• Development and prospect of coal science and technology in China

    YANG Li1,2(1.Department of Science and Technology,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources (China Coal Research Institute),Beijing 100013,China)

    The rapid economic growth relies on a steady energy supply.The benign operation of China's economic puts forward higher requirements to coal industry.The sustained,stable,healthy development of coal industry is inseparable from the progress of science and technology.The development of coal technology at home and abroad is introduced briefly.The main achievements of coal technology used in the fields of coal resources and geological exploration,coal mining,coal processing and utilization,coal-bed gas resources exploitation and utilization,are summarized.Analyze problems with the development of coal science and technology in China.Considering the development target of coal technology formulated in the "12th Five-Year Plan",imagine the future of coal technology development.

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  • Application of predesliming dense-medium separation technology in Xingtai coal preparation plant

    SU Su-fang(Technology Center,Jizhong Energy Resources Co.,Ltd.,Xingtai 054000,China)

    In order to resolve the problems in Xingtai coal preparation plant such as poorer separation effect,lower processing capacity and separation accuracy,higher medium consumption,transform the process by adding predesliming process,adopting large diameter three-product cyclone,using CSS to separate coarse slime,recovering tailings which is pumped into transport water.After transformation,the clean coal ash decreases by 0.22 percent,the clean coal yield increases by 4.39 percent,the processing capacity of desliming dense-medium cyclone increases by around 4 percent.The content of coal in middings and gangue decreases,the mass fraction of coal feed which is feeded into magnetic separator decreases from 26.72 percent to 17.02 percent.The recovery of magnetic materials increases by 0.15 percent,gangue content in clean coal decreases by 50 percent,medium consumption per ton of coal decreases from 2.81 kg to 1.31 kg.After separation by CCS coarse slime separator,the yield of clean coal increases by 9.85 percent,reaches 44.17 percent,the ash content of coarse slime,which decreases by 18.18 percent,basically keeps below 9 percent.The benefits of Xingtai coal preparation plant reaches 31.6610 million yuan every year after transformation.

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  • Application of coarse slime separation technology in Anjialing coal preparation plant

    WANG Zheng-shu,ZHOU Xue-dong(China Coal Pingshuo Coal Co.,Ltd.,Shuozhou 036006,China)

    The possibility of adopting coarse slime separation technology in Anjialing coal preparation plant is analyzed from three aspects:The influence of different raw coals on product structure,whether the original technology meets the demands of larger throughput capacity,the effect of transformation.The coarse slime separation technologies before and after transformation are compared.The results show that TBS coarse slime separation technology improves the processing capacity of system,lightens the thickener load,promises the stable production of pressure filter and thickener,improves the lower limit of separation of dense-medium cyclone and processing capacity of medium drainage screen,reduces fine slime accumulation and medium consumption,betters the dehydration effect of centrifuge in slack coal treatment process.The proper separation density ranges from 1.20 g/cm3 to 1.25 g/cm3,the backwater pressure is 95 L/min.After transformation,the processing capacity of single system increases from 750 t/h to 850 t/h,the clean coal yield increases by 2.92 percent,the profit increases by 7.0080 million yuan every month.

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  • Transformation of slime water processing system in Zhaogu No.2 coal preparation plant

    REN Jian-min1,LIU Lei2,FAN He-gao1(1.Jiaozuo Coal Co.,Ltd.,Henan Coal Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd.,Jiaozuo 454150,China; 2.School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou 221008,China)

    There are some problems in the production process of Zhaogu No.2 coal preparation plant,such as unstable flotation process,inadequate throughput capacity of pressure filter and defective closed water circuit and the like.Considering additive amount of reagents,settling velocity,compression altitude and clarification degree of supernatant,design slime flocculation and setting experiments.The results show that the concentrated effect is the best while the amount of coagulant TLT8840,whose mass fraction is 1.0 percent,is 0.20 mL,the amount of flocculant TLT8610,whose mass fraction is 0.1 percent,is 0.15 mL.Also optimize and transform reagents preparation system,conveying equipments and dosing points.After transformation,the closed water circuit works well.The production cost and water consumption decrease,solve the pollution problem completely.The reagents cost decreases from 0.44 yuan per ton to 0.31 yuan per ton which means the plant would achieve about 390 thousand yuan in reagent cost saving,about 650 thousand yuan in electricity cost saving annually.Thanks to the modification,the coal preparation plant truly realizes the whole-size fraction separation.The increased clean coal annually worthes as much as 7.2 million yuan.

