theoretical reference for resources utilization.

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  • Coal characteristics and industrial application of Gaojiazhuang underground mine field

    QI Shanxiang;Beijing Huayu Zhongxuan Clean Coal Engineering and Technology Co. ,Ltd.;

    Introduce the basic information of minable coal seams and local minable coal seams of Gaojiazhuang underground mine field. The analysis of coal seam occurrence condition,physical,chemical characteristics and coal lithotypes show that the coal seams are medium rank coal which has low hardness and high brittleness. The main macroscopic coal types are vitrain and semibright coal,then durain and semidull coal. The main organic components are telocollinite and desmocollinite,followed by telinite,vitrodetrinite. Gelocollinite and corpocollinite are rare. The main inorganic components are clay minerals,followed by pyrite and carbonate. The NO. 2 and NO. 4 coal seam are medium volatile,medium optional coking coal which can smelt level 1 metallurgical coke. The NO. 8 and NO. 9 + 10 coal seam are low volatile,easy separating coking coal and lean coal which can smelt high quality metallurgical coke through reasonable coal blending after removing sulfur and phosphorus. The analysis of industrial application of underground mine field indicates that,the coal is mainly used for coking,also for power generation and chemical industry.

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  • CWM concentration improvement by shock wave fluid modified sludge process

    HE Guofeng;DUAN Qingbing;DU Liwei;WEN Quan;SU Xin;WANG Yanfang;Energy Conservation and Engineering Technology Research Institute,China Coal Research Institute;National CWM Engineering & Technology Center;State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Clean Utilization (China Coal Research Institute);National Energy Technology & Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control(China Coal Research Institute);

    To improve CWM concentration,based on the sludge modification process by alkaline matter,adopt the shock wave fluid technique. Compared with the alkaline matter modified sludge technique,the combined method greatly improves the modified effects. Through shock wave fluid modification,the viscosity of sludge decreases sharply and the fluidity improves obviously. The concentration of prepared CWM increase more than 2. 5 percent. This is mainly because part of polyacrylamide in sludge degrade and release free water under high pressure and super fine crash condition,which is created by shock wave fluid technology.

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  • Adsorption characteristics of coal reservoirs in key block of Qinshui Basin and its influencing factors

    LIU Yinghong;YANG Kailei;LIAO Xia;FANG Maojun;New Energy Research Center,China National Offshore Oil Corporation Research Institute;

    The adsorption characteristic parameters of coal reservoirs are important parameters for coalbed methane resources evaluation and development potential. Adsorption capacity of coal reservoirs is one of the key factors influencing the coalbed methane content,which directly affect the coalbed methane well production,so research of influencing factors on adsorption capacity of coal reservoirs affects the coalbed methane development in China deeply. Based on the results of isothermal adsorption experiments,investigate the adsorption characteristics of coal reservoirs in key block of Qinshui Basin,meanwhile,research its influencing factors. The results show that,the coal reservoirs have high gas content and strong adsorption capacity. Coal rank,gas content,porosity and coal structure have great influence on adsorption capacity of coal reservoirs. The adsorption capacity increases with the increase of porosity and completion of coal structure. High ash content lead to poor adsorption capacity. With the increase of coal rank, the adsorption capacity increase first,then decrease.

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  • Simulation of coal char gasification using CO_2 and H_2O as gasification agent

    YU Yu;HAN Minfang;School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing);

    Based on integrated gasification combined cycle( IGCC) and fuel cell power generation technologies,taking high purity CO 2,produced by Solid Oxide Fuel Cells( SOFC) and H 2 O as gasification agent,discuss coal char gasification under high temperature. Simulate the gasification with Aspen Plus based on the Gibbs free energy minimization method. Investigate the effect of O 2,CO 2,vapour flow,pressure,preheating temperature,reaction temperature on synthesis gas composition and net calorific value. The results show that,when the O 2 flow is 20 kg/h,the reaction temperature and net calorific value of synthesis gas is the best. The reaction activity decrease with the increase of vapour and CO 2 flow,that leads to lower net calorific value. The decrease of pressure would lead to the same result,while its influence is less than the gas flow. O 2 preheating has more effects on net calorific value than CO 2 preheating.

