• Coal conversion developments and opportunities in China

    WU Xiu-zhang1,2(1.China Petroleum University(Beijing),Beijing 102249,China; 2.Shenhua Group Corporation Ltd.,Beijing 100011,China)

    In consideration of China's coal-dominated energy mix and ever-increasing shortage of petroleum and its associated products,the paper argues that China should take coal conversion as one of the key development orientation of China's petroleum alternative strategy. Through developing direct coal liquefaction,indirect coal liquefaction and coal chemicals,China can partially solve its petroleum shortage problem,cope with the impact of high petroleum prices on its national economy,promote the harmonious development among energy,economy and environment,and meet the energy demand of China's sustainable economic development.

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  • In-Situ conversion process technology of oil shale resources

    ZHANG Wen-zhong1,TANG Da-zhen1,ZHAO Guang-min2(1.China University of Geosciences,Beijing 100083,China; 2.Petroleum Technics and Technology Research Institute of Changqing Oilfield,Xi'an 710021,China)

    Oil shale is one of significant alternative energy resources in 21st century for its enormous reserves,convenient development and utilization. Oil shale is mainly used to generate electricity and produce a little shale oil in Estonia,Brazil,Australia and China. The problems of oil shale usage are high cost and heavy pollution to environment. The In-Situ Conversion Process technology developed by Shell Company proved to be low cost,light pollution and high efficiency by field tests,it is of high value to popularize commercially.

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  • The analysis of factors affecting cyclonic micro-bubble column flotation

    YANG Ting1,HUO Xiao-li1,YU He-sheng2(1.Sima Coal Mining Company,Lu'an Coal Mining Group,Changzhi 047105,China; 2. School of Chemical Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou 221008,China)

    The operation principle and structure of cyclonic micro-bubble column flotation were introduced in this paper. Through the analysis of the factors influencing the process of the separation,a method was improved for the better use of cyclonic micro-bubble column flotation.

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  • The application of the style of PS-600 coal pretreatment processor in Linhuan coal plant

    WANG Yong1,GUO Chong-tao1,XU Jun-jie1,JIANG Ming-dong2,WANG Wei-wei2,YAN Rui-min2 (1. Linhuan coal plant in Huaibei Mining Group,Huaibei 235139,China; 2. Guohua Science and Technology Limited Company in Tangshan,Tangshan 063020,China)

    The text narrated the characteristic,working principle,structure and parameter of PS—600 coal pretreatment processor,which is made of floatation emulsification machine with the type of water belch and pipeline mixed machine. The application of the machine in Linhuan coal plant suggested that it would reduce the quantity of floatation by 5%~10%,and saved the costs of capital construction and operating,compared with the style of XK—1600 mining preparative processor,in the condition of better disporting effect.

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  • Study on the parameter of fluidization characteristics in the fluidized bed

    DING Shu-fang (School of Resource and Environmental Engineering,Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology,Harbin 150027,China)

    This article takes magnetite as dense medium with six different particle size distribution and study several main parameters of fluidization characteristics. Its results show that the dimension of air –bubble was decreased in the surface of fluidized bed with the decreasing particle. The range of the proper gas velocity of separation becomes wide,it suits the separation of fluidized bed and determined the optimum condition of the separation at the same time.

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  • The application of moving jigger in Zhangji coal plant

    DAI Hong-li,WANG Chuan-ming(Dingji Coal Plant of Huaihu Coal and Electricity Limited Company,Huainan 232141,China)

    The moving jigger,which had high automatization and simple operation,could realize exactitude disporting of big material and automotive excluding material. And the text introduced the application process and effect of moving jigger in Zhangji coal plant.

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  • Study on the basic characteristic and the effect of Shenhua coal on coke thermal properties

    ZHANG Yang,YANG Li,SHANG Tie-cheng,WANG Li-bin,QU Si-jian (Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,CCRI. Beijing 100013,China)

    Shenhua coal that is a kind of low rank coal is a sort of non-coking coal. Due to enlarge the applied area of Shenhua coal and be short of coking coal,Shenhua is put to use in the process of coal blending produce. In the coal blending test,the different proportion of Shenhua coal must be affect the coking property of coke strength(CRI、CSR)and the optical microstructure of coke.