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  • Application of pressure filter in Liuzhuang coal preparation plant

    QI Shan-xiang(Beijing Huayu Zhongxuan Clean Coal Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100120,China)

    The structural characteristics,technical parameters and working principle of pressure filter are introduced.To solve these problems,which are lower throughput capacity,higher slime moisture and washing water concentration,serious noise pollution in Liuzhuang coal preparation plant,reform the process from the following six aspects:Adjust the working parameters of pressure filter to improve the effect of slime recycle,mix crude material into slime water to adjust granularity composition,optimize the filter aperture to improve filter efficiency,scientifically select the treatment agents of slime water to improve throughput capacity,perfect slime water treatment process to meet the requirements,transform muffler to eliminate noise.After technological transformation,every index of slime product reaches the expected effect.The throughput capacity of slime recycle equipment has been improved,slime in concentrated pool can be completely recycled,and the concentration of recycled water is controlled below 0.1 g/L to ensure the quality of coal products.Optimize the structure of slime products,the coal preparation plant achieves a total increasing income of 3.20 million yuan,annual saves magnetic powder 0.72 million yuan,material cost about 0.10 million yuan.

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  • Transformation of slime water processing system in Jisan coal preparation plant

    CHAI Lin-lin,GUO Bin-bin,XING Cong-cong(Jisan Coal Preparation Plant,Yanzhou Coal Mining Co.,Ltd.,Jining 272069,China)

    The analysis of slime water processing treatment in Jisan coal preparation plant shows that there are a host of causes lead to the coarse slime leakage such as the mass overflow from slime water bucket,the over-sized material into pressure filtration and circulation system.Large amounts of slack coal and clean coal in centrifugate,after centrifuging by screen centrifuge,directly mix into middlings as slime,the coal above 0.1753 mm leaks into slime water,that means lots of clean coal is lost.So the key to solve these problems is to control the overflow of slime water bucket and cyclone as well as the size of matericals into smudge tank.Transform the slime water processing system from the following aspects:Add overflow weir around slime water bucket,increase angle of inclination of sieve plate,build aggregate bucket,install vibrating screen and sieve bend,recover coarse slime by pumping all the water from smudge tank into slime water bucket.The results show that,after transformation,the coarse slime is prevented from leaking into pressure filtration system,the treatment efficiency of slime water processing system and clean coal yield have increased,the accident rate has decreased.Jisan coal preparation plant recovers slack clean coal 3652.11 tons every year,which values 1.8991 million yuan.

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  • Application of FCA atomization-decline pulp preprocessor in Linhuan coal preparation plant

    GAO Lei1,OU Zhan-bei2(1.Linhuan Coal Preparation Plant,Huaibei Mining(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Huaibei 233610,China; 2.Marketing Department,Huaibei Mining(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Huaibei 235000,China)

    Introduce the structure and working principle of FCA atomization-decline pulp preprocessor.Through proximate analysis of coal,analyze the relationship between the dosage of flotation agent and wind pressure,diameter of the fog drop.Compare the flotation indices of the preprocessor with those of conventional pulp preparation devices.The results show that,keeping the wind pressure unchanged,the diameter of the fog drop doesn't increase obviously with the increase of flotation agent,which means the pneumatic jet type atomizer has good serviceability in a wide range of wind pressure.The proper wind pressure for Linhuan coal preparation plant is 0.08 MPa.There are no remarkable differences between these two pulp preprocessors.But the FCA could save flotation agent by 23.96 percent,which also has some considerable advantages such as reducing energy consumption and pollutant emission,no need of additional motive force,less maintenance and the like.Adopting the FCA,the coal preparation plant would save 3.0633 million yuan on flotation agent expenses,128.2 thousand kWh on electricity bills.

