• Energy consumption of modern coal chemical industry and energy conservation measures

    WANG Lei-shi1,DUAN Shu-wu2(1.Chaijiagou Mining Industry Co.,Ltd.,Shaanxi Jihua Group Corporation,Yijun 727200,China; 2.Tiandi Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100013,China)

    Introduce the main products index of modern coal chemical industry,including the comprehensive energy consumption,water consumption and energy conversion efficiency.Due to complex raw materials composition,heterogeneous reaction with strong nonlinear effect,long technological process,many links in the production chair and stagger of different grades energy flows,modern coal chemical demonstrative project consumes large water and energy.Through analyzing types of energy and energy consumption situation,find that the energy consumption could be reduced by utilizing industrial structure and management mechanism,adopting progressive technologies and developing circular economy.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 304K]

  • Development and investment analysis of pulverized coal industrial boiler

    FAN Wei(Research Institute of Energy-Conservation Engineering & Technology,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    Efficient pulverized coal industrial boiler system is an advanced technological system by combining pulverized coal combustion chamber with industrial boiler.Analyse the application of this system at home.Based on the application,do investment analysis in detailed.At last,analyse its application prospect and development plan.The results show that the market share of efficient pulverized coal industrial boiler is only 0.3 percent,though the market demand is huge,it also holds strong anti-risk capability and strong profitability.The products output is the most sensitive factor,which should be evaluated by actual demand.Only then can the system make itself productive and reduce cost.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 419K]

  • Application of lump coal dense-medium shallow-slot separator in Tianzhuang coal preparation plant

    ZENG Qing-gang,LIAO Xiang-guo,LI Ping,LI Pei-guo(Tianzhuang Coal Preparation Plant,Pingdingshan Tian'an Coal Mining Co.,Ltd.,Pingdingshan 467013,China)

    To resolve problems in recleaning process of Tianzhuang coal preparation plant,replace 001 inclined lifting wheel separator with two MZC8/54 lump coal dense-medium shallow-slot ones,which serve to reclean E and F group lump coal.In order to increase productivity,build separately two independent primary cleaning and recleaning system without expanding workshop.Introduce the structure,characteristics,working principle and flotation effect of the new separator.The results show that,the operation becomes more flexible,the primary and recleaning process could run in parallel.The addition of direct connection flotation process helps to reduce the intermediate links and increase the reliability.There is no influence time while it was 2.2 h every day before transformation,the processing capacity increases from 3.7 million tons to 10 million tons,the plant saves flotation cost 10 million yuan,generates benefits 2.8 million yuan.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 495K]

  • Transformation of flotation system in Quandian coal preparation plant

    XIONG Zhi-wei,SHI Hong-jun(Quandian Coal Preparation Plant,Henan Shenhuo Coal and Electricity Co.,Ltd.,Xuchang 461000,China)

    Before transformation,there were lots of problems existed in flotation system of Quandian coal preparation plant,such as low ash in tailings,large flotation reagents consumption,low processing capacity and a large number of mineral bearing froth in concentrates pool.The better transformation method is to build a new flotation workshop and replace flotation bed with two flotation machines.The results show that,the ash in tailings,clean coal yield,combustible material recovery increase by 55.61 percent,43.86 percent,44.51 percent respectively,the clean coal ash,flotation reagents consumption decrease by 0.29 percent,0.22 kg/t.The mineral bearing froth reduce remarkably.The increase processing capacity of pressure filter leads to one air compressor application.The incremental clean coal,saving electrical charge and flotation reagents amounts for 127.7074 million yuan.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 439K]

  • Optimization test of frother for slime flotation

    HOU Peng-hui(Shuguang Coal Industry Co.,Ltd.,Fenxi Mining(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Jiexiu 032308,China)

