• The Crux of Clean Coal Technology for industrialization

    QIN Jun-jie, YU Zhu-feng, DU Ming-hua(Clean Coal Engineering and Research Centre of Coal industry, Beijing 100013,China)

    Clean coal technology can be used as a leading technology for resolving the coal use and environmental problem. Therefore, it was attached and developed by industrial countries. In China, to establish reasonable management system and policy is the key for clean coal technology industrialization. The law, policy and existing problem with concerned the clean coal technology in China are discussed in this paper. The obstacle to develop clean coal technology industrialization is point out and an policy suggestion to speed up the clean coal technology industrialization is put forward.

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  • Ponderation of Coal Processing Technology Development in China

    CHEN Gui-feng, YU Zhu-feng, CHENG Yu-qi(Clean Coal Engineering and Research Center of Coal Industry, Beijing 100013,China)

    At present, to develop the coal processing technology should be based on the resource and market demand. The structure of industrial, product and technical should be adjusted such as to develop the coal preparation, screening and blending comprehensive processing methods, to produce sell well product and raising the economic benefit of coal enterprises. The coal preparation is a first selection technology in coal processing technologies and centralized coal supplement is a development direction of coal processing technology.

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  • An Experiment Study on Slime Water Closed using Air Flotation

    PENG Chang-sheng 1, MENG Hong 1, ZHU Fen-mei 2(1 Beijing Science and Technology University,Beijing 100083,China; 2 Hongzhou Environment Protection Institute,CCRI,Xiaoshan 311201,China)

    An effect comparison between air flotation and sediment method for slime water closed circle use was conducted. The result is shown that, the air flotation method is bettr obviously than sediment method in slime recovery especially when the concentration of slime water more higher or lower. However, the slime water can not accord with the discharge standard. If to do so, it should be further treatment.

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  • Study on the New Type Compound Desulfurization Agent and Production Application of Clean Coal

    YUE Hui, WAN Xiao-yang(Jiangxi Gandian Fuels Technology Industry Limited-Liability Company, Nanchang, 330029,China)

    The new type desulfurization agent development research and its desulfurization result in industry use are introduced. To raising desulfurization efficiency is not only depend on the Ca/S mole ratio, but also the composition selection and its burden ratio should be considered. Based on this study, the clean coal production line has been constructed and to supply it to the power station for desulfurization in boiler.

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  • Automatic Control System the Medicament into Coal Preparation of Dongtan Coal Mine

    TONG Chao-dong(Coal Preparation Plant, Dongtan Coal Mine, Zoucheng 273512,China)

    The medicament preparation, adding and automatic control in coal preparation plant, Dongtan Coal Mine are introduced.

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  • A Compound Dry Coal Preparation-Vast Application Prospect

    LI Gong-min 1, ZHAO Heng-xin 2(1 Tangshan Coal Preparation Equipment Plant, Tangshan 063000,China; 2 Henan Hebi No.9 Coal Mine,Hebi 458000,China)

    Compound dry coal preparation is a new type method. Low capital and cost, high clean coal recovery proportion and without pollution are noted in this process. The dry coal preparation process has been application in 82 coal mine among 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. A great economic and social benefit has been obtained. The application prospect of it is analyzed linking up the national condition in this paper.

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  • Development Status and Industrialization Suggestion of Coal Water Slurry Technology in China

    WANG Zhu-yong 1, LI Yan-jun 2,ZHANG Ming 3(1 Coal Water Slurry Engineering Technology Research Center, Beijing 100013,China;2 Datong Mining Industry Group Co.,Datong 037003,China;3 Taiyuan Branch of ohina coal Research Institute, Taiyuan 0300

    The coal water slurry preparation technologies, production situation, combustion technology and utilization, and existing problems are introduced and analyzed. The industrialization suggestion of coal water slurry in China is put forward.