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  • Technical reform of the second-stage slime water processing system in Xinyang coal preparation plant

    SHI Hou-sheng1,2(1.College of Mining Engineering,Taiyuan University of Technology,Taiyuan 030024,China; 2.Xinyang Coal Preparation Plant,Fenxi Mining(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Xiaoyi 032300,China)

    Analyze the problems existed in second-stage slime water processing system in Xinyang coal preparation plant.Transform classification concentration hydrocyclone units process,in order to eliminate coarse slime leakage.The results show that,the mass fraction of particles above 1 mm is reduced from more than 10 percent to about 1 percent in pulp,particles above 0.5 mm in overflow from 2325 classification concentration hydrocyclone is controlled below 5 percent,particles below 0.25 mm in underflow is decreased to less than 20 percent,the ash content in underflow from 2330 classification concentration hydrocyclone ranges from 9 percent to 11 percent.The transformation effectively makes up the shortcomings in original process,solves the serious problems of coarse slime leakage.

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  • Transformation of flow rate limiting devices in Chengzhuang coal preparation plant

    ZHAO Ping-sheng1,FENG Jin-li1,WANG Ran-feng2(1.Coal Preparation Department,Jincheng Anthracite Mining(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Jincheng 048006,China; 2.College of Mining Technology,Taiyuan University of Technology,Taiyuan 030024,China)

    The analysis of influencing factors of coal preparation system show that,maximizing the flow rate could remarkably improve the production efficiency of Chengzhuang coal preparation plant.Based on the theory of net work maximal flow and the analysis of production system composition,find that the main conveyor belt and 307,308,309,310 screening equipments strongly influence the flow rate.Both conveying capacity of main belt conveyor and processing capacity of sieve are improved by adopting three sets of 900 kW driving devices and relative inverter,and using YK3052 model for screen 307,308,2ZK3052 model for screen 309,310.The results show that,after transformation,the maximum flow in networks is improved to 1500 t/h,the production capacity is increased from 4.00 million tons per year to 8.04 million tons per year,and electricity power is saved 53.868 million kilowatt per year.Without introducing other auxiliary equipments,Chengzhuang coal preparation plant maximizes the current equipments and would provide theoretical reference for the transformation of other coal preparation plants.

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  • Characterization of fractal theory on the size and pore of pulverized coal

    LU Gui-ping(Wuhan Design and Research Institute,China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Co.,Ltd.,Wuhan 430064,China)

    Introduce the fractal theory definition and its two remarkable characteristics,self-similarity and invariant scale.From the aspects of fractal pattern and coal fines grinding superfine fractal,super-fine of pulverized coal is studied.The results indicate that,in the process of grinding,most of energy is consumed by grinding fine particles.Bigger fractal dimension and more irregular particle shape consume more energy.Three methods of gas absorption operation,mercury intrusion method and scanning electron microscopy image are described in detail.The fractal characteristics of pulverized coal size and pore as well as the research status at home and abroad are stated.The relationship between the coal grinding,efficient combustion,coal particle and development of pore degree and the relationship between the coal pore characteristics and form of gas existing are explained mainly.Based on the research,offer the direction for pulverized coal size and pore research.

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  • Hot press upgrading experiment of Baorixile lignite

    WANG Ji-hua,MA Yan-mei,ZHAO Hong-yu,JI Long,ZENG Ming(School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing),Beijing 100083,China)

    Introduce the advantages of pneumatic drying techniques,carry out the hot press upgrading experiments of Baorixile lignite with hot press upgrading(HPU) testing line.The coal sample thermal analysis indicates that the proper drying temperature for Baorixile lignite is between 105 ℃and 371 ℃.The influence of drying temperature,feeding frequency on moisture of upgrading coal fines which directly affects the quality of briquette show that the moisture of upgrading coal fines decreases with the increase of drying temperature,increases with the increase of feeding frequency.The proper drying temperature for Baorixile lignite is between 220 ℃ and 320 ℃,feed frequency is between 30 Hz and 50 Hz.The suitable moisture for upgrading coal ranges from 5 percent to 13 percent,the optimum moisture for upgrading coal fines ranges from 5 percent to 8 percent.When all the variables are in the appropriate ranges,unconfined compressive strength is up to 900 Newton per one,falling strength is over 80 percent.Therefore,it is feasible that dewatering and drying Baorixile lignite using the pneumatic drying technique as the flue gas drying medium.The results provide the basis for expanding the processing and utilization pathway of the Baorixile lignite,serving as a reference for other regions.

