• Development and application status of CBM power generation technologies in China

    FAN Jin-lu,WU Li-xin,WANG Chun-jing,GAO Ming-long(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    Electricity generation is one of the most important ways to utilize coalmine methane(CBM) resources.Study and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of gas generating equipments in CBM electricity generation with the background of CBM electricity generation during the eleventh five years plan of China.Emphatically analyze combined cycle system and the co-production system of heat,electricity and cold based internal-combustion engine.The results show that internal-combustion engine power units are widely applied in CBM electricity generation,and the combined cycle system is suitable for lager-scale CBM programs while the cool,heat and electricity co-production system is suitable for small-scale CBM programs.Economic analysis of the systems has been conducted according to the specific case and the development direction of coalmine methane power generation projects has been discussed.

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  • Prospect forecast of CO_2 capture and storage technology in Shanxi Province

    GAO Bi-xia,SHI Xin-zhen(Shanxi Province Analytical Science Research Institute,Taiyuan 030006,China)

    Based on the resources situation,geographical features,energy consumption structure and pollution situation,analyzed CO2 emission sources and storage areas in Shanxi Province combining development situation of CO2 capture and storage(CCS).Find that CO2 capture and storage in Shanxi Province has a tremendous potentiality with wide application prospect,which is very important for carbon emission reduction and climate change combat.CCS should be further promoted in Shanxi Province via policy and legal construction,funds and talents retaining,cooperation mechanism construction and pilot project construction.

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  • Research on floatability and flotation rate model of low-rank coal

    AN Mao-yan,JIAO Xiao-li,ZHOU Lu,WANG Qian,ZHAO Rui-xian(School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou 221008,China)

    In view of the difficulty in low-rank coal flotation,the coal quality analysis and screening tests were applied to research the floatability of low-rank coal.This research provides a basis for subsequent tests.A flotation speed test was carried out and the flotation rate model was proposed with experimental data curve fitting by MATLAB.The floatability analysis results show that there are numerous volatile,moisture and oxygen in low-rank coal with strong hydrophilicity and poor floatability.In the flotation speed test,the clean coal yield gradually increases but the tailing yield reduces little by little with the increase of flotation time.When the clean coal yield is 34.46% with 11.5% ash content,the tailing yield is up to 65.54% with only 19.95% ash content.In two flotation rate models,the first-order rectangular distribution model has smaller calculation relative error and the squared correlation coefficient is closer to 1,which achieved a high fitting precision.Therefore,the first-order rectangular distribution model is the most appropriate flotation rate model of low-rank coal.

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  • Research on ways of reducing medium consumption in Liangbei coal preparation plant

    LU He-de1,ZI Tao1,2,LI Bing-cai1,HAN Heng-wang1,CHEN Wen-kan2(1.Liangbei Coal Preparation Plant,Henan Shenhuo Group Co.,Ltd.,Yuzhou 461670,China; 2.School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou 221008,China)

    The analysis of raw coal properties shows that coal slime content is so large that should be separated by pre-desliming dense medium cyclone.To reduce medium consumption,comprehensively analyze change of coal properties,efficiency of demedium,management of magnetic equipments,adjustment of bypass flow and the like.The medium consumption are reduced from 2.46 kg/t to 0.65 kg/t,the cost also be reduced by 2.085 million yuan annually,those better results are achieveed by improving efficiency of desliming,adjusting sifters arrangement and magnetic equipments structure,changing sifters combination in mixing medium process,strengthening water spray management,adding clean coal demagnetizer,controlling water leakage,conducting refined management.Those measures effectively reduce the medium consumption and improve the benefits.

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  • Technological reform of Zhaogezhuang coal preparation plant

    LIU Yan-ping(Zhaogezhuang Mining Co.,Ltd.,Kailuan Group Limited Liability Company,Tangshan 063102,China)

    The screen experiments of raw coal and slime in Zhaogezhuang coal preparation plant show that,when coal washability is converted from difficult separation to ultra-difficult separation,fine particle size is larger in coal slime,the ash content is higher.In order to solve the problems existed in plant such as lower processing capacity and yield of clean coal,medium consumption out of standard and complicated technical process,the original jig-dence medium-flotation combined separation process was replaced by ungraded and undesliming one which is done on un-pressurized fed three-product dence medium cyclone.The reform measures are introduced from six aspects which are reception coal system and raw coal preparation,separation,dewater and de-medium,slime dense medium separation,medium and coarse slime recovery,slime water treatment.The analysis of reform effect shows that slime water processing system has been simplified,the washing water concentration has been decreased,the maximum capacity has been improved from 300 t/h to 450 t/h,per ton coal processing charge has been reduced by 9.288 million annually,annual return would reach upwards of 45 million yuan.

