• Research and application of main dry coal preparation machines in China

    REN Shang-jin,SUN He,REN Yan-dong,WU Shu-quan(Tangshan Kaiyuan Coal Preparation Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063000,China)

    Summarize the development of dry coal preparation machines at home and abroad.Analyse the main engine,working principle of CFX differential separator,FX Russian separator,FGX combined separator,which are widely used in China.Introduce the influence of stroke frequency of vibrator,relationship between vibration direction and feeding direction,bed surface,height of parting strip on separation effect.The results show that,with the leastest investment,the CFX differential separator consumes the least energy,has the largest processing capacity and strongest adaptability to moisture of feed coal.Investigate the connection between performance of separator and structure,matching equipments selection.The analysis of these three separators show that the CFX-12 differential separator performs best,the minimum Ep value is 0.17,the imperfection is 0.085,the maximum processing capacity is between 100 t/h and 150 t/h,the minimum energy consumption is 11 kW.

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  • Influence of gangue argillization on settlement of slime water

    HE Jian-ming(Shaqu Coal Preparation Plant,Huajin Coking Coal Co.,Ltd.,Liulin 033300,China)

    Analyse the properties of roof and floor rock of No.4 coal seam in Shaqu mine through X-ray diffraction and argillization experiment.The results show that the phases of these two rocks are basically same,which are quartz,kaolinite and montmorillonite,the serious argillization influences slime water treatment.Taking polyacrylamide as flocculant,polymeric aluminum as coagulant,investigate the influence of regulation of agent on settleability of slime water.The synergism of these two agent could improve setting velocity of particles and settlement effect,reduce the turbidity of supernatant,the suitable ratio of polyacrylamide and polymeric aluminum is between 1 ∶13 and 1 ∶20.The settleability of floor coal sample is worse than that of roof coal seam.The desired settlement of highly-argillized slime water can be obtainable by batching addition of flocculants according to the proportion of 1 ∶2.Both the turbidity of supernatant and sediment volume are relatively small.The setting velocity could reach 21.6 m/h,nearly 70 percent more efficient than that when one-time adding coagulant.

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  • Preparation and analysis of flocculant solution

    LIU Jian-hua(Guojiawan Coal Mine,Yulin Shenhua Energy Co.,Ltd.,Yulin 719315,China)

    The hardness of slime water has considerable influence over flocculation.High Ca2+ and Mg2+ content could perfect setting effect,decrease production cost,get rid of large consumption of coagulant which once led to loose precipitate.The preparation mechanism of flocculant solution is introduced by analysing its dissolving and curing rule.The thicker additive amount of flocculant need more dissolving time,so the better thickness isn't more than 3 mm.With the extension of time,the light transmittance gradually increase.The dissolving temperature shouldn't be higher than 50 ℃,the most suitable temperature ranges from 30 ℃ to 50 ℃.If the frequency of equipment is less than 600 Hz,the precipitate basically doesn't appear,the frequency is not less or equal 900 Hz,there is little precipitate.Considering the stability and safety,the frequency of flocculant feeding machine is set to 600 Hz.

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  • Transformation of XJX-T16 flotation machine

    ZHANG Peng(Tangshan Branch,Tiandi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063012,China)

    To resolve the problems of Huipodi coal preparation plant in the flotation system,such as low tailings ash,large agent consumption,poor processing capacity for coarse fraction slime,unstable liquid surface,susceptible coal slurry absorption ability,analyse the XJX-T16 flotation machine,find that its double slant swing inclined impeller,the feeding mode of center sleeve and inflatable dead zone inside the tank from the sleeve radius of 300 mm area lead to these issues.Based on the structural characteristics of XJM-S series flotation machine,add feed box in flotation of nose slot,design new XJM-S mixing bodies and false bottom steady flow board,weld flotation machine welding between tank submerged mine boxs,reduce the mixing motor power to 37 kW,project new small pulley diameter.After transformation,the flotation machine can recover part of coarse fraction slime in feed coal,improve the flotation selectivity for high-ash fine clay(quite fine-grained level).Low energy consumption of the flotation system,improve the economic efficiency of Huipodi coal preparation plant by 3.50 million yuan every year.The total power of two sets of preparation machine reduce by 80 kW,save power cost 0.25 million yuan,electrical machine replacement cost 0.12 million yuan annually.