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  • Comprehensive and optimal utilization of lignite in China

    ZHAO Zhen-xin1,2,ZHU Shu-quan1,MA Ming-jie3ZHANG Heng1,WANG Lu-ning1,YAN Shu-juan1,DU Xiao-jing1 (1.China University of Mining and Technology Beijing,School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,Beijing 100083,China; 2.Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Pingdingshan Institute of Technology,Pingdingshan 467001,China; 3.Institute of Materials Science and Engineering,Henan Polytechnic University,Jiaozuo 454001,China)

    The paper analyzed distributions,coal quality and characteristics of lignite in China.The technology and orientation of comprehensive and optimal utilization of lignite are put forward in this paper.

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  • Study on un-uniform Co/ZrO_2/SiO_2 catalysts for the fischer-tropsch synthesis

    XIAO Cui-wei1,2,MIAO Peng1,SHI Shi-dong1(1.China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.China University of Mining & Technology,Beijing 100083,China)

    Cobalt-based eggshell catalysts were prepared from support of formLess SiO2. The structure and reduction property of the catalysts were characterized by SEM,EDS,and BET techniques. The results show that the catalysts' reacting activity depends on available oxide cobalt amounts to a great extent. Additive of ZrO2 is beneficial to improve dispersing degree,catalysis activity and selectivity for C+5 hydrocarbon.

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  • The effect of magnetization ofoil and water on perfomance of coal oil water slurry

    GUO Yan-hong,WANG Qiao,ZHAO Qiao-mei (Institute of Chemical Engineering Provincial Key Laboratory of Chemical Reaction Engineering Yan'an University. Yan'an 716000,China)

    The research has been carried out on the effect of magnetization of coal from Shenmu and Tatong under condition of 0.1~0.5T,on performance of coal oil water slurry.The results show that fit magnetic field induction and fit magnetize time can decrease viscosity and improve fluid of slurry,but the stability of slurry deteriorate.The effect of various magnetic field induction on slurry is the same.,that is in the limit magnetic time the viscosity of slurry trends to down at first and then raising up.The structure of magnetic oil and water changed,so they can improve the performance of coal oil water slurry.

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  • The principium scheme and properties analysis on hydrogen from coal gasification

    XIE Ji-dong,LI Wen-hua,CHEN Ya-fei(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,CCRI. Beijing 100013,China)

    Hydrogen from coal is a main means of obtaining hydrogen,and it has strategetic value to study it. The author has constituted a new technology system of hydrogen,and analysed reaction heat on gasification process. The results have indicated that the decrease of pressure and increase of temperature are favorable to the gasification. According to thermodynamics analysis results,the reaction heat of gasifying furnace and the thermal efficiency of overall system have been simulatively calculated,and results are that gas quantity of the unit raw coal is enhanced and the effective component content is higher than before in gas. Coal resources are used effectively. The system thermal efficiency has been up to 90.65%.

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  • Effects of ionic-surfactant on separation of MCMB made from coal Tar Pith

    ZHANG Zhuo1 ,ZHENG Yi1,ZHANG Ji-min2,GAO Nan1(1.Shanghai Institute of Technology,Shanghai 200233,China; 2.Anyang Iron and Steel Inc.,Anyang 455004,China)

    The middle temperature coal-tar pitch with 5.3% QI is condensated for 90 minutes at 420~470℃,then the liquor that contains MCMB is separated by heating filtering. When some ionic-surfactant is put in the process of filtering,the separation efficiency and yields are higher than before. The MCMB's sphericity is better,and its electrochemical performance as carbon material for Li battery anode is perfect.

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  • Experimental study on preparing coal water mixture by using the slime and black liquor

    ZHANG Sheng-ju1,HE Guo-feng2,WANG Yong-gang1,WANG Yan-fang2 WU Hao1,LI Xiao-jiong1,DU Xiao-jiang1(1.China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing),Beijing 100083,China; 2.The National Center of Engineering and Technique Research on Coal Water Mixture,Beijing 100013,China)

    Slime of the coal preparation plant is characteristic of small and uniform size,high ash and water content,low calorific value. It is difficult to be availably utilized without appropriate treatment. The CWM prepared with slime and black liquor is a new type fuel,it not only makes use of the slime of the coal preparation plant but also solves the pollution problem about papermaking black liquor. Therefore,it is remarkable on its economic,environmental and society benefits. This paper introduces its' slurryability.