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  • Research progress of low-ash coal preparation based on flotation principle

    YANG Gang1,2(1.School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing),Beijing 100083,China; 2.Inner Mongolia Luxin Energy Development Co.,Ltd.,Shandong Energy Xinwen Group,Xinlingol League 026321,China)

    Combining coal resources status at home with relative industrial policy,introduce the importance of low-ash coal to coal further processing and utilization.Raw coal needs to have some qualities such as low inherent ash,easy grinding and dissociation,better washability and the like to meet the needs of low-ash coal preparation.Low-ash component is also needed whose ash content must be below 2% in raw coal.The medium and high ranking coal with better floatability and lower fusinite content should be chosen as far as possible.Two methods of low-ash coal preparation based on floatation principle are described in details as pretreatment-flotation process and flotation column process,the basic principles and separation effects are also analyzed.In conclusion,analyze the development tendency of low-ash coal preparation,emphasize that the plant should pay more attention to the research of lower price and higher efficiency reagents as well as the improvement of desulfuration and ash reducing equipments efficiency.Guarantee the stability of clean coal quality according to stringent quality control and processing control.

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  • Research on feed ways of diaphragm filter press

    WANG Hui-feng1,ZHAO Long2,XU Zhi-qiang1,CAI Bin1(1.School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing),Beijing 100083,China; 2.Tangshan Research Institute,China Coal Technology and Engineering Group Corp.,Tangshan 063012,China)

    Introduce the working principles of filter presses which adopt traditional feed ways,involving single feed pump,high and low pressure two feed pumps,single frequency conversion feed pump,also analyze their advantages and disadvantages.In order to further improve yield of filter press,put forward a high level and two steps feed system,whose feed way was compared with that of single feed pump based on coal slime of Xiaokang coal preparation plant.The results show that the new system readily adapts itself to the difficult filtering slime,compared with single feed pump,total installed power has been reduced obviously,feeding time and circulation time have been decreased from 40 minutes to 25 minutes and from 60 minutes to 34 minutes,productivity of high level and two steps feed system has been increased by 1.54 times,and filter cake moisture of which has been reduced 2%,power consumption each ton coal slime has been decreased from 9.26 kWh to 1.85 kWh.High level and two steps feed system has remarkable overall energy-saving effect.This system supporting the cloth renewable system can achieve the plates and cloth closed self-cleaning.And the filtrate identify system makes clear liquid reused and turbid liquid back to the concentrator,and greatly saves water and reduces the concentration load.

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  • Research on reform of technological process in Kongzhuang coal preparation plant

    HU Zhi-dong,PU Jian-guo(Kongzhuang Coal Mine,Datun Coal and Electricity(Group) Limited Liability Company,Peixian 221600,China)

    Introduce the technological process in Kongzhuang coal preparation plant.In order to meet the needs of growing raw coal field and change of coal quality caused by frequently crossing the fault zones,reform the demedium system,clean coal dewatering system,medium recovery system,co-products storage system,belt transporting system,slime water treatment system and automatic monitoring system.Then analyze the transformation effects.The results show that the dence medium production system has been gradually improved,the yield has also been increased,the medium can be removed from co-products according to products proportion,improve the automatic monitoring capability has also been improved which means some processes can operate without workforce.From 2009 to 2010,clean coal recovery rate remains stable at around 70%,the moisture is below 13%.Batch qualified rate,batch stability rate of export sales clean coal and selective examination qualified rate all have reached 100%.Compared with 2007,the capacity of raw coal feed has increased by 0.3858 million tons,clean coal has increased by 0.2348 million tons,the retained profits has increased by 12.2035 million yuan in 2010.