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  • Appraisal of coalbed methane resources in Jiaozuo coalfield

    YAN Chun-zhong1,GUO Shuang-qing1,ZHANG Wen-zhong2(1.No.3 Team,Coal Geological Bureau of Henan Province,Xinxiang 453003,China; 2.China United Coalbed Methane Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100011,China)

    Coal field geology and structural characteristics of Jiaozuo coalfield show evidence that the coal seams of Jiaozuo coalfield is part of Carboniferous-Permian coal seams in North China,the number of coalseam ranges from 11 to 14 in this area and the main minable seams are seam Ⅱ1 of Shanxi Formation(P1s) and seam Ⅰ1 of Taiyuan Formation(C3t).The fault structure is divided into three groups,nearly east-west,north-east and north-west,according to its structure distribution.The coal in Jiaozuo coalfield is anthracite with high quality,the thickness is between 0.71 m and 11.32 m with simple structure.The average thickness is 5.13 m.In general,there are no interband seam,in some special areas there may be one or two interband seams.Coal seam Ⅱ1 is the target seam with higher gas content,which ranges from 0.82 m3 per ton to 38.75 m3 per ton.The average content is 16.31 m3 per ton.The gas content tends to rise with the increase of coal buried depth.The geological reserves of coal bed methane of seam Ⅱ1 is about 84.34 billion m3 calculated using volumetric method.The geographical,resource,market conditions of Jiaozuo coalfield are well proof that this coalfield has broad market prospects.

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  • Forecast of maximum reflectance of vitrinite in coal blending

    CHANG Liang,BAI Yun-qi,ZHOU Guo-jiang(College of Resources and Environmental Engineering,Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology,Harbin 150027,China)

    To study the differences of maximum reflectance of vitrinite between single coal and coal blending,nine kinds of single coal and eighteen coal blendings which were prepared by uniform design method are chosen to investigate the maximum reflectance of vitrinite,the determination method is widely used in coal petrographic analysis.The results show that the maximum reflectance of vitrinite in single coal ranges from 0.882 percent to 1.446 percent,which meets the requirements of vitrinite reflectance distribution of coking coal.The reflectance of eighteen coal blendings is between 0.839 percent and 1.259 percent.It's also found that the R value of mathematics model,establishing by uniform design method,is over 0.9999,which is more suitable for calculation of vitrinite reflectance than conventional method.

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  • Random error analysis of coal mechanical sampling

    MAO Guang-jian1,2,SUN Gang1,2(1.Laboratory of Coal Analysis,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources(China Coal Research Institute),Beijing 100013,China)

    Analyze the random errors in every process of coal mechanical sampling,the variance serves to represent the random errors in test results of the single primary increment,the single gross sample and a series of gross samples.The process of coal mechanical sampling can be divided into four stages which are taking primary increment,on-line sample preparation,off-line sample preparation and testing.Provide three methods to check the random errors of each stage,which are duplicate sampling with double cuts,duplicate sampling during routine cuts and recovering waste samples.The errors of each stage can be checked either separately or as a whole if there is connection between certain stages.The variance of on-line sample preparation is an important parameter to estimate the number of increments in a sampling unit,whose influencing coefficient is the same as that of the primary increment variance,so the two stages can be checked as a whole.The methods of checking the random errors of each stage would give reference for the design of dedicated mechanical sampling scheme.

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  • Application of two-stage dry pulverized coal pressurized gasification technology in SNG process

    ZHENG Jian-tao,XU Shi-sen,REN Yong-qiang(China Huaneng Group Clean Energy Technology Research Institute,Xi'an 710032,China)

    Analyze China's current natural gas reserves and utilization of synthetic natural gas(SNG).Introduce the critical technological processes in SNG preparation,which are coal gasification,carbon monoxide conversion,synthetic gas purification,methanation,compression and drying.The characteristics of two-stage dry pressurized gasification technology with quench and waste heat boiler process are introduced in detail as well as its application in SNG preparation.The related technological parameters and effect of production of billion standard cubic per year SNG based on the gasification technology are simulated.The project is analyzed from the technological and economic perspectives.Finally,gasification technology principles applied to SNG process are summarized.Meanwhile,provide suggestions for the development of SNG.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 463K]

  • Application of PSRK-UNIFAC model in vapor-liquid equilibria prediction under high temperatures and pressures during coal direct liquefaction