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  • Study Status and Development Tendency of Additive for Coal Water Slurry Production

    GUO Zhao-bing, WU Guo-guang(Chemical Engineering College, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou 221008,China)

    Study status of additive for coal water slurry production is introduced briefy. The matching ability between dispersion mechanism, molecular structure feature, coal quality and its surface physical and chemistry property were discussed. Selection standard of additive and development tendency are pointed out.

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  • Study on the Preparation of Additive for Coal Water Slurry by Yima coal

    LI Han-xu 1, BAI Cheng-zhi 1,ZHANG Ming 2(1 The Department of Chemistry in Huainan Institute of Technology 232001,China; 2 Tai Yuan Branch of china Coal Research Institute, Taiyuan 030013,China)

    This paper studies the production technology of additive for coal water slurry production by Yima coal. The experiment shown that, the additive has a good performance and be able to satisfy the demand for practical production.

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  • A Cleaned Production Technology of Anthracite Formed Coke

    ZHANG Yu-jun 1, WANG Chang-xiu 2(1 Beijing school, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing 100083,China; 2 Nanjin Design and Research Institute of coal industry, Nanjing 210031,China)

    A vertical coke oven technology is adopted to produce cleaned formed coke using fine anthracite as raw material. The economic and social benefit are estimated. At first, anthracite briquette is made by 70 % fine anthracite and 30% of bituminous and binder. And then, the anthracite briquette is put into vertical coke oven to produce continuously the formed coke. The coke oven gas is purified and then used as fuel in coke oven and briquette drying. The total process is airtight, continued, without pollution. Coke time is shorter. Product size and volatile content can be adjusted.

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  • The Effect of Sizing Coal Blending and Additive on Coal Burning Pollution

    ZHOU Guo-jiang, LV Yu-ting, GAO Zhen-sen, XU Zhan-xian(Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology, Jixi 158105,China)

    The pollution of coal burning is the main resource causing China's air pollution. This paper analysis the effect of coal blending mechanism and additive act on coal burning. Burning experiment indicated that the coal blending sizing and additive adding is an effective method to reduce pollution.

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  • Scheme Design of 220 t/h Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler using Slime and Refuse Mixture as Fuel in Nantun Power Plant

    XU Xiu-guo(Yanzhou Mining Industry Group Power Plant, Zoucheng 273500,China)

    Research and development and boiler design feature of 220 t/h CFB using the slime and refuse mixture as fuel in Nantun power plant are introduced in this paper.

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  • Development of Coal Flash Pyrolysis Process in Japan

    XU Zhen-gang(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry, China Coal Research Institute, Beijing 100013,China)

    A process research unit of entrained bed coal flash prolysis process which has a coal feeding capacity of 7 t/d, and a pilot plant which has a coal input of 100 t/d have been built in Japan. The result is shown that, about 1000 m 3 of coal gas with a heating value of 17 87 MJ/m 3, 250 kg of char, 70 kg tar and 35 kg of BTX can be obtained from 1 t of raw coal by this pyrolysis process. Besides, nearly 300 kg of steam is also produced as by-product. At present, the pilot plant study of thi process is underway. This paper presents a brief introduction to some information on the development of the process and result obtained.

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  • Flue Gas DeSO_2 and DeNO_x using the Discharged Sewage of Boiler

    SU Mei(Slime Thermal Power Plant, Baodian Coal Mine,Zousheng 273500,China)

    To spray the alkali content sewage that is discharged from boiler into boiler flue gas tail pipe for flue gas deSO 2 and deNO x is introduced. It van be removed a large part of SO 2 and NO x . The effect of spray pattern, spray sewage amount and alkali content on the deSO 2 and deNO x efficiency wAS studied.

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  • Approach on Production of Coal-Based Activated Carbon with Serp Furnace

    XIAO Hong-sheng, ZHANG Wen-hui(Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry, CCRI, Beijing 100013,China)

    The production process parameter of coal-based activated carbon with Serp furnace is discussed. An approach to reduce production cost and raising the quality of activated carbon route are conducted.

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