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  • Research on flotation reagent rules optimization in Xipang coal preparation plant

    XU Guang-qian,XIE Guang-yuan,SHA Jie,SHAO Huai-zhi,SHI Ben-xuan(School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou 221008,China)

    Based on coal slime screen analysis test and float-sink test,put forward coal properties of different granularity and density match corresponding floatation reagent properties.Based on the conclusion,try on the experiment of the explored optimization test of floatation,floatation release test,comparision of the best flotation results with the kerosene and fusel complexes,kerosene and composites.The best reagent rules of Xipang coal in lab are that cooperation of kerosene and composites,dosage of kerosene is 2.1 kg/t,and the mass ratio of two reagents is 5 ∶1.Finally,put the best lab results into industrial application.The application meets fine coal ash content requirement,and as opposed to kerosene and fusel complexes,the dosage of kerosene and composites are reduced obviously.At the same time,clean coal yield,high ash coal and flotation perfect index have been obviously increased,and average growth is 22.80%、18.21% and 9.58% respectively.

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  • Study on primary thermal upgrading of Inner Mongolia Huolinhe lignite

    GONG Zhi-jian,FENG Li-jun,CAI Tao,XU Wen-zhen,ZHANG Lan(College of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,Shandong University of Science and Technology,Qingdao 266510,China)

    Inner Mongolia lignite has some shortcomings such as high moisture,easy weathering disintegration and oxidation,spontaneous combustion,low utilization rate.In order to upgrade the quality of liginite,do experimental study with thermal dehydration method.Investigate the influence of upgrading temperature,residence time,particle size of raw coal on upgrading effect.The results show that first two factors have obvious effect,while the last one is opposite.When the residence time is 20 minutes and the upgrading temperature is 300 ℃,the upgrading effect shows best.The content of hydrogen,carbon,nitrogen has been improved respectively by 153%,72.46%,26.09%,while the content of moisture and oxygen has been reduced respectively by 79.75% and 62.47%.The gross calorific value and low calorific value has been increased respectively by 108.50% and 161.86%.Upgrading process significantly reduces the moisture content and oxygen content of coal,the carbon content and calorific value also has been greatly improved,which is the basis for thermal upgrading of lignite.

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  • Experimental study on Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans desulfurization of typical Sichuan coal

    DENG Xin-yi1,XUE Yong1,HUANG Qiang2(1.School of Environment and Resource,Southwest University of Science and Technology,Mianyang 621010,China; 2.Mianyang City Environmental Monitoring Station,Mianyang City Environmental Protection Bureau,Mianyang 621000,China)

    Study the Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans desulfurization of typical Sichuan coal.Investigate the influence of FeSO4 inoculation amount,bacteria quantity,treatment time,coal slurry concentration and coal particle size etc.on desulfurization effect.In the experimental process,compare the desulfurization effect of different acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans.The optimized experiment conditions of coal series acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans is,when the mass of FeSO4 is zero,desulfurization degree is 43.35%,which reaches 48.50% while the bacteria inoculation amount is 9 mL.The desulfurization rate is 49.36%,42.06%,57.71% respectively,when the treatment time is 28 days,mass fraction of slurry is 10%,particle size of pulverized coal varies from 0.150 mm to 0.075 mm.The optimized experiment conditions of non-coal series acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans is,when the mass of FeSO4 is 1.12 g,desulfurization rate is 20.60%,which reaches 42.06% while the bacteria inoculation amount is 9 mL.The desulfurization degree is 50.64%,39.06%,53.30% respectively under same conditions of those of coal series acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans.

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  • Research on lignite drying and forming technology

    CUI Yi1,ZHOU Peng2(1.Coal Project Management Department,China Huaneng Group,Beijing 100031,China; 2.School of Engineering and Technology,China University of Geosciences(Beijing),Beijing 100083,China)

    Lignite has the characteristics of easy weathering disintegration,strong chemical reactivity,poor thermal stability,easy self-ignition,unsuitable for long-distance transportation.Investigate lignite drying technologies at home and abroad,which involve technological process,advantages and disadvantages,application.Introduce the operating principle of lignite drying and forming technology.Practical experiments were conducted to test its feasibility.The results show that total moisture and analysed basis moisture of froming lignite are below 0.1% and 0.01% respectively.Low calorific value could reach 25.03 kJ/g,which is improved by 46.12% than raw coal.This technology can effectively improve lignite quality,remove system complexity.After drying and forming,the chemical stability of lignite is significantly improved,which illustrates that the lignite drying and forming is technically feasible.