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  • Refractive index calculation method of coal-derived oil narrow fraction

    WU Yan;ZHU Xiaoman;Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute;

    Investigate SHOU Deqing-XIANG Zhengwei empirical formula in refractive index calculation of coal-derived oil narrow fraction based on the comparison of a great deal of experimental oil samples and their refractive index. Compare the calculated values and measured values. The results show that,for medium-low temperature coal tar narrow fraction,there is a notable difference between the calculated value and measured value,so the SHOU Deqing-XIANG Zhengwei empirical formula is not suitable for the fraction. When calculating the molecular weight of two kinds of coal tar hydrogenation products,the SHOU Deqing-XIANG Zhengwei empirical formula is suitable. For coal tar hydrogenation product B,the average error is 0. 27 percent,mean square deviation is 0. 34 percent. For coal tar hydrogenation product C,the average error is 0. 21 percent,mean square deviation is 0. 32 percent. SHOU Deqing-XIANG Zhengwei empirical formula can be used to calculate refractive index of coal-derived oil narrow fraction.

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  • Fracture causes analysis and prevention for filter element of lock hopper high pressure filter

    SHE Boqiang;WU Yinjiang;WANG Cuicui;ZHOU Ji;Xi'an Baode Powder Metallurgy Co. ,Ltd. ,Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research;

    To avoid the fracture of filter element of lock hopper high pressure filter and lower failure rate,improve the using efficiency of coal gasification equipments and stabilize operation,investigate filter element fracture situations in many projects. Find that the fracture situations are mostly similar,most fractures occur in the root of filter element and sometimes associate with filter element body bending. Analyse the fracture reasons,and provide corresponding improvement.

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  • CO_2 supplement for methanol pyrolysis from coke oven gas

    LI Guozhong;YUAN Shoujing;Tangshan Zhongrun Coal Chemical Co. ,Ltd.;

    Introduce the principle of methanol pyrolysis from coke oven gas. Taking Tangshan Zhongrun Coal Chemical Co.,Ltd.,for example,analyse the reasons for inadequate CO2 supply and the consequences in methanol pyrolysis process. To resolve this problem,purchase liquid state CO2,which is then gasified by gasification equipment. Fill the gas state CO2 into methanol pyrolysis system. Indicate the matters needing attention from seven aspects. The results show that,the method can improve the methanol yield and economic benefits of methanol pyrolysis system.

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  • Adaptability of coal type to acetylene production in plasma

    HU Ruisheng;ZHANG Xiaoxia;YUN Zhenyi;FU Rui;School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Materials,Inner Mongolia University;

    Coal pyrolysis to acetylene in plasma has a wide application prospect as a clean and effective coal utilization method. Introduce its basic principle and experimental process. Analyze the suitability of several typical coals in the process,as well as research and application status of plasma technology in domestic. Put forward many urgent issues to resolve during the process.

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  • Twin fluid air-blast nozzle atomization characteristics under high ambient pressure

    YUE Pujie;ZHANG Zhongxiao;BI Degui;LOU Tong;ZHOU Zhihao;CHEN Yongquan;School of Energy and Power Engineering,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology;

    The coal water mixture atomization before firing plays an important part in its combustion and gasification. Through experiment,investigate the process of twin fluid air-blast nozzle atomization under high ambient pressure. The LS-2000 laser particle analyzer is used to measure the change of Sauter Mean Diameter( d 32) and atomization angle with environmental stress and gas liquid mass ratio. The results show that,d 32 and atomization angle decrease with environmental stress increase while keeping the gas liquid mass ratio unchanged. The d 32 is proportional to the n power of environmental stress,n lines between-0. 9 and-1. 5. The d 32 decrease with gas liquid mass ratio increase under constant environmental stress.

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  • Lignite low-temperature pyrolysis and utilization of its products

    TAO Fenghui;ZENG Ming;SHI Jie;ZHENG Xing;QIAN Can;School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing);

    Introduce the nature of lignite and the conventional ways of lignite upgrading. Detail the typical processes, characteristics,development and utilization states of lignite low-temperature pyrolysis at home and abroad. Investigate the influence of heating methods,heat carrier types and reaction conditions on the process and products. Introduce the utilization of pyrolysis products,lignite char,low-temperature coal tar and coke oven gas. Most of lignite lowtemperature pyrolysis projects are still experimental,that means there are no large-scale operation experience. To maximize lignite utilization benefits and realize sustainable development,the lignite low-temperature pyrolysis should follow a large-scale and industrial road,further expand the application fields of its products,improve its additional value and utilization rate.