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  • Determination of coal preparation process in Zhaogu No.1 mine coal preparation plant

    ZHANG Xin-yuan(Beijing Huayu Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Pingdingshan 467002,China)

    The analysis of raw coal size composition,float-and-sink experiments,flotability evaluation and calorific capacity show that,the raw coal is friable,gangue degrade easily,there are high ash fine mud in slime,raw coal and slack coal is easy to flotine.Based on the property of raw coal and products positioning,provide the coal preparation process,the lower limit of separation of slack coal is 1.5 mm,which could be adjusted to 0.25 mm and 0.The primiary separation and recleaning of lump coal whose particle diameter ranges from 80 mm to 13(10) mm adopts dense-medium shallow-slot separator,the preparation of slack coal whose particle diameter ranges from 13(10)mm and 1.5 mm,1.50 mm to 0.25 mm,-0.25 mm respectively use three-product HM cyclone,TBS and flotation column.Introduce the design procedure of coal preparation.Taking coal analysis as basis,product mix as goal,according to the characteristics of facilities and specific links,determine the proper coal preparation process,which is concise,effective and flexible.

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  • Effects of polyacrylamide on pressure filtration of slime containing montmorillonite

    LI Kui-ran(Tangshan Branch,Tiandi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063012,China)

    Taking overall indicators S and K as evaluation index,analyse the influence of PAM on pressure filtration of clean coal,mixture of clean coal and montmorillonite.The results show that,with the increase of PAM quantity,S value gradually declines,pressure filtration effect becomes worse.The adding amount of PAM shouldn't be more than 5.0 kg/t.Keeping the adding amount of PAM unchanged,the smaller particle size,the worse pressure filtration effect,which gets the best effect when the particle size is +0.075 mm.Taking the mixture of clean coal and montmorillonite as feed slime,the pressure filtration experiments show that,the cationic PAM performs better than anion PAM.While there are lots of montmorillonite in slime,it could be remedied by adding coarse slime.Keeping the adding amount of PAM unchanged,its effect is the same as that of clean coal pressure filtration.The ultrafine particle whose diameter is below 0.045 mm should be reduced as far as possible during pressure filtration.With the increase of montmorillonite,S value gradually decreases while K value increases,the effect gets worse.Establish relationship between slime overall indicators involving clay mineral content,ash content and moisture of fliter cake,which would guide the design of pressure filtration system.

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  • Influence of associated minerals degradation on coal preparation plant design

    GUO Jian-xin(Xinjiang Coal Design and Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,Wulumuqi 830000,China)

    The gradation properties of associated minerals and their effects on coal preparation determine the coal preparation process and slime water treatment equipments.Discuss associated minerals test method and mudding degree evaluation steps,obtain its evaluation standard.Once the degradation is serious,dence medium coal preparation plant should adopt pre-desliming process in advance,if not,it should choose secondary flotation and two-stage dewatering process.The selection of sedimentation area and slime water treatment equipments is also important.The analysis of practical production further indicates the influence of degradation on coal preparation plant management.The results show that,the high level degradation requires effective flocculant,coagulant and agent feeding system.The coal preparation plant also should be transformed.The medium or medium-high degradation level requires perfect slime water treatment system and incompact workshop arrangement.

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  • Influence of fine slime containing high ash on slime water treatment system

    WANG Yan-ming1,DU Zhen-bao2(1.Coal Preparation Plant of Shuangyashan Northern Shengping Mining Industry Co.,Ltd.,Shuangyashan 155900,China; 2.Coal Mining and Designing Department,Tiandi Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100013,China)

    The analysis of particle size of slime in Shengping coal preparation plant show that,a considerable amount of high ash content in fine slime make it difficult to dehydrate.Analyse the relationship between particle size and floatability,agent consumption,then investigate the particle size of clean coal,find that fine particle coal is the main contaminant.Too much fine particle slime in flotation feed leads to large moisture in filter cake,high concentration filtrate,bad slime water,poor slime absorption ability of filter,low processing capacity and the like.To resolve all these issues,replace PG78-8 disc-type filter with GPJ-96 pressure filter.After transformation,the mass fraction of feed,filtrate and circulating water decrease,especially the mass fraction of filter cake incredibly increase,solid yield increase from 61.53 percent to 67.06 percent,dehydration rate raise from 92.34 percent to 94.86 percent.The transformation stabilizes the production.