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  • Study on cassava stalk as briquette binder

    LUO Ju-xiang,LIN Xiang-quan,SU Zhi-zhong,WANG Ren-zhang(College of Chemistry and Biology Engineering,Sanming University,Sanming 365004,China)

    Introduce the research status of preparing bio-briquette binder with cassava stalk at home and abroad.Propose the concept that development and utilization of cassava stalk plays an important part in energy conservation and environmental protection.Discuess the possibility of modifying cassava stalk with NaOH.Conduct single factor experiment,investigate the influence of mass fraction of NaOH,heat treatment temperature and time,additive amount of cassava stalk on the compressive strength of briquette.At last,the technological parametres were optimized by orthogonal design experiment.The results show that the additive amount of modified biomass binder is the main cause.The compressive strength of bio-briquette can reach 563 N per sample when the mass fraction of NaOH is 2%,heat treatment temperature is 95 ℃,heat treatment time is 2.5 h,modified biomass binder accounts for 20%.

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  • Experimental investigation on deep dewatering of lignite

    WANG Chong1,DONG Jian-xun1,BAI Xiang-fei2,ZHANG Jun1,ZHANG Feng-chun1,QI Cheng-zhu1,LI Xiang-wu1(1.Mengdong Energy Group Co.,Ltd.,China Power Investment Corporation,Tongliao 028000,China; 2.Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    Low temperature gas drying technology has several shortcomings during drying lignite,such as it's hard to increase the amount of dehydration,meanwhile,the calorific capacity of drying products also increases little.In order to address those shortcomings,provide a new technology which combines low temperature drying technology with deep dewatering technology.Investigate the influence of drying temperature,drying time and particle size of coal samples on dehydration effects.The results show that the proper temperature ranges from 500 ℃ to 800 ℃,the appropriate drying time is about 80 seconds.When the particle size is below 50 mm,the calorific capacity of drying products varies little with the change of particle size.At last,determine the best technological condition and parameters of this new technology for lignite,that is,when the total moisture of predrying coal is about 18%,particle size of coal samples is below 50 mm,drying temperature is 700 ℃,drying time is 80 seconds,the mass fraction of total moisture of deep dewatering lignite could reach 8%,volatile matter is about 46%,converting calorific capacity is 21 kJ/g.This new technology further improves the calorific capacity of lignite,which indirectly improves the lignite's value.This study provides a basis for the determination of technical proposal which combines low temperature drying technology with deep dewatering technology.

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  • Study on catalytic HDS and HDN of coal direct liquefaction oil

    LI Wei-lin,ZHU Xiao-su,ZHONG Jin-long,LI Jun-fang(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    HDS(desulfuration) and NDN(denitrification) are the most important process of coal direct liquification oil treatment.In order to better process and utilize the coal direct liquification oil,introduce the former relevant studies from the aspects of oil quality analysis,reaction conditions and technological process in laboratory,dynamics.The analysis show that the analysis methods of sulphur and nitrogen(such as GC-AED,GC-PFPD) applied to oil industry can be furthur combined with experimental study,which is more favorable for HDS and NDN.The research about catalytic HDS and NDN of coal direct liquefaction oil are so inadequate that the reaction dynamics lacks adequate data.The catalyst technology has made great progress,but its application in HDS and NDN is less.So further study on this field with the new catalysts would has broad prospect.

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  • Process simulation and analysis of methanol synthesis based on Aspen Plus user model

    TAN Wei1,SONG Wei-ren1,YE Yin-mei1,CHEN Li-fang1,QI Zhi-wen1,ZHU Jian-ning2,MENG Qing-jun2(1.State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering,East China University of Science and Technology,Shanghai 200237,China; 2.Shanghai Coking and Chemical Corporation,Shanghai 200241,China)

    An one-dimensional mathematical model for methanol reactor with plates for heat exchanging was developed and solved by fourth-order Runge-Kutta method to predict the profiles of temperature and mole fraction along axial direction of reactor.Combining with Aspen Plus using its user model,named User 2,the whole process is simulated and analyzed.The influence of the inlet temperature of feed gas,operation pressure,cooling water pressure and inlet flow rate were investigated.The catalyst activity of reaction bed at different height and time was obtained,and the yield of crude methanol under different catalyst activity was predicted.Found that the operation pressure should be increased in order to keep high methanol yield after the deactivation of catalyst.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 604K]

