• The 3LWZ1400X2000 screen bowl cntrifuge application in Wangfenggang coal preparation plant

    YU Yu1,NI Gui-ping1,WU Li-li2,YU Yi-dong2,TAO Rui3,LI Xiao-rui3(1.Huainan mining industry group Wangfenggang coal dressing plant,Huainan232047,China;2.Tangshan Guohua science and technology limited company,Tangshan 063020,China;3.Tangshan Senpu mine equipment limited company,Tangshan063024,China)

    Summarizes the principle work of the biggest specification and productivity LWZ1400×2000 Screen Bowl Centrifuge which China develops voluntarily,the key introduction is the using in the large grain tail coal sludge dewatering and recycling the process effect and benefit.in Wangfenggang coal preparation plant.

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  • Applied analysis on practice of FCMC-3000 cyclonic micro-bubble flotation column

    SHI Chang-sheng1,MA Rui-xin1,TANG Li-gang2 (1.Environmental Engineering Department,North China Institute of Science and Technology,Beijing101601,China;2.China University of Mining and Technology,XuZhou221008,China)

    FCMC-3000 cyclonic micro-bubble flotation column is a new type and highly efficient equipment for fine coal separation.It can accomplish roughing cleaning and scavenging in one pass and has good selectivity.Its structure,characteristics and industrial application effect are presented.The mechanism of the Cyclonic micro-bubble flotation column is analyzed which includes its comprehensive utilization of micro-bubble flotation,counter-current flotation and in tensification of centrifugal field by cycloning.Influences of feed,operation and environment on separation efficiency was analyzed.Applied analysis on practice of FCMC-3000 cyclonic micro-bubble flotation column indicates,it not only ensured the grade of the fine coal,but also the recovery.As a result,good economical result was achivered.

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  • Microbial frother and its application in fine coal flotation

    ZHANG Xing1,GAO Ming-xia2,GE Yi-jie1,XIN Ting1,LV Qiao-ling1,WANG Nan1(1.Key Laboratory of Coal Processing and Efficient Utilization,Ministry of Education,China University of Mining & Technology,Xuzhou221116,China;2.Department of Chemical Engineering,Xuzhou Institute of Technology,Xuzhou221008,China)

    A strain of Pseudomonas sp.that could produce microbial frothers had been isolated.The properties and components of microbial frothers by this strain,their application in fine coal flotation were investigated.The results showed that the optimal carbon source for fermentation of the microbial frother was 20g/L reduced sugar,and the time of harvesting was 3 d.Analytic results of TLC showed that this frother was a kind of lipopeptide which had better foaming stability.The efficiency of fine coal flotation by this microbial frother was as well as fusel oil.

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  • Outlook of deashing of high-ash and difficult-to-float tiny coals

    HOU Tong,TAO Xiu-xiang,LV Ze-peng,MA Qiang,ZHOU Sheng-fang,HU Yan-lei(School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,China University of Mining & Technology,Xuzhou221008,China)

    China use coal as main energy sources,with the resource consumption,the raw coal ash content increases high,the classification of high-hash and difficult-to-float tiny coals becomes a difficult problem.This paper summed up the cause of difficult-to-float and deashing method.

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  • The measurement of Shenhua coal-oil slurry viscosity at coal direct liquefaction condition

    YAN Bing-feng,SHI Shi-dong,LI Wen-bo(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing100013,China)

    In order to study variation of coal-oil slurry viscosity at coal direct liquefaction condition,we measured viscosity of Shenhua coal-oil slurry in 250~450℃ by analyzing its shearing strength.We found that,as a whole,the viscosity was decreasing before 340℃,then increasing and attained maximum value at 380℃,then decreasing.We analyzed the influence of temperature-increasing velocity,and found that,the temperature at which the peak value appeared increased as temperature-increasing velocity rising.

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  • Meagre-lean coal preparation antibacterial activated charcoal research

    ZHANG Ji-min1,SONG Wei-juan2,YAN Li-dong2,BAI Jin-feng2(1.Anyang steel and iron Group,Anyang455004,China;2.University of Science and Technologt Liaoning,Anshan114051,China)

    The antibacterial activated carbon is a new kind of inorganic antibacterial materials,which offers many advantages,such as safety,permanency and broad-spectrum.Especially,it is innovative antibacterial materials when preparing activated carbon with cheap meagre-lean coal from Shanxi.The coal is used as raw materials to produced activated carbon in processes of ash removal in the solution of 20% HCl or 4% NaOH,carbonization and activation,and loading absorbing antibacterial ions on activated carbon,such as Zn2+,Cu2+ and Ag+ .Antibacterial activated carbon can be prepared.

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  • Coal liquefaction——clean coal processing deeply

    JIANG Li-xiang(China Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Corporation,Beijing100011,China)

    The existing technologies for coal liquefaction industry was presented and summarized,the cleanliness of process and products of coal liquefaction was analyzed,and it was pointed out that the technologies for coal liquefaction is clean coal processing deeply.

