• Fuel oil and electricity poly-generation technical routes on coal low medium temperature pyrolysis technology

    ZHANG Zhi-gang,MIN Xiao-jian,SHANG Jian-xuan,ZHENG Hua-an(Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Technology Institute Co.,Ltd.,Xi'an 710065,China)

    To resolve problems in fuel oil and electricity polygeneration technical routes on coal low medium temperature pyrolysis technology,analyse core technologies development and their application in the field of coal clean conversion on the basis of coal quality.The results show that,developing this technology need to pay more attention to its technology development,system integration,operation management and potential competition and the like.

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  • Dry separation of Kuangou ultra low-ash coal with dense medium separator

    YU Xiao-dong1,LI Gong-min1,ZHAO Yue-min2,LI Mei-ju1(1.Shenzhou Manufacturing Group Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063001,China; 2.School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou 221008,China)

    Introduce the operating principle of dry dense medium separator,analyse the property of Kuangou raw coal Shenhua Group.The results illustrate that the Kuangou coal is extremely difficult to separate.To determine whether the clean coal meet the need for activated carbon preparation,respectively separate three kinds of Kuangou raw coals whose particle size range from 80 mm to 3 mm,50 mm to 6 mm,30 mm to 13 mm.Meanwhile,compare the separation precision of the separator.After separation,detect the ash content of the clean coal,find that they are 3.94 percent,3.92 percent and 3.71 percent respectively.The probable error Ep is 0.080,0.060 and 0.045.So the raw coal ranging from 30 mm to 13 mm is the best material,both ash content and Ep of clean coal are the lowest,the separation precision is the highest.

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  • Transformation of slime water processing system in Pingshuo No.2 coal preparation plant

    DING Jian-wei,WANG Xiao-bin,LIANG Shi-hong(No.2 Coal Preparation Plant,China Coal Pingshuo Group Co.,Ltd.,Shuozhou 036006,China)

    The analysis of raw coal and slime nature,slime treatment processes of No.2 coal preparation plant,indicates that large native slime and secondary slime,high fine content in slime,long filtration cycle of pressure filter make it harder to process slime in middings coal.Through adjusting the capacity of transporting system,changing working condition of filter and pore size of strainer,improving the handling capacity of slime high frequency screen,establishing new automatic dosing system,choosing chemicals to treat slime water and other measures,reduce suspended solids and supernatant turbidity in the water of thickener,the circulation amount of fine particles in the thickener also decrease.The concentration of washing water is significantly lower than the national environmental standards.The slime infiltrating into coarse particle recovery system further dehydrate,then mix with clean coal products,this process lightens the treatment capacity of thickener,keeps balance of slime output and system productivity.After transformation,the average daily processing capacity of ultra difficult separation coal increase from 3.5×104 tons to 4.5×104 or 5×104 tons,the economic benefits is significant.

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  • Washability analysis of two Taixi anthracite

    ZHOU Ya-bei,XU Pu-cha(Carbon Materials R&D Center,Taixi Coal-based Industry Co.,Ltd., Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co.,Ltd.,Shizuishan 753000,China)

    Based on the coal quality characteristics of Hongliang raw coal and Baijigou raw coal,carried out the screening and float-and-sink analysis to investigate their washability.The screening analysis show that those two Taixi coal possess similar granularity group,mainly in the middle of coal sample size,small and large sizes are relatively small.The highest yield of Hongliang raw coal whose granularity ranges from 8 mm to 2 mm is 38.18 percent,while that of Baijigou raw coal whose granularity ranges from 20 mm to 8 mm is 31.74 percent.Comparing those two coal with same granularity,the ash of various size for Hongliang raw coal are smaller than those for Baijigou raw coal and the ash of intermediate size fractions is the lowest.The minimum ash of 20 mm to 8 mm is 2.86 percent for Hongliang raw coal,7.11 percent for Baijigou raw coal.Float-and-sink analysis show that,if the ash content of ultralow ash clean coal is less than 3.10 percent,the theoretical yield of clean coal reaches up to 97.70 percent,and the "Easy choice" for δ±0.1 content is only 1.91 percent,the theoretical yield of clean coal is only 79.80 percent,and the "Easy choice" for δ±0.1 content is only 21.90 percent.The theoretical yield of clean coal reaches 93.60 percent,and it is "Difficult choice" for δ±0.1 content is 30.60 percent while the ash content of lowash clean coal is less than 6.00 percent.

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  • Medium preparation techniques

    WANG Guang-ze,LV Jian-xiong,WEI Hua-zhen(Baode Coal Preparation Plant,Preparation Center of Shendong Coal Group Co.,Ltd.,Xinzhou 036600,China)

    Introduce four common medium dosing and preparation processes which are dry-type,fresh suspension-qualified medium bucket,fresh suspension-dilute medium bucket,medium-dosing magnetic separator medium-dosing process.After transformation,designed concentrate cyclone medium-dosing process and automatic medium-dosing process,then analysed the effect of those two processes.The results show that,without additional power equipments and floor space,the former process is much simpler and more reliable,into which the high density medium can be added,the total investment including equipments and energy consumption of the former process is less 105 yuan than that of magnetic separator medium-dosing process.The automatic medium-dosing process adopts partial drop-dead halt,makes full use of the current potential energy,the high density medium can be added continuously and automaticmatically.Its recovery is much higher.Taking one coal preparation plant as sample,whose medium consumption once was five tons one day,adopting the automatic medium-dosing process,it decrease by 50 percent in the course of preparing,in other words,120 tons one year,economic benefits increases by 1.8×105 yuan,saves one laborer.