  • Research on decarbonization demonstration technology of Langfang IGCC heat-electricity coordinated supply

    ZHANG Xiao-lu1,LI Xin-chun2,SU Feng-ming1(1.China Power Investment Corporation,Beijing 100033,China; 2.North China Power Engineering Co.,Ltd.,China Power Engineering Consulting Group,Beijing 100120,China)

    To determine the main scheme of Langfang IGCC heat-electricity coordinated supply,taking Datong coal as sample,investigate the dry process pulverized coal gasification technology(represented by Shell) and wet process coal water slurry gasification technology(represented by GE).The CCS system configurations of these two technology have been studied,also have determined the suitable extraction point in small-scale tests.Analyze the shift process applied to Shell and GE full heat recovery process syngas,recommend a suitable shift process for low vapor-gas ratio shift technology and NHD decarbonization and desulfurization purification technology.Finally,analyze the model of IGCC + CCS process,the impact of CSS system on efficiency of IGCC power plant is analyzed,the power generation and power supply efficiency of Shell program decline more than that of GE program after decarbonization,but the former is still higher than the latter,just the scale of height is lower compared to no decarburization.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 305K]

  • Experimental research on preparation of coal-oil-water slurry utilizing plastocene

    WANG Tao,GAO Hong-ge,ZHANG Da-song(College of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,Shandong University of Science and Technology,Qingdao 266590,China)

    The plastocene has the character of high viscosity and oleiferous,which is the by-product of oil production.In order to effectively and efficiently utilize the plastocene,provide a method,which is mixing plastocene with traditional coal water slurry.The experimental datas show that when the additive number of dispersing agents are equal,polycarboxylic acid type and self-made dispersing agents have better effect,the fluidity of plastocene has been improved.When the percentage of slurry added to the coal-oil-water slurry ranges from 20% to 25%,the viscosity is less than 1000 mPa·s,which gradually descends with the rise of temperature.The shear thinning character is getting better.This kind of coal-oil-water slurry also has good rheological property and stability.It doesn't delaminate for a long time.

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  • Study on influence of magnetization on property of coal-oil-water slurry

    LIU Yong-jing,GUO Yan-hong,WANG Qiao(Shaanxi Province Provincial Key Laboratory of Chemical Reaction Engineering, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Yanan University,Yanan 716000,China)

    The coal-oil-water slurry is hard to store and transport.In order to change this situation,the tricomponent slurry was magnetized.The influence of magnetization on property of Datong and Shenmu tricomponent slurry were investigated under the magnetic induction of 0.1 ~0.5 T,the magnetization time of 0 ~12 minutes.The results show that the magnetization time ranges from 0 to 10 minutes,the viscosity of the two slurry both gradually decrease,fluidity and stability has been improved,while the magnetization time ranges from 10 minutes to 12 minutes,the viscosity begin to increase.The study also find that 48 hours after the experiment started,with the increasing of magnetic induction,the syneresis of those two slurry totally decrease.The results show that the proper magnetization time and magnetic induction can improve the stability of tricomponent slurry,which is favorable for storing and transporting of slurry.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 169K]

  • Numerical simulation of cold flow field in quench ring of entrained-bed gasifier

    XU Ming,ZHANG Zhong-xiao,FAN JUN-Jie,LOU Tong(School of Energy and Power Engineering,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,Shanghai 200093,China)

    Based on the working principle of quench chamber of entrained flow gasifier,a quench chamber quench ring of cold flow mathematical model is established.Numerically simulated the cold flow field in quench ring with Fluent software.According to the comparison between simulation results and experimental ones,analyzed the flow field distribution in different locations of quench ring.Analyzed the influence of different intake structures on quench ring nozzle speed by changing ventilation methods.The results show that,compared with second inlet structure,the four inlet structure can effectively distribute the quench ring nozzle velocity,which can strengthen the heat transfer efficiency of synthetic gas.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 707K]

  • Analysis on problems of deposited graphite in ascension pipe of coke oven during coke-oven gas heat recovery

    ZHANG Zheng,YU Hong-ling,YANG Dong-wei,XIAO Bo-jun,GUAN Chen-xi(College of Energy and Power Engineering,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,Shanghai 200093,China)