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  • Application of screenbowl centrifuge in Wangfenggang coal preparation plant

    WANG Li-long(Wangfenggang Coal Preparation Plant,Huainan Mining Industry(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Huainan 232046,China)

    Discuss slime water treatment technological process in Wangfenggang coal preparation plant.The analysis of working principle of LWZ1400×2000 screenbowl centrifuge show that,it could improve middings yield,decrease slime content.It also has lots of problems need to resolve,such as high feeding and emptying accident rate,ineffective control program which are designed for control system and centrifuge early warning.To resolve these issues,replace the triple eccentric butterfly valve with penumatic slide plate valve,add centralized control system,blocking switches and early warning areas.List the matters needing attention in maintenance from the aspects of slaves reaction,centralized control system,oil leakage and return,differential,wear parts.All these methods guarantee the normal operation of equipments,improve process stability of coal preparation plant.

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  • Utilization of denatured rice husk as briquette binder

    LUO Ju-xiang,WANG Ren-zhang(College of Chemistry and Biology Engineering,Sanming University,Sanming 365004,China)

    The denatured rice husk is used as briquette binder to prepare bio-briquette.In order to investigate the influence of concent ration of NaOH solution,heat-treatment temperature and time,modified rice husk quantity on compression resistance and drop strength of briquette,conduct single factor experiment and orthogonal experiment.The single factor experiment show that,the mechanical strength reaches the highest when the concent ration of NaOH solution is 2 percent,heat-treatment temperature and time is 85 ℃ and 2.0 h,additive amount of denatured rice husk is 15 percent.Through orthogonal experiment,when the value of the ablve influencing factors respectively is 3 percent,90 ℃,2.0 h and 15 percent,the mechanical strength gets the highest,the compression resistance is 1426.5 Newton per sample and the drop strength is 97.8 percent.The most important factor in mechanical strength is the additive amount of denatured rice husk.

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  • Influence of dispersant on dispersibility of nano-ZnO

    LI Sha-sha1,2,XU Ji-gui1,SHI Hong-wei1,LIU Chao1,XIE Yong1,WANG Hong-yan1,2(1.Department of Chemistry and Biology,Suzhou University,Suzhou 234000,China; 2.Anhui Key Laboratory of Spin Electron and Nanomaterials(Cultivating Base),Suzhou University,Suzhou 234000,China)

    Taking nano-ZnO as raw material,which is prepared with uniform precipitation method,anhydrous ethanol as solvent,analyse the influence of ultrasonic time,ultrasonic temperature and the amount of PEG(2000) on dispersibility of nano-ZnO.The optimum reaction conditions for PEG(2000) is that the ultrasonic time is 70 minutes,the ultrasonic temperature is 20 ℃,the amount of dispersant is 0.6 mL.Using PEG(6000),PEG(4000) and PEG(2000) as dispersing agent,study the influence of dispersing agent type on dispersibility of nano-ZnO.The results show that,PEG(6000) could disperse nano-ZnO well due to its better steric effects,followed by PEG(4000),the dispersion effect of PEG(2000) is the worst.

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  • Compound briquetting of coal and cow dung

    ZHANG Jing(Bailong Coal Preparation Plant,Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co.,Ltd.,Huozhou 031400,China)

    The lignin,cellulose and hemicellulose in cow dung have better bonding property,which provide favorable conditions for the compound briquetting of coal and cow dung with moderate and low pressure forming machine.Analyse the influence of binder and raw materials properties on briquette strength.With the increase of additive amount of binder,the briquette strengthen gradually enhance,while the additive amount exceed 10 percent,the strength slowly increase,so the additive amount shouldn't be more than 15 percent.With the increase of inorganic,the strength first remarkably increase,then slowly decrease.The strength reaches the highest when adding 5 percent organic binder and 6 percent inorganic binder.As particle size of coal sample reduce and moisture of cow dung increase,the strength is gradually enhanced.The more additive amount of biomass,the faster burning rate of briquette in the early combustion stage.The combustion velocity changes little while the additive amount of biomass ranges from 20 percent to 80 percent.

