• Study on the models for circular economy in Yanzhou coal field

    TIAN Li-ya1,2,QIN Sheng1,2,FENG Teng2,SU Mei-lin1,FENG Qi-yan1(1.School of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou 221008,China;2.the Department of Environmental Protection and Energy Saving,Yankuang Coal Industrial Group Ltd.,Zoucheng 273500,China)

    Based on their own industry characteristics,Yankuang coal industrial group needs to adjust actively industrial restructure,to expand the downstream industry chain,to innovate the economic growth models in the mining area and its subsidiary industries.The purpose is to improve the ecological environment and develop the circular economy.Based on the analysis of the economic growth ways in the past decades the paper discussed the circular economy models for Yankuang coal industrial group.

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  • Methanol fuel—the most development potential alternative energy

    XIONG Dao-ling1,FU Xue-zheng2,3,LI Jin-hui1 (1.School of Materials and Chemical Engineering,JiangXi University of Science And Technology,Ganzhou 341000,China;2.Hunan University of Technology,Zhuzhou 412008,China;3.School of M inerals Processing and Bioengineering,Central South University,Changsha 410083,China)

    It was a inevitable select of developing methanol fuel to achieve diversification of energy supply.To analysis of characteristic and cost of methanol fuel,the article has showed the status of methanol fuel in alternative energy in new century and estimated the expected income from the application of methanol fuel.

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  • The practical application of Pressure Filters in xieqiao coal preparation plant

    PAN Tai-bin1,ZHAO Long2 (1.Coal clening plant of Xieqiao mine,Fuyang 236221,China;2.Tangshan Branch of Tiandi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063012,China)

    because the process of the pressure filter running have often more faults,and its processing capacity cannot also reach the demand of the technology.the key to how to make use of the pressure filter is founded by author,through series of faults is solved and the ratio of the processing reagent is practiced successfully.

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  • Experimental study on petroleum coke and anthracite using for hydrogen storage materials

    WU Jun-qing1,ZHOU Shi-xue2,YANG Min-jian2,WANG Zhen-hua2,LV Ying-hai2 (1.Jinan Campus,Shandong University of Science and Technology,Jinan 250031,China;2.College of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,Shandong University of Science and Technology,Qingdao 266510,China)

    Thinking over the aspects of exploring new materials,reducing cost of hydrogen storage materials and improving the hydriding and dehydriding properties,the new nano-degree hydrogen storage materials compounded anthracite and petroleum coke with magnesium powder were prepared,adding a small amount of powdered metal,and researched the effect of hydriding and dehydriding properties.

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  • Preparation of formed activated carbon using PAV binder

    ZHANG Xiang-lan,WANG Xiang-long,LI Ke,REN Hong-xing,LI Yuan (School of Chemistry and Environment Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology,Beijing 100083,China)

    Formed activated carbon was prepared using the PVA binder and the powdered activated carbon.The effects of the binder ratio,forming pressure,post-processing time and post-processing temperature to the iodine value and the compressive strength of activated carbon were investigated.The results show that the order to influence the iodine value is binder ratio>post-processing time>forming pressure> post-processing temperature;the order to influence the compressive strength of activated carbon is binder ratio>post-processing temperature>post-processing time>forming pressure;and the optimum conditions are the binder ratio 15%,the forming pressure 80MPa,the post-processing temperature 200℃,and the post-processing time 30min.

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  • The function research of thick and thin size in coal tar during the silming making coal sludge

    LIU Zhi-hong1,CHENG Jian2 (1.Mining College of Guizhou University,Guiyang 550003,China;2.Kunming Institute of Metallurgy Pressing Department,Kunming 650031,China)

    The conclusion form lab test is as follows: 1.It is very difficult for making CWM from coarse coal although with high concentration.The requirements of actual using for CWM can not be met in viscosity,stability,and liquidity.The bigger of particle,the worse for pulping feature since small range of particle distribution.2.the smaller of fine coal since with wide particle distribution,the higher viscosity,and 3.the function of fine coal is for increasing viscosity of CWM.