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  • Study of mathematical model for desulphurization in fluidized bed combustion and modeling of velocity field

    WANG Shu-qin,ZHANG Pei-pei(The College of Environment Science and Engineering in Northern China Electric Power University,Baoding 071003,China)

    The paper studied the basic mathematical model based on desulfurization in fluidized bed combustion. With FLUENT Fluid Dynamics analysis software,velocity field in fluidized bed was analyzed and numerical simulations were performed.In the last of this paper,we get the optimum condition. It is that as the increase of high,the radial distribution of velocity along fluidized bed was more and more homogeneous,the velocity was rather uniform and stabilized between-26~26mm.

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  • Application of drying system for float coal on 80 type cake ovean and its practical improvement

    LI Zhen-hua1,ZHOU Ben-dong2,WANG Lin-feng1(1.Tianhong Jiaohua Limited Company of Pingdingshan coal Group,Pingdingshan 467021,China; 2.The college of Pingdingshan,Pingdingshan 467021,China)

    This paper introduces the equipment and technology of drying system for float and its application in production of coke ovens。Some problems created in practical process are studied and some improvement is also put forwords.By means of improvement,the useful life of the facilities and work efficiency were improved and the production cost was reduced。The practices shows that the improvement is successful。

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  • The evolve of research on O_2/CO_2 combustion technology

    XUE Xian-kuo,LIU Yan-feng (The College of Energy and Impetus engineering of Northen China Electric and Power University,Baoding 071003,China)

    The oxy-fuel combustion can not only efficiently to gather CO2 from the gas,but also has a lower NOx and SO2 emission; this is a new clean combustion technology. It introduced the development of research on utilization phylogeny and the study on combustion heat transfer and the production of its pollutants,also pointed out the problems in this field and give some advice to the future research issues.

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  • Research progress of removal SO_2 from flue gas using modified semi-coke

    ZHANG Yun,LAN Xin-zhe,SONG Yong-hui (Precious Metals Engineering Institute,Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology,Xi'an 710055,China)

    The article reviews the research situation of modified semi-coke in processes of removal SO2 from flue gases of domestic and international,analyses the influence of preparing conditions and activating methods on the desulphurization capacity of semi-coke,and elaborated to the mechanism of sulfur dioxide with semi-coke. At last,the author puts forward the new research contents.

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  • Study on additives for sulfur fixed with solid rubbish

    MA Xiao-yan,XU Pu-cha(School of Resource and Entironment,Heilongjiang Science and Technology University,Haerbin 150027,China)

    Using industrial waste as additives for sulfur fixed during combustion is an effective way to reduce air pollution,the factors affecting the sulfur removal efficiency during coal combustion at high temperature are system studied and the mechanism of additives on desulfurization efficiency during coal combustion at high temperature was studied. The new type additives,salt slurry and calcium carbide residues,are developed by using solid waste.This new type sulfur fixed reagent can increase its surface areas as well as its stability at high temperature. In this paper,the effect of sulfur fixed reagent on coal characters is also studied,mainly include calorific capacity,ash melting point and volatility.

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  • Study on occurrence mode of sulfur and nitrogen in coal in China

    ZHOU Qiang (China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing) State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining,Beijing 100083,China)

    China is the largest coal producer and consumer in the world and coal is the most important energy in China. This paper has systematically reviewed the date in literature on the contents and distributions and isotopes of sulfur and nitrogen in Chinese coals,and proposed some geochemical study on sulfur and nitrogen.

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  • Principium study on swelling characteristic of Yilan coal

    XIONG Chu-an,LI Shuang-zhi(Resource and Environment Engineering Dept.Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology,Haerbin 150027,China)

    The principium study was carried out in allusion to the swelling characteristic of Yilan coal,the factors of different solvents,temperature,time,granularity and concentration were reviewed to Yilan swelling ratio,the analysis of laser particle and SEM were carried out to swelling Yilan coal.