    The screen analysis of primary slime in Shuguang coal preparation plant indicates that it's high ash slime,in which there are lots of easy-degradation mineral substances.Due to mechanical entrapment,these mineral substances are easy to mix into clean coal.Taking primary slime in Shuguang coal preparation plant as research object,analyse the effect of different frothers and their usage amount on slime flotation.The results show that,there are three great combinations of GF oil,2-octanol and TY001,which are kerosene 400 g/t and GF oil 45 g/t,kerosene 300 g/t and 2-octanol 45 g/t,kerosene 400 g/t and TY001 45 g/t.Keeping reagents amount unchanged,2-octanol could recycle most of the combustible,then TY001,GF oil recycles the least combustible.Judging by flotation index,the TY001 is almost the same as 2-octanol,both are greater than GF oil.Adopting 2-octanol and TY001,the clean coal yield and flotation selectivity remarkably improve,the tailings ash is above 60 percent.When clean coal ash is less than 11 percent,the combination of kerosene and 2-octanol gets the maximum profits and the optimum dosage of kerosene,2-octanol are 300g/t and 45 g/t.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 645K]

  • Medium consumption reduction in Jisan coal preparation plant

    MA Shi-zhong,CHEN Jian-ping,LIU Xin-guo,JIN Ji-yuan,REN Zhen-dong(Jisan Coal Preparation Plant,Yanzhou Coal Mining Co.,Ltd.,Jining 272069,China)

    The analysis of dense-medium coal preparation process in Jisan coal preparation plant show that there are lots of problems,involving high moisture in slime,large slime content in primary underflow,high concentration washing water,unstable feeding into dense-medium cyclone,low medium recovery and the like.Through researching medium consumption,raw materials into clean coal and middlings magnetic separator and magnetic substance in tailings,find that large pore size of sieve plate of medium draining screen,low water pressure,frequent nozzle jaming,unstable feeding into clean coal and middlings magnetic separator and poor medium quality lead to high medium consumption.To resolve these problems,adjust the pore size of sieve plate,improve water pressure,transform nozzle of medium draining screen and dense-medium cyclone,guarantee medium quantity and so on.The results show that,the water and medium consumption remarkably drop.Compare with the medium consumption in June,2010,it decreases from 2.710 kg/t to 1.424 kg/t in June,2011,the water consumption decreases from 0.055 kg/t to 0.045 kg/t,save medium 1286 tons in one year which worth 1.94 million yuan.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 587K]

  • Transformation of discharging gate of NO.209 scraper conveyor in Xiaoqingkuang coal preparation plant

    SHI Qing-gui,LIU Jing-wen,CHEN Heng(Xiaoqingkuang Coal Preparation Plant,Tiefa Coal Industry Group Co.,Ltd.,Tieling 112702,China)

    The process analysis of NO.209 scraper conveyor discharging gates indicates that it's unhandy,low efficient,labor-intensive,high regulation frequency and the like.To resolve these problems,weld two racks to the back of discharging gates.The two-group transmission shaft consists of two couples counter gears and two shafts whose diameter is 40 mm.The reducer is driven by electrical machine.Select proper discharging gates,check the flexural strength and shear strength of transmission shaft to verify its rationality.After transformation,the clutch becomes easier,more reliable,it also helps to save operating time 16 minutes every day and reduce labor intensity.The application of electrical discharging gates improves working efficiency.No need to stop feeding coal,the relevant devices could be directly push in or out discharging gates.The plant could produce 48 tons more clean coal every day,increase 6.2541 million yuan every year.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 541K]

  • Process improvement in No.8 Mine coal preparation plant

    DAI Hua-zhen1,CHEN Sen-lin2,TANG Jun-jie1(1.Beijing Huayu Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Sino-China International Engineering Group,Beijing 100120,China; 2.No.8 Mine Coal Preparation Plant,Tian'an Coal Co.,Ltd.,Pingdingshan 467000,China)

    Analyse the raw coal properties through screen analysis and float-and-sink analysis.The results show that,the coal is fragile and the argillization of gangue is also difficult.Desliming process should be designed before preparation to avoid over crushing.The unreasonable crushing technology without preliminary screening and raw coal preparation without desliming lead to bad consequences such as lots of impurities in raw coal,quick-wearing of crusher,large medium consumption.So the pretreatment of raw coal is an essential process.Transform the coal preparation plant by adding graded crushing,decontaminating and desliming process.After transformation,the impurities in raw coal largely decrease,the working life of crusher is longer,the coal fines below 0.5 mm remarkably drop.With the increase of clean coal yield,the coal preparation plant earn more 50.40 million yuan per year,the dense-medium consumption decrease by 2.09 kg/t,saving production cost 1.091 million yuan.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 638K]

