• Clean Utilization of Shanxi Coal Resources

    GAO Zhi-wu 1,JIA Jian-zhong 2(1 Shanxi Coal Transportation and Sale General Co Taiyuan 030002,China; 2 Taiyuan Branch, Shanxi Coal Transportation and Sale General Co Taiyuan 030002,China)

    A serial of clean coal use routes which including the steam coal preparation, briquette, coal blending, coal water slurry, flue gas desulfurization, gasification and liquefaction were put forward based on the coal production and consumption. Among the coal consumption, power generation, cement and other industrial sectors were considered.

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  • Status Analysis and Technology Reformation Scheme of Dongtan Coal Preparation Plant

    WANG Yun-de(Dongtan Coal Mine, Zoucheng 273512,China)

    Production situation of Dongtan coal preparation is introduced A reformation scheme is put forward based on to examine and to verify the production capacity of various systems and determined the comprehensive production capacity.

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  • Application Dry coal preparation in Caocun Coal Mine

    GUAN Ze-long 1,LI Gong-min 2(1 Huozhou Coal and Power Group Co Ltd , Huozhou 031400; 2 Tangshan preparation complete equipment plant, Tangshan 063001)

    The practice application situation of compound dry coal preparation is introduced Sulfur content of NO 10 coal seam reach 4 2% Sulfur content can be reduced through dry coal preparation At the same time, a better economic benefit can be gained.

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  • Several Views of Burning Briquette in industrial traveling Grate Stoker Boiler

    GAO Zhen sen 1, XU zhan xian 1, MA Jing chun 2, ZHANG Yu fei 3(1 Clean Coal Technology Research Institute, Heilongjiang Science and Technology Institute,Jixi 158105, China; 2 Xiangyang Coal Mine, Qitaihe Bureau of Mine,Qitaihe 158600, China;

    The character of traveling grate stoker boiler and its fuel demand for the layer combustion is introduced. Existing problems of briquette-fired in industrial boiler are analyzed. A few of suggestions are put forward such as integration the granulated coal blending, binder and briquette process, optimum the briquette process, reasonable to select the index of briquette. Thereby, the competition ability in market of industrial briquette can be enhanced and implement sustainable development of coal industry can also be promoted.

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  • Production Process and Equipment Collocation of Anthracite Briquette

    ZHANG Zhi-hui JIN Min-zhu ZHANG Jin-long(Jincheng Clean Coal Technology Institute, Jincheng 048000,China)

    Abstract: The rational production process, equipment selection and collocation are introduced in this paper A few of influence factors and solving method of briquette production process are explained based on theory.

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  • Experiments of Briquette Sampling Precision

    Fang Quanguo 1,Wang Yong 2(1 Test Center, China Coal Research Institute,Beijing 100013,China; 2 Traneportation and Sale Department, Shuicheng Coal Mining Administration, Liupanshui 553000,China)

    On the basis of sampling experiments with 20 lots of briquette, the precision of briquette sampling is determined to ±1 per cent of dry-base ash, or ±20 per cent of relative resist pressure strength.

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  • Technology Economic Feasibility of Coal water Slurry Industrial Production

    LI Hong-bo 1,ZHAN Long 2(1 Beijing Wansheng Coal Water Slurry Co Ltd ,Beijing 100013, China; 2 Nation Coal Water Slurry Engineering and Technology Research Center,Beijing 100013, China)

    Alongside the growth of international oil price and strict nation environment control, many enterprises attached great importance to coal water slurry technology once again Coal water slurry market is growing more and more prosperous The analysis and evaluation are made briefly with regard to the coal water slurry industrial and economic feasibility in this paper.

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  • Coal Direct Hydrogenation liquefaction process

    ZHANG Wei,JIN Jun-jie,YU Hong,TIAN Li-ya(Coal Chemical Engineering Office, Yanzhou Mining Group , Zoucheng 272500,China)

    To develop the coal direct liquefaction is quite necessary in China The summary and comparison of advanced and mature coal direct liquefaction process characteristic on the world were analyzed A feasibility scheme of comprehensive utilization coal direct liquefaction technology is put forward.