    MAO Xue-feng1,2(1.Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources (China Coal Research Institute),Beijing 100013,China)

    State a group of contribution equation of state,PSRK-UNIFAC,which is obtained by combining the excess Gibbs free energy mixing rule,the UNIFAC model and SRK equation of state.The PSRK-UNIFAC equation of state serves to predict and associate the vapor-liquid equilibria of twenty-four components of high temperature separator during coal direct liquefaction,also calculate the components of vapor-liquid.The results show that,the calculated value is constant with the literature value and the PSRK-UNIFAC equation of state could predict the vapor-liquid equilibria under high temperature,high pressure,strong asymmetric and polar situation.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 231K]

  • Application of triethylene glycol(TEG) dehydration technology in SNG process and its influencing factors

    ZHU Rui-chun(Yili Xintian Coal Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.,Yining 835000,China)

    The water precipitating from SNG would corrode the pipelines which serve to transport SNG,so SNG should be dewatered deeply until its dew point is lower than environmental temperature.The TEG dehydration technology is widely used in SNG process for high dehydration efficiency,lower dew point after dewatering,small investment and operating cost,easy operation and the like.Introduce the dehydration principle,technological process,major equipments and the anticorrosion measures,analyze the influence of wet gas temperature,mass fraction and circulating volume of TEG,operating pressure of absorption column on dehydration efficiency.Introduce the application of TEG dehydration pry in SNG projects under construction at home,the technological processes are compared before and after dehydration.

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  • Properties and utilization of coal direct liquefaction residue

    GU Xiao-hui1,2(1.Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources(China Coal Research Institute),Beijing 100013,China)

    In order to improve the utilization of coal direct liquefaction residue,introduce its current research status from four aspects,which are composition of residue,structural,pyrolysis and dissolution characteristics.The results show that the residue reserves partical raw coal properties in composition and structure.According to analysis of investigation methods such as thermogravimetric analysis(TGA),laboratory moving-bed,small-sized coke oven or autoclave,study the pyrolysis characteristics of residue.When it comes to dissolubility,the residue displays different characteristics in different solutions.At last,discuss the utilization status of coal direct liquefaction residue and existing problems.

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  • Forecast of calorific value of coal in Balunnuoer NO.1 coal mine

    CHEN Xiao-hua1,WANG Ju-long2(1.Shenyang Design and Research Institute,China Coal Technology and Engineering Group Co.,Ltd.,Shenyang 110015,China; 2.Shenck(Tianjin) Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100010,China)

    Get seventeen groups coal analysis data of Balunnuoer NO.1 coal mine,involving Mad,Ad,Hdaf and Qgr,d.Deduce the multiple regression equation about the calorific value of coal and Mad,Ad based on the principle of multiple regression analysis.The R test,F test,t test show that the regression equation has practial value.However,the results are not accurate.So the support vector machine(SVM) is adopted to revise the preliminary forecasting results on a small scale.The results show that,through revising,the overall forecasting accuracy is greatly improved and it's more efficient than conventional methods.

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  • Separation and purification of acenaphthylene from wash oil of coal tar

    ZHANG Zhen-hua,WANG Rui,ZHAO Xin,SHI Hui-wen(College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Lanzhou University,Lanzhou 730000,China)

    To overcome shortcomings of distillation and recrystallization in extracting acenaphthene from wash oil,provide the process of rectification-azeotropic distillation-recrystallization.The results show that,the added process can further refine the acenaphthylene,which is pretreated in rectification stage.The improved process doesn't need many times of recrystallization,so reduce the loss of acenaphthene.The purity of acenaphthene reaches up to 99.6 percent.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 297K]

  • Relationship between carboxy reactivity of coal and properties of raw coal

    ZHAO Qi1,2(1.Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources(China Coal Research Institute),Beijing 100013,China)

    Four kinds of coal samples with different metamorphic grades were tested in order to improve carboxy reactivity of coal.Based on the relative national standards,made proximate analysis of coal,meanwhile,measured caking index,plastometer indices and lithotype of coal.The carboxy reactivity of four kinds of raw coal were analyzed between 800 ℃ and 1100 ℃ according to GB/T 220-2001 determination of carboxy reactivity of coal.The results show that the reactivity increases slowly within the first 150 ℃,while the temperature is above 950 ℃,it begins to sharply increase.The ratio of active components to inert components has the parabola relation with the carboxy reactivity of coal,while the ratio is about 1.9,the reactivity gets minimum.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 463K]