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  • Discuss on theory and practice of developing bio-briquette in northeast area of China

    TIAN Zhong-kun,ZHU Shu-quan(School of Chemistry & Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining & Technology(Beijing),Beijing 100083,China)

    This paper analyses that bio-briquette is better than tradition briquette,expounds the use of bio-briquette,and forecasts the market demand.Aiming at abundant material source in northeast area,it designs technics of producing bio-briquette.Combining saving energy and decreasing ejecting,it estimates investment and analyses economy for 1 million tons one year item,the result is that the item has good payoff power.Bio-briquette is a production which is saving and envorinmental,so we should widely popularize it in northeast area.

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  • Research on briquette compound additives at high temperature

    CHEN Lie-rong1,GE Ling-mei2,ZHOU An-ning2 (1.College of chemistry and chemical engineering,Linyi Normal college.Linyi 276005,China;2.Department of chemical engineering,Xian Science and Technology University.Xian 710054,china)

    A new kind of briquette compound additives is developed.The optimum formulation is that the dosages of the six additives of qianling limestone,calcium hydroxide,the mineral contained iron,Mgo,Srco3 and the corn straw binder(against the mass of raw coal)are 10%,2.5%,5%,2%,1%and15%.The prepared briquette fixingsulfur efficiency of the sorbent reaches 56% at 1200℃ for 60min combustion under the optimum formulation.The briquette intensity of falling off is higher and the briquette has the quantity of proofwater.

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  • The research and application of underground gasifier technology when coal seam become flexible

    LIU Bao-yin,QIU Bo,HE Jin-shui,XU Xi-zheng,SONG Yan-xia(Xinwen mining group corp.,Taian 271219,China)

    Coal underground gasification is a new way of coal using.But,because of the undergroung gasification coal seam is stability and compact currently,result in improving the output of coal gas is hardly.The penmen analyse、argumentation and apply a way of underground gasifier in coal seam become flexible,the way create condition to improving the output and advancing development of undergroung gasification.

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  • Study on effect of structure on combustion characteristic of the bio-briquette

    FU Ai-qing1,YU Ze-yu1,CHEN Lun-jian2 (1.Chongqing Institute of Geology & Mineral Resources,Chongqin 400042,China;2.Department of Graduate,Henan Polytechnic University,Jiaozuo 454000,China)

    The structure characters of the bio-briquette were studied by transmission electron microscopy in this paper.The results indicate that the fracted degree of single bio-briquette's chars and the amount of holes in the bio-briquette char increased with the prolonging of pyrolysis time;the link place of the stalk fibrin,the condensate liquid and coal grain were easy to product holes.And the holes structure in bio-briquette which formed by molding and pyrolysis is favorable for the combustion and burnout of bio-briquette.

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  • Study on the influence of coal rank and granularity on the layer combustion characteristics

    ZHOU Guo-jiang1,2,WU Peng2,ZHU Shu-quan1 (1.Chemical and Environmential Engineering School of China University of Mining and Technology,Beijing 100083,China;2.Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology,Harbin 150027,China)

    Combustion capability of coal was tested in the layer combustion boiler to find out the rules of coal's metamorphosed degree and granularity affect on the soot letting concentration,ignition time,burn out time,blaze length and carbon quantity in ash.These rules can provide theoretic evidences for decrease imperceptibility granule letting.And that were beneficial to cleaning and high efficiency burning for different metamorphosed degree coal.

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  • Research on the character of NO_x emission in power boiler by means of flame visualization test and non-linear partial least square method

    LIU Jing1,JIANG Fan2,LI Zhi-hong3,LIU Shi3(1.School of Civil Engineering,Henan Polytechnic University,Jiaozuo,Henan 454000 China;2.Key Laboratory of Advanced Power and Energy,Chinese Academy of Sciences(Institute of Engineering Thermophysics),Beijing 100080,China;3.Key Laboratory of Condition Monitoring and Control for Power Plant Equipment,Ministry of Education, North China Electric Power University,Beijing 102206,China)

    The flame of a boiler and its temperature distribution were tested by flame visualization test system to study the character of NOx emission in power boiler.The characteristic parameters of flame were obtained using digital image process method.The temperature distribution was computed by means of two-color method.A predicted model of NOx emission was established by non-linear partial least square(NLPLS)method.The results indicated that the predicted model is consistent well with the experimental results.Thus the prediction model of NOx emission provides a tool to reduce NOx emission and improve boiler's efficiency by the adjustment of combustion.