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  • Lignite bioconversion and research prospect

    CHEN Hui,TAO Xiu-xiang,SHI Kai-yi,LI Yang(School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou221008,China)

    This paper reviewed the whole three bioconversion ways of lignite:biodepolymerzation,biosolubilization and utilization.Lignite biodepolymerzation mainly attribute to the enzyme reaction like the lignin peroxidase and laccase.Alkali,chelating agent and hydrolase mainly causes the biosolubilisation.The microbe involved in lignite bioconversion are basidiomycete,ascomycete or deuteromycete,which most belong to the white rot fungi.It has got many significant reseach results in this area,however,there are still some notable problems need to asslove.

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  • Combustion tests on slime CWS from Changcun mine

    WU Xiao-jun,LIU Ren-sheng,FANG Lian-zeng(Marketing Corporation of Lu'an Mine Group,Changzhi046204,China)

    By the trial-burn test of slime cws on the horizontal cylindrical burning furnace,the laws on the ignitability,combustibility,slag-bonding and release of pollutants of the slime cws were researched.The air distribution parameter,flame temperature,the temperature of stokehole and the carbon content of flying ash were tested.The technic measures about ignition and stable burning of the low volatile slime cws(V_ad=14.82%)were explored.The results show that the low volatile slime cws from Changcun mine can catch fire normally and burn stably,the highest burning temperature comes to above 1500 centigrade degrees,combustion efficiency is up to 97.22%.Because of the high combustion temperature of the slime,when designing boiler furnace,it should be considered how to reduce NO_x and prevent slag-bonding.

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  • Study on the effect of magnetization on the rheological behavior of ultra-fine CWM

    Lu Yu-ting1,ZHOU Xing-ba1,LI Chun-li2,XU Ge-lian1(1.College of Resource and Environment Engineering,Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology,Haerbin150027,China;2.Xinglong senior middle school,Chengde067300,China)

    The effect of magnetizing time and magnetic field intensity on the viscosity of ultra-fine CWM were studied.The results indicate that,with time prolonging,the effect of magnetization on the viscosity of ultra-fine CWM basically trends to lower down at first and then raise up.Under the condition of 675mT magnetic field intensity and 10 minutes magnetizing time,the effect of magnetizing on the ultra-fine CWM compared with the ultra-fine CWM blank sample,the rheological behavior of ultra-fine CWM is improved.The magnetization mechanism is also discussed here.

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  • The off-design characteristic research of 200MW IGCC system

    CHEN Lei1,ZHANG Zhong-xiao1,LI Zhen-zhong1,2,XIE Hao1,HE Xiang1,PANG Ke-liang2,CHEN Xiao-li2(1.University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,Shanghai200093,China;2.National Power Plant Combustion Engineering Research Center,Shenyang110034,China)

    The mature commercial software Thermoflex was used to simulate the IGCC system.200MW IGCC system was established and material and thermal equilibriums were calculated in the text.The reasons of resulting in IGCC system off-design were analyzed,and the result shows that the mostly reasons of resulting in IGCC system off-design are the varieties of unit load,atmosphere condition and components capability.The characteristic of system off-design aroused by the changes of gas turbine load and atmosphere condition(environment temperature,atmosphere pressure)was calculated and analyzed.The change rules of system efficiency and power,gas turbine efficiency and power,and mostly parameters of steam side in the IGCC system off-design are gained.

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  • Study on effect of coking plant wastewater on CWS performance

    ZHAO Zhen-xin1,SHI Chong-yu2(1.Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Pingdingshan Institute of Technology,Pingdingshan467001,China;2.Zhongzhou University,Zhengzhou450005,China)

    In this paper,two types of coking plant wastewater and tap water had been used to prepare coal water slurry(CWS),the results showed that the performance of CWS was good by using coking plant wastewater,and the water quality played an important role on CWS preparation,the performance of CWS,especially the stability,prepared by coking plant wastewater was better than tap water.

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  • Study on distribution of nitrogen content in Chinese coal

    CHEN Ya-fei1,JIANG Ying1,CHEN Wen-min1,QIN Cui-xia2(1.Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,CCRI,Beijing100013,China;2.Environmental Prottection Bureau of Handan County,Handan056000,China)

    The ditribution of nitrogen content in Chineae coal was studied systematically in this paper.The result indicated that there were obvious difference among different areas,periods of coal formation and coal ranks.Nitrogen content in early-middle Jurassic Period was the lowest,and Nitrogen content in the Tertiary Period was the highest.With the increase of coal rank,Nitrogen content in coal decreased;after fat coal rank,Nitrogen content in coal decreased obviously.

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  • A summary on the research of Selenium in coal of China

    CHEN Jian,LIU Wen-zhong(School of Earth and Environment,Anhui University of Science and Technology,Huainan232001,China)

    This article discusses about the summary on the research of selenium in coal of china separately in three respects as follows,the abundance,the occurrence and organic compatibility,and the migration and the environmental effect included.The content of selenium in coal is comparatively concentrated;it has a great difference in different areas and different coal forming periods;Selenium mostly exists in the state of organic form in coal,inorganic selenium mainly exists in pyrite.Selenium diffuses into atmosphere in gas state when it is combusted,or it is absorbed by fly-ash,contaminates environment,and be harm to human's health.