  • Influence law of coalification degree on coal bed methane characteristics

    FU Cai-guo,ZHANG Zhen-hong,HAO Chun-jian(Yongcheng Coal Electricity Group Co.,Ltd.,Henan Coal and Chemistry Industry Group Co.,Ltd.,Yongcheng 476600,China)

    The research of genetic types and formation of coal bed methane indicates that,there are two main genetic types,biogenesis and hydrothermal origin,the former is dominant while the second one is minor.The formation process of coal bed methane with different coalification degree show that it's composed of about four steps,such as the plants remains translate into peat stage,the lignite transition stage,from long flame coal to lean coal conversion stage,and the lean coal to anthracite stage.The storage characteristics of different coalification degree coal bed methane is elaborated from the coalification degree,that means,there are large differences among coal bed methane with different coalification degree.Especially the adsorption,desorption characteristics of coal bed methane effect the adsorption,desorption,reservoir seepage and the outputs of the whole process.The capacity of coal adsorption methane first increase dramatically,then decrease slowly with the increase of coalification degree.analyse the cause of accumulation difference of different coalification degree coal bed methane,which illustrate that the difference of the coal chemistry structural,coal physical structure and the geological conditions in the form of process of coal are the main reason to lead to the accumulation difference of different coalification degree.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 562K]

  • Lignite drying and properties of upgrading lignite

    MU Jing-jing1,2,ZHANG Xu-hui1,2,MIAO Wen-hua1,2,WU Peng1,2,JIANG Jun-qing1,2,ZHANG Pei-lin1,2(1.Stated Grid Electric Power Research Institute,Nanjing 210003,China; 2.Beijing Guodian Futong Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100070,China)

    Thermal gravimetic analysis of Inner Mongolia Xilinhot lignite shows that the drying and pyrolysis process is about 30 minutes,1.5 h.To thoroughly dry +100,100 to 50,-50 mm coal samples need 4.0,1.0,0.5 h respectively.The smaller the particle size of coal samples,the greater the weight loss rate and drying rate,the shorter the drying time required to achieve the same drying effect.The influence of drying temperature on the characteristics of the product,the spontaneous combuston characteristics and water re-absorption characteristics of drying and pyrolysis products show that,compared with lignite,the volatile content of products gotten at 150 ℃ and 200 ℃,increases by 33.72 percent and 31.13 percent and they are easier self-fire.The volatile matter of 550 ℃ pyrolysis products decrease by 30.89 percent while thermal stability is dramatically increase.Oxygen absorption quality of 150,200,500 ℃ products are enhanced by 0.43,0.65,0.72 cm3/g respectively.Drying coal ignition temperature is lower than lignite while the ignition temperature of the pyrolysis products is higher than the lignite.The maximum inherent moisture of pyrolysis lignite is decreased due to its changed pore structure.Therefore,the quality of drying lignite is basically the same as the lignite,while the quality performance of pyrolysis product is greatly improved.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 584K]

  • Comparison of float-and-sink yield between crushed coal and raw coal

    YU Tao,WEN Rui-cheng(Xiaoyi Jinhui Coking Co.,Ltd.,Xiaoyi 032300,China)

    The influence of sized fraction of raw coal on float-and-sink analysis show that,the clean coal yield varies greatly with the decrease of coal samples maximum nominal size.The smaller the sized fraction the higher clean coal yield.Changing the raw coal maximum size and crushing the coal samples,the float-and-sink tests show that,when the maximum nominal size is no greater than 50 mm,the clean coal yield improves by 16.41 percent,the middlings and gangue yield separately decrease 9.43 percent and 1.16 percent.That indicates coal samples reduction is beneficial for clean coal yield improvement.The plant need to pay extra loan.When the maximum nominal size is greater than 50 mm,the clean coal yield of +0.5 mm coal samples is 42.75 percent,which is 29.24 percent more than 55.25 percent of 50 ~0.5 mm coal samples cut by vehicle sampling machine.That means this nonexistent clean coal cost the plant lots of money.The float-and-sink tests results of coal samples cut by vehicle sampling machine is significantly different from that of +50 mm raw coal samples,so the only way the plant could get accurate float-and-sink tests results is to integrate and correct these two results.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 572K]

