• A study on the methodology frame of polygeneration energy systems engineering

    LIU Yu,NI Wei-dou,LI Zheng,HUANG He (Department of Thermal Engineering,Tsinghua University,Beijing100084,China)

    Combined with idea of systems engineering,the paper analyzed the systems engineering concept of PES,proposed the critical issues in design and implementation of PES in China and then decomposed logically the issues into macro,mid and micro dimensions.Based on the analysis,the paper discussed the basic research contents and methodology system of Polygeneration Energy Systems Engineering(PESE).

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  • Analysis of life cycle GHGS emission of coal-based methanol

    WEI Ying-chun1,2,DENG Shu-ping2,JIANG Yun-feng2,QIAN Xin-rong2(1.Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing100049,China;2.Institute of Coal Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Taiyuan030001,China)

    Applying the input-output method to LCA,the input-output hybrid LCA assessment is established.With this method,life cycle greenhouse gases emission of coal-based Methanol 100 as an alternative vehicle fuel are analyzed.Compared with traditional gasoline with same heat value,coal-based M100 will result heavier greenhouse effect.So application of carbon captured and storage equipments is suggested in the production stage and the combustion efficiency of coal should be improved greatly.

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  • The sliming water closed circuit practice of Chensilou coal process plant

    ZHANG Xiao-gang,GUAN Jia-hua,WANG Xiu-xia (Yongcheng Coal and Electricity Co,Ltd.,Yongcheng476600,China)

    In this paper,has studied the sliming water system of Chen silou coal process plant,analyzed the problem during the washing water closed circuit process,proposed the concrete improvement method and put it into effect,realized the true significance level closed circuit,and has brought the considerable economic efficiency and the social efficiency.

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  • Simply analysis characteristics and treatment methods of the slime water

    CHEN Kai-ling1,QIAN Kun2 (1.China Coal Import and Export Company,Beijing100011,China;2.Liaoning Technical University,Fuxin123000,China)

    The treatment of the slime water is an important tache in the coal preparation plant,which directly impacts on the coal preparation plant washing water closed circulation.In this paper,we elaborate the characteristics of the slime water,and as the starting point,we focus on the treatment methods.

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  • Review on coal direct liquefaction research

    LI Gang,LING Kai-cheng(College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Taiyuan University of Technology,Taiyuan030024,China)

    The gap between national and international research level is compared.Fifteen new and old processes are classified and compared,and it is found that successful liquefaction processes all accord with the structural characteristics of coal molecule.Quick liquefaction at high temperature is a direct liquefaction scheme based upon the characteristics of coal molecule,which opens a new research field.In theory,it provides the possibility to achieve the highest liquefaction efficiency and the lowest liquefaction cost,and aromatic compounds and fuel oils could be produced jointly.

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  • Research of the reactor in the catalyst of direct coal liquefaction

    LI Wen-bo1,2,LIU Li-lin2,GU Xiao-hui2,WU Chun-lai2(1.China university of mining & technology(Beijing),Beijing100083,China;2.Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing100013,China)

    The preparation of the coal direct liquefaction catalyst need make the material in the highly dispersion state and promote the chemical reaction,so g-l-s three phrase reactor is a main technical equipment.In this paper,the fluid mechanics and mass transfer character of the reactor has been researched on the follows the design requirements,air content and oxygen transfer efficiency.The reactor can meet the preparation of catalyst,the influence of the gas-liquid phrase mass transfer resistance can be reduced.

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  • The disquisition of two samples from Yulin&Shenmu zone were directed liquefaction

    HUO Wei-dong(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing100013,China)

    Two coal samples from yulin & shengmu zone were hydrogenated liquefied.It was showed both yulin and shengmu coal had good react effect.Their convert ratio is 92.35% and 92.16%.Oil yield are 60.94% and 63.93% respectively.According to analysis,two coal sample has abundant Vitrinite and little ash.Both coal are adapt to be hydrogenated liquefied.

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  • Study on co-liquefaction of coal and lignin

    WANG Zhi-hong1,DONG Min1,XU De-ping1,LIU Li-zong2 (1.Mining University of China Chemistry and Environment Department,Beijing100083,China;2.China Coal Research Institute,Beijing100013,China)

    The lignin structure and the liquefaction,co-liquefaction of lignin and coal are introducted emphatically in this article.Simultaneously co-liquefaction of coal and the other biomass are introduced too.The problems to be overcome and direction of co-liquefaction development are discussed.