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  • Coal fast industry analyzer test condition research

    ZHOU Jun-hong,WU Xiu-kai,QIN Yan-xi(Qianna Normal College for nationalities,Duyun558000,China)

    Has studied the test condition to the completely automatic industry analyzer determination coal moisture,the ash content,the volatility share accuracy,finally indicated that the gas discharge rate,analysis result's and so on name the type weight influences are not big,but said that the quadrat type to analyzes the result influence to be big.When adopts the control sample after the weighing temperature consistent measure,instrument's analysis precision is the enhancement greatly.

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  • Advance in the research of sub-micron granule from combustion of coal

    ZHAO Yi,SHEN Yan-mei(Environmental science and Engineering college,North China Electric Power University Baoding,Baoding071003,China)

    This paper introduced the formation of the sub-micron particulate in the combustion process,explained its harmful effects to health in the air and presented the feasible control method nowadays.The research potential on sub-micron particulate and the direction for next study had been summarized.

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  • Study on effect of magnetization on Jixi bituminous CWM forming performance

    XU Ge-lian1,ZHOU Xing-ba1,LI Chun-li2,LV Yu-ting1(1.Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology,Haerbin150027,China;2.Xinglong senior middle school,Chengde067300,China)

    The effects of magnetization on Jixi bituminous CWM forming performance were studied.The results indicate that:The main factor influenced on the viscosity of CWM is water quality,The less important factor is magnetic field intensity and magnetizing time;The most condition is distilled water、547Gs magnetic field intensity and 10min magnetizing time when water was magnetized;The main factor influenced on the viscosity of CWM is magnetic field intensity,The less important factor is water and magnetizing time,The most condition is tap water、576Gs magnetic field intensity and 30min magnetizing time when coal was magnetized.The magnetization mechanism is also discussed here.

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  • Analysis of mass distribution and transformation of mercury in coal combustion in coal-fired power plant

    SUN Li-mei1,BAI Yan-ying2(1.Department of Environment Engineering,Shanghai university of electric power,Shanghai 200090,China;2.Cleaner production center,China environment science academe,Beijing100012,China)

    The main mechanisms of transformation and mass distribution of mercury compounds in coal combustion products have been analyzed.The dominant forms of mercury in process of coal combustion are metal mercury Hg0 .Thermodynamic analysis of the process is applied in calculation and analysis of the process of mercury forms conversion in coal combustion of three coal samples.And the paper describes that temperature is effects on the distribution and transformation of mercury forms.

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  • Small burns the fine water coal tar boiler electricity dust removal the experimental study

    ZHOU Jian-jun1,WU Ying-gang2,LAN Xiao-jun3(1.China Development Bank Ningxia Branch,Yinchuan750011,China;2.Economy and information research institute,CCRI,Beijing100013,China;3.Jiangyin West China steel and iron Limited company,Jiangyin214420,China)

    Firstly given in this paper are an analyze of the element of coal-water slurry,the influence of fly ash character from coal-water slurry combustion on electrostatic precipitator,and then the author purposefully proved that the air cyclone have the role of pre-charger for particles,which gave further more technical basis for the experiment of the simulation facility of the precipitator.Corona wires of three kinds are tested on the simulation facility,and then got three corresponding voltage-current curves.By compared and analyzed,the awned wire was considered to be best one.According to the result of the simulate test rig,the combined precipitator had higher collection efficiency,and totally adapt to the request of the present environment protect,which firstly give an access to study the new style of the combined precipitator.

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  • Coal fly ash modified by microwave irradiation and its adsorption behavior for Cr(VI)from aqueous solution

    LUO Zheng,HE Chan(Department of Geology and Environment Engineering,Xi'an University of Science and Technology,Xi'an710054,China)

    Raw coal fly ash(FA),collected from a thermoelectricity power station in the west of Xi'an,was ball milled for 5h and got ultra-fine coal fly ash(UFA).UFA was modified by microwave irradiation and then obtained modified ultrafine coal fly ash(MFA).The adsorption behavior and mechanism of Cr(VI)adsorption onto FA,UFA and MFA were studied.Kinetic studies showed that Cr(VI)adsorption onto modified coal fly ash fitted the second-order kinetic model.The second-order rate constants(k_2)calculated from the equation were 2.45×10-2,3.88×10-2 and 5.14×10-2g · mg-1·min-1 for FA,UFA and MFA,respectively.Isotherm studies illustrated that adsorption could be described by Langmuir isotherm model.

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  • Study on the adsorption characteristics of weathered coal for heavy metal ions

    HAO Yan-ling,FAN Fu-hai(School of Chemical and Biological Engineering,Lanzhou Communication University,Lanzhou730070,China)

    A test for the adsorption of Pb2+,Cu2+ and Zn2+ ions with Jingtai weathered coal at normal temperature was carried out.The adsorption kinetics,the adsorption equilibrium,the effect elements and the mechanism of adsorption were studied.The results indicate that the adsorption process was identical relatively pseudo-second-order with Lagergren model,the adsorption isothems were consistent with Langmuir equation,pH value was an important factor in adsorption process and the disposal rates all could reach 90% when pH>5.0.

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