  • Combustion kinetics of mixed coal blending bituminous coal with anthracite

    JIANG Xu1,3,LV Ying-li2,XING Xiang-dong3,ZHANG Jing4(1.Biochemical Engineering Department,Xianyang Vocational Technical College,Xianyang 712000,China; 2.Electrical Engineering Department,Jiyuan Vocational Technical College,Jiyuan 454650,China; 3.State Key Laboratory of Advanced Metallurgy,University of Science and Technology Beijing,Beijing 100083,China; 4.Shaanxi Xinghua Chemical Co.,Ltd.,Xingping 713100,China)

    The influence of additive amount of bituminous coal on anthracite combustion is systematically analyzed with thermogravimetric analysis(TGA).The results show that,the combustion process is composed of three stages,which are strongly influenced by the additive amount of bituminous coal and heating rate.The increase of bituminous coal makes DTG curves towards low temperature area.The Si,Ca,Al,Fe,S,P are the essential mineral of experimental coal,while the content of Mg,Zn,K,Na,Cl are lower.All thses mineral exist as oxide,silicate,carbonate,sulfate,chlorid and phosphate and so on.During low temperature combustion,the volatilization of mineral has little influence on combustion ratio of mixed coal.The iso-conversional method involving Flynn-Wall-Ozawa(FWO) methods is used for the kinetic analysis of the main combustion process.The results show that,when the additive amount of bituminous varies from 0 to 100 percent,the value of activation energy,which would sharply reduce if the additive amount of bituminous is under 60 percent,increases from 133.94 kJ/mol to 78.03 kJ/mol.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 654K]

  • Numerical simulation of influence of demarcation plates on gas-liquid two-phase flow characteristics in scrubbing-cooling chamber of gasifier

    WU Xuan1,WU Wen-fei1,LI Tie2,YUAN Zhu-lin3(1.Inner Mongolia Key Laboratory for Utilization of Baiyun Obo Multi-Metallic Resources, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology,Baotou 014010,China; 2.School of Energy and Power Engineering,Northeast Dianli University,Jilin 132012,China; 3.School of Energy and Environment,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China)

    To improve the mass transfer efficiency of scrubbing-cooling chamber of gasifier,study the influence of gasifier pool's structure and demarcation plates in liquid pool on gas-liquid two-phase flow characteristics.Through numerical simulation experiments,focus on the influence of demarcation plates.Based on the image processing technology,obtain wetted perimeter data from numerical simulation results,which well illustrates the specific impact of demarcation plates.Also discuss how to better utilize the distribution of demarcation plates.The results show that the demarcation plates can obviously increase wetted perimeter,reduce liquid level fluctuation.The demarcation plates shouldn't be installed too high.Proper size and number of pores helps to utilize bubber characteristics.The crossed demarcation plates are more beneficial to distributing uniformly bubble than the parallel demarcation plates.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 774K]

  • Status and transformation measures of industrial coal-fired boiler in China

    YU Jie1,2(1.Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of High Efficient Mining and Clean Utilization of Coal Resources(China Coal Research Institute),Beijing 100013,China)

    The average boiler capacity has been increasing year by year in China,especially the coal-fired boiler,whose capacity and quantity have accounted for around 65 percent of the total capacity and quantity.Based on the national standards of energy saving and emission reduction,analyzed the problems of boiler,especially the coal-fired boilers.The results show that the overall boiler technology is backward,single-boiler capacity is lower and the dust extraction and desulfuration technology is unadvanced.The coal-fired boilers dischage large amounts of pollutant and the automatic control system also can't work well.The quality of feed coal is so instable that it can't meet the demand of boiler designment.The supervision and management systems for boiler energy saving are faulty.In order to resolve those problems,put forward some methods,which are as followed.Encourage the use of oil-fired,gas-fired or electrically heated boiler in urban centers.Extend new types of high efficient pulverized coal boiler.Transform current energy saving and emission reduction technology with venture capital,which would improve the efficiency of industrial coal-fired boiler and reduce pollutant emission.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 189K]