  • Research on coal sample reduction,division and drying

    YANG Xing-wei1,CHEN Bao-hua2,3,ZHANG Bao-qing2,3,SUN Gang2,3(1.Huanghua Laboratory of Shenhua Trading Group Co.,Ltd,Cangzhou 061113,China; 2.Coal Analysis Laboratory,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 3.State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources (China Coal Research Institute),Beijing 100013,China)

    Provide specific methods for resolving the problems related to coal samples reduction,division and drying.For the size fraction of crushed coal,all coal samples should be less than the spiculated size.In view of the existing problems of the current two test methods for moisture bias caused by coal sample reduction,provide a new moisture bias test method and test procedure.The coal sample size,variability of quality and required preparation precision are determinants of the gross sample mass.Analyse the relationship between the gross sample mass and its influencing factors.Elaborate issues,to which need to be paid attention during the application of riffle,nine-dot,quarter-cone,flattened-heap methods and mechanical division.When adopting two-step method to test the total moisture,explain the reasons why the temperature of the first drying step need to be below 40 ℃.Introduce the application principles of air drying method.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 589K]

  • Study on optimum grinding particle size of single coking coal

    WANG Jie-ping,XIE Quan-an,YAN Li-qiang,CHEN Jun-an,HU Jin-shan,LIANG Ying-hua(College of Chemical Engineering,Hebei United University,Tangshan 063009,China)

    To study the properties of coking coal in different granularity,analyse maceral and coal properties of different screening particle fractions on fat coal,1/3 coking coal,coking coal and meager lean coal.Carry out crucible coke experiments about different grinding granularity of single coal,also analyse influence of granularity on cold and hot strength of coke.The results show that,the vitrinite content increase and the inertinite content decrease with the decrease of the decrease of screening size.Ash content is mainly concentrated in the fines(particles are smaller than 1 mm) and coarse-grained fraction(particles are bigger than 10 mm),sulfur content is mainly concentrated in the fine-grained fraction(particles are smaller than 1 mm),granularity has little impact on volatile.It is better than others when the caking index within 1 mm to 5 mm grain size.Crucible coke experiment results show that,the hot strength of fat coal,1/3 coking coal,coking coal and such strong caking coal decrease when the granularity is less than 1 mm.Once the meager lean coal blended too much,there will be not enough active substance to wrap the inert components after the coal was finely grinded,this would cause a sharp decline on coke strength.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1018K]

  • Gasification of Shenhua coal with low ash fusibility

    WU Xiu-zhang,WU Guo-xiang,ZHAO Zong-kai(China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100011,China)

    Shenhua coal has lots of advantages such as low ash and sulphur content,high volatile matter,calorific capacity,water content,but its ash fusibility is below 1200 ℃.When treating Shenhua coal with Shell gasifier,membrane water wall of gasifier doesn't hang slag,synthesis gas cooler scales seriously,filter element filtering flying ash of dry synthesis gas fractures frequently,the carbon conversion is low,catalyst for carbon dioxide conversion is inactivated.By mixing 10 percent high ash and ash fusibility Shenhu Wuhai high-sulfur coal,increase the ash fusibility of mixed raw coal to be above 1250 ℃.This method resolves the above issues.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 887K]

  • Technologies of coal water mixture preparation with lignite or blending coal

    MA Yan-mei,JI Long,ZHAO Hong-yu,WANG Ji-hua,ZENG Ming(School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing),Beijing 100083,China)

    Based on China coal resource and poor slurrying property of lignite,provide that the coal water mixture concentration could be increased by making blending coal with lignite,then preparing coal water mixture with blending coal.Analyse the technologies of coal water mixture with lignite and blending coal at home and abroad.Introduce the development of these technologies at home.The results show that the existing coal blending technologies always use raw coal or lignite with better quality.In the future,more existing resources and lignite should be used to prepare coal water mixture in order to improve its concentration.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 641K]

  • Microwave extraction of Shenfu coal pyrolysis liquid products with coal tar distillation

    TIAN Wen-li,SUN Xian-Feng,HOU Cui-li,ZHANG Ya-Qin,ZHANG Sui-Ping (Shaanxi Coal Chemical Technology Engineering Centre Co.,Ltd.,Xi'an 710075,China)