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  • Optimization on performance of coal water mixture based on LSSVM-PSO

    ZHANG Ru1,YE Xiang-rong2,WANG Ke2,LIU Ding-ping2 (1.Maoming Jieneng Coal water Mixture Co.,Ltd,Maoming525011,China;2.School of Electric Power,South China Univ.of Tech.,Guangzhou510640,China)

    The LSSVM(Least Square Support Vector Machines)was proposed to construct optimization model for CWM(coal water mixture)concentration and PSO(particle swarm optimization)is used to perform a search for determining the optimum solutions,from which the parameters of optimum adjustment mode could be the reference value of current load and could make certain reference value of variable condition operation.A sensitivity analysis of the effect of feed water flow and dispersant flow on CWM concentration is carried based on reference value.The performance of CWM could be heightened based on the reference value by scene test.

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  • R&D and application of gasification technology of biomass and co-gasification technology of biomass and coal

    XU Chun-xia,XU Zhen-gang,BU Xue-peng,DONG Wei-guo,JI Xu-guo,YANG Zong-ren (Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing100013,China)

    This paper presents the characteristics of biomass material and it's shortcomings of separate gasification,the R&D and application status of biomass gasification technology and the co-gasification technology of biomass and coal both domestic and abroad,the development prospect and trend in this field both domestic and abroad and the significance of developing R&D of co-gasification technology of biomass and coal.

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  • Principium research on rheological property of Yilan oil-coal slurry

    XIONG Chu-an1,YAN Yan2,SUN Xiao-nan3(1.Resource and Environment Engineering Dept.Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology,Haerbin150027,China;2.School of Chemical & Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining & Technology,Beijing100083,China;3.Center for Engineering Training and Basic Experimentation Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology,Haerbin150027,China)

    In this paper,some influencing factors for apparent viscosity of Yilan oil-coal slurry were studied at normal temperatures of 30℃ to 70℃ and atmosphere by rotary viscometer,which includes solvent properties,granularity,the concentration of oil-coal slurry,temperature and shear rate,and the rheological equations were obtained by regression analysis.The results indicate that the rheological property of Yilan oil-coal slurry is the model of power on the experimental condition.

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  • New type coal's low cost high performance environmental protection combustion catalyst

    HU Xiao-fang1,2,HU Da-wei1(1.Powder Laboratory of Industrial Equipment and Control Engineering School,Guangzhou510640,China;2.Key Laboratory of Polymer Processing Engineering,Ministry of Education,South China University of Technology,Guangzhou510640,China)

    In the practice utilizing of the coal,to improve the combustion efficiency,increase the combustion value,and reduce the contamination to the environment,is the important link in the utilization of the coal.The research work selected alkaline-earth metals salt,iron salt and rare-earth compounds to built a new type high performance catalyst for coal combustion,this catalyst has the characteristics of low cost,high catalyse performance.The experiment results show that high performance catalyst HPC17 has good catalyse reactivity,increases 23.81% combustion value of the coal.The Fourier infrared diffuse reflection spectrum research indication the addition quantity and the catalysis activity of HPC17 are correlation to the coal's infrared characteristic absorption peak strength.Industrial application indicated,after added HPC17,the saving ratio of the coal reached 19.6%,the emission concentration of SO2 decrease 223mg/m3,and the emission concentration of soot decrease 5 302.5mg/m3,the efficiency of coal's saving and decrease contamination are notability,so it has favourable generalization and application foreground.

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  • Study on emission dynamics of chlorine in the pyrolysis process of waste plastic and coal

    PAN Ping1,ZHOU Li-xia2,LI Zhen3(1.Electron engineering department of Taishan vocational technology college,Tai'an271000,China;2.Department of resource and civil engineering,Shandong university of science and technology,Tai'an271000,China; 3.Chemical department of Taishan university,Tai'an271021,China)

    In this article,the emission dynamics of chlorine in the pyrolysis process of waste plastic and coal was studied.There are three products in the process of pyrolysis.They are coke(solid),tar(liquid),coal gas(gas).The relativity between distribution quantity of chlorine in this three products and time of constant temperature as well as percents of WP was determined,and the dynamic equations about them were founded by analyzing experimental date.Through comparing the rate constant of pyrolysis at 950℃ with at 600℃,the activity energy was calculated.Using those dynamic equations,we can calculate the time of constant temperature as requiring certain quantity of chlorine in coke.

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  • Neural network model reference adaptive control of coal-water mixture boiler

    LI Yi,YANG Gong-xun,LI Lin-chen (School of Mechanical,Electronical & Information Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology,Beijing100083,China)

    The coal-water mixture boiler is effectively controlled by Neural Network Model Reference Adaptive.Neural Network Identification and Neural Network Control have been designed for the characteristic of high nonlinearity,great inertia and multiple-input multiple-output of coal-water mixture boiler,at the same time the training step and algorithm also have been discussed in detail.Simulation result shows that it is effective to use Neural Network Model Reference Adaptive Control on combustion system of coal-water mixture boiler.