  • Influence of industrial boiler transformation on energy utilization ratio of heating system

    HE Xin-liang(Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute,Shanghai 200071,China)

    To improve the energy utilization ratio of heating system,just transforming industrial boiler is not enough.Establish energy balance model based on the characteristics of the heating system.Set up formulae for calculating conventional heating system and condensate recycling heating system.Transform the industrial boiler,energy consumption devices and condensate recycling system respectively,then compare the effect of separate transformations with that of comprehensive transformation.The results show that the latter gets far better effect.At last,provide a series of suggestions for heating system transform.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 279K]

  • Utilization of calcium carbide furance exhaust for production of chemical products

    LIU Hong-jian(Research Institute of Henan Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd.,Zhengzhou 450046,China)

    Calcium carbide furnaces produce as large as 3.5 billion stere exhaust in China,which are mainly used in boiler combustion,calcined lime production,coke drying and power generation.The efficiency of those utilization methods is extremely low because only combustion heat can be used.The major component of exhaust is carbon monoxide.In order to make better use of exhaust,the initial exhaust is treated through impurity removal process,then the treated exhaust is used to produce acetic acid,formic acid,phosgene,ammonia,fatty alcohol,methanol,natural gas,ethylene glycol and so on.The results show that this process is feasible in technical aspect and it also has obvious economic and environmental benefits.Once this process is applied in coal chemical industry,the exhaust utilization efficiency would be dramatically improved,because some kinds of synthesis gas can be replaced by exhaust.That means not so much coal resources would be consumed and carbon dioxide emission would largely decrease.This research also provides basis for the synergetic development of environment and economy.

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  • Application of frequency conversion technology for energy saving in Chengrong coal preparation plant

    ZHAO Jian-feng(Automatic Engineering Center,Tangshan Branch,Tiandi Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063012,China)

    A great many of coal preparation plants adopting dense-medium separation process have been trying their best to reduce energy consumption and protect environment in order to meet the requirements of national standards.Adopting sinusk transducer Chengrong coal preparation plant which belongs to Shanxi Coal International Energy Company adjusts and controls qualified dense-medium pump 304,high-precision magnetic pump 328,gangue transportation pump,feed pump 402 in flotation process,water circulating pump 604,whose power is 450 kW,200 kW,90 kW,185 kW,200 kW respectively.The sum of these equipments' capacity account for 33.3 percent of the total capcity.The transducer helps to save as much as two million yuan every year.Since these high-power equipments are adjusted and controlled by the transducer,both sound pollution and mechanical wear of pipeline pumps reduce.The transducer not only lengthens the useful life of pipelines,also saves the manpower and material resources.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 438K]

  • Sedimentary characteristics of coal bearing strata in Yanan Formation of Jijiajing mining area Ningdong coal field

    XIA Hao-dong(Territorial Resources Object Geological Information Center,Ministry of Land and Resources,Yanjiao 065201,China)

    Conducted a detailed analysis of the sedimentary characteristics from followed aspects:Lithological combination,minable coal seams,thickness variation,sedimentary structure,physical properties,and coal bearing ratio of coal bearing strata in Yanan Formation of Jijiajing mining area,Ningdong coal field,Ningxia Province.The average thickness of Yanan Formation is about 400 m,containing nine mineable or regional mineable coal seams,whose average aggregate thickness is about 17.44 m,and average coal bearing ratio is 4.3 percent.Yanan Formation can be divided into five sections from bottom to top.The sedimentary environment of the first section is dominated by fluvial facies,containing five coal seams,the second is lake delta sedimentary system,containing six coal seams,the third and fourth sections are delta sedimentary system,totally containing ten coal seams,the fifth section changes into fluvial facies again,containing 2 coal seams.The research would provide references for the exploration,development as well as overall evaluation of coal resources in this area.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 193K]

  • Key technologies and effects of seismic data processing

    GOU Ming-fu(Geophysical Exploration Company,CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Chengdu 610213,China)

    As one of the most important links in seismic exploration,seismic data processing is also extremely important for geophysical exploration.Seismic data processing technology can directly reflect the development of these two exploration technologies.Systematacially introduce current key technologies and effects of seismic data processing technologies at home and abroad.Eleven kinds of more advanced practical technologies are introduced from noise disposal,true amplitude recovery disposal,waveform resolution process,multiple seismic wave process,wavelet extraction and shaping process,speed extraction analysis and excursion and other aspects,which would provide reference for energy exploration.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 178K]