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  • Activation of granular activated carbon in multiple hearth furnace

    FU Xiang1,2,WANG Peng1,2,LIANG Da-ming1,2,WANG Wei-wei3,FU Jia-xing3(1.Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Environment Protection,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 3.CSE Technology(Beijing) Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100191,China)

    In order to prepare special activated carbon for advanced treatment of drinking water,activate Taixi anthracite in single layer multiple hearth furnace whose internal diameter is 0.4572 m.Investigate the influence of activation temperature,steam consumption,activation time on nature of activated carbon.The results show that,affecting the most to the nature of activated carbon is activation time,iodine value reaches the highest level at 960 ℃,the proper activation time is around 4 h.Under the same condition of activation time and temperature,the large steam consumption,the better the iodine value of activated carbon,which is greater than or equal to 900 mg/L,adsorption rate for CCl4 and hardness is respectively greater than or equal to 65 percent and 90 percent.

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  • Application of CO_2 as dense-phase pneumatic conveying carrier gas in GSP gasification process

    XIA Zhi-wen,JING Yun-huan(Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group Coal Chemistry Industry Co.,Ltd.,Yinchuan 750411,China)

    CO2 is used as dense-phase pneumatic conveying carrier gas to convey pulverized coal in GSP pulverized coal gasification process of Shenhua methanol-to-olefin project.Introduce its technological process in industrial application.Investigate the influence of CO2 on the component of synthesis gas and points for attention when adopting different carrier gas.Compared with practical production process,study the variation of synthesis gas component when changing carrier gas.The results show that,CO2 helps to improve gasification efficiency and synthesis gas quality,the content of CO and H2 increase about 2 percent,N2 decrease about 6 percent.There are some differences between CO2 and N2 which need to be paid more attention,provide heating and heat preservation equipments,timely correct operating parameters just in case transportation pipelines freeze and nozzle burn out.

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  • Comprehensive utilization technology of low temperature coke oven gas from Northen Shaanxi coal

    ZHANG Ya-qin,XU Rui-fang,CHEN Ya-ni,LIU Gong,ZHANG Shi-gang,DUAN Ming-zhe(Shannxi Coal Chemical Technology Engineering Centre Co.,Ltd.,Xi'an 710075,China)

    To use low temperature coke oven gas effectively,especially H2 with high added value,combining its utilization status in Northern Shaanxi,analyse CO conversion manufacturing H2 technology,the development of adsorbent and research progress of purifying hydrogen for PSA(pressure swing absorption) at home and abroad.Provide that,first,convert CO in coke oven gas into H2,then separate and purify H2 with PSA and suitable adsorbent.The treated H2 could be used in coal-tar hydrogenation industry,which is an efficient utilization way.The results show that,by selecting commercially available adsorbents and adopting PSA technology,the low temperature coke oven gas could be effectively used by manufacturing H2.

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  • Development of coal water mixture preparation technology in China

    GAO Yu-long(China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100011,China)

    Less reserves of coking coal in China limits the development of coal water mixture industry.To resolve this issue,taking Shenhua coal as research object,investigate the slurrying technology.The Shenhua coal quality meets the requirement of coal water mixture preparation,but it is low metamorphic coal which is difficult to form slurry.Based on the grading theory,develop the proper slurry technology and relevant facilities,additive agents.Municipal sludge and black liquor are used to prepare biological coal water mixture,which could improve its dispersity.The combustion condition in industrial boiler show that,the load could be adjusted ranging from 45 percent to 100 percent,the combustion efficiency reaches up to 98.66 percent.Grading grinding process could improve the concentration of coal water mixture by 3 percent to 5 percent,the productivity increases by more than 30 percent.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 162K]

  • Numerical simulation on flow characteristics of spouted-fluidized bed

    TANG Nan(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    To capture particle motion information in mesoscopic level in spouted-fluidized bed,develop a two-dimension based on CFD unsteady eulerian multi-phase flow model to simulate the flow characteristics in spouted fluidized bed.Analyse the effect of fluidizing gas velocities on flow characteristics of the spout-fluid bed through numerical simulation methods.And specifically,furnace pressure drop,particle concentration,the distribution of voidage,gas velocity and solid particle velocity in spouted fluidized bed under different working conditions.The results show that,with the increase of fluidizing gas velocity,the pressure drop,average voidage and the height of dense-phase bed increase.Along the axial direction,the jet depth and jet radius of spouting gas increase with the increase of the fluidizing gas velocity.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 529K]

  • Research progress on saturated vapor pressure of coal liquefied fractions

    YIN Hong-qing,WANG Hui(National Research and Engineering Center for Coal Slurry Gasification and Coal Chemical Industry,Tengzhou 277527,China)