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  • Studying on the Treatment of Wastewater Containing Chromium(Ⅵ) By Coke Powder based Activated Carbon

    LUO He-ming,FENG Hui-xia,ZHAO Xia,ZHANG Jiang-qiang(College of Petrochemical Technology,Lanzhou University of Technology,Lanzhou 730050,China)

    Liquid nitrogen adsorption technique was used to obtain pore properties of activated carbon from Coke Powder based Activated Carbon by KOH. Fitting the experimental data utilizing mathematic models,showing adsorption process kinetic well relevance to the first-order reaction; The Coke Powder Activated Carbon has many advantages such as large adsorption capacity,high adsorption efficiency,fast filtration,convenient operation and high regeneration rate.

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  • Study on the preparation of high specific surface area coal-based activated carbon and its adsorption properties

    XING Bao-lin,ZHANG Chuan-xiang,PAN Lan-ying,CHEN Ming-chao,LIU Hao-ran(Insitute of Materials Science and Engineering Henan Polytechnic University,Jiaozuo 454003,China)

    Adopting chemical activation method,the high specific surface area coal-based activated carbon was prepared from Taixi anthracite by KOH as activator. The influence of the ratio of KOH to carbon,activation temperature and activation time on adsorption properties were emphasized studied. The results show that high specific surface area coal-based activated carbon can be prepared when the ratio of KOH to carbon was 4,activation temperature was 800℃and activation time was 1h,which specific surface area was 3215m2/g,iodine adsorption value was 2884mg/g and methylene blue adsorption value was 548mg/g.

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  • Advanced Research of the Conversion Law of Coal Nitrogen

    ZHANG Shu-guo1,LIU Hai-feng2,GAO Hong-pei2(1.The B factory of Datang,Jixi,158100,China; 2. Xi'an Heat and Engineering Academe Limited Company,Xi'an 710032,China)

    The conversion law is summarized in this article. The article mainly introduces the combined form of nitrogen and structure characteristics of nitrogen functionality in coal. It also introduces the distribution and influence factor of nitrogenous products during coal pyrolysis and combustion.

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  • Research on the main fators in the treatment of coke plant wastewater by Bipolar Three-dimensional Electrode Reactor

    XU Ning,TAO Xiu-xiang,LZe-peng,CHEN Hui,ZHU Hong-wei(School of Chemical Engineering & Technology China University of Mining and Technology,XuZhou 221008,China)

    Saturated active carbon-coated active carbon as filler materials,experiment on the treatment of coke plant wastewater by Bipolar Three-dimensional Fluidized Bed Electrode Reactor was carried out.The influences of air flow,time,the ratio of coated active carbon and applied voltage on the removal rate of COD were discussed.It was indicated that the removal rate of COD was over 87%,when the air flow was 1.5L/min,the electrolysis time was 60 min,the ratio of coated active carbon was 45%,and the applied voltage was 6V.The main ingredients of the wastewater were also changed.

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  • The discuss about the integrated utilization of high sulphur washed

    WANG Wen-ze(Songzao Coal and Electricity Liability company Jinjiyan washing and picking plant,Chongqing 401446,China)

    The characteristic and integrated utilization actuality of high sulphur blind coal washed in Songzao diggings were introduced; and the opinions and consideration about the integrated utilization of high sulphur washed; at the same time,the important taches,dominant aspects and technological routes were discussed,too.

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  • Feasibility analysis of exploiting Shuixi Gou coalfield fire extinguishing project as a CDM project

    DONG Wei-guo1,GUO Zhi1,YU Zhu-feng1,XU Chun-xia1,CAO Jian-wen2(1.Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry,China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2.Xingjian Coal Field Fire Extinguishing Project Department,Uighur 830063,China)

    According to the character of coalfield fire in Shui Xi Gou and the principles of clean development mechanism,the feasibility of exploiting Shuixi Gou coalfield fire extinguishing project as a CDM project is specifically analyzed from the following five aspects: anthropogenic emission,additionality,laws and regulations of coalfield fire extinguishing project,normal and registration influence. Through the analysis it finds that Shuixi Gou coalfield fire extinguishing project has the potential of being exploited as a CDM project and the coalfield fire extinguishing project will be accelerated greatly after the success of the exploitation.

    2008 01 No.53 [PaperDigest][OnlineView][Download 260K]
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