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  • Dosing system transformation in Wobei coal preparation plant

    ZHU Gan-bin1,2(1.College of Mining and Safety,Anhui University of Science and Technology,Huainan 232001,China; 2.Huaibei Coal Preparation Plant,Huaibei Mining(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Huaibei 235000,China)

    There are lots of problems in dosing system in Wobei coal preparation plant,such as insufficient reagent supplement,unobvious reagent effect,unreasonable materials ratio and dosing points.To resolve those problems,install liquid level alarm devices and detection devices as well as recirculating barrel and tranquilizer,thicken pipelines,improve the infusion pump pipeline power,adopt new mixer and transmission model,utilize mine water as make-up water for preparation,optimize reagent ratio,dosing methods and points.After transformation,the dosing system is more automatic,reduce the labor intensity,improve the security coefficient and setting velocity of slime water,the reagent dissolve fully and their effect is more obvious,the mass fraction of flocculant becomes steadier.The plant saves reagent cost 5.94×105 yuan,payload 6.00×104 yuan each year.

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  • Influence of binder and reinforcing reagent on coal blending test

    SHANG Tie-cheng1,2,3(1.Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.National Energy Technology & Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control(China Coal Research Institute),Beijing 100013,China; 3.State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources (China Coal Research Institute),Beijing 100013,China)

    Taking the coking coal applied in one coking plant in North China as object,analyse the properties of coal samples and additives,find their advantages and disadvantages,which provide the reference for the coal blending,then research the properties of blends and cokes.Based on the coal petrography and co-carbonization theories,replace parts of strong caking coal with tar pitch or petroleum pitch,or adopt coke powder and petroleum coke as leaning reagent.The analysis of additives function in blending coal show that,as one ideal adhesive,the most adaptive for pitch is 3 percent to 5 percent,for anthracite is 5 percent.Anthracite,coke powder and petroleum coke are common leaning reagents.In th aspect of improving coke abrasive strength,reducing volatiles,reducing ash and improving coke lumpiness,anthracite,coke powder and petroleum coke respectively is the best choice in turn.

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  • Establishment of dry volatile-free basis and its application in semi-coke preparation from lignite

    AN Hong-guang1,ZHANG Yi1,LI Guo-sheng1,LIU Jun-feng2,ZHAO Ying1(1.Datang International Power Generation Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100033,China; 2.Datang International Chemical Technology Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100070,China)

    Based on proximate analysis and coal quality analysis,provide a new reference index,dry volatile-free basis.The lignite for semi-coke preparation is divided into three grades according to the yield of dry ash-free basis.The lignite is considered as:the third grade when yield is 50 percent,the second grade when yield is 55 percent and the first grade when yield is 60 percent.According to these grades,semi-coke products are third grade,second grade and first grade separately.The results of analysis on different grades lignite and semi-coke analytical items demonstrate that when the dry ash free item(volatile + fixed carbon) is 50 percent,the lignite upper limit of moisture and ash should not exceed 50 percent,the sole item of moisture is no more than 40 percent and the ash is no more than 20 percent.When the dry ash-free basis(volatile + fixed carbon) is 55 percent,the yield of semi-coke preparation from lignite is between 40 percent and 45 percent.When the dry ash free item(volatile + fixed carbon) is 60 percent,the yield is between 41 percent and 43 percent.

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  • Research progress of coal tar deep processing

    XIONG Dao-ling,CHEN Yu-juan,OUYANG Jie-sheng,LI Ying,ZHONG Hong-ming,LI Jin-hui(School of Metallurgy and Chemical Engineering,Jiangxi University of Science & Technology,Ganzhou 341000,China)

    Summarize the composition,characteristics and research progress of coal tar.The most widely used coal tar chemical products such as naphthalene,phenolic compound,pyridinium could be prepared from the wash oil of coal tar.The products has high quality.The technological process is that,through vacuum distillation,first gather the fraction at different extraction temperature ranges,then dephenolize,distill,crystallize and extract.Study separation and purification methods of fluorene,benzpyrole and biphenyl.The preparation of fuel oil from coal tar by catalytic hydrogenation is the development direction of coal tar deep processing,which could reduce the pollution caused by coke oven gas combustion.