    To improve the extraction rate of coal,investigate the industrial possibility of microwave-assisted extraction.With the assistance of microwave,taking low-temperature coal tar distillation of Shenfu coal as solvent,extract the Shenfu coal under the optimal operation condition,pyrolyze mixture at 510℃,then analyse the composition and properties of pyrolysis products.The results show that,the liquid products are composed of phenolic compounds,aromatic compounds and alkane.The phenolic compounds reach up to 50 percent,which involving phenol,C1 to C4 phenol,little C4 phenol.In phenols,the total content of phenol,C1 phenol,C2 phenol accounts for more than 70 percent,so these low grade phenol have to be separated before processing the liquid products.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 707K]

  • Efficient utilization of coal in SNG project

    AN Li-fei,LUAN Yong-liang(Shuangwei Investment Company,Beijing 100033,China)

    To efficiently utilize pea coal,pulverized coal and slime in coal preparation plant,based on the preparation data of coal preparation plant whose production capacity is 20 million tons per year and relevant coal quality,analyze the coal size and quality standards for different coal gasification technologies.Provide that the coal processing products could be efficiently used by combining different coal gasification technologies,such as combining crushed coal pressure gasification technology with pulverized coal pressure gasification technology,taking the mixture of pulverized coal,gangue and slime as raw material.The results show that,the coal utilization efficiency could be improved by rationalizing gasification units and raw materials composition of power station.At last,state the final project,the main technology route and peak shaving methods for large-scale SNG projects.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 701K]

  • Application of multiple hearth furnace in activated carbon industry

    FU Xiang1,2(1.Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources (China Coal Research Institute),Beijing 100013,China)

    To improve utilization rate of granular activated carbon,the spent activated carbon exhausted with wastewater treatment and other fields has to be regenerated.The multiple hearth furnace is an indispensable device for activated carbon production and regeneration.Introduce its structure,technological process as well as its five advantages.Emphasize its main technological parameters such as furnace temperature,shaft rotary speed,hearth pressure and steam volume.The results show that,with the growing consumption of activated carbon in wastewater treatment and HFCS(high fructose corn syrup) decolorization,it would be a trend that multiple hearth furance was applied to most of the granular activated carbon production and regeneration.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 765K]

  • Thermophysical properties of coke oven gas

    YUE Yi-feng,ZHANG Zhong-xiao,HU Guang-tao(School of Energy and Power Engineering,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,Shanghai 200093,China)

    The lack of thermal physical parameters leads to inaccurate heat transfer computation of sensible heat recovery of coke oven gas.Introduce the practical and thermophysical calculation composition of coke oven gas,analyse the viscosity,thermal coefficient,specific heat capacity of coke oven gas.Adopting thermophysical calculation composition,test and analyse the physical properties of coke oven gas by optimal mathematical model,deduce the computational formula of thermophysical properties of coke oven gas.Compare with literature value,the maximum deviation of viscosity,thermal coefficient,specific heat capacity of coke oven gas is-4.02 percent,-4.88 percent,-4.89 percent,which means the mathematical model could be used in engineering calculation.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 661K]

  • Thermal evaluation and analysis of low-temperature coal carbonization furnace

    HUA Jian-she,CHEN Hai-bo,WANG Jian-hong (College of Metallurgy Engineering,Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology,Xi'an 710055,China)

    Introduce the furnace profile of JS upright coal carbonization furnace,analyse the process of low-temperature carbonization of Shenfu coal in the furnace.Test the properties of coal as fired and semi-coke with the help of thermometer,flow meter.Infrared radiation thermometer and other testers,thermal test for the furnace.Through material balance and heat balance calculation,get that the thermal efficiency is 83.87 percent.Based on the furnace structure,the components of carbonization gas and the quality of semi-coke,discuss the influencing factors of low-temperature carbonization.The results show that the furnace has the characteristics of high efficiency,simple structure,easy to operate and so on.Combined with practical production,the thermal efficiency of the furnace is higher.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 719K]

  • Transformation of smashed coal pressurized gasifier

    LIU Hong-jian,LI Zong-yao (Research Institute of Henan Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd.,Zhengzhou 450046,China)