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  • The pyrolysis experiment study of Pingshuo coal

    DENG Yi-ying (Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing100013,China)

    Has made the pyrolysis research of Ping suo coal under different temperature,inspected influence rule of the pyrolysis temperature in the production rate of the coal pyrolysis product and the property of pyrolysis ash.The research shows that about the above coal sample,the semi-coke production rate drops,and the dry distillation production rate increases,along with the coal pyrolysis temperature increases.The liquid rate increases then falls in certain temperature range,achieves high about 600℃.When the pyrolysis temperature is increasing,the H2 content of pyrolysis ash is higher,the the CH4 content achieve high about in 550~650℃ pyrolysis temperature.Along with the pyrolysis temperature ascents,the CO2 content reduces,the hydrocarbon compound component rises then falls along with the temperature increases,the peak value appears about in 600℃.

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  • Experimental study and ignition model of pulverized coal cofiring with methane

    CHEN Zhao-hui,ZHANG Zhong-xiao,WU Xiao-jiang,QIU Li-li(School of Power Engineering,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,Shanghai200093,China)

    A ignition model of pulverized coal particles cofiring with methane is given by applying the zero grads boundary layer theory.This model is used for the predicting the ignition delay of pulverized coal particles cofiring with methane in a drop tube furnace and the calculation results of the model agree fare well with the results of the experiments.

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  • Research of gray combined forecasting model for town gas load

    ZHANG Qi-min1,JIANG Xao-rong2(1.Chong Qing University of Science and Technology,Chongqing400042,China;2.ChengDu Science and Engineering University,Chengdu610059,China)

    According to the theories of combined forecasting,combined gray forecasting model is established,based on the three forecasting model:basic gray forecasting model GM(1,1),remnent differ gray forecasting model and dynamic equidimensional graynumber progressive complement model.The practice example show that combined gray forecasting model can overcome the disadvantages of individual model,raise the precision.

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  • Research on gasification properties of coal macerals and their influencing factor

    DU Juan,HE Xiu-feng,CHEN Xiao-li,CHANG Li-ping (Key Laboratory of Coal Science and Technology,Taiyuan University of Technology,Ministry of Education and Shanxi Province,Taiyuan030024,China)

    The petrographical characteristic of coal is one of the key factors that influence the properties of coal and its conversion technologies.The properties of macerals gasification and their influence factors were summarized in this paper.The gasification reactivity of vitrinite,inertinite and exinite was summed up and compared.The influence of coal rank,pressure and temperature in reactor,heating rate,minerals in coal,structure and of macerals on gasification were discussed in detail.And the opinion to pay attention to the effects of macerals in coal gasification was also presented.

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  • Optimization test of lignite bio-solubilization

    SHI Kai-yi,TAO Xiu-xiang,CHEN Hui,LI Yang(School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,China University of Mining & Technology,Xuzhou221008,China)

    To improve properties of Fu Shun lignite,big vicissitude test,nitric acid microwave oxidations were used in this study.Fungi AH,Polyporus versicolor,Collybia velutipes and Schizophyllum commune were also treated by UV and chemicals.Especially,Fungi AH was inoculated on lignite,which is used as the only growth substrate,to improve its ability to dissolve Fushun Lignite.Fungi AH can easily dissolve fine lignite treated by nitric acid and microwave.After mutation,Fungi AH dissolved 45% of lignite treated by nitric acid and microwave.In addition,Fungi AH is able to grow on Fu Shun lignite with 18.22% utilizing ratio.Alkaline solution is benefit for bio-solubilization.

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  • A probe into the technology of burning high sulfur coal in the boilers of power plants

    DONG Kun1,2,NING Guo-rui2,WANG Bao-liang2 (1.North China Electric Power University,Hebei Sanhe065201;2.Beijing Guohua Electric Power Technology Research Center Ltd,Beijing065201,China)

    Combined with some typical cases of problems caused by burning high sulfur coal in a certain power plant's boilers,this paper investigates the hazards of burning high sulfur coal in the boilers of power plants and the mechanism of these hazards.It also probes into the corresponding technology of burning the high sulfur coal.

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  • The study on briquette pyrolysis by thermograimetry

    GUAN Duo-jiao(Shenyang Institute of Engineering,Shenyang110036,China)

    The pyrolysis process of briquette and its fractional coals has been performed by using a Pyris-1 TGA thermograimetry.The influence of combustion characteristic due to this process were discussed by comparing the pyrolysis curve with the combution curve of the briquette.Calculating formula of the volatile indexes was put forward on the basis of experiment study.