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  • Optimization of light benzene production process in coking plant

    LI Shoucheng;ZHANG Pengfei;QU Xiuzhen;Coking Plant,Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co. ,Ltd.;

    There were lots of problems in the coking plant of Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd.,( TISCO), such as high benzol content after treated by benzol scrubber,low light benzene yield and large absorber oil consumption and the like. Provide specific reform measures after analyzing the light benzene production process. Improve the absorber oil quality,lower the coal gas temperature in the outlet of final cooling tower,optimize the spiral heat exchanger and oil seal groove,stabilize the steam pressure. The results show that,after transformation,the benzol in coal gas and absorber oil consumption decrease significantly,the light benzene yield increase. It provides clean coal gas for the subsequent processes and increases economic benefits.

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  • Technical economics analysis of bio- CWM preparation and combustion integrated system

    LIU Jianwen;YUAN Ruijia;CHEN Nan;College of Architecture & Urban and Rural Planning,Hu'nan University of Technology;College of Finance and Economics,Hunan University of Technology;Zhuzhou Lanyu Heat Energy Science and Technology Development Co. ,Ltd.;

    Energy saving and emission reduction of medium and small size industrial boiler is very important for the sustainable development of China. Investigate the strategy,technical economics of bio-CWM preparation and combustion integrated system,industrial pulverized coal-fired boiler,circulating fluidized bed boiler. The results show that,compared with the latter two,the integrated system of bio-CWM preparation and combustion for co-processing bio-waste is more competitive.

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  • Index system of Binchang mining area planning environmental impact assessment

    CHENG Shuiying;Environmental Protection Research Institute,Xi'an Research Institute of China Coal Technology and Engineering Group;

    The index system of environmental impact assessment is an important content of mining area,which influence the realization of environmental goal and adjustment of coal mine planning project. Taking Binchang mining area for example,based on lots of practical mining area planning environmental impact assessments and natural environment characteristics of Binchang mining area,meanwhile,with Technical Guidelines for Plan Environment Impact Assessment( On Trial) Coal Industry Mining Area Plan and Technical Guidelines for Plan Environmental Impact Assessment as reference,propose index system of coal mine planning environmental impact assessment.

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  • Sludge CWM preparation with alkaline matter modified sludge

    DUAN Qingbing;HE Guofeng;WANG Guofang;DU Liwei;ZHANG Shengju;YAN Shujuan;ZHANG Guiling;WANG Yanfang;Energy Conservation and Engineering Technology Research Institute,China Coal Research Institute;National CWM Engineering & Technology Center;State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Clean Utilization (China Coal Research Institute);National Energy Technology & Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control(China Coal Research Institute);

    The original unmodified sludge can not be mixed with coal to prepare CWM due to its high moisture content,rich surface hydrophilic functional groups and strong water binding capacity. Adopt alkaline matter to modify the sludge. The results show that,modified by NaOH,the sludge can be mixed with coal to prepare high concentration,favorable viscosity and fluidity sludge CWM. The papermaking wastewater is also an excellent modifier for sludge. It is beneficial to prepare high quality CWM and save water and additive,meanwhile reduce the environmental pollution.

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  • Coal preparation wastewater treatment with compound system of feather keratin assistant and polymeric ferric sulfate

    CHEN Bi;YAN Long;ZHANG Zhifang;LIANG Minru;School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Yulin University;Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Coal Clean Conversion,Yulin University;

    Investigate the properties of compound system of feather keratin assistant and polymeric ferric sulfate( PFS) in coal preparation wastewater treatment through single factor experiment. The results show that,when the mass concentration of feather keratin assistant,PFS is 0. 2 g/L,0. 025 g/L,the treatment effects is the best. The compound system also can work well in alkaline solution. When the pH of wastewater is between 7 and 8,inject the compound system,then stir,keeping the stirring speed being 120 r/min,settle for 30 minutes after the reaction. The suspended solid( SS) removal rate can reach above 92 percent.