    To get accurate saturated vapor pressure of coal liquefied fractions,analyse its measure,correlation and estimate methods.The theoretical basis,facility requirement and application range of these methods are investigated in detail.Considering the characteristics narrow fraction in coal liquefied oil,provide the suitable saturated vapor pressure measure and correlation method.The results show that,the proper method is static one,Reid Vapor Pressure(RVP) method and reference method are also great ones if consulted the measure method for saturated vapor pressure of petroleum fraction.Three-parameter equation could interrelate the vapour pressure and temperature.Correctional MB correlation and Riedel equation are appropriate for saturated vapor pressure estimation of narrow fraction.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 162K]

  • Particle size adjustment technology for coking coal

    CHEN Jun-an,LI Guo-jiang,YAN Li-qiang,WANG Jie-ping,SUN Zhang,HU Jin-shan,LIANG Ying-hua(School of Chemical Engineering,Hebei United University,Tangshan 063009,China)

    Introduce the progress on coking property of coking coal,which is strongly influenced by its particle size.Based on the petrology of coal and mechanism of coke formation,analyse the main methods for this influence study.Investigate the correlation between the grinding particle size of feed coal and coke quality.The results show that the coal should be selected based on the relationship between the microcomponents content and particle size,which can improve the utilization efficiency of coal.The embedded mineral can be effectively separated from coal by ultrafine grinding,which obviously increase the yield of clean coal,and more coal can be used for coking.Coking directly using ultrafine coal would increase charging pressure,decrease caking property.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 141K]

  • Influence of pyrolysis temperature on yields of chemical products

    ZHANG Yang(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    To study the influence of different pyrolysis temperature on low rank coal pyrolysis product yield and quality,simulate coal pyrolysis at 750,800,850 ℃ using 1 kg chemical production recovery equipments.The results show that,at the given temperature,all semicokes are grade V-1 and FC-1,the semicoke yield and Vd is higher at 750 ℃.H2 and CO are higher than other products in gasification products.H2 production reaches the highest at 850 ℃and its yield is more than 40 percent at these three temperatures.The maximum yield of CO2 is 17.14 percent at 750 ℃.Analyse and determine the components and yields of pyrolysis products.To better guide the production,the analysis and determination should be combined with simulation experiments.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 184K]

  • Application of three-step water purification technology and JR-EDR technology in coking circulation water treatment

    HUA Zu-gui1,WANG Xiao-feng2,YUN Hong1(1.China Coal & Coke Holding Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100011,China; 2.China Coal & Coke Jiuxin Coking Co.,Ltd.,Lingshi 031303,China)

    There are three circulating water sources,which are power plant,chemical production workshops and low-temperature circulation process of chemical production in Jiuxin Coking Limited Liability Company.The sewage production is 70 m3/h.To save water and reduce discharge,three-step water purification technology and JR-EDR technology are adopted to treat coking circulation water.Compared with traditional gel filtration technology,the three-step water purification technology could remove turbidity,suspended matter,hardness,colloid,total phosphorus,COD and the like.The improvement of water quality lightens the burden on subsequent JR-EDR desalting equipments.The combination of these two technologies effectively improves water quality and reduces discharge quantity.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 222K]

  • Spontaneous combustion mechanism of gangue dump and fire extinguishing techniques

    GONG Xiao1,LIU Fei1,ZHAO Fang-ying1,2,3(1.Beijing Linfengyuan Eco-landscaping Green Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100083,China; 2.School of Soil and Water Conservation,Beijing Forestry University,Beijing 100083,China; 3.Beijing Fenglinyuan Eco-landscaping Design Institute Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100083,China)

    To prevent and control the spontaneous combustion of gangue dump,analyse its mechanism and spontaneous combustion factors.Compared some fire extinguishing techniques which are frequently used.Through analysis find that,despite the above techniques,some more practical advanced techniques should be investigated from the aspects of economy and feasibility.The climate of gangue dump could improve by mixedly planting vegetation.All there measures serve to prevent spontaneous combustion of gangue dump.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 151K]

  • Comparison between high efficient pulverized coal industrial boiler and CWM industrial boiler

    LIANG Xing1,2,3(1.Energy Conservation and Engineering Technology Research Institute,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Environment Protection,Beijing 100013,China; 3.Energy State Key Laboratory of Coal Efficient Utilization and Energy-Saving Equiment,Beijing 100013,China)