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  • Preparation of the foundry formed coke by gas coal and coke powder

    JIN Lei,WANG Lei,DING Yi-hui,XU De-ping(School of Chemical & Environmental Engineering,China Univ.of Mining & Technology,Beijing100083,China)

    Based on the relative abundant occupation of the gas coal in the coking coal reserves of China,the gas coal was used for the main coking component and the coke powder as the leaning agent,by the addition of pitch binder,various of coal blending schemes were investigated to obtain a first-level foundry formed coke in the optimal mass ratio of 45∶50∶5.The results showed that the crushing strength and the porosity of the coke were improved by the reduction of the blending proportion of the gas coal and the pitch.And the effect of the reduction addition of the pitch on the coke strength was rather significant than the gas coal,whereas it exerted less influence than the gas coal on the coke porosity.

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  • Feasible research and outlook of biodegradation of coal gas

    HOU Tong,TAO Xiu-xiang,MA Qiang,ZHU Hong-wei,ZHOU Sheng-fang(School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,China University of Mining & Technology,Xuzhou221008,China)

    Conventional use of coal gas is burned to generate electricity and Industrial pruduct methanol.Current research shows that methanotroph utilizes methane as a sole carbon and energy source,and methanotroph has bright prospects in coal gas degration.In this study,we introduce recent research of methanotroph based on the mechanism of coal gas degration by methanotroph,and point out the feasible plan for future research work in this field.

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  • Dust removal and desulfurization engineering design of small-sized boilers

    NIU Tao-tao1,WANG Jian-gen1,LI Zhen-yu2,XIE Xuan-zhi3(1.Shaanxi University of Science and Technology,Xi'an710021,China;2.Henan Sixth Construction Group Co.Ltd Branch office of Industrial equipment installation,Luoyang471003,China; 3.Wenzhou Jiajing Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering CO.,LTD,Wenzhou325000,China)

    Combining the p roject design of Zhejiang a factory 6.0 T/ h boiler flue gas dispose Process,The p rocess composition,theory,technical parameters and constructions design of multi-polar spray identified strong swirl Process were introduced.The environmental benefits and economic indexeswere also analyzed.

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  • Key technology of underground mine water treatment in Shendong mining area

    WEI Yong-sheng1,SHAO Li-nan2,HE Xu-wen2 (1.China Shenhua Energy Co Shendong Coal Mine,Shenmu719315,China;2.School of Chemical and Environment Engineering,CUMT,Beijing100083,China)

    In order to solve the shortcoming of aboveground mine water treatment,a new underground mine water treatment technology is studied in Shendong mining area,and its character is analyzed.The result shows that the treatment effect is very good.Iron is 0.1mg/l,manganese is 0.0033mg/L,SS is 1mg/l and peak value of granularity distribution is 0.3~0.4μm in effluent.It is satisfactory with the requirement of water utilization in underground.Low SS and granularity distribution's character in Effluent has important significance for making hydraulic prop emulsion and underground dust control.

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  • The application of mine water bin highly-effect clear-dig technology in Jiulishan mine

    QI Gui-su(Jiulishan mine,Jizuo Coal Industrial Group Co.,LTD.,Jiaozuo454173,China)

    Introducted the highly-effect water bin clear-dig technology and the process system.The technology is,using sliming water clear-dig special pump,the coal after dilute is transported to the cushion vessel,it is dewatered through the ZQ dewater equipment,then enters into the mine main traffic line directly.This processing technology has very good promoted application prospect.

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  • Study on the microclimate effect of forestation in coal waste piles

    QIN Sheng1,2,CAO Zhi-yang1,TIAN Li-ya1,2,FENG Teng2,FENG Qi-yan1(1.School of Environment and Spatial Informatics,China University of Mining & Technology,Xuzhou221008,China;2.Yan Mining Group Company,Zoucheng273513,China)

    Temperature,air relative humidity and soil temperature were investigated in forested coal waste piles and bare coal waste piles of Xinglong coal mine the vegetation of which has been restored for 20 years.Result shows that the existence of vegetation takes an extremely important role to the microclimate improvement of coal waste piles.The air temperature and soil temperature of coal waste piles,decrease respectively by 2.8℃ and 5.0℃ in growing season,namely,April,July,August,September,compared forested coal waste piles with bare coal waste piles and in October the situation was opposite,increasing respectively by 0.6℃ and 0.4℃.The monthly mean value of air relative humidity increases by 7.1%.

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