    The smashed coal pressurized gasifier has lots of disadvantages such as high water vapor consumption,large wastewater discharge which need high handing expenses.To resolve these problems,with the help of high-pressure pump,pump the coal gas water created by gasifier to the oxide layer of gasifier.The gasification of water would absorb part of heat.The water jet nozzle is made of special materials which would resist high-temperature,corrosion and abrasion.The results show that,pumping 2 tons coal gas water to one smashed coal pressurized gasifier per hour would saves 3.8 MPa,6 tons water vapor,generate 6 tons less wastewater,save operation cost 586 yuan.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 778K]

  • Burner selection for self-heating converter in reconversion process of pressurized fixed-bed raw coal gas

    ZHANG Qing-jiu1,WANG Guang-long2(1.Liaoning Datang International Fuxin Coal-To-SNG Co.,Ltd.,Fuxin 123000,China; 2.School of Chemical Engineering and Energy,Zhengzhou University,Zhengzhou 450000,China)

    The burner is the most important device in self-heating converter,which plays an essential role in reconversion process of pressurized fixed-bed raw coal gas.To improve conversion rate,compare the application objects and field,advantages and disadvantages,technical processes of six kinds of burners.The results show that,the burners could operate well when the pressure varies from micropositive pressure to 8.0 MPa,temperature changes from 880 ℃ to 1700 ℃.The indispensable characteristics of burner are introduced.Burning lignite in a chemical plant in Henan Province,analyse the raw gas composition.The results show that,the burner of Texaco gasifier could be used as experimental burner,which could meet the requirement of reconversion process of pressurized fixed-bed raw coal gas.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 830K]

  • Utilization of metallurgical coke powder

    ZENG Dan-lin,SHU Da-fan,YAN Tie-jun,SHI Xiao-ming,MA Ya-li,TIAN Yong-sheng,WANG Guang-hui (Hubei Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion and New Carbon Material,College of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Technology,Wuhan 430081,China)

    To better the utilization of metallurgical coke powder,analyse the sources and characteristics of coke powder.Research its application in coal blending for coking,preparation of formed coke for gasification,activated carbon,molecular sieve,electrode materials and the like.The application of metallurgical coke powder could remarkably decrease the cost,realize the rational utilization of resources.At last,forecast its exploration prospects.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 737K]

  • Transformation of UG-260/9.8-M_2 circulating fluidized bed

    LI Yi-min(Shanghai Datun Energy Co.,Ltd.,Xuzhou 221611,China)

    The analysis of UG-260/9.8-M2 CFB(circulating fluidized bed) show that,the furnace itself shakes violently,the bed doesn't fluidize materials equably,the coal couldn't be spreaded uniformly,the materials couldn't be recycled smoothly during debugging and operating.To resolve these problems,add anti-shaking devices and their expansion clearance,repour fireproofing of air distributor,increase air quantity which serves to spread coal,transform blast pipe and blast cap of rotary feeder.After transformation,all the above problems could be resolved.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 687K]

  • Research on IGCC evaluation model based on low-carbon emission

    WANG Chun-jing1,2,LIU Yuan-ming3,WU Li-xin1,2,CHEN Gui-feng1,2(1.Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.National Energy Technology & Equipment Laboratory of Coal Utilization and Emission Control,Beijing 100013,China; 3.Shandong Energy Xinwen Mining Group Co.,Ltd.,Xintai 271200,China)

    IGCC has many great advantages such as high power generation efficiency,low pollutant and CO2 emissions,perfect water-saving performance and the like.It's one of the cleanest and highest efficiency power generation system.Estabilish IGCC model based on low-carbon emissions,also develop the evaluation sub-model of IGCC-coal gasification system and gas-steam turbine combined cycle power generation system.Calculate the IGCC system efficiency,power supply standard coal consumption and unit power CO2 emissions of different coal qualities with these models.Compare the raw gas composition and thermal efficiency calculated by the model with those of practical power plants at home and international large-scale combined cycle units.The results show that the calculation results of model is accurate and reliable.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 845K]

  • Large-scale CO_2 recycling and utilization technologies

    YU Xiao-ni1,WANG Ning-bo2,ZHANG Jun-tao1(1.College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Xi'an Shiyou University,Xi'an 710065,China; 2.The Northwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry,Xi'an 710065,China)