    High efficient pulverized coal industrial boiler and CWM industrial boiler is the most practical substitute for medium and small coal fired boiler in China.Compare these two kinds of systems from the aspects of raw coal selection,process technology and equipments,operation cost and safety.The results illustrate that long flame coal and lignite are mainly used for high efficient pulverized coal industrial boiler.Due to concentration requirement,most of coal type except lignite could apply to CWM industrial boiler.The high efficient pulverized coal industrial boiler has greater efficient,whose investment is higher about 25 percent than that of CWM industrial boiler,operation cost is lower about 34 percent,load regulation capability is poorer.So the selection of proper boiler should consider coal resources distribution and utilization as well as transportation conditions.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 203K]

  • Reduction measures for materials consumption in Wobei coal preparation plant

    ZAHNG Ying(Wobei Coal Preparation Plant,Huaibei Mining(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Huaibei 235000,China)

    Materials consumption index reflect the technological level of coal preparation plant and its management situation.Analyse its influencing factors in the process of dense medium preparation,flotation and slime water treatment in Wobei coal preparation plant.Introduce energy conservation and consumption reduction measures from the aspects of production control and technical transformation.Focus on the transformation of management measures,adding methods for agent,operation modes during flotation.Summarize a series of technological transformation in recent years and effects.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 169K]

  • Technology of large diameter exhaust drilling through goaf for underground coal gasification in abandoned coal mine

    CHEN Wei-dong,ZHAO Ke-xiao(Underground Coal Gasification Office,Huating Coal Industry Group Co.,Ltd.,Huating 744100,China)

    Coal mining in global low-carbon economy means that just taking primary recovery would waste resources.The second recovery in many abandoned coal mines with underground coal gasification technology have made great achievements.But drilling large diameter exhaust hole through goaf restricts the project progress and safety in production.To resolve this problem,through reasonable demonstration,taking measures as follows:plugging and filling fracture with cement slurry,adopting compound drilling technology,cleaning bottom of holes,straightening and regulating holes.These measures bring obvious economic and social benefits.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 254K]

  • Application of dedusting equipments in slime drying

    REN Wei-tao,ZHANG Ming-tao,LI De-wei,ZHAO Xue-feng(Tangshan Tianhe Technology Development Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063020,China)

    Introduce the working principle of gravity dust collector,cyclone dust collector and wet dust collector and the like,which are widely used in slime drying system.Analyse the merit and demerit of these collectors.The results show that the combination of these three collectors could meet the demand in national environmental protection,it's also suitable for actual production of coal preparation plant.Based on the working principle,draw the type selection calculation formula of these three collectors.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 190K]

  • Application comparison between hydraulic pressure automatic spraying system with negative pressure induction dedusting system in fully mechanized mining face

    YUAN Zhi-ming(Shangwan Coal Mine,China Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Co.,Ltd.,Ordos 017209,China)

    The hydraulic pressure automatic spraying system has some demerits in operation process,such as frequent nozzle blocking,unstable working performance of infrared ray launcher and receiver working,poor atomization effect,high maintenance cost and the like.Due to adopting water-air hybrid spraying,the nozzle of negative pressure induction dedusting system generates highspeed aerial fog jet which forms one negative pressure area as well as one big fog cluster.The air mixing dust is induced into the big fog cluster,first wetted,then dedusted.The two systems are compared from the aspects of working principle,critical components,dedusting effect,investment cost and so on.The results show that the negative pressure induction dedusting system gets better effect with less water,smaller investment and maintenance cost.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 176K]

  • Progress in numerical simulation of two-phase turbulent flow in hydrocyclone

    LU Hu,CHEN Jia-qi,JIA Rui-qiang(Land Resource Engineering,Kunming University of Science and Technology,Kunming 650093,China)

    Numerical simulation is an important means of investigating hydrocyclone flow field theory.Introduce the research progress of numerical simulation for two-phase flow field in hydrocyclone at home and abroad.Although the Reynolds stress model is widely used in the field,there are still lots of defects.Through analyzing the research results,perfect the Reynolds stress model,make clear the development direction of numerical simulation of hydrocyclone.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 159K]

  • Field application of cold cure rubber coating technique for drum in Guqiao coal preparation plant

    WENG Rui (Guqiao Coal Preparation Plant,Huainan Coal Mining Industry(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Huainan 232000,China)