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  • The experimental study on desulfurization of mixture of coal and poplar powder through pyrolysis in oxidative atmosphere

    GAO Hong-liang,LI Ji-jing,FAN Xiao-wei,YU Hai-long,WANG Fang (School of Energy and Environmental Engineering of Zhongyuan University of Technology,Zhengzhou 450007,China)

    The mixture of raw Heshan coal and poplar powder was pyrolyzed together in a fixed-bed reactor in air atmosphere to examine the sulfur removal efficiency and the volatilization content.The effect of temperature and time on the sulfur removal efficiency and the volatilization content of the mixture of raw Heshan coal and poplar powder were studied.The results show that the volatilization content increased and the sulfur content in char increased at the beginning,then decreased with pyrolytic temperature becoming higher;the volatilization content increased and the sulfur content in char decreased at the beginning,then increased and decreased with pyrolytic time becoming longer.

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  • The distributing of subsamples in coal heap sampling

    TU Hua,WU Kuan-hong,JIANG Ying (Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China)

    In order to achieve a distributing measure of subsamples in coal heap sampling,the volume(or mass)proportions of the top,middle,bottom of three kinds of coal heaps-taper,wedge,oblong heap are obtained by calculating,and the distributing proportions of subsamples of the top,middle,bottom heap are obtained respectively.The scientific directions of reasonable distributing measure of subsamples in coal heap sampling are offered.

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  • AE&E Wet-desulphurization installment applied research

    WANG Yong (Shandong Zhangqiu Electric Power Generation Co.LTD.,Zhangqiu 250216,China)

    The paper introduces the main technology of the wet limestone-gypsum method fetched from Austrian Energy & Environment by Huadian Zhangqiu Electric of Limited Company.Some problems existenting in operation were presented.The conclusion provides some references for selecting the indigenous desulfation devices.

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  • Relationship between saturated adsorption capacity of heavy metal ions on peat and their inonic structure

    LUO Shi-di1,LIU Zhi-rong2,ZHOU Li-min2,WEI Peng2 (1.College of Science,Guangdong Ocean University,Zhanjiang 524025,China;2.Department of Applied Chemistry,East China University of Technology,Fuzhou 344000,China)

    The adsorption experiments of Ni2+,Cu2+,Cd2+,Ce4+,Eu3+,Dy3+,Lu3+ on peat were investigated.The polarizing index,covalent index and adsorption index were used to indicate the different structure of heavy metallic ions.The cluster analysis showed that the seven kinds of heavy metal ions can be divided into five groups.The saturated adsorption capacity of heavy metal ions deduced from better Langmuir isotherm equation decreased in the order: Cu2+,Ni2+,Cd2+,Lu3+,Ce4+,Dy3+,Eu3+.The adsorption index was correlated to the saturated adsorption capacity of heavy metal on peat excellently and model between the saturated adsorption capacity of heavy metals on peat and adsorption index was established too.

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  • The application of TOPSIS method for optimizing coal blending

    SUN Guo-chao,YAN Xiao-zhong,CHEN Dong-lin (College of Energy and Power Engineering,Changsha University of Science and Technology,Changsha 410076,China)

    The method of TOPSIS is introduced.The application of TOPSIS method in seeking the optimum mixture ratio of blended coal is described in much detail by confirming the weight of index with entropy.For example,the combustion issue of blended coal in power plant is used and,the optimum mixture ratio is selected under the condition that four aims and four kinds of blended coals.The method can combine qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis effectively,integrate evaluating information of each index adequately,which provides a good way for the optimization of blended coals.

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  • Determination of ture sulfur in coal by infrared absorption method

    LI Yue-qing (National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Coal,Beijing 100013,China)

    Determination of true relative density of coal by helium replacement method was researched in this paper.The certified standard material determination results are all in the uncertainty of the standard value.The accuracy of this method has no bias and the precision consistent with the national standards.

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  • Factors affecting the quality of coke

    ZHU Yin-hui,LI Hui,ZHANG Xian-lin,BIAN Xi-mian(Hebei College Of Industry And Technology,Shijiazhuang 050091,China)

    Coke depends largely on the quality of coal with nature and process conditions.With the nature of mainly coal coking,coal coke on the bonding strength of the impact of larger impact on the nature of coking coal coke ash,sulfur grade chemical composition,impact strength of coke.The coking process is moisture,ash,small,bulk density;coking coke cold time impact,thermal properties and microstructure properties.