    In ascension pipe of coke oven,the critical factor that seriously hinders the coke-oven gas heat recovery is that tar steam frequently tends to coke.Because under high temperature,the tar steam reacts condensation reaction,the graphitization of outcome is serious,the coking sediment attach to the heat exchange surface,which decreases the heat transfer coefficient and also make it difficult for long term and effective heat recovery.Investigate the cokability of tar steam in coke-oven gas,also study the formation conditions and influencing factors of coking sediments.The results show that,this study can help to most effectively recycle waste heat,prevent coke-oven gas coking in ascension pipe as it cools.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 186K]

  • Technological process and characteristics of water treatment for Shenhua coal direct liquefaction demonstration project

    LUO Jian-zhong(Environmental Protection Department,Shenhua Group Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100011,China)

    There are some particular process produce waste water on Shenhuo coal direct liquification demonstration project,involving coal liquification,coal hydrogenation for stability,coal hydrogenation for improving quality,sulfur recovery and the like.The waster water contains higher concentration of sulfur,phenol and salt.The amount of waste water is large and the concentration is high.There is no mature experience for reference at home and abroad.The quality of waste water varies greatly and recycling standards have been improved a lot which make it difficult to treat sewage.Introduce in detail the technological process and characteristics of sewage treatment.The monitoring results show that the quality of sewage produced by coal direct liquification conforms to quality standards of circulating cooling make-up water,the process represents the sewage reutilization principle.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 296K]

  • Application of resources conversation and comprehensive utilization integrated technology in coking industry

    ZHANG Hong-tao1,2(1.Shenhua Group Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100012,China; 2.Shandong Coking Group Co.,Ltd,Zibo 255000,China)

    Introduce a series of integrated technology applied in Shangdong Coking Group Co.,Ltd.,involving smoke prevention,dust control and high-oxygen coke oven gas recovery technology,purification process of anhydrous ammonia-composite amine desulfurization-Claus sulfur recovery,coke oven gas to synthetic natural gas technology,effective immobilized microorganism and membrane bioreactor,reverse osmosis coking wastewater treatment technology.The company vigorously develops circular economy and cleaner production,with the purpose of building resources conversation and environmental friendly enterprise.The company takes the lead in realizing integrated application of resources comprehensive utilization technology and creates great economic and social benefits.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 359K]

  • Research status and development tendency of coal mine disaster prevention and control technology in China

    FANG Shu-lin1,2(1.Research Institute of Mining Design,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.Mining & Designing Department,Tiandi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100013,China)

    According to analysis of safety and production situation of coal mines in China,elaborate the types and characteristics of coal mine main disasters,including gas explosion,coal dust pollution,fire disasters,water burst and collapse of roof.Introduce recent research status of coal mine disaster prevention and control technology.Emphasize gas drainage technology,coal and gas outburst prevention technology,working face dustproof technology,water burst detection technology,tunnel roof support technology and so on,whose deficiencies are also analyzed at the present stage.Point out that theoretical basis is instability,equipments are unadvanced,the effect is not obvious.At last,prospect this technology's development dendency and research status.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 218K]

  • Study on influencing factors of outburst indicator drilling cuttings quantity

    DONG Jie1,2,LI Xi-jian1,2,LIU Zhao1,2(1.School of Mining,Guizhou University,Guiyang 550003,China; 2.Guizhou Provincial Key Laboratory of Multipurpose Utilization of Non-ferrous Minerals Resources,Guiyang 550003,China)

    Coal and gas outburst accidents now have become one of the most serious coal mine accidents.The drilling cuttings index method is commonly used to predict the accident.Analyzed the influence of physical-mechanical properties of coal,underground pressure and gas pressure etc.on drill cuttings quantity.When the drilling radius is certain,concluded the relationship between volume weight of mine,Poisson's ratio,modulus of elasticity,underground pressure,gas pressure and drill cuttings quantity.At last,summed up some factors curvature and connecting format of drilling stem,drilling rate,personal factors and equipment factors etc.,which lead to inexact drill cutting quantity data.Termly inspecting equipments,providing professional knowledge training for forecasting workers,normalizing operation etc.,were proposed,which can improve the accuracy and reliability of coal and gas outburst forecast.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 166K]

  • Analysis on influencing factors of 300 MW generator coal consumption

    XUE Kai1,LI Qiang2(1.Shanxi Branch,China Coal Comprehensive Utilization Group,Taiyuan 030002,China; 2.China Guodian Taiyuan NO.1 Thermal Power Plant,Taiyuan 030021,China)