  • Application of HSG1400 horizontal vibration-discharge basket centrifuge in Wangfenggang coal preparation plant

    XUE Chun(Wangfenggang Coal Preparation Plant,Huainan Mining Industry(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Huainan 232046,China)

    Centrifugal dehydrator is an essential equipment for fine fraction dehydration in coal preparation plant.Its performance directly influences the economic benefits,because it not only decreases the moisture of products,also greatly saves the transportation expense.Briefly introduce the primary structure and performance parameters of HSG1400 horizontal vibration-discharge basket centrifuge,analyze its application in Wangfenggang coal preparation plant in detail.The results show that this kind of basket centrifuge has a host of advantages such as stable performance,lower failure rate,longer useful life of sieve basket,smaller repair workload and larger treatment capacity,which are good for its popularization in other coal preparation plants.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 163K]

  • Installation of electrical control door of boiler flue in waste heat power generation system in cement plant

    HUANG Ke-zheng(Henan Installation Group Co.,Ltd.,Luoyang 471000,China)

    To save energy and reduce emission in cement plant,consider utilizing waste heat to generate power.The electrical control door is an important part of power generation system,especially its installation determines whether the system works well or not.Based on its working principle and effect,point out some matters need to be paid more attention,which are as followed.Examine electrical control door before installation,simulate experiment,guarantee the connection between valves and flue are close,pay more attention to erection and examination after installation,control the amount of exhaust gas into boiler as well as the opening order and opening size of electrical control door.All these measures assure that the waste heat power generation system in cement plant works smoothly and reliably.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 380K]

  • Staffing in laboratory of coal preparation plant

    YU Tao,CHENG Ying-kun(Xiaoyi Jinhui Coking Co.,Ltd.,Xiaoyi 032300,China)

    DBI4T 158-2007 Coking Enterprise Laboratory Classification and Evaluation Standards requires that the laboratory should equip a number of checkout equipments and qualified persons,which serve to test the coal samples and convey the results accuratly,results and its accurate delivery.Once the staff work in laboratory of coal preparation plant were bothered by the complex and strong intensity labor.In order to resolve this problem,investigate how to arrange personnel reasonably,also introduce working capacity statistics of collecting and processing,all these help to improve production and working efficiency.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 178K]

  • Coal-forming environment of Yanan Formation in Caojiawan mine field

    YANG Ying-jun,ZHENG Jun-mao,SONG Xin-wu(School of Energy Resources,China University of Geoscience(Beijing),Beijing 100083,China)

    Analyze the coal-forming environment and coal petrographic characteristics such as lithological combination,minable coal seams,thickness variation,sedimentary structure,physical properties,and coal bearing ratio of coal bearing strata in Yanan Formation in Caojiawan mine field,Ningxia Province.The average thickness of Yanan Formation is about 440.61 m,containing more than thirty coal-beds.The average total thickness of numbering coal seams is about 18.90 m,and the average coal bearing ratio is 4.1 percent.Yanan Formation can be divided into five sections from bottom to top.The sedimentary environment of the first section is dominated by fluvial plain,containing five coal seams,the sections from the second one to the fourth one are delta plain sedimentary system,totally containing thirteen coal seams,the fifth section changes into fluvial facies again,containing five coal seams.The results provide references for the exploration,development,and overall evaluation of coal resources in this area.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 195K]

  • Design and application of network report system based on ASP.NET in coal preparation plant

    FAN Yang(Tangshan Branch,Tiandi Science and Technonogy Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063012,China)

    Considering the application of computers and networks in coal preparation plant as well as the plant's process,the Web applications in B/S structure is built using.NET in order to get the actual and accurate data,which serves to perfect the report system of plant.Emphasize the system's characteristics,functional designs,and implementation methods of function modules and user interfaces of the system.The Network Report System,which based entirely upon the browser interface,has the advantages of client zero management and subdivision rights management,which can meet various of users' management requirements.The system is also reliable,efficient,convenient and easy to maintain.The results show that the system is practicality and versatility,which lightens the labor,improves work efficiency,also has high practical value.

    2012 03 v.18;No.79 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 245K]
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