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  • Contrast research on coal gas stripping and adsorption process substitute ammonia stripping with water steam method

    GAO Xiang1,WANG Guang-hua1,LI Li1,LI Wen-bing1,ZUO Jian-ping2,HE Shui3(1.College of Chemical Engineering and Technology,Wuhan University of Scinece and Technology,Wuhan 430081,China;2.Fuel Gas Factory,Wuhan Steel Corporation Energy Power Company,Wuhan 430083,China;3.Wuhan Steel and Iron Group Coking Company,Wuhan 430083,China)

    This paper makes a compare with "Coal Gas Stripping and Adsorption Process" researched(ZL200610019372.4)and "Traditional Method of Ammonia Stripping with Water Steam" on the aspects of principle,technical process,the treatment effect,economic and environmental benefits of removing ammonia nitrogen.It is found that,comparing with the latter,the equipment of former is more simple;Coal gas as Stripping medium is closed circuit;the cost is lower;the efficiency on removing ammonia nitrogen is higher;NH3-N in the effluent can reach the national discharging standard two without biochemistry processing.It has the efficiency and environmental friendliness.

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  • Study on adsorptive capacity and mechanism of Cr(VI)-Containing wastewater by using ultra fine coal fly ash

    Lu Xiao-jun,HE Chan (Dept.of Geology and Environment Engineering Xi'an University of Science & Technology,Xi'an 710054,China)

    Ultra fine coal fly ash was prepared from coal fly ash by ball milling.The adsorptive capacity and mechanism of adsorbing Cr(VI)were studied.The result showed that under the conditions of pH 2-3,the adsorption temperature of 25℃,a dosage of 1.0g and a reaction time of 90 minutes,the Cr(VI)removal efficiency can reach 29.5% for BFA,25.5% for XFA,36.5% for BUFA and 33.3% for XUFA.The adsorption capacity decreased with increase of temperature indicated that the adsorption was a exothermic process.Fitting the experimental data utilizing the related mathematic models,showing the isotherm adsorption equilibrium conformed to Langmuir model,and the adsorption process kinetic more adopted to the second-order reaction.

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  • The biogas research caused by the action of microorganisms in the process of using gangue packed for mine

    ZHAO Fu-ling,DENG Yin-sheng,OU Rui,TANG Min (College of Environment and Resources,Henan Polytechnic University,Jiaozuo 454000,China)

    This text measures the quantities of gas and the contents of methane based on the long-flame coal,gangue,mine water of Yima Yuejin mine and in the case of adding inoculum.The results show that: the CH4's carbon isotope value in the experiment is similar to the gangue's,that is to say gangue is involved in the microbial role;the quantity of inoculum is directly related to the quantities of gas and the contents of methane.In the further research for obtaining and using the biogas,we must prevent pollution of groundwater at the same time.

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  • Modified coke slag composite adsorbent dyeing wastewater treatment research

    WANG Yi-Min(Tangshan College,Hebei,Tangshan 063000,China)

    Experimental study of a modified coke slag composite adsorbent heat treatment dyeing wastewater the influence of various factors,the results showed that: SDBS modified solution with activated carbon and coke residue than quality made by 10 ∶1 composite adsorbent,dyeing wastewater treatment,in the amount of wastewater capacity adsorbent 0.4%,PH value in the six control,waste water temperature at 20℃,20min adsorption time of the experimental conditions,decolorization rate of 90.8%,84.8% removal of COD,SS removal rate reached 90.2%,handling well.

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  • The environment impact analysis of the coal-gangue for making brick

    LI Wen-xiu(The environment department of Jincheng Anthracite Coal Group Co Ltd.,Jincheng 048006,China)

    Taking an example of the production line of the COAL-GANGUE for making brick in JinChengKangSha building material co Ltd,the environmental impact of COAL-GANGUE for making brick is analyzed and prevention measures taken is evaluated in the paper,the Feasibility of the process is proved by author.

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  • The discussion about blending coal of coal mixed

    AN Zhen-dong (Tangshan Zhongrun Coal Chemical Co.Ltd,Tangshan 063611,China)

    In order to wiping off the disadvantage of complicated blengding coal during operation,we utilize the lithofacies analysis on base of normal analysis datas to stabilize the quality of the coke effectively and evidently improve the quality of the coke in high temperature.

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