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  • Status analysis and development of coal water mixture technology

    LIANG Xing1,2,3,YAN Li-li1,2,3,XU Yao1,2,3(1.Energy Saving Engineering and Technology Branch,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Environmental Protection(China Coal Research Institute),Beijing 100013,China; 3.National Energy Technology & Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control(China Coal Research Institute),Beijing 100013,China)

    Emphasize the service environment of coal water mixture(CWM) as well as its preparation methods and combustion state.To illustrate it's environmental and economical,taking one CWM plant in Dongguan whose productivity is 106 tons per year as sample,introduce its investment from construction preparation,system configuration,factory layout.Analyse the operating cost from material,labor,power consumption and maintenance.Compare the CWM boiler with 10 t/h oil-fired boiler and 10 t/h chain coal-fired boiler from calorific value,sulphur share,boiler rated output,material consumption,investment and operating cost.At last,give some suggestions for the relevant national standards establishment.

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  • Influencing factors of NO_x emissions in methane combustion furnace based on CFD

    SUN Qi,HU Yang-dong,WU Lian-ying(College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Ocean University of China,Qingdao 266100,China)

    Simulate the combustion process in methane combustion furnace using the computational fluid dynamics software FLUENT.With the establishment of mathematical model,investigate the temperature and NOx emission under different preheated air temperature,oxygen concentration in the air,excess air coefficient and nozzle diameter.On that basis,further study the furnace operating and structural parameters on combustion performance,thus providing guidance for combustion improvement and pollutant emissions reduction.The results show that,high temperature and low oxygen combustion,keeping the excess air coefficient from 1.0 to 1.3 and smaller nozzle diameter all are conducive to combustion process and make the combustion furnace temperature distribute uniformly,therefore reduce NOx emissions.

    2012 06 v.18;No.82 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 982K]

  • Experimental research on desulfuration efficiency improvement of CFB boiler

    YANG Zhen-sen1,LIU Bin2,CHEN Ning-wu1,ZHANG Si-hai1,WANG Hai-tao2,WANG Peng-li2,GAO Hong-pei2(1.Ningxia Guohua Ningdong Power Generation Co.,Ltd.,Yinchuan 751400,China; 2.China Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute,Beijing 100098,China)

    To improve the desulfuration efficiency of CFB boiler,investigate the desulfuration system of 330 MW CFB boiler in Ningxia Guohua Ningdong Power Generation Company.The main influencing factors are bed temperature,ratio of upper and lower secondary wind,bed pressure,particle size and CaCO3 quality.After transformation,with 20 percent to 40 percent less CaCO3 consumption,the desulfuration efficiency reaches up to 96 percent,the SO2 emission concentration could be controlled below 100 mg/m3,meeting the newest national environmental protection standards.

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  • Safety analysis and hidden trouble prevention of open-type pulverized coal preparation system

    ZHANG Bi-hui (Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Co.,Ltd.,Shenmu 719315,China)

    To prevent spontaneous combustion and explosion during preparation and storage of pulverized coal,the preparation of pulverized coal and coal quality detection should be paid more attention.Summarize the common pulverized coal preparation technology,point out that the low metamorphic bituminous coal is the common fuel for industrial boiler,and the higher volatile,the lower smoldering temperature.The explosion of pulverized coal is largely influenced by its concentration,oxygen content,ignition source,volatile and particle size.Introduce the specific hidden trouble prevention measures from the aspect of drying system,pulverized coal storage system,processing set-up and maintenance.

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  • Surface drilling exploring three zones for surface subsidence monitoring

    QIAO Guo-hou(Yima Coal Industry Group Co.,Ltd.,Yima 472300,China)

    Due to the decrease of coal resources,more and more urban land turn to subsidence area,so its reclamation is the most pressing thing.Taking one main underground mine as subject,analyse the matters needing attention from the aspect of well location,drilling equipments,drilling methods and technology,detection of slurry component and parameter,leaking stoppage measurements for wall protection.Based on the analysis of drilling purpose,methods and location,analyse the pavement construction of No.1 and No.2 drillhole.The surface subsidence could be monitored by drilling exploring three zones.

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  • Coal seam correlation methods of Yanan Formation in Jijiajing mining area

    GOU Ming-fu(Sichuan Geophysical Exploration Company,CNPC Chuanqing Oilfield Service Co.,Ltd.,Chengdu 610213,China)

    Yanan Formation of middle Jurassic in Jijiajing mining area contains more than 20 coal seams.This study numbers 23 coal seams,among which 9 coal seams are mining coal seams or local mining coal seams.Yanan Formation can be divided into 5 sections from bottom to top,in which the second section has the most thickness of more than 7 m.The sedimentary environment of Yanan Formatin belongs to shallow water lake delta,which is characterized by changeable phases and unstable marker bed.These situations would multiply the difficulties in the coal seam correlation,then affect the overall development plan of Jijiajing mining area.According to the properties of cycle and sedimentary rhythm,interlayer spacing between coal seams,own characters of coal seams,coal petrographic characteristics,geophysical characteristics,and seismic physical properties characteristics,this study took a synthetical contrast of coal seams,with high reliability.Especially in longitudinal and horizontal tracing contrast of mining coal seams,these methods have ample foundation and reliable results.

    2012 06 v.18;No.82 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 859K]
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