    Rapid CO2 emission increase in the global scope and inefficient small-scale CO2 recycling and utilization technologies requires large-scale CO2 recycling and utilization technologies.Taking CCS(carbon capture and storage) and CCU(carbon capture and utilize) as examples,introduce geological storage,ocean storage,chemical transformation,biological transformation and the like.Illustrate the recycling principles,process routes,environmental protection,technological superiority and industrialized progresses of these technologies.The analysis of sealing ability,effects,technological bottleneck and industrialization promotion show that there are risks when the CCS technologies are applied in large scale.Comparative analysis indicates that chemical conservation is the most effective method for CO2 recycling and utilization.At last,introduce a series of advanced technologies with large-scale application potential.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 741K]

  • Solar coal gasification technology and it's development

    GUO Hong-jun,WANG Chang,CUI Man-tang,ZHANG Chao,LIU Yong-zhen,ZHANG Qian-long(Sun Yueqi Honors College,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou 221116,China)

    Gasify pulverized coal to water gas by solar.Research the influence of temperature,pulverized coal properties,airflow rate and other factors on conversion rate.Through lots of experiments,get the proportion of H2,CO,CO2 in mixture.The results show that,at lower temperature,the reaction is unstable and the hydrogen conversion rate is higher,and it generates less CO2.With the rise of temperature,the hydrogen conversion rate slowly decrease,and the conversion of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is very obvious.The conversion of pulverized coal reaches up to 99 percent,hydrogen 49 percent while the temperature varies from 1000 ℃ to 1050 ℃.During coal gas transformation,raising the temperature could significantly improve the reaction rate and effective gas conversion rate.Reducing oxygen content could simplify and power the reaction,which further enhance the coal gas yield.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 691K]

  • Application of new techniques for energy saving and consumption reduction in Majiliang coal preparation plant

    LI Chang-pu,LI Jian-ye,FAN Hai-long(Datong Zhongmei Export Coal Base Construction Co.,Ltd.,Datong 037007,China)

    In order to use energy efficiently in Majiliang coal preparation plant,aiming at existing problems,adopt four energy-efficient transformers and two pressure filters as well as four tiered coal feeders in boiler.Realize centralized control of raw coal flotation system and module system.Meanwhile,the use of new techniques and devices also reduces the coal consumption.The coal preparation plant saves electric charge 308 thousand yuan,clean coal 1190 tons,about 1.2005 million yuan.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 752K]

  • Transformation of ground storage and transportation system in Pingdingshan Coal Mine Group 2

    GAO Shu-qin(Pingdingshan Pingmei Design Institute Co.,Ltd.,Pingdingshan 467000,China)

    Before transformation,the function of ground storage and transportation system in Pingdingshan Coal Mine Group 2 is simple.The storage of coal bunker is so small that the F group and G group coal have to be stored outside.So the mixture of these two groups is unavoidable.The transformation takes full account of the investment,effect,benefits,transformation period,operability,environmental requirement and the like.It also combines the original devices,coal bunker with advanced technologies and technical process.Meanwhile,the system realizes centralized control,both automation and intensive degree are improved.The results show that,after transformation,the production capacity reaches up to 3 Mt/a,the F group and G group coal could be stored and conveyed separately,which creates the conditions for coal deep processing.The product structure is adjusted,which serves to enhance the risk resistance capability of enterprise and reduce the environmental pollution during coal storage and transportation.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 738K]

  • Transformation of coal loading system in large-scale coal storage yard

    WANG Zheng-shu,ZHOU Xue-dong(China Coal Pingshuo Coal Co.,Ltd.,Shuozhou 036006,China)

    Daqin railway undertakes the task of transporting coal from Shanxi Province,Inner Mongolia Province to other areas in China.There are lots of hidden dangers due to long-term overloaded transporting and behindhand devices which can't meet the speed-raising demand.Eliminating overload and unbalanced load means less coal loading amount,which directly influences the benefits of coal company.Through the analysis of conveying belt load,characteristics of carried materials,operation techniques and loading technological process,provide methods improving loading speed,reducing the frequency of overload and unbalanced load and shortfall.The results show that the shortfall decreases from 1.2 percent to 0.8 percent,the frequency of overload and unbalanced load sharply reduces,the loading time is less than 2.5 hour.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 917K]

  • Hydrogeological characteristics in Jijiajing mining area of Ningdong coal field

    YANG Ying-jun,ZHENG Jun-mao,SONG Xing-wu(School of Energy Resources,China University of Geoscience,Beijing 100083,China)