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  • Research progress of desalination-concentration of reverse osmosis drained wastewater from coal chemical industry

    SU Yanmin;ZHENG Huaan;FU Dongsheng;LI Kelun;XIAO Ronglin;LYU Xiaoli;Research Institute of Advance Materials Technology,Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Technology Institute Co. ,Ltd.;State Energy Key Lab of Clean Coal Grading Conversion;

    Reverse osmosis membrane technology is the leading treatment technology for brine wastewater from coal chemical industry. However,its recovery rate is usually only 75 percent. The treatment of the concentrated water from the process is significant for the sustainable development of coal chemical industry and environmental protection. Investigate the desalination-concentration of reverse osmosis drained wastewater from concentration technologies,membrane materials and polyvinylidene fluoride( PVDF) membrane preparation. Introduce its research progress and the membrane materials used in the process. Analyse the influencing factors of PVDF membrane.

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  • Application of TBS in Xinyang coal preparation plant

    SHI Housheng;Fenxi Sales Company,Coal Sales General Company of Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co. ,Ltd.;

    Introduce the structure,working principle,advantages and disadvantages of TBS. Analyse its application scope,practical application and effects in coarse slime cleaning system of Xinyang coal preparation plant. The results show that,the coarse slime cleaning system,as a single system,can cover the shortages of traditional cleaning process,improve cleaning environment and efficiency,optimize technological process,create more economic benefits.

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  • Medium recovery rate improvement of magnetic machine

    XU Wenbo;WANG Min;LI Ling;Coal Preparation Plant of Jining NO. 3 Coal Mine,Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. ,Ltd.;

    The medium consumption of dense-medium coal preparation plant is an important technical and economic evaluation index,it also influences the coal preparation cost. High dense-medium loss lead to large medium consumption, environmental pollution and poor products quality. The reasonable medium consumption plays an important part in stabilizing production. The magnetic separation efficiency is influenced by feed concentration and stability,declination and the like. The coal preparation plant adopts twelve cylinder magnetic separators,their characteristics are restricted by feeding system,demagnetizing devices,pulp concentration. The consequence is that the magnetic separation efficiency is low and lots of medium mixed in tailings. After transformation,the medium consumption decrease from 2. 8 kg/t to 1. 6 kg/t.

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  • Application of turning belt conveyor in Xiegou coal preparation plant

    ZHI Jinsong;Xiegou Branch Company,Fenlei Engineering and Technology of Coal Preparation (Beijing) Co. ,Ltd.;

    There were often cases when Xiegou coal mine transported produces over a long distance,such as complex terrain,greatly undulate elevation and lots of turnings. Design the turning belt conveyor considering conveying belt tension,radius of curvature,supporting roller angle and dip angle. Introduce the parameters of the conveying belt. Start and stop the belt conveyor with viscous soft starter. Tension the conveying belt with hydraulic automatic tensioning device. The deviation of conveying belt can be controlled by adjusting the height difference on both sides of the supporting roller. Reduce the spattering of products with belt turning technology in the returning process. The research provides reference for industrial and mining enterprises which need to transport products over a long distance.

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  • Application of dense-medium separation automatic control system in Yunxin coal preparation plant

    ZHAO Jianfeng;MA Cuihong;College of Electrical Control,Hebei United University;

    Introduce the influencing factors of dense-medium separation,the relationship among each parameter during production and the effects of automatic system on dense-medium separation. To resolve the following problems in Yunxin coal preparation plant,such as unstable density in the initial stage of production,incapable closed-loop regulation of cyclone inlet pressure,reform the water spraying method on clean coal classifying screen,adopt high-voltage frequency inverter to control the cyclone inlet pressure. The transformation guarantees the stable operation of production.

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  • Design and calculation of heating device under middlings bunker and gangue bunker of coal preparation plant

    LI Xiaole;HAN Chunsheng;SUN Jieyi;Tangshan Research Institute,China Coal Technology & Engineering Group;Ministry of Basic Teaching,Tangshan College;

    In dense-medium separation process,after treated by spraying screen,the middlings and gangue is stored directly in middlings bunker and gangue bunker without dehydration. The consequence is that,there is water at the sector gates of middlings bunker and gangue bunker,the water would freeze in the winter and cause the sector gates fail to open. To resolve this problem,provide a simple and practical heating equipment design method. Calculate the cooling power of the heating device according to the heat transmission theory. The application effects of the heating equipment is great.

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