    Introduce the function of rubber coating for drum of belt conveyor in coal preparation plant and relevant technical requirement.The rubber coating for drum plays an important role in the stably running of belt conveyor.The traditional hot cure rubber coating technique has lots of demerits in the aspects of accident treatment,raw material selection,rubber coating technique and application effects.Under the same condition,the cold cure technique could lengthen the working life of raw material,has better application effects with simple operation procedure.Introduce the application of this new technique developed by TIP TOP company(a German firm) in Guqiao coal preparation plant,the practical application further shows its remarkable merits.Despite coal preparation plant,the technique could be applied in harsh environment such as underground mine.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 137K]

  • Geology condition analysis for unconventional gas co-exploration and concurrent production in Linxing area

    GUO Ben-guang1,XU Hao2,3,MENG Shang-zhi1,ZHANG Wen-zhong1, LIU Yi-nan1,LUO Hao-han2,3,LI Yong2,3,SHEN Wen-min2,3(1.China United Coalbed Methane Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100011,China; 2.School of Energy Resource,China University of Geosciences(Beijing),Beijing 100083,China; 3.Coal Reservoir Laboratory of National Engineering Research Center of Coalbed Methane Development & Utilization,Beijing 100083,China)

    Linxing area locates in east margin of Ordos Basin and the middle of Hedong Coal Field,which show a good prospect for coalbed methane,shale gas and tight gas development from the former exploration work and well test.Analyse the gas reservoir exploration and development geology of three kinds of unconventional gases,Linxing area posses advanced reservoir condition and fine reservoir play of coalbed methane,shale gas and tight gas.Coal seam,shale and tight sand,all the three reservoir have continuous accumulation and reservoiring,though with diversity of formation and structural location by the influence of material basis and preserve condition.Propose the principle for unconventional gas exploration and development:East area proceed together exploration and development for coalbed methane and shale gas in Taiyuan formation,and coalbed methane in Shanxi Formation,the west proceed the exploration and development of shale gas and tight gas in Shanxi Formation,and tight gas in Taiyuan Formation.Thus provide a solid scientific foundation for co-exploration and concurrent production of unconventional gas in Linxing area.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 248K]

  • Application of TD-20 density control system in Hongyuan coal preparation plant

    GUO Xue-po(Tangshan Branch,Tiandi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063012,China)

    Introduce PLC system,density measure and control system,analyse the composition,function and theoretical basis of TD-20 density control system.Its PLC system adopts Siemens S7 300 series,the model of CPU is 314 which is more suitable for medium program processing capacity,PID control theory is used to regulate program,the suspension density could be on-line measured with Amdahl isotope densimeter.With the help of this system,the density control precision reaches up to 0.5 percent,ash content and recovery meet the requirement,other coal preparation technological parameters are optimized.This system helps to improve the economic benefits.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 185K]

  • Design of automatic slag discharge system of fluidized bed furnace

    ZHANG Ming-tao,REN Wei-tao,GUO Fen,ZHAO Xue-feng,CAI Hui-zhong(Tangshan Tianhe Technology Development Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063000,China)

    Fluidized bed furnace is an essential heating equipments for lignite and slime drying system.However,its limitation to the combustion modes leads to poor slag removal efficiency of chain-ring slag eliminator,which is mated with scale-type fire bar.To resolve this issue,provide a new-type automatic slag discharge system.Introduce its design idea,components,processing set-up and points worth noting.Compare this new system with the previous one.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 150K]

  • Mineralogical characteristics and geological origin of halite in Xiaokou Liupanshan basin

    ZHENG Yi,HE Wei,LIU Qiang,CHU Xiao-dong,QIANG Tai,XIE Bian-ning(Ningxia Geology and Mineral Survey Institute,Yinchuan 750021,China)

    The halite of Xiaokou region occurs in Naijiahe Formation of Liupanshan group,Lower Cretaceous.The mineral deposit is characterized by large number of layers and great thickness variations.The host rocks are mainly mudstone with dolomite and dolomite mudstone,coarse grain and blocky structure.The major components are salt and other saline minerals including sodium sulfate,glauberite,gypsum and anhydrite.Halite is formed in dry climate,closed condition salty lacustrine depositional environment.The sediment characteristics indicate a complete carbonate-oxide cycle.Cenozoic tectonic activities strongly affects the halite occurrence characteristics.

    2012 05 v.18;No.81 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 721K]
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