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  • Brown Coal Direct Liquefaction Process of Japan

    DU Shu-feng,SHU Ge-ping(Beijing Research institute of Coal Chemistry, CCRI Beijing 100013,China)

    Brown coal liquefaction (BCL) process was developed by Japan, specially and uniquely for brown coal liquefaction in the world BCL has been successfully operated in a 50 t/d pilot plant BCL is one of the most advanced mature direct coal liquefaction processes and characterized with the multi-stage liquefaction method, the dual peaks solvent system, the highly reactive iron catalyst, the inline hydrotreater and highly oil yield.

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  • Study on Direct Liquefaction Character of Huainan Gas Coal

    WANG Jin-rong,YUAN Liang,ZHANG Bing-guang,CAO Zhi-chuan(Huainan Mining Group, Huainan 232001,China)

    The huainan coal-mining district possesses a good transport service, a well-situated, abundant power and water supply, pleasant weather. The gas coal resource is abundant and its direct liquefaction character is also good in Huainan coal mining district. Its C, H, and O elemental content and Qgr,dmmf and Qnet,ar heating value are more and more closed with the natural petroleum comparison with the long flame and brown coal Therefore it may consider that the comprehensive economic benefit of Huainan gas coal direct liquefaction will be better than the low degree of coalification coal such as non-coking coal, long flame coal and brown coal.

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  • Application of Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Technology at Mine Mouth Power Plant

    HUANG Jia-li,CHEN Xue-ning(Jisan Coal Mine, Yanzhou Mining Group CO , Jining 272169,China)

    Circulating fluidized bed boiler (CFBB) for power station is introduced. Its development and application situation in nation and abroad are also introduced. Application technology feasibility of CFBB and development prospect in mine mouth power station is discussed.

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  • Washed Refuse and Slime for Power Generation and Ash Utilization

    YANG Jin-jie(Cleaning Coal Co., Panjiang Coal and Power Group Co., Panjiang 561609,China)

    The washed refuse and slime as fuel for power generation and ash comprehensive utilization in Laowuji refuse power plant is introduced The result is confirmed that, it is a main route for reducing the waste and improving environment in coalmine district.

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  • Application of Distributed Control System in Jining NO.2 Thermal Power Plant

    ZHAO Cui-ping(Jining NO 2 Thermal Power Plant Co Ltd, Yanzhou Jining Group 272072,China)

    The implement scheme of distributed control system at thermal control system in Jining NO 2 thermal power plant is introduced in this paper. Automatic control of combustion system is discussed in detail Application situation is also introduced after reformation.

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  • Pore Structure Analysis of Taixi Anthracite based Activated Carbon

    LI Shu-rong,ZHANG Wen-hui,WANG Ling,YAN Wen-rei(Beijing Research institute of Coal Chemistry, CCRI Beijing 100013,China)

    Coal based activated carbon was made by different production process and Taixi anthracite as raw material. The pore structure of this coal-based activated carbon is analysis by N 2 adsorption method on CARLO-ERBA 1800 automatic apparatus. The N 2 isothermal adsorption data are treated by BET equation to obtain BET surface area and pore volume of activated carbon and to calculate the average pore radius. The pore diameter distribution of activated carbon is studied. Adsorption and desorption property of activated carbon were analyzed and evaluated by BWC. The result is shown that, the best adsorption and desorption property of activated carbon is made by catalytic activation process.

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  • Development Status of Clean Coal Technology in USA

    SUN Xiao-ren 1,SU Guang-yu 2(1 Shanxi Science and Technology Information Institute, Taiyuan 030001,China; 2 Science and Technology Department of Shanxi Province,Taiyuan 030001,China)

    The 38 commercial demonstration projects of clean coal technology plan concern environmental control technology, advanced power system, clean coal combustion and industrial application in USA. General investment of total is about 5252 million dollars among which tha advanced power system shared about 55 2%. In addition, clean coal technology will be put into international market for increasing the enterprise competition ability of US.

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