    Based on the 300 MW extraction condensing steam turbine operation parameters which belongs to China Electric Taiyuan NO.1 Thermal Power Plant Limited Liability Company,analyzed the main influencing factors of coal consumption and provided reasonable energy reducing measures.The method includes two steps.At first,assumed pipeline efficiency in constant conditions,with charts intuitive description of steam turbine efficiency and boiler efficiency influence on coal consumption for power generation.Secondly,compared with the designed value,analyze the influencing factors of steam turbine efficiency and boiler efficiency quantitatively and calculate the increment of power generation coal consumption caused by controllable loss.Find that the main infulencing factors are main steam pressure,vacuum degree of condenser,final feed water temperature,oxygen content and exhaust gas temperature.Then,put forward the reasonable measures for reducing energy consumption.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 315K]

  • Application of HAZOP in the process of liquid-nitrogen wash unit of coal chemical industry

    WANG Xiao-hui,ZHU Yu-ying(Beijing Aerospace Wanyuan Coal Chemical Engineering Techonology Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100176,China)

    The hazard and operability analysis(HAZOP) was introduced as well as opportunity and organization form of analysis.Emphasize the analysis procedure.In order to better control the flow,pressure,temperature,liquid level and components of liquid-nitrogen wash unit of coal chemical iindustry,introduced the HAZOP.The potential unsafe factors in the process were pointed out and gave some solutions to solve the possible problems.The security and reliability of system was optimized.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 238K]

  • Research on control system of Jintaoyuan coal preparation plant in Shanxi Province

    ZHANG Peng-fei(Tangshan Branch,Tiandi Science and Technonogy Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063012,China)

    Design of control system of Jintaoyuan coal preparation plant is advanced,the system can be accurately controlled,thus the precise data can be got,which guarantees the production system stably operating.The basic function of control system of coal preparation plant contains start and stop control of equipments,equipments operation and power supply status monitoring,belt defensive function,field instruments data collection,density and viscosity control and the like.Combining advanced technology and equipments at home and abroad with the latest achivement in scientific research of Tangshan branch of Tiandi science and technonogy Limit liability Company and the characteristics of technological process Jintaoyuan coal preparation plant,insure the finished system operates stably,which is able to meet the practical production demand and create favorable economic and social benefits.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 182K]

  • Element geochemical characteristics and implications on sedimentary environments of southern Bogda Mountain oil shale

    LI Jing-jing1,2,3,TAO Shu3,LIU Xiao-hua4(1.Exploration and Production Research Institute,SINOPEC,Beijing 100083,China; 2.China University of Petroleum(Beijing),Beijing 102249,China; 3.China University of Geosciences(Beijing),Beijing 100083,China; 4.Qingdao Hengxing Vocational Technological College,Qingdao 266100,China)

    Systematacially tested and analyzed the sensitive elements which can indicate sedimentary environment in oil shale using ICP-MS(Inductively Coupled Plasma-Ms Spectrometer) technique,the oil shale samples were collected from southern Bogda Mountain.Major elements and trace elements were examined by silicate rock chemical analysis(GB/T 14506.28—93) and X-ray fluorescent spectroscopy.Meanwhile,The corresponding relationships between the contents of equivalent boron、tatio of Sr/Ba、V/Ni and sedimentary environment were discussed.The results show that the oil shale in study area generally develop from deep lake.The content of phosphate is commonly high,which may be from volcanic ash after volcanic eruption around the lake.This phosphate provides a good environment for algae,which consume lots of oxygen in the water,form reductive environment and is beneficial for the preservation of organic substance.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 215K]

  • Design of antifreeze automatic spraying control system for coal railway transportation

    CHENG Gao(Fenxi Minging(Group) Coal Preparation Plant,Jiexiu 032000,China)

    Introduce the design idea,system construction,working principle and common control methods of antifreeze automatic spraying control system for coal railway transportation.To test and control spraying situation when the railway wagons are empty,provide specific technical proposals.Introduce design principle for PLC system.The results show that the system can be controlled automatically,the nonuniform problems in manual operation are also solved,the system contributes to lowering the cost and has great application and dissemination prospect.

    2012 01 v.18;No.77 [Abstract][OnlineView][Download 317K]