    To study the hydrogeological characteristics and evaluate the coal geological conditions in Jijiajing mining area of Ningdong coal field,analyse the aquifer system,aquifuge system,the relationship between tectonic and water abundance,the supply,runoff,excretion conditions of groundwater.The results show that the aquifer systems contain Quaternary and Paleogene unconsolidated layers pore phreatic water,weathered rock fissured water,confined water in pores or fissures of Jurassic Formation,sandstone water of Yanan Formation.Aquifuge systems contain Quaternary and Paleogene aquifuge,mudstone aquifuge of Anding Formation and upper Jurassic Formation,mudstone aquifuge of Yanan Formation.The water abundance of bedrock confined groundwater has a relationship with geological structure,and high-angle thrust fault easier to be water conductivity structure.Migration direction,vertical evaporation and vertical infiltration of groundwater are the main factors of supply,runoff,and excretion of groundwater.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 760K]

  • Influence of import incidence angle on flow field of horizontal screw decanter centrifuge

    QIU Fa-hua1,WU Lei2(1.Zhangji Coal Preparation Plant,Huainan Mining Industry(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Huainan 232000,China; 2.CBMI,Tangshan 064000,China)

    Build 3D model for the flow field in spiral flow channel of horizontal screw decanter centrifuge.Combined with post-processing CFD software fluent,RNG k-ε turbulence model and multiple reference frame(MRF) model,the 3D model serves to simulate solid-liquid phase flow in centrifuge when the import incidence angle varies in four kinds of angles.The results show that,when the incidence angle is 30°,the sludge fed through import causes smaller disturbance to flow field,the moisture of sludge is lower in taphole.The model could basically reflect the actual flow situation.The simulation results provide reference for analyzing the influence of centrifuge parameters on separation effect and optimizing structures of centrifuge.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1005K]

  • Positive effect of air assistant on nozzle's characteristics in quench chamber of gasifier

    ZHU Hui,CAO Jian-ming,GUO Guang-xiang,CHEN Hai-long(School of Automobile,Chang ' an University,Xi 'an 710064,China)

    According to the spray-quench chamber's size and operating conditions,design four kinds of pressure atomizing nozzles with different structures.Using Malvern laser particle size analyser and digital single reflex camera,research the atomization performance parameters such as sauter mean diameter(SMD) and spray angles while varying differential pressure and water flow.Optimize these four kinds of nozzles.The results show that,increasing pressure and decreasing water flow,the droplets diameter decrease,the air assistant could improve remarkably atomization effect.With the increase of differential pressure,the spray angle first increase,then tend to flatten.The droplets diameter,spray angle and other parameters level off when the differential pressure reaches up to 0.4 MPa.Adopting the #1-2 inner recirculation nozzle,the minimum SMD could reach 16 when the air pressure is 0.8 MPa,the water flow is 20 L/h.So choose the #1-2 inner recirculation nozzle for spray-quench chamber's large-scale cold model experiments.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1012K]

  • Layout of recycle gas compressor in chilling process of coal gasification

    JIANG Da-bo,ZHANG Hong-wei(Wuhuan Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Wuhan 430223,China)

    As one of the coal gasification technology having realized industrial production,Shell coal gasification process is the only one adopting chilling process.It's advantages in energy saving and consumption reduction would broaden its application in other gasification process in the future.Emphasize the layout of recycle gas compressor in chilling process.The results show that the layout of compressor meets the requirement of fire prevention at home.The research could provide the theoretical reference for other coal gasification technology with chilling process.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 757K]

  • Intelligent measurement system for draft survey of coal

    WANG Wan-yao(Shenhua Trading Group Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100011,China)

    To meet modern port management demands,develop an intelligent measuring system for draft survey of coal based on gauge image acquisition and processing.Introduce its design concept,hardware and software structure as well as the key technologies.The traditional visual observation is replaced by the digital single lens reflex camera which is used for gauge image acquisition,the electronic level bar helps to measure ship motions.Combining the digital image processing technology of morphology and BP neural network,recognize the draft and calculate the average value.A series of processing average value is gotten in order to reduce the interference of waves.All data in the measurement are recorded in the database,which make it possible for the verification of results.

    2012 04 v.18